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Our team of writers and editors conduct in-depth research on a wide range of diet supplements. Our aim is to provide you with useful reviews to help you make an informed decision on which diet supplement to buy.

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Latest 5 Diet Pills Reviews

Man Scorch

Man Scorch

March 1st, 2015

Man Scorch claims to boost both mood and energy for creating a positive mental attitude towards dieting and exercise. The product indicates that it contains fat burning and appetite suppressing agents to deliver a varied and balanced impact for weight loss, but the potential for stimulant-related side effects is high. Man Scorch Review Man Scorch claims to harness a range of weight management areas to achieve weight loss and seems to target a male, gym-going clientele. It contains an extensive list of ingredients that are each apparently designed to focus on specific purposes. These[...]

Overall Rating: 45/100
Maxitone Sculptress Shake

Maxitone Sculptress Shake

February 28th, 2015

Maxitone Sculptress Shake claims to be packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, making it a nutritional substitute for food that helps women healthily reach weight targets and supports muscle toning. However, it doesn’t appear to target other weight management areas, which may limit the strength and longevity of its success. Maxitone Sculptress Shake Review Maxitone Sculptress Shake is one of many products from nutrition supplement supplier MaxiNutrition and it advertises itself as a replacement for meals to save on daily calorie intake. The product appears aimed at women and sta[...]

Overall Rating: 44/100
Ultra Ketone System

Ultra Ketone System

February 26th, 2015

The key ingredients in Ultra Ketone System are green coffee and raspberry ketones, which are both popular weight loss products. The pill offers fat reduction, energy boosts and appetite suppression, according the manufacturer. However, the dubious free trial offer and unclear product information diminish the validity of the product. Ultra Ketone System Free Trial Auto-billing Scam Warning A quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the Ultra Ketone System product auto-enrols you in to a recurring billing agreement. Thi[...]

Overall Rating: 27/100


February 25th, 2015

Lipodrene claims to be a pharmaceutical-standard weight loss formula that focuses on shedding fat from typically stubborn areas, including the hips, thighs and buttocks. It promotes itself as a scientifically researched fat-burner for people of any weight, although it’s unclear on the quantity-value of all its ingredients. Lipodrene Review Lipodrene contains quite a wide selection of ingredients to achieve its claim of being an effective fat-burner for people of any size. Its manufacturer alleges that a great deal of clinical testing, medical data and scientific research was inv[...]

Overall Rating: 60/100
Bulk Powders Cutting Edge

Bulk Powders Cutting Edge

February 24th, 2015

Bulk Powders Cutting Edge claims to be a highly effective fat loss product because of its optimised combination of ingredients. It may work well for individuals who want a relatively simple approach to losing weight, as the capsules claim to work after being consumed three times a day. Bulk Powders Cutting Edge Review The Bulk Powders Cutting Edge product website claims that the product is a ‘fat loss supplement’ which concentrates on helping customers lose weight rapidly and successfully. The product itself seems to be fairly simple to use according to the directions for use a[...]

Overall Rating: 55/100