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Abrexin is a diet pill that claims to help you lose weight while you sleep. Unfortunately no clinical evidence is available to suggest that it works in the ways that it is claimed to.

Below we have reviewed Abrexin against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

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Abrexin Pros
  • Unlikely to cause severe side effects
Abrexin Cons
  • Ingredients have little evidence of weight loss

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Abrexin Review

Abrexin is a natural fat burning diet pill, which, according to the official website, has been voted the number one weight loss product in Canada. The product claims it can help you lose weight while you sleep. It says the ingredients it has can help activate a process in the body called thermogenesis, which basically means it raises the body temperature as a mechanism that allows your body to burn fat.

Claimed weight loss benefits

This diet pill is claimed to help you to lose weight while you sleep. It supposedly achieves this through the process of thermogenesis (increasing the internal body temperature), which may help to boost the metabolism and burn fat.

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How Abrexin Works

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Thermogenesis is the key process involved to explain how Abrexin works. This term relates to the natural ability of your body to increase the temperature within the body, which in turn helps to burn calories for energy. The claim is that Abrexin encourages your body to start thermogenesis while you sleep, effectively allowing you to burn fat as you’re sleeping each night. Thermogenesis happens each time you eat a meal and Abrexin claims that taking one tablet before bed each night sparks the same reaction as eating a meal.

The official website claims the way it works is completely natural and safe and will actually improve your sleep. It is caffeine free, which should help avoid too much disruption to your sleep patterns. It is simple to take as it only asks the user to take one tablet each day, around half an hour before heading to bed.

There are few clinical trials and no evidence provided on the official website to suggest how likely it is that you’ll see weight loss. There are also no customer reviews on the website so again it is left unclear how well the product works or what experiences you may face as you take it. Abrexin asks you to diet and exercise while you take the tablets so it might be the case that a lot of any potential weight loss stems from this and not the tablets themselves.

Abrexin contains two active ingredients; these are Thermoferrin Lactoferrin (300mg) and Bioperine (5mg).

The Thermoferrin prefix is a made up word by the manufacturer in order to highlight the product’s supposed thermogenic properties. Lactoferrin is found predominantly in breast milk following the birth of a new-born, this is true for both humans and animals. Typically, Lactoferrin in mainstream products is taken from a bovine source.

Regardless of the source, this ingredient is rich in antibodies, low in fat and should act as an antibacterial shield. The properties of Lactoferrin make it ideal for the development of infants as their immune system will be far from fully developed. Although the Abrexin product does not specify the source of Lactoferrin, it is logical to assume that it is from a bovine source as this would be the easiest and cheapest method, especially considering that it is a mass produced product.

Bioperine and a Gastro Protective Shield

Bioperine is a black pepper extract that is thought to assist in nutrient transportation and absorption. It is an ingredient that is becoming increasingly popular in weight loss products. The manufacturers also state that their product has a Gastro Protective shield, while this has no direct impact, it may ensure that the two active ingredients are not broken down by the acids within the stomach before the product reaches the intestines. This kind of ‘shield’ is popular to bodybuilding products where breakdown of protein is supposedly spread out for as long as possible throughout the night to ensure that the glycogen store within muscle is not depleted.


Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein; this simply means that it contains both carbohydrate and protein molecules and is attracted to iron within the bloodstream. The exact combination of these molecules dictates what function the glycoprotein will have and this can range from transport to internal temperature control and many functions in-between. There has been scientific evidence that suggests Lactoferrin may actually help combat herpes, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and poliovirus.

In weight loss products that contain Lactoferrin it is often the case that the Lactoferrin is extracted from cheese. The Abrexin product claims that it prompts thermogenesis and thus helps you lose weight. Essentially, thermogenesis is the production of energy in the form of heat due to electrons being broken up within fatty tissues. This process causes calories to be used up and as such it is possible to lose weight through this process if other factors such as diet are correct.

Activities which boost metabolic rate and result in thermogenesis such as eating a big meal or exercising are replicated by the Abrexin product according to the manufacturer. However there are no studies to support the claims that Abrexin itself can increase the rate of thermogenesis.

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Key Abrexin Ingredients

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There are only a couple of ingredients in Abrexin; these are Lactoferrin and Bioperine as well as a gasto-protective shield around the pill. The shield is supposedly designed to help protect the ingredients in the pill as it travels through the stomach acids that tend to break down the tablet and reduce the potency of the ingredients. It isn’t clear how effective this is though, as no evidence has been produced.


Lactoferrin is a protein that is most often found in first milk, which in other words is breast milk. It has many functions in the body including supporting and boosting the immune system; it is low in fat and functions as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. There isn’t much evidence supporting that Lactoferrin helps to increase weight loss or that the crucial Abrexin phrase, thermogenesis. WebMD details the uses and side effects and gives more information about Lactoferrin.


Bioperine is a black pepper extract, which is thought to be useful in helping to speed up the transportation of nutrients around the body. This ingredient is often used to help the body absorb more of the other ingredients taken at the same time. It is believed to help raise your body temperature slightly, but there isn’t strong evidence to confirm this, and there may not be enough present to encourage weight loss.

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Clinical Studies

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There are no studies relating to the effectiveness of Abrexin as a product, but there are some studies relating to the primary active ingredient within Abrexin which is Thermoferrin Lactoferrin.

The majority of these studies relate to how this ingredient is used to develop anti-bacterial responses in new born babies; this is a concern because if the product has weight loss potential then you would expect studies to concentrate on this aspect rather than anti-bacterial properties. The lack of research relating to the effect of Lactoferrin in regards to weight loss may indicate that the product does not live up to its billing as a weight loss aid.


An independent study carried out by Pilvi et al (2009) used a population of mice to explore the different weight loss potentials of a number of proteins. The mice were all put on a carefully controlled diet to ensure that calorific intake did not affect the results. The first stage of the experiment was to make the mice obese, this was achieved through a high fat diet (where fat was 60% of food intake).

The experiment then began with the mice being spilt into four groups in order to measure the effect of four different proteins over a 14 week period. All of the groups had a diet where protein accounted for 18% of their total calorific intake. The first group of mice were subjected to the protein lactalbumin, the second group were subjected to lactoglobulin, the third group contained Lactoferrin (which is the active ingredient in Abrexin) and the final group were subjected to whey protein.

The results indicated that the mice who were exposed to Lactoferrin lost significantly more weight than the group who were exposed to whey protein. However, when the experiment was completed and the mice returned to normal eating habits, it was the group that were exposed to Lactoferrin that regained weight the quickest. The authors of the study do not provide an explanation for this and suggest that further research is required in order to explain why Lactoferrin can both accelerate weight loss as well as weight gain.

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Abrexin Side Effects

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Lactoferrin can have some side effects, such as skin rashes and fatigue, if you take a large quantity. In high quantities Lactoferrin can also affect your bowel movements, potentially making you constipated or experience diarrhoea. This product is not suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.

The most common side effect is diarrhoea; with other ailments such as skin rashes, loss of appetite, constipation, chills and fatigue also being reported. The reason why diarrhoea is the most associated side effect with Abrexin is because the Lactoferrin acts as an anti-bacterial agent.

Gastro-protective Shield

There may also be a problem with the GP shield, this is because the manufacturer does not specify exactly what ingredients this shield is composed of and as such may cause further side effects, especially if an individual may be allergic to an undisclosed ingredient.

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How to Use

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Abrexin comes in a box of thirty tablets which should be taken as one tablet thirty minutes before bed with a glass of water. Therefore, each box should last for a month at a time. The product label recommends that you should use the product for eight weeks but there is no danger in taking it for a longer period of time.

The company website states that there are no side effects to continued usage but there is evidence to dispute this claim. As the product itself contains no stimulants it is fairly safe for most people to consume. As with all diet pills, it is recommended that you seek the approval of a doctor to ensure that there are no hidden side effects. This is a possibility with this product especially as there are no clinical studies relating to its effectiveness.

You should avoid taking this product if you are lactose intolerant as the Thermoferrin Lactoferrin ingredient contains milk based products. If you forget to take a tablet there is no reason why you shouldn’t take a tablet the following morning but under no circumstances should you take two tablets simultaneously as this could be dangerous to your immediate health. Do not take the product if you are pregnant. The product should also be kept out of reach from children.

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Who Makes It?

The Winning Combination, which is based in Canada, is the company behind this product. Their website claims that they have been in operation for over twenty years and have become the leading supplier of natural products in Canada.

The company was founded in 1990 and its headquarters are located in Winnipeg. The company claims that all of their products are in full compliance with all Canadian and international quality control standards, although their products are exclusively sold in Canada and the US.

Additionally, all products are tested against the good manufacturing practice (GMP) legislation which is essentially a universal agreement to ensure the safety of the consumer through good manufacturing practice. Aspects covered under this legislation include expertise of staff, a recall system for faulty products, and records of manufacture and distribution procedures.

The company produces many forms of product ranging from conventional tablets to protein powders and drinkable meals. The company is in direct control of all stages of product development including manufacturing and distribution. This system ensures that no third parties are involved which may complicate the process and could be harmful to product development.

There are two issues in terms of Abrexin, one is that the positive reviews of the product on The Winning Combination website do not match up to the largely negative reviews found on third party websites. The second cause for concern is that the company offers no money back guarantee and so once you have bought the product it is up to the shop you got it from to decide if they feel you are entitled to a refund. Merely stating that the product didn’t work will probably not be a sufficient reason. If you wish to get in contact with the company then they offer an email service.

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Where to Buy Abrexin


The only way to buy Abrexin if you live in the UK is through an American/Canadian website which offers international delivery; examples of such companies are GNC or Wal-Mart. An alternative solution is to buy from a third party website which has an American presence such as Amazon.

The product itself is not available to buy directly from The Winning Combination, although the website is currently offering a $5 coupon when you sign in with your email address. This is a common tactic within the industry as it means they can continue to send you emails with little effort and little cost to the company itself. The website also offers a monthly competition in which you have the chance to win a three month supply of Abrexin.

Amazon currently has the product listed for $9.79 and free shipping is available if this product is part of an order over $25. The product is also available on EBay and is listed for between £6.42 and £8.56, however the postage and packing is just as much as the product itself with the cheapest charge being £7.91.

Following is a list of the stores that are listed on the Abrexin website:

•Shoppers Drug Mart
•Real Canadian Superstore

A quick online search has failed to find any of the above retailers selling Abrexin on their websites. It is unknown whether these stores still sell Abrexin within the shop itself as none of these stores have a presence within the UK unless you count ASDA which is owned by Wal-Mart. Even so ASDA do not list Abrexin on their website either.

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Does Abrexin Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No. The website does not detail any money-back-guarantee scheme.

One-off payment: Yes, it is a one-off payment.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There does not appear to be a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, a full ingredients list is available.

Company contact details readily available: No, only an online form for customers to fill in.

Abrexin does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back-guarantee or diet plan, and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and contact details.

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Overall Verdict

Abrexin contains just two active ingredients and is unlikely to cause side effects for most people. The only people who may wish to avoid the product for medical reasons are those who are lactose intolerant. The company does not provide any clinical evidence to back up the claims that are made on the official website. A literature review reveals that the product itself has not been tested, and none of its ingredients have been proven to aid weight loss. The official website claims that the product can be purchased from a number of high street stores in the USA and Canada, but the product could not be found on the websites of these retailers and it is not sold through the official website itself.

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