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1234 Diet Drops Review

The ‘1234 Diet Drops’ product claims not only to shed weight of the user, but also to encourage a healthier diet and encourage exercise. It does not use the usual key weight loss areas such as fat burning, metabolism boosting, carbohydrate blocking and appetite suppression as its ingredients are drawn from natural amino acids and plants.
1234 diet drops
1234 Diet Drops Review Pros
  • Ingredients are drawn from naturally occurring locations such as the body or plants
  • Very little chance for side effects as the ingredients also occur in the body naturally
  • Allows for a decent long term solution for weight issues that lasts beyond the product being taken
1234 Diet Drops Review Cons
  • Expensive for how long the actual product is taken as the majority of the process is in the users hands
  • Long winded process that could be easily mixed up causing issues with potential results
  • Requires financial investment for meal plans which along with the high price tag could deter users

1234 Diet Drops Review

1234 Diet Drops are an American product from Creative Bioscience (formed in 2010). The product uses 100 percent natural ingredients to help tackle weight loss in the long term, offering a long-lasting solution for customers that is novel amongst the majority of dietary supplements which use quick-acting fat burners. In other products it is common to see key weight loss areas such as fat burning, appetite suppression and metabolism boosting used to quickly cut fat and reduce the meal portions of users. This product is one of the rare few offering a legitimate diet plan to help keep consistency present in the new healthy lifestyle of customers, even after the product itself becomes unnecessary.

A list of the recipes offered 1234 Diet Drops is available on the product website. These recipes include meals for meat eaters, vegetarians and even offer seafood recipes. The recipes are the bulk of 1234 Diet Drops goal: forming a complete transition into a healthy lifestyle. This is a particularly unique and positive aspect of the product that is well advertised and very informative.

Claimed Weight Loss Benefits

weight loss claims1234 Diet Drops make many bold claims that require careful assessment. The product claims to induce rapid weight loss and promote a healthy diet and physical activity. This can be substantiated by the healthy dose of information provided online. Whilst it claims no exercise is required, appealing to a busy working customer without the time to invest in physical activity, its natural ingredients are muscle recovery amino acids meaning that, along the way, exercise will be necessary or some of the ingredients functions are not taken advantage of. The descriptions of the product and its FAQ’s, however, offer hints that use of the product and the diet change will not cause fatigue or tiredness. It claims therefore that users can be motivated, feeling strong and healthy despite the sudden drop to a low calorie lifestyle.

How it Works

Initially 1234 Diet Drops work differently from normal tablet-based products in that they are not ingested in a conventional manner. The drops are taken by placing them on the tongue and allowing them to dissolve. The liquid left in the user’s mouth is swallowed to allow digestion of the remnants. Alongside this, a healthy intake of water before and after the drops are taken will keep the digestion of the substance healthy and efficient.

The product works to reduce weight by preparing the body for an entirely new diet plan. As the diet that will be undertaken is low calorie, the 1234 Diet Drops propriety blend includes a variety of muscle recovery amino acids which also counter the issue of fatigue. In this way, the product helps the user cope with a sudden undertaking of a low calorie diet, as energy levels will naturally decrease and the process will become difficult to bear. It works by allowing the natural amino acids to aid in the body’s recovery and, in turn, helps the body increase its levels of endurance.

1234 Diet Drops, rather than physically removing weight, simply help the body to safely travel from one diet and lifestyle to another with minimal fatigue and damage to existing muscles or strength with the help of the plentiful amino acids. For more information, read our How 1234 Diet Drops Work and How to use 1234 Diet Drops articles.

Key ingredients

L-Carnitine Clinical StudiesThree key active ingredients from the 1234 Diet Drops propriety blend are L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine and Rhodiola. L-Ornithine is a naturally occurring amino acid. This means that it is a product of the human body that is made naturally. It can also be created and artificially taken in, as is the case with the product, but it serves to work with protein and from protein to help the recovery of muscles. It also can ward off fatigue in conjunction with the second key ingredient, Rhodiola. Rhodiola is a plant whose root is used for its restorative properties. It is claimed that ingredients derived from this plant can ward off diabetes, cancer, general stomach upset and many other diseases and issues. However, clinical studies and trials confirm only its role in the 1234 Diet Drops, which is to to maintain muscle composure and recovery. It has been proven in trials to help deal with fatigue leaving the user with more energy. Rhodiola has also been shown to reduce stress levels, further aiding weight loss by curbing any stress related eating.

The final ingredient is L-Carnitine, which compliments the role of L-Ornithine as a naturally occurring amino acid. Its other effects are limited as proven in clinical trials. Studies show that L-Carnitine was not as effective as it is hailed in reducing body weight. This trial, however was conducted on a specific group and does not reflect its role as an amino acid in conjunction with the other key ingredients in 1234 Diet Drops. For more information, see our 1234 Diet Drops Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

The product itself has limited weight loss power as it is primarily a precursor to a healthier diet. It can be argued that its weight loss power is high in the sense that it changes the users dietary habits for the better by providing the energy for the transition, but the drops’ own physical weight loss power is considered low.
Speed of results: 30/100

The speed of the results is low as it is intended as a long term solution product working as a kick-starter to a healthier lifestyle. This is not a negative aspect however as it simply reinforces the fact that 1234 Diet Drops are a long term solution rather than a quick short term solution. Much of the speed is also dependent on the interpretation of the user and how fast they want to lose weight, for some the three to six week window may seem a short time period whereas to others a quicker fix may b desired which is not always the healthiest option.
Appetite Suppression: 45/100

Whilst not directly suppressing appetite the product does include the natural fibre in Rhodiola so some very mild suppression will be present. This effect is so mild though that it does not give it the label of an appetite suppressant but rather a useful side effect that comes along with the products other intentions.
Long Term Results: 85/100
The products intention is for long term results. It intends to form a transition from a previous diet plan to the next diet plan with the long term result being an easier to eat healthy low calorie diet that doesn’t wear away any energy. Arguably this is a better fix for dieters than a product that offers a quick fat burning solution.
Safety: 80/100
The product is safe and well tolerated due to the 100 percent natural ingredients including most being derived from the human body itself. In this respect it would be alarming for any incredibly adverse effects to take place. The safety questions are more relevant for the diet plan period of use as this is where a low calorie diet that is suddenly adopted could be damaging initially to wellbeing if the transition process with the drops isn’t hugely effective at maintaining energy.
Value for money: 15/100

Considering the product is primarily taken during the first two days not a great level of value for money as the price is very high. If the price were lower it could be considered a product with great value for money considering the positive long term implications of the product.

Side effects

Clinical studies and sources state that there are no side effects attributed to this product, however, this is a potentially short-sighted suggestion as all ingredients have the capability of causing some side effects in the wrong dosage. The naturally occurring amino acids will not cause any issues for users however the Rhodiola as a natural fibre has the potential to cause constipation, flatulence and possible diarrhoea. These come as a result of most users being unaccustomed to a diet that has high levels of fibre. In most cases products will use dietary fibre or soluble fibres as a key part of their appetite suppressive abilities, leading to many cases of fibre related adverse effects such as flatulence and diarrhoea. These adverse effects are unlikely to occur as a result of the 1234 Diet Drops as Rhodiola only constitutes a small amount of natural plant fibre. The effects listed above are simply a possibility and not an inevitability and 1234 Diet Drops should be born in mind as a potential causal factor just in case they do occur. Read our article on Side Effects of 1234 Diet Drops for further information.

Where to buy

where to buyThe 1234 Diet Drops can be purchased on both the official product webpage by the company Creative Bioscience and also elsewhere online including Amazon. Both offer free delivery on the 1234 Diet Drops. The product is readily available on the Creative Bioscience product website and on Amazon. The Amazon version is considerably cheaper but is host to more risks with the product safety and quality. The company’s own version ranges from £34.32 to £68.01 whilst Amazon comes in at £7.92. It should be noted that the Amazon version comes with the possibility of tampering or being fake. This poses risks for the user and, as such, it is recommended to purchase the product from the official product website. As a downside, along with the high price, there is little information given on any money back guarantees. Read our articles on the company behind 1234 Diet Drops and Where To Buy 1234 Diet Drops for more information.

Overall verdict

Overall, the 1234 Diet Drops are a unique dietary supplement. The assumption and in the majority of cases the desire for dietary supplements is a powerful fat burning product that will do most of the work for you. These products however don’t offer a maintenance solution however and in that area fall short of achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight. It I the case then that few products offer a long term solution or diet plan whilst the product 1234 Diet Drops does just that. Unfortunately the cost of the product is incredibly high; considering the amount of time for which it is used. Also considering the lack of key weight loss areas such as fat burning or metabolism boosting, the value is not very high at all. The issue with 1234 Diet Drops is not that it does not offer a fat burning or metabolism boosting solution but that, for the high price tag that comes with it, it should offer a lot more in the way of its legitimate abilities. However the key is to bear in mind the long term value of the product as it may offer an alternate lifestyle other products cannot achieve by burning fat in the short term.

Overall: 45/100

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