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7-DFBX Review

With the website claiming that you can see results in seven days, 7-DFBX diet pill sounds like a miracle in tablet form. But how true are these claims and can you really see results so quickly?

To find the answers we decided to investigate whether 7-DFBX can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side-effects.

7-DFBX review

7-DFBX Pros
  • Extensive ingredient list, potentially too large.
  • Money back guarantee although concerns have been raised about speaking to the company
7-DFBX Cons
  • No proof or clinical trials to suggest it works or how safe the tablet is.
  • Expensive and a bottle only lasts one week

7-DFBX Review

The manufacturers of 7-DFBX claim that their product is one of the top fat burning diet pills. To find out how true this statement is, we will be discussing how this diet pill works, the potential side effects, where to buy it, and the key ingredients.

Claimed weight loss benefits:

7-DFBX claims to be one of the top fat burning diet pills and suggests you’ll see results within a week. These kinds of claims, especially time based claims, should immediately begin ringing alarm bells as these are largely used by pills that need to get attention. 7-BFBX does however contain some promising ingredients, which raises the possibility that it could actually live up to these claims.

How 7-DFBX Works

The official website claims that you’ll begin seeing results within seven days because of its powerful metabolism boosting ingredients. A week is a short amount of time for any real results to be seen and so it is up for debate whether these results will actually be achieved, however in fairness to the makers they do offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results in that week. 7-DFBX customer reviews have been mixed so far with some happy with the product, while others are disappointed. That being said, the 7-DFBX reviews are not as bad as many other diet pills. Some 7-DFBX reviews have pointed out struggles to get in touch with the company in order to take advantage of the money back guarantee.

7-DFBX works by boosting your metabolism which means that your body will, in theory, be able to convert food in to energy at a faster rate and also be able to convert more, leaving less as excess fat within your body. It is a common way for diet pills to work and can often be effective at tackling weight as well as giving you the added benefit of an energy boost. To find out more information about the metabolism we would recommend you read our Why Does Boosting Your Metabolism Help Weight Loss? article.

For more information, please feel free to read the article How 7-DFBX Works.

Key 7-DFBX Ingredients

Chromium Polynicotinate ingredient7-DFBX features an incredible 35 ingredients, which is probably too many and provides little hope of featuring one ingredient in enough amounts for it to be effective. It contains some ingredients that include caffeine, which will help give you a bit of an energy boost but won’t be tremendously helpful in weight loss. It also includes chromium polynicotinate, which has been noted for its effect of energy gain and helping to boost the possibility of burning fat and glucomannan, which has tested well for helping weight loss in trials.

Speaking of trials, there is little evidence or clinical trials to back up the confident claims that 7-DFBX makes. While a number of the individual ingredients that are included have been through trials and have been found to be quite effective it does not compensate for the lack of trials on the actual pill you’ll be taking. The fact is there is no evidence to suggest the claims made will happen or likely to happen.

For more information, please feel free to read the article 7-DFBX Clinical Studies

7-DFBX Results

Weight Loss Power: 33/100

The makers suggest that the diet pill is very powerful and can help you to see results within a week, but there is very little proof that this claim is accurate. While the claim of losing weight in a week or your money back seems like an offer to good to turn down, it may simply just be too good to be true. There is no ingredient featured in enough quantity to work effectively and some users appear to have had trouble in getting their money back.

Speed of results: 28/100

On the surface the speed of results would look very good because the makers have suggested you’ll see results within a week. The fact of the matter is, and many 7-DFBX reviews have pointed this out, is that many more effective diet pills on paper would still struggle to achieve much weight loss within a week and 7-DFBX has no evidence to suggest it has more chance than others. Some 7-DFBX reviews from customers have not seen any weight loss at all yet alone in a single week.

For more information read our How To Use 7-DFBX article.

Appetite Suppression: 16/100

Appetite suppression is not one of the major noted effects of 7-DFBX tablets. With so many ingredients included in the large diet pills you may experience slight appetite suppression but it will not be hugely noticeable. With a metabolism boosting pill it is possible more food will be converted to energy and digested, which may help your appetite.

Long Term Results: 10/100

Long term weight loss because of 7-DFBX is unlikely for a number of reasons. If you do lose weight at the speed the makers claim, it is highly unlikely to stay off as you’ve not adapted your eating habits at all. Following on from this, in order to keep the weight off you’re likely to require a constant stream of 7-DFBX tablets which would become incredibly expensive at about £50-60 per month. Long term weight loss will come from healthy eating or an understanding of why you put weight on.

Safety: 55/100

Safety has not been mentioned as an issue in the majority of 7-DFBX reviews. The size of the tablets has been picked out as an annoyance, as you’d expect with so many ingredients the pills become larger in size which can make them difficult to swallow. The official website says that some dieters might experience more frequent bowel movements and puts this down to the body detoxifying itself. Stomach pains may also be an issue because of the quickening of the metabolism, which will take place in the stomach area– see our article 7-DFBX Side Effects.

Value for money: 10/100

7-DFBX is poor value for money. There is little proof that these tablets will work and the claims of losing weight within a week should pour further doubt on your purchase rather than encouraging you to invest. With such doubt over any potential weight loss, it would be unwise to spend so much on these tablets as using one bottle each week would cost £15 every seven days.

Learn more by reading our article on Where To Buy 7-DFBX.

7-DFBX Side Effects

7-DFBX side effects have not been mentioned hugely in reviews by experts or customers, but with metabolism boosting pills you can expect to possibly experience headaches or stomach pains as the pill gets to work. With no testing done on the product it is impossible to know for definite how it will react within your body and what damage it could do. There are many other products that have had more testing done on them which are likely to be far safer.

If you would like to learn more about potential side effects of the product please read our Side Effects of 7-DFBX article.

Where to Buy 7-DFBX

You can buy 7-DFBX from the official website although this is located in the US so shipping costs may increase the cost of these pills even further. They can also be bought on Amazon in the USA, but note that they are not sold by Amazon and again shipping costs could make it even more expensive if you’re in the UK.

A bottle of 7-DFBX will only last for a week so if you really want to see some weight loss you will have to order a number of bottles. It is a little disappointing that a bottle doesn’t last longer and it places the user in a difficult position of how much commitment and money to invest in to 7-DFBX. The official website sells a bottle for $19.95 which equates to around £15. This price is quite high considering a bottle will be used up each week, which means you could easily be spending up to £60 a month.

Learn more by reading our article on Where To Buy 7-DFBX.

Overall Verdict

There are much better diet pill options than 7-DFBX. Claiming to help you lose weight within a week should immediately have rung alarm bells considering even some of the best diet pills can take longer than that to work. There are no clinical trials or evidence to suggest how effective it may or may not be and despite a good number of impressive ingredients there are just too many included in the tablet to allow any one ingredient to be effective. Then there is the price of the tablets, which set it as one of the more expensive diet supplement options available considering you could spend between £10-£15 each week. There are some more natural ways you can try to boost your metabolism, some of which are listed in this Huffington Post article.

Considering the lack of evidence, the price, the over-the-top amount of ingredients and mixed reviews you would be wise to avoid 7-DFBX.

Interested in finding out who makes 7-DFBX, then read our The company behind 7-DFBX article.

Overall: 53/100

Frequently Asked Questions about 7-DFBX diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about 7-DFBX, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does 7-DFBX work?

7-DFBX is a fat burner. It says it will boost your body’s fat burning capabilities which means any food you eat will be digested or converted into energy at a quicker rate and allow more fat to be processed rather than left in your body. It sounds good in theory, however the product has a distinct lack of proof behind it and reviews have been mixed.

2. How long do 7-DFBX diet pills take to work?

7-DFBX claims that you could start to see results within a week. It is best to take these kinds of claims with a pinch of salt as they are often just used to get orders and often don’t signify a great product. With all diet pills it is advised that you allow a fortnight or even three weeks to see some results.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

With few to zero clinical trials on the product it is hard to tell exactly how safe or unsafe 7-DFBX is. Side effects have not been mentioned heavily in reviews by customers or experts and it is a natural product so you would not expect side effects to be too many or too strong. Metabolism boosting pills can often cause headaches or stomach pains because of the nature of how they work.

4. When do I take the 7-DFBX tablets?

There is no information given on the official website on how many tablets you should take each day or when you should take them. This lack of detail around the product shows how confident you should be in it and shows a lack of respect to the customer who needs to know this kind of information.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

The official website is very strong on this subject saying, “NO! There is never an excuse to stop eating healthily,” showing either you need to diet to lose weight or an overcompensation to look concerned for the customers’ welfare. Having said this, no matter what diet pill you take, dieting alongside it is a good idea as it is the most certain, safe and long term way to lose weight.

6. What ingredients go into 7-DFBX pills?

The ingredient list of 7-DFBX is too long to mention. It features an incredible 35 ingredients; this is far too many for a number of reasons. Firstly this many ingredients cannot react well together and get the most out of each one and secondly having this many ingredients means the quantity of each one cannot be high unless the tablet is huge. It seems the key ingredients are glucomannan and chromium polynicotinate.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the 7-DFBX pills?

Once again the website strongly suggests that you continue to exercise while you take the product. It is a good idea as burning more calories through exercise will do nothing but help you reach your weight loss goals.

8. Where can I buy 7-DFBX?

7-DFBX is an American product so UK buyers have to account for shipping costs on top of the price. It can be bought from the official website and from the US Amazon website. A bottle only lasts one week so you have to either be confident in the product and buy a few bottles or you try it for a week. You’ll be paying between £10-£15 each week.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

One bottle only lasts a week. The makers suggest that you will see weight loss in this week and is confident enough to offer a money back guarantee. It seems unlikely you’ll see results in just one week as even the best weight loss products don’t always produce it and certainly cannot guarantee it. At effectively £60 a month you may not be able to afford to take the tablets for too long.

10. How much weight could I lose with 7-DFBX?

The official website confidently guarantees weight loss but says the amount of weight loss can depend on your diet, exercise regime and your body, conveniently missing out the quality of the product. The reviews of the product are mixed so you may or may not see weight loss but you can be fairly confident it won’t be in just one week.

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