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Our team of writers and editors conduct in-depth research on a wide range of diet supplements. Our aim is to provide you with useful reviews to help you make an informed decision on which diet supplement to buy.

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Latest 5 Diet Pills Reviews

Diet Magic

Diet Magic

December 8th, 2014

Diet Magic is a health supplement described as being an alternative to pharmaceutical weight loss pills. Users are told they will notice energising results just 60 minutes after taking a capsule, but the lack of evidence to back up the impressive claims is worrying. Diet Magic Review Diet Magic is weight loss supplement that was originally manufactured by Symmetry Global, although the current manufacturer is unclear. The product is claimed by its producers as being a potent agent for weight loss that is also able to improve general well being thanks to the key ingredients that i[...]

Overall Rating: 50/100
Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts

December 5th, 2014

Animal Cuts is a product formulated with bodybuilders in mind. Packed full of powerful ingredients, in just three weeks dedicated users are told to expect to see impressive results - but the lack of evidence to back this up is a concern. Animal Cuts Review Universal Nutrition claim that their Animal Cuts product is able to produce large changes in an athlete’s physique by increasing metabolic rate, preserving muscles and providing added energy. However there is limited evidence to prove these effects of Animal Cuts on the product webpage. Furthermore, while the product uses a ran[...]

Overall Rating: 37/100
Arbonne Evolution ThermoBooster

Arbonne Evolution ThermoBooster

December 3rd, 2014

Arbonne Evolution ThermoBooster is a product created by Arbonne International. It uses a mixture of natural ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean Extract and Green Tea alongside its own Arbonne Propriety Blend to attempt to offer customers a control product for their metabolism. Arbonne Evolution ThermoBooster Review The Arbonne Evolution ThermoBooster makes use primarily of Green Coffee Bean Extract and thus one key weight loss area of metabolism boosting which could mean the product’s results are limited, however, it combines this with other ingredients such as Green Tea and C[...]

Overall Rating: 53/100


November 29th, 2014

Dopamite is a weight loss supplement that by increasing dopaminergic activity works to promote a difference experience from other fat burning products. It is claimed to help you achieve your weight loss targets, but the lack of clinical testing is a concern. Dopamite Review Maximum Human Performance claim that their Dopamite product is a breakthrough in dieting technology, which is able to work in a variety of ways to stimulate weight loss including activating fat burning, controlling eating habits and enhancing both mood and energy, ultimately leading to impressive results.[...]

Overall Rating: 58/100
Ultimate Burn

Ultimate Burn

November 27th, 2014

The Ultimate Burn diet pills are said to be able to deliver ‘incredible results fast’. Without the need for any diet or exercise regime these pills are claimed to help users achieve their weight loss goals significantly faster than other products. Could this be the ‘miracle fat burner’ that so many have been waiting for? In the review below we will look at how exactly these pills can work to affect the functioning of the body to promote quicker or more aggressive weight loss and analyse how safe they might be for users to consume over a long period of time. Ultimate Burn Re[...]

Overall Rating: 32/100