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Ab Cuts

Abdominal cuts is a supplement designed to reduce body fat, enhance lean tissues and curb sugar cravings. Ab Curs is a liquid gel capsule which became popular due to endorsement from Kendra Wilkinson. They consist of healthy oils and contain no stimulants at all, making them stand out against other supplements.

Ab Cuts review

Ab Cuts Pros
  • Stimulant free
  • Source of essential fatty acids
  • Various health benefits
  • Money back guarantee
Ab Cuts Cons
  • Expensive
  • Not clinically tested
  • Consumer claims of weight gain

Ab Cuts Review

Ab Cuts is a supplement made up of essential fatty acids which cannot be made by the body. It is made up of fats which promote calorie burning and can prevent the accumulation of bad fats. The supplements are developed by a company called Revolution Lifestyle, who have a range of these supplements and provide good information while stressing the importance of taking the supplement with a balanced diet and exercise. The company gives substantial information on the product and appears to be reputable. The product has received mixed customer reviews but appears promising in regards to weight loss. However, Ab Cuts has not been clinically tested and has even had claims of weight gain instead.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Ab Cuts is meant to boost metabolism, convert fat cells into lean muscle tissue and destroy pre-fat cells before they develop. It can also reduce appetite by increasing the body’s sensitivity to the hormone leptin. We agree that it boosts metabolism but disagree with its claims to be a fat binder.

How Ab Cuts Works

Ab Cuts combine essential fatty acids to promote weight loss. There are no stimulants involved but the metabolism is increased by the fatty acids having the ability to convert fat cells into lean muscle tissue Ab Cuts targets the belly and abs areawhich burns calories rather than being stored as fat mass. Ab Cuts can also prevent fat cells by killing them before they have a chance to develop. Additionally, when in need of calories the body targets the muscle cells but Ab Cuts makes the body use the stored fats instead.

Ab Cuts also raises sensitivity to leptin, the hormone which controls hunger, so the body becomes more aware of when it is full. The pill is a soft gel capsule to be consumed with breakfast, lunch and dinner with a serving of 2-3 pills.

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Key Ab Cuts Ingredients

The main ingredient in Ab Cuts is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This essential fatty acid penetrates fat cells and converts them to lean muscle tissue so they can burn calories instead. It also contains EPA and DHA, useful compounds found in fish oil. These destroy fat cells before they can fully form and also boost an appetite regulating hormone to control eating habits. Sesame seed oil is also included which makes the body use the fat stores instead of attacking the muscles for energy reserves.

There have been clinical trials proving the results of these ingredients, however, many of them have only been conducting on animal subjects, so the effects on humans are inconclusive.


Weight Loss Power:


If the pills work, they could reduce fat in a variety of ways using essential fatty acids to kill and convert fat cells. They also make the body use fat for a source of energy first, thus reprograms how fat is treated in the body. This, combined with the appetite reduction could have promising results.

Speed of results:


Studies suggest the consumption of CLA can have effect after 5 days of use.

Appetite Suppression:


The body is receiving enough nutrition from the essential fatty acids that it does not search for other sources, curbing hunger cravings. It also boosts leptin levels, a hormone which regulates appetite and usually becomes unresponsive in overweight adults, therefore increasing hunger control.

Long Term Results:


As there are no stimulants in Ab Cuts there are no short term energy boosts. The resistance to leptin is also combated, suggesting long-term results as the body will be able to recognise when it is full. There are no studies however on the product or the ingredients which could suggest long-term results. Click here to see out top rated diet pills.



There are a few side effects associated with Ab Cuts such as bloating, however, the more serious effects listed on the website advise you to seek medical attention beforehand. With no stimulants side effects are minimal.

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Value for money:


One supply only lasts between 13 and 20 days and is expensive. Many of the ingredients included could be found in a balanced diet or cheaper supplements.

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Ab Cuts Side Effects

A common side effect of taking Ab Cuts is bloating. This is only temporary but it is caused by the sudden increase in fibre. A few people have said they have gained weight instead of losing it which is because of the calorific content of essential fatty acids. Those susceptible to type II diabetes are at risk because the CLA in Ab Cuts can interact with insulin. The final side effect is blood thinning which can cause minor nosebleeds. Those on blood thinning medication should see a doctor beforehand.

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Where to Buy Ab Cuts

Ab Cuts is an American product and is available from online retailers. The official Revolution website sells them for £37 but also have great savings on multipacks.

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Overall Verdict

It seems Ab Cuts has some promising ingredients which have proven results in animal subjects. However, without clinically testing in humans it is hard to say if it works or not. There have been mixed reviews online with some boasting great results and others saying nothing happened at all. Amazon gives it a 3.3 star rating.

The main ingredients show potential with the treatment of fats inside the body. Many of the ingredients however, are extremely beneficial in maintaining good health but do not have any weight loss properties. Ab Cuts is a good source of essential fatty acids, however it is expensive and most of the ingredients can be obtained from eating a well-balanced diet or taking a cheaper supplement for those that can’t.

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