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Abrexin is a diet pill that claims to help you lose weight while you sleep. Could this diet pill be the answer to all your weight loss woes or again, is it just another diet pill con that will just leave you with less money rather than weight?

To find out the answers we decided to investigate whether Abrexin can really help you lose weight and examined the possible side-effects.

Abrexin box

Abrexin Pros
  • Reasonably priced
Abrexin Cons
  • Ingredients have little evidence of weight loss
  • Very few customer reviews available online

Abrexin Review

Abrexin is a natural fat burning diet pill, which has been voted the number one weight loss product in Canada according to the official website. The product claims it can help you lose weight while you sleep. It says the ingredients it has can help activate a process in the body called thermogenesis, which basically means it raises the body temperature as a mechanism that allows your body to burn fat. It sounds like a great way to lose weight, effectively doing nothing and still losing weight, but is it too good to be true? Read on for more information and whether it can live up to the hype.

How Abrexin Works

Thermogenesis is the key process involved to explain how Abrexin works. This term relates to the natural ability of your body to increase the temperature within the body, which in turn helps to burn fat. The claim is that Abrexin encourages your body to start thermogenesis while you sleep, effectively allowing you to burn fat as you’re sleeping each night. Thermogenesis happens each time you eat a meal and Abrexin claims that taking one tablet before bed each night sparks the same reaction as eating a meal.

You might assume that this way of losing weight might negatively affect your sleep but the official website claims the way it works is completely natural and safe and will actually improve your sleep. To be fair to the product, it is caffeine free, which should help avoid too much disruption to your sleep patterns. It is simple to take as it only asks the user to take one tablet each day, around half an hour before heading to bed. Find out more information about the connection between your weight and sleep in this article.

The problem with Abrexin is it is unclear just how effective or good at helping weight loss it is. This is because there are little clinical trials or evidence provided on the official website to suggest how likely it is that you’ll see weight loss. There are also zero customer reviews on the website so again it is left unclear how well the product works or what experiences you may face as you take it. Abrexin asks you to diet and exercise while you take the tablets so it might be the case that a lot of any potential weight loss stems from this and not the tablets themselves.

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Key Abrexin Ingredients

bioperine ingredientThere are only a couple of ingredients in Abrexin which are Lactoferrin and Bioperine as well as a gasto-protective shield around the pill. The GP shield could be unique to Abrexin as many Abrexin reviews have struggled to find it used in any other product. It is designed to help protect the ingredients in the pill as it travels through the stomach acids that tend to break down the tablet and reduce the potency of the ingredients. It isn’t clear how effective this is though, as no evidence has been produced.

Lactoferrin is a protein that is most often found in first milk, which in other words is breast milk. It has many functions in the body including supporting and boosting the immune system, it is low in fat and functions as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. There isn’t much evidence supporting that Lactoferrin helps to increase weight loss or that the crucial Abrexin phrase, thermogenesis. WebMD details the uses and side effects and gives more information about Lactoferrin.

Bioperine is a black pepper extract, which is useful in helping to speed up the transportation of nutrients around the body. This ingredient is often used to help the body absorb more of the other ingredients taken at the same time. There is some evidence behind Bioperine that suggest it could help raise your body temperature slightly, but it isn’t strong evidence and there may not be enough present to encourage weight loss. Find out about some of the benefits of Bioperine by reading this article.

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Weight Loss Power: 22/100

Looking at the ingredient list it seems unlikely that Abrexin is a very powerful weight loss aid. There is little evidence that the ingredients included have strong weight loss properties whilst the GP shield sounds good but has, again, little evidence behind it. There are also no customer Abrexin reviews or testimonials to indicate how successful the product has been, which suggests it is not very effective.
Speed of results: 18/100

Considering the little evidence or customer reviews behind this product and the lack of weight loss power held in the ingredients of Abrexin, it is hard to think there will be much weight loss at all let alone quick weight loss. Much of the weight loss and speed of the loss could come down to how much you exercise and how strict you diet rather than how effective the tablets are.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

Appetite suppression is not one of the advertised benefits of Abrexin and so you should not expect much of a helping hand in this area. If Abrexin works the way it is advertised then you could potentially wake up hungry as your body has burned your excess food through the night.
Long Term Results: 37/100

The long term effects of Abrexin are hard to describe as there are very few customer Abrexin reviews to go from, making it hard to tell how much weight might be lost or what dieters have experienced in the long term. With doubts around how effective the product is, it would be unlikely Abrexin helps with long term weight loss. Because its weight loss power may not be strong Abrexin may be more useful in maintaining your target weight rather than reaching it which would make it a good long term product.See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 57/100

The manufacturers claim that the only ‘side effect’ is better sleep, however taking any tablet before sleep could have the potential of disrupting sleep. Lactoferrin can cause some side effects depending on the amount consumed; the quantities included in food is safe, however in larger quantities it can cause diarrhoea and in even higher doses it can cause skin rashes, fatigue and constipation. Another consideration would be the inclusion of milk protein in Lactoferrin, not suitable for those who are lactose intolerant. Learn more by reading our article on Abrexin side effects.

Value for money: 33/100

Surprisingly, the product cannot be bought directly from the official website, but there are plenty of retailers across the US and Canada where the product can be bought including Amazon. If you’re a UK reader looking to buy it may cost more because of shipping costs. The price on the Amazon US site is $19.99 for 30 tablets, which will last around a month. This is quite competitively priced, however with so many doubts around how or if the product works, even at this price it may still be poor value for money.Learn more by reading our article on where to buy Abrexin.

Side Effects

Abrexin uses natural ingredients so it should be relatively safe to take. Having said this, taking any kind of tablet before bed can have the possibility of affecting your sleep. Lactoferrin can additionally have some side effects, such as skin rashes and fatigue, if you take a large quantity. In high quantities Lactoferrin can also affect your bowel movements, potentially making you constipated or experience diarrhoea. This product is not suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.

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Where to Buy Abrexin

Abrexin can be bought from some retailers online in the USA and Canada. It may be more difficult to buy if you live in the UK and more expensive as you’d have to pay for shipping costs. It can be bought on the American Amazon website for $19.99 for a month’s supply but for a UK dieter shipping costs would have to be added. Surprisingly the product cannot be bought from the official website directly.

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Overall Verdict

Abrexin is not one of the worst products; it is not priced too high nor does it come with a high risk of side effects. It has good intentions but sadly the product doesn’t look like it will be hugely effective at helping you with weight loss. There is a distinct lack of customer reviews available online (only four Abrexin reviews on Amazon), which should ring alarm bells. There is also very little evidence to suggest that thermogenesis will be promoted by taking this pill. While Abrexin uses some sound science to suggest why it might work and does have a unique GP shield around the tablet, it doesn’t appear to be very successful at creating weight loss.
There are far more powerful and well-reviewed diet options available in a similar price range. Abrexin has good intentions but sadly does not seem to live up to the science or advertising that supports it.

Learn more by reading our article on the company behind Abrexin.
Overall: 24/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Abrexin diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Abrexin, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Abrexin work?

Abrexin works by literally heating up your body as you sleep, whcih in turn burns fat. This ‘heating up’ is a process called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis usually occurs naturally after you’ve eaten a meal. Whether this process will work when you’re sleeping (when your body effectively relaxes) is doubtful and if it does work then it is highly likely your sleep patterns will be disrupted.

2. How long do Abrexin diet pills take to work?

The official website does not give much information on how long they get to work. The tablets themselves should begin working fairly soon after swallowing them as they need to begin working while you’re sleeping. In terms of weight loss, it is advised you give any diet pill between 2 and 3 weeks for results to appear. The ingredients don’t appear to have much weight loss power in them so Abrexin weight loss may be slow.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

The official website says that Abrexin is entirely safe to use and there are no harmful side effects. Yet it produces no evidence at all to back up either the safety or the effectiveness of the product. Taking a tablet so close to bed may cause sleep patterns to be disrupted while the Lactoferrin ingredient has, in larger quantities, been known to cause skin rashes or problems with bowel movements.

4. When do I take the Abrexin tablets?

You simply take one tablet around half an hour before you go to bed. You are supposed to take the tablet with a glass of water. The tablet then apparently gets to work inside your body through the night but at the same time does not disrupt your sleep.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

You are not forced to change your eating habits but it is encouraged. Eating healthily and eating less are definite ways of losing weight and a diet pill will hopefully making this process easier or even quicker. The body does not usually burn fat through the night so making the body burn fat 24 hours a day should mean you can lose weight without changing your eating habits however the power of Abrexin to boost your fat burning rate is in doubt.

6. What ingredients go into Abrexin pills?

The ingredient list of Abrexin is disappointing as there does not seem to be much weight loss power included. The two main ingredients are Lactoferrin and Bioperine, Lactoferrin is a protein found in milk while Bioperine is an extract from black pepper. Neither of these ingredients are well known for their weight loss power. The product also has an innovative and apparently unique GP shield around it which is designed to protect the ingredients from being broken down by stomach acids.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Abrexin pills?

There is nothing said about exercise on the official website, either doing more or maintaining your activity levels. However, doing more exercise is a great way to lose weight as you don’t necessarily have to change your eating habits but you can still burn more calories.

8. Can I buy Abrexin tablets on Amazon?

Oddly Abrexin cannot be bought from the official website. It can be bought from a number of American shops including Walmart and some Canadian supermarkets. For UK dieters interested in Abrexin, it may be quite hard to get hold of and will cost extra because of shipping costs. Abrexin is available from the US Amazon site for $20.99 for a month’s worth of tablets.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

The routine of taking these tablets is not too time intensive or stressful. Taking one each night before bed is easy to remember and so there should be no problem taking them over a long period of time in this respect. There is no set time scale for you to take them and it may come down to how effective you feel they are being and whether you want to invest another $20 each month in them.

10. How much weight could I lose with Abrexin?

The official website does not mention any numbers or make any claims about how much weight you could lose or how quick you might see it. Given the ingredients do not suggest very strong weight loss potential, then weight loss may be quite slow, and some customer reviews have even seen zero weight loss.

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