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Active Woman Refine

Active Woman Refine claims to increase muscle mass, stimulate metabolic rates and boost calorie-burning while improving the conversion of fat into energy. It’s described as a ‘proven’ way to shed weight, but there’s no evidence of any clinical studies on the product as a whole.

active woman refine

Active Woman Refine Pros
  • Appears to target a range of weight management areas
Active Woman Refine Cons
  • Not clinically tested

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Active Woman Refine Review

Active Woman Refine is part of a range of dietary supplements endorsed by celebrity Melanie Sykes and created by long-standing sport nutrition and weight management company, Bio-Synergy. This product is aimed at a female market and makes many claims regarding its weight loss abilities, which include: igniting fat burning operations, increasing metabolic rates, thwarting sugar cravings, motivating muscle mass and enhancing the creation of energy from fat cells. The collection of stimulating ingredients appears to focus on both removing excess fat and helping the user exercise to achieve weight loss. However, there’s no proof that these three active elements can accomplish all the manufacturer’s claims in the dosages provided.

Active Woman Refine Claimed weight loss benefits

Bio-Synergy makes many assertions about its product’s ability for bringing about weight loss, but it only actually contains three key ingredients. Active Woman Refine appears to concentrate on boosting the metabolic rate and motivating fat expenditure, particularly for creating extra energy for the user during exercise. The product’s most abundant ingredient, conjugated linoleic acid, apparently targets the conversion of fat cells into useful energy, but can also reportedly increase muscle mass in the process. The manufacturer also asserts that Active Woman Refine can quell cravings, however, it doesn’t allude to which ingredient is truly capable of this skill.

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How Active Woman Refine Works

Bio-Synergy is quite clear on the methods and motives of its three key ingredients as part of Active Woman Refine, which is part of a brand apparently aimed at the female market. Most of the ingredients have indicated an influence over increasing fat expenditure to different degrees, as well as showed signs improving the immune system. Conjugated linoleic acid, yerba mate and carnitine might all be able to boost energy endurance either by stimulating the muscles or influencing the conversion of fat into useful energy. However, these ingredients have not been significantly effective for weight reduction during past clinical trials, although results are generally positive.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) comprises the majority of an Active Woman Refine serving, so should theoretically contribute the most to any success experienced. CLA primarily functions to reduce fat deposits, enhance the immune system, lower blood pressure and break down fat deposits for converting them into useful physical energy. It’s also believed that CLA can hinder lipogenesis, the creation of fat, while concurrently improving the rate of lipolysis and fat oxidation, which are processes of metabolising fat. Generally, all these attributes would assist in enriching exercise endurance and physical skill, but these assertions have never been clinically demonstrated.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate contains a wide range of compounds including caffeine and polyphenols, both of which apparently work to boost its weight loss potential. The polyphenols in yerba mate reportedly focus on obstructing certain enzymes, such as pancreatic lipase and lipoprotein lipase, which subsequently contributes to metabolising fat. These polyphenols might also lower levels of triglycerides and harmful cholesterol, which could arguably provide a more fit body for longer exercise regimes. The compounds are also believed to boost fat oxidation, which is a process that turns stored fat into useful energy. Consequently, yerba mate can be considered a fat burner and some assertions state that yerba mate can actually act as an appetite suppressant by apparently slowing stomach emptying, but this remains theoretical. Yerba mate also contains caffeine and can exhibit many of this element’s benefits and side effects. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and creates a surge of energy that can be used to motivate the mind and push physical stamina. However, this energy boost is often short-lived.

L-carnitine is an amino acid primarily used to convert fat into energy. It’s naturally produced in the body and helps the brain, heart and muscles to function efficiently, which could boost the level of physical endurance and general exercise capacity of the consumer. Also, patients that go through kidney dialysis have shown signs that l-carnitine can enhance the amount of red blood cells. These cells carry essential, fresh oxygen around the body, which again could help exercise endurance. A lack of l-carnitine can cause many issues and it’s generally thought to possess a range of health benefits for humans, including cell-protection. However, there’s no clinical evidence to support the theory that l-carnitine can reduce fatigue, increase muscle mass or boost energy levels.

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Key Ingredients

Unlike many other weight loss supplements on the market, Active Woman Refine’s official website provides exact details and quantity values of each ingredient in a daily serving of its product. Each element is popularly used in other supplements and yerba mate has actually been consumed for many centuries as part of an herbal tea, which adds to its credibility as a safe ingredient. There’s four times as much conjugated linoleic acid than yerba mate in Active Woman Refine’s and only 68.2mg of carnitine, which suggests that CLA is designed to be the driving force behind any weight loss results. However, it’s effectiveness for weight loss is still debated by experts.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (1600 mg)
Conjugated linoleic acids are a mix of approximately 28 chemicals in linoleic acid and are found organically as fatty acids in meat and dairy foods, as well as produced in laboratories. Support for the health benefits of CLA is rising, particularly in regards to it as an aide to fighting cancer and atherosclerosis. Research into its weight loss ability has suggested that CLA might help to diminish fatty deposits, lower blood pressure and boost immunity, which have tenuous connections to improved physical ability and subsequent weight loss. However, more human clinical trials are needed, since most experiments that indicate positive results for CLA’s effect on weight management used animal participants.

Yerba Mate (400mg)
Yerba Mate, or Ilex paraguariensis, is an evergreen tree of the holly family with high caffeine content. It’s commonly used in the beverage ‘mate’ and is cultivated mainly in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. However, it can now be bought throughout European, Australian and American health food shops. The plant includes three xanthines: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, and it’s believed to possess a range of attributes for boosting human health with apparently the highest level of antioxidants in its species. Yerba mate is thought to treat physical tiredness, heart-related problems and even mentality for a more positive mood. However, these uses aren’t clinically supported.

L-Carnitine (68.2mg)
L-carnitine is found in red meat, fish, wheat and vegetables, but usually the human body makes all the carnitine it requires. It works to create energy from fatty acids and is chiefly made in the liver and kidneys but is then stored in the brain, heart and muscles. L-carnitine can be given as a powder, tablet or solution and it’s believed to help treat heart issues, diabetic neuropathy, kidney disease and even erectile dysfunction. Research also suggest that it helps alleviate muscle problems and acts as an antioxidant by neutralising free radicals that can harm the body, but it’s not clinically proven to be potent contributor of weight loss.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical testing is a valuable and respected way to evaluate the effectiveness and determine the safety of a supplement. Unfortunately, Active Woman Refine has not been subjected to a clinical trial as a whole product, although its key ingredients have been analysed and examined many times. Only some of these tests have been attempts to establish their ability to improve weight loss, but these have not always been positive or significant. Generally, each element has shown signs of contributing to fat reduction or metabolism enhancement, but many of these trials used animal subjects or were only tested for very short periods.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid
How CLA impacts on weight regain and resting metabolism rate
This study examined the influence that CLA supplementation has on weight regain, body composition, resting metabolic rate and blood plasma in 58 overweight people. The subjects ate an extremely low-calorie diet for three weeks before taking either 1.8g CLA, 3.6g CLA or a placebo every day for 13 weeks. The original diet induced significant weight loss among the subjects, but the results at the end of 13 weeks showed that CLA didn’t affect body weight regain, although it did boost the resting metabolic rate of the subjects taking either of the two dosage quantities. Overall, CLA didn’t appear to positively improve weight maintenance after weight loss in this trial, although it showed that it might at least help increase resting metabolism.

CLA’s influence on body fat
Past animal studies have shown CLA to be an adept fat-burning enhancer, but this trial put CLA to the test on humans. A total of 63 people were used in this trial and were given either 1.7g of CLA (very similar to the amount provided in a serving of Active Woman Refine) or a placebo in a glass of milk twice a day for 12 weeks. The subjects consuming CLA showed a decrease in body mass index (BMI), fat percentage and weight-to-hip ratio by the end of the test. Experts conducting the test believed CLA to cause no evident side effects while helping to lower weight levels, although the difference between starting and finishing weight was not significant.

Yerba Mate
Ability of yerba mate to boost fat oxidation and energy expenditure
Yerba mate is believed to be effective in kick-starting thermogenesis in the human body and this trial looked at how effective it was in metabolising fat and influencing energy levels. A group of 14 men and women took part in this test and consumed either 1000 mg or yerba mate or a placebo capsule one hour before a regulated exercise test. The results implied that yerba mate significantly boosted fatty acid oxidation and energy expenditure when the participants were performing exercise, but this was at its optimum level during the lower physical intensities. Generally, this trial suggests that yerba mate increases the use of fat to create energy, which should theoretically improve physical performance and result in greater weight loss. However, this seemed to work best at lower levels of exercise.

Anti-obesity effect of yerba mate in a high-fat diet
This trial analysed the influence yerba mate has on managing weight loss and adipose tissue in a high-fat diet. Thirty mice were split into groups for this study with some fed a high-fat diet and some given a normal diet for 12 weeks. The mice on the high-fat diet were then administered either water or yerba mate. The final results showed that obese mice taking yerba mate showed a reduction of body weight and adipose cells, as well as restored levels of glucose, triglycerides and LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol. Those conducting the trial concluded that yerba mate has a strong skill for reducing obesity-related activity in the body, although this might not be as potent in human tests.

Impact of l-carnitine when combined with exercise
This trial examined the influence of l-carnitine on weight reduction of obese women over an eight-week period. A group of 36 women were partnered up depending on BMI for the duration of the trial, with one woman consuming a 2g dose of l-carnitine twice each day and their partner taking a placebo. Each woman walked for 30 minutes each day for four days a week. However, the findings suggest that there was no substantial difference in body or fat mass in any of the participants, although some of those that took l-carnitine experienced nausea or diarrhoea. L-carnitine did not seem to lower the women’s body weight more than the placebo users, which casts serious doubt on its reported abilities in this product.

L-carnitine ability to positively affect fat mass, muscle structure and energy metabolism
This study involved monitoring 12 men while they exercised for a 30-minute period both before and after l-carnitine supplementation. The l-carnitine part of the test lasted for twelve weeks with each man consuming 80g of carbohydrate twice each day, but only some also taking a 1.36g dose of l-carnitine. The participants taking the l-carnitine showed a 20% increase in muscle total carnitine and a 6% surge in energy expenditure following the 12-week period. Also, the fat and body mass of the men consuming only carbohydrate gradually grew, whereas the subjects supplementing their carbohydrate intake with l-carnitine experienced no change. Experts also observed an enhancement of genes relating to metabolism in the men taking l-carnitine. Overall, it seems that this ingredient might improve the muscles, energy levels and body composition for consumers of Active Woman Refine.

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Weight Loss Power: 60/100

Active Woman Refine focuses on three active ingredients to achieve its weight loss, whereas many other supplements tend to exploit a wider range of elements. However, this possibly allows the product to contain higher doses of CLA, yerba mate and l-carnitine, which could arguably add to their potency and contribution. Past trials appear to indicate some ability of each element to improve weight loss, although results haven’t always been significant.
Speed of results: 60/100

This product seems designed to be used as a workout aide, as much as a general diet helper. It includes ingredients that are popularly used in many other supplements to improve muscles and endurance levels, which implies that the speed of any weight loss might depend heavily on the user’s motivation to workout. However, there are also signs that it can work to boost fat-burning and metabolic rates, so it might not be completely dependant on exercise.
Appetite Suppression: 40/100

Some research has indicated that the effect of these ingredients on fat oxidation and blood composition might also assist in appetite suppression, but support for this is scant and not well tested. The product description states that sugar-cravings should be quelled as a result of consuming Active Woman Refine, but it doesn’t describe which ingredient targets this or how it’s achieved.
Long Term Results: 40/100

There have been no clinical trials conducted since the release of this product to establish how effective, if at all, it has been for customers. Reviews from past buyers are generally positive, but are usually written a week or so following purchase and so longevity isn’t often discussed. The safety of Active Woman Refine’s ingredients indicate that they should be at least tolerable to consume for a substantial amount of time, but significant weight loss might gradually diminish.
Safety: 70/100

Active Woman Refine appears to be a relatively harmless product with safe quantities of CLA, yerba mate and l-carnitine in each dose. There have been no reports of dangerous side effects from past users and each ingredient has been clinically tested many times, often using higher dosage amounts, with very few participants experiencing negative outcomes. Yet, CLA has shown to interfere with glucose levels in the blood, which might be detrimental to diabetics, while yerba mate contains caffeine that can aggravate sensitive consumers. However, it’s unlikely that there’s enough of any element to incite such reactions.
Value for money: 70/100

Generally, Active Woman Refine is a reasonably priced product including long-researched ingredients that strongly suggest an ability to improve weight loss levels. The product is perhaps better suited to gym-goers or people willing to exploit any added energy or muscle improvement that the product provides, although there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that it might raise metabolism and calorie-expenditure without physical activity. Active Woman Refine isn’t clinically tested nor has any follow-up studies to boost its standing, so a true evaluation of its worth can’t be obtained.

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Active Woman Refine Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
Evaluating the possible side effects or negative reactions to a supplement is crucial before buying, as some can interfere with prescription medication or be harmful to people suffering certain, pre-existing disorders. Generally, Active Woman Refine is quite safe for most people to consume and its key ingredients have been subjected to tests and trials for many years with very few reported side effects occurring. However, certain compounds of these ingredients, in particular CLA and yerba mate, might irritate or incite a detrimental outcome. The caffeine in yerba mate might provoke side effects commonly caused by this element, although it’s unlikely that there’s enough in each dosage.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid
CLA is often classed as a safe and beneficial fatty acid when consumed naturally. However, some research has indicated that CLA might incite adverse effects on blood glucose levels, which could be particularly dangerous for people suffering from diabetes. Studies have shown that diabetics consuming CLA experienced less control over their blood sugar, while overweight subjects experienced a decreased rate of sensitivity to insulin that could trigger a prediabetic state. Great quantities of CLA might also spark lesser ailments such as diarrhoea, nausea and fatigue, but it’s highly unlikely any of these reactions will be cause by the dosage in Active Woman Refine.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate has been consumed for many centuries, but some side effects are possible if ingested in large amounts. Some reports have suggested that very large quantities of yerba mate might increase the risk of developing mouth, lung and oesophagus cancers, which is believed to be because of the ingredient’s polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-content. These are known to be a carcinogen, but this theory this has never been verified and some experts actually believe yerba mate to have cancer-fighting properties. The caffeine in yerba mate also poses the possibility of triggering side effects, such as: nausea, irritability, anxiety, headaches, increased blood pressure, heart palpitations and trouble sleeping, but a very high amount of caffeine is needed to cause these outcomes.

L-carnitine is a natural substance that is vital to the human body. Consuming l-carnitine alongside other forms of medication might cause interference, so it’s advised that the user consult with a doctor beforehand. This could include patients suffering from: diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney problems and liver disease, as well as those with a history of seizures. Taken in exceptionally large dosages (3g per day or more) can cause nausea, diarrhoea and stomach discomfort, as well as some rarer issues. However, this dose is much higher than the one provided in a serving of Active Woman Refine, so should not cause any negative reactions.

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How To Use

There aren’t a great deal of usage guidelines or warning messages given on the manufacturer’s official website, although some are provided at least. The company advises the user to take two capsules of Active Woman Refine before an early meal alongside one glass of water. A specific time isn’t detailed, although the instructions urge the customer not to consume more than the recommended dose and also not to take it after 4pm because of the product’s caffeine-content. Strangely, there’s no recommendation of consulting a doctor before starting a course of Active Woman Refine, which is often urged when the supplement contains caffeine due to the health risks. The company’s terms and conditions also state that people under the age of 18 should not use any of its merchandise, but there oddly doesn’t appear to be a warning against those on medication or expectant mothers using any of the supplements.

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Who Makes Active Woman Refine

Active Woman Refine is created by Bio-Synergy, a British nutrition supplement firm founded in 1997, which claims to create products that boost the physical performances of both regular gym-goers and specialised athletes alike. Professional rugby, basketball and ice hockey players have apparently used Bio-Synergy merchandise during training regimes although it’s TV-star Melanie Sykes that endorses the Active Woman range. Bio-Synergy sells many other weight loss, fat-burning and health-boosting products similar to Active Woman Refine including Thermolean, Power Up Vitamin Capsules and a supplement containing raspberry ketones with garcinia cambogia. However, it appears to concentrate mostly on exercise endurance and weight training, which it attempts to achieve by creating products for pre and post workouts, as well as supplements comprised of protein and creatine. Bio-Synergy seems to be a credible company that even has Lord Sebastian Coe as a former chairman and current shareholder. However, it offers no money-back guarantees and refunds are only given if the purchase is returned within seven days of delivery. Reassuringly, the company doesn’t show evidence of past customer complaints and seems to have a strong following on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Where To Buy

Customers should find buying Active Woman Refine very easy, both online and in-store. The Bio-Synergy website sells a 60-capsule bottle for £19.99 with an option of adding a Pink Super Shaker product for an extra £9.99. However, there’s also a separate postage charge. Ebay offers the same size bottle for £19.42 and free delivery, while Amazon has the item for £15.09 and no shipping fee. However, the cheapest offer seems to be from, which sells 60 capsules of Active Woman Refine for only £8.00 and a £3.95 standard delivery service. The product can also be bought on the high-street in stores such as Argos, but the cost from here is £19.99. All the companies named above generally receive high-ratings for delivery and purchasing services, but it appears more cost-effective to buy from retailers outside of the Bio-Synergy website.

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Overall Verdict

Active Woman Refine seems to be a strong candidate for helping weight management and has gathered reasonably encouraging reviews from past consumers. Its focus on only three ingredients possibly allows the manufacturer to include higher quantities in each serving, which could arguably raise the potency of their weight loss skill. The elements have been well tested and researched over many years and usually indicate at least some ability to boost weight reduction, although not necessarily to a significant level. The creator of Active Woman Refine appears to be a respected firm with many professional endorsements. This adds credibility to its merchandise, although there’s no clinical proof for this product’s success.

Overall: 57/100

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