Where to Buy Abrexin

Where to buy AbrexinAbrexin is manufactured by a company called The Winning Combination, this company is based in Canada and as such Abrexin is not widely available in any UK stores.

The only way to buy Abrexin if you live in the UK is through an American/Canadian website which offers international delivery; examples of such companies are GNC or Wal-Mart. An alternative solution is to buy from a third party website which has an American presence such as Amazon.

The Winning Combination

The product itself is not available to buy directly from The Winning Combination, although the website is currently offering a $5 coupon when you sign in with your email address. This is a common tactic within the industry as it means they can continue to send you emails with little effort and little cost to the company itself. The website also offers a monthly competition in which you have the chance to win a three month supply of Abrexin.


Amazon currently has the product listed for $9.79 and free shipping is available if this product is part of an order over $25. The product is also available on EBay and is listed for between £6.42 and £8.56, however the postage and packing is just as much as the product itself with the cheapest charge being £7.91.

It would appear that if you live within the UK or outside of America or Canada then this product will cause you great hassle to get your hands on, unless you have a friend who does live in either of these countries that could somehow source the product for a cheaper price and charge less for postage. It may also be worth talking to a health food shop which has stores in the United Kingdom as well as the United States as they may consider selling the product on a trial basis if it will pass UK legislation for food safety.

Other Places to Buy Abrexin

Following is a list of the stores that are listed on the Abrexin website:
•Shoppers Drug Mart
•Real Canadian Superstore

A quick online search has failed to find any of the above retailers selling Abrexin on their websites. It is unknown whether these stores still sell Abrexin within the shop itself as none of these stores have a presence within the UK unless you count ASDA which is owned by Wal-Mart. Even so ASDA do not list Abrexin on their website either. This should act as a warning flag as the product is not available to buy online from these stores.

Before buying we recommend reading our Abrexin review.

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