£7500 a Day Spent on Diet Pills by The NHS in Scotland
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£7500 a Day Spent on Diet Pills by The NHS in Scotland

numbers of users of diet pills are increasingUp to an enormous amount of £7,500 a day is being spent on diet pills through NHS Scotland for obese patients.

This statistic is one of many that has been reported by the Scottish Express relating to diet pills and weight loss, including weight loss prescriptions just for people under the category ‘obese’.

7.5 million is the number of prescriptions are being prescribed for drugs such as Orlistat and Sibutramine are being prescribed to patients. Orlistat and Sibutramine are found in most weight loss products as they supress appetite and reduce the reabsorption of fat. Due to the high demand of weight loss products, it has resulted in 117 people a day wanting and trying to get medication which has resulted in a cost of £1.45 million to the tax payer.

Due to the up rise of deaths in Scotland, obesity has increased up to 17% from 181 to 212 there is also a rise in the demand for the best diet pills.

Time For People To Take Responsibility

a healthy diet can help avoid reliance on diet pillsMore statistics have been obtained from a Scottish conservative spokesman Jackson Carlaw who has urged the NHS to discourage obese Scots off expensive weight loss medication and encourage patients to try and lose weight responsibly. This could include eating more of a healthy and balanced diet and taking part in an hour or more of exercise a day.

He said: “The message here is that Scotland’s battle with obesity is not only harming the health of thousands, but is denting the public purse too.”

He continued to state that: “I am glad to see that we are moving away from anti-obesity drugs to explore more natural remedies, but the figure is still absolutely astounding. There will be medical exceptions where such drugs are perfectly legitimate, but there comes a point in the majority of cases where people simply have to take responsibility.

“The NHS can only do so much, and it is crucial that we continue to work with those, especially at a young age, who may be at risk.”

At the British Medical Association in Scotland, a spokeswoman said: “While doctors can treat the health consequences of obesity, it is a social problem that requires a solution that reaches wider than the NHS. Medication is one part of treatment but others include diet advice and support, psychological input, physical activity and lifestyle change.”

It was also revealed that over 16% of the boys aged 2-4 are currently classed as obese and 1 in 10 are classed as obese for girls in this same age group.

Plans to Tackle The Problem

Doctor weighing up diet pills or healthy foodA spokesman from the Scottish Government explained: “Our focus is on taking steps to make healthy choices easier. We have plans in place to change the environment in which we live to make it easier for everyone to make healthy choices, including eating more fruit and vegetables and less salt, fat and added sugar and becoming more active.”

All three of these spokesmen and women are correct. Obesity and being overweight is happening to a lot more people than it should be and it seems like it is increasing by the day. In America, the use of dietary supplements and pills have been increasing since 1994 and over half of the adults in America are taking one or more pills a day states Jaime Gahche, MPH, a nutrition epidemiologist at the National Centre for Health Statistics in Bethesda, Md.

There are only so much doctors, nurses, the NHS, nutritionists ect can provide. After that it all comes down the person and what they can do themselves to help and improve their own weight loss. It is just as much a psychological problem as it is a physical problem. There are many ways to lose weight outside the NHS and diet pills, these includes:

Fruit and Veg

Everyone must of heard the advice that eating 5 fruit or/and vegetables a day can help you lose weight. This is because 5 pieces of fruit or/and vegetables can give you the correct amount of vitamins and minerals needed in your diet. You can get your five a day from pieces of fruit as a snack, vegetables with your lunch or dinner or even make a smoothie or fruit drink.


The recommended daily amount of exercise per day is a minimum of one hour. This should be quite intense exercise that will get the heart pumping blood through the body. By taking part in more exercise it allows the body to become fitter, work better and faster which will result in losing weight a lot quicker.
Balanced diet

Balanced diet

By keeping a balanced diet you will get all the essential benefits needed from the different food groups. By having the correct amount of each food group you will soon see a difference.
You should make sure that you are eating the correct amount of each food group by following the guidelines and percentages that are given by the NHS.

These are:
Fruit and Vegetables – 33%
Carbohydrates – 33%
Protein – 12%
Fats and Sugars – 7%
Milk and Dairy – 15%

By sticking to this diet, diet pills won’t need to be consumed at all or not as often which will benefit a lot of people and cut the costs down at the same time.

Obesity is a big problem in Scotland and is increasing by the day worldwide which is resulting in more money being spent on resources such as prescription pills. This can be the tax payer’s money, the NHS or the patient. People are trying many different and crazy things to try and lose weight and probably spending a ridiculous amount of time as they do so.

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