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Adapexin-P Review

It is claimed (by the manufacturers) that this fat burning, appetite-suppressing pill is a top rated diet pill. But are the claims valid?

To find the answers we decided to investigate whether Adapexin can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side effects.

Adapexin-P bottle

Adapexin-P Pros
  • A promising ingredient list on paper but needs research
Adapexin-P Cons
  • Many negative customer reviews online
  • Very expensive price considering doubts around the product

Adapexin-P Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

Adapexin-p claims to be the first diet pill to achieve noticeable results. The official website states that every diet pill claims to be the best but the fact is none have actually worked until Adapexin-p came along. This confident fat burning, appetite suppressing diet pill says that it is the number one rated diet pill of 2013 although doesn’t reveal who voted for this and who awarded it. The product reveals its ingredients, how it works and even has customer reviews but should you invest in Adapexin-p?

The product is claimed to act as an appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. However, our experts disagree with these claims.

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How does Adapexin-P Works

Adapexin-p claims to work in a number of ways, most notably in appetite suppression and boosting your body’s fat burning capabilities. These are claims made by most diet pills so it is important to look for some evidence why this diet pill might actually do what it says and sadly there are no clinical studies or evidence provided on the official website. There is plenty of information on how your metabolism works and how Adapexin will help but no proof that the tablet improves weight loss.

The ingredient list does look more promising; the official website says it includes eight proven ingredients to target appetite suppression and boost fat burning.

The company that makes and sells the product is based in Utah. This is the base for a lot of recent scam products and while this doesn’t make Adapexin-p guilty by association, it does provide another level of suspicion. Adapexin-p reviews have been pretty poor: there are only 14 reviews of the product on Amazon but 13 of those 14 are three stars or below which is hardly a glowing endorsement. To be fair to the company, they do make it clear on the official website that there is a 90 day money back guarantee, however, a number of Adapexin-p reviews have stated their struggles at getting in touch with the company to secure the refund. Find out how to spot a diet pill scam by visiting this website.

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Key Adapexin-P Ingredients

caffeine ingredientThe ingredient list is probably one of the few positives about Adapexin-p because it does contain a couple of decent ingredients and in relatively good amounts. The largest ingredient is Glucomannan which is a dietary fibre found in some plants and has some good research behind it suggesting that it may be beneficial for weight loss.

The product also includes raspberry ketones which are, as you might suspect, found in raspberries and are also commonly used in many diet pills suggesting that they may be quite effective. It only uses 100mg of this in each tablet which may not be enough for effective weight loss but it is another positive that it is included. Adapexin-P also includes caffeine which is another regular in diet pills and gives an energy boost and potentially could help weight loss although not hugely. The amount included in each tablet is equivalent to one strong cup of coffee.

While some of the ingredients included do sound like they could be helpful for a boost in weight loss without research or evidence it is hard to say just how effective they might be. A group of good looking individual ingredients may not work together and without the research it cannot be said they will work nor that they are safe to take.


Weight Loss Power: 21/100

Given the amount of poor Adapexin-p reviews both from customers and the experts, it is unlikely the product has any great weight loss power. The fact that the company is seemingly hard to contact is another bad sign; if they were confident the product would work why would they want to hide? Although the ingredient list looks good on paper, in real life without testing or research, you can’t be sure of weight loss and so Adapexin-p’s weight loss power looks small.

Speed of results: 14/100

Following on from the disappointing weight loss power it would seem unlikely that any weight loss will be anything other than slow. Poor reviews and no research is never a good combination and so the speed of any weight loss may actually come down to what efforts you make yourself, in the shape of dieting and exercise, rather than the diet pill.

Appetite Suppression: 12/100

This is one of the two main areas that Adapexin-p claims you will feel results. Although it does contain some good ingredients for appetite suppression such as caffeine and raspberry ketones, there may not be enough of each of these ingredients to feel much effect. Adapexin-p reviews have been mixed, some have experienced a lack of hunger while others haven’t so it is a bit of a gamble if you purchase this product.

Long Term Results: 20/100

As the weight loss power and speed of weight loss results are so poor it would be unlikely that taking Adapexin-p has much effect on your long term weight loss. The only effect you may see is if the product does have an effect on your appetite, you may change your eating habits which may in turn help keep the weight off. However, this is a slim chance as any effects have been minimal and therefore will not help you in your long term targets.See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 19/100

Adapexin-p’s side effects are hard to work out given the complete lack of any research or evidence. Although the ingredients are natural and wouldn’t cause you too many side effects if taken individually, this cannot be assumed of the diet pill itself as no research has been done. The ingredients may react badly to one another or they could be completely safe, without studies and trials it is impossible to say for definite if Adapexin-p is safe to take.

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Value for money: 5/100

Adapexin-P is a very expensive diet pill especially if you consider that the product is not even certain to work. In the US the product can be bought for between $45 and $50 for just one month of tablets. This is a very high price to pay for a product that has very little guarantee of weight loss. In fact, many Adapexin-P reviews have said they put weight on. It is very poor value for money and although the official website offers a money back guarantee, it may be harder to get your money back than they make it sound. It is an American product so any potential Adapexin-p UK users will either be out of luck or have to pay increased shipping costs.

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Adapexin Side Effects

Adapexin-P does contain natural ingredients and in the majority of cases you would assume the risk of side effects is pretty low. However, you require research or evidence to make a judgement on the safety of a product and sadly Adapexin-P supplies zero evidence or trials on either its effectiveness or safety. This means although the ingredients are likely to be safe if taken individually, together there is just no evidence to suggest it is safe to take or not. Read a guide on finding the safest diet pills by visiting this website:

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Where to Buy Adapexin-P

Adapexin-P is sold from the official website where the money back guarantee is offered and the product can be bought in packs to last one, two or three months. One month’s supply is on offer on the official website for $49.99 without free shipping which equates to about £35 for the UK readers. The two and three month versions come with free shipping but cost $89.95 and $119.95 respectively. The product can also be bought on the US Amazon website for a marginally cheaper price but Adapexin-p UK buyers beware of added shipping costs.

Learn more by reading our article on where to buy Adapexin-p.

Overall Verdict

Adapexin-P comes with a very poor set of customer reviews, no clinical trials or any evidence provided to back up the claims the official website makes and then finishing with the incredibly high price.

The one saving grace for the product is the promising ingredient list but this is tempered by the fact that no research has been conducted on the combination of all these ingredients which means no one is sure how effective or how safe Adapexin-P is. With such large doubts around how the product works, it is incredible how the company can charge such high prices for only one month of tablets. Add to this the difficulty in getting in contact with the company and it all starts to sound very suspicious.

There are numerous better diet pill options available that will give you better chances of actually losing weight with them and for a cheaper price.

For the price and considering the lack of evidence, the over the top amount of ingredients and mixed reviews you would be wise to avoid Adapexin-P.

Overall: 53/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Adapexin-P diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Adapexin-P, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Adapexin-P work?

Adapexin-P claims to work by suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism. These are two popular routes to weight loss for diet pills to take. One helps you to lose weight by simply making you want to eat less while a metabolism boost should help your body convert fat into energy at a quicker rate. Adapexin-p has no research or clinical trials behind it, so cannot prove any of its claims.

2. How long do Adapexin-P diet pills take to work?

The official website is so confident in the product that it guarantees weight loss and offers a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. You can assume from this that you can expect to see weight loss within 90 days. This gives a long period for it to work, you may get a good idea of how things are going within 2 or 3 weeks. The official website confidently says if you’re losing weight too quickly decrease the dosage, from the reviews of the product it doesn’t look like this has ever been a problem.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

Adapexin-p says that it will not cause any side effects and is absolutely safe. How it can be so confident without any testing behind it isn’t clear. Although it is a natural supplement, it is impossible to say it is entirely safe until tests have been carried out. It would be a risk to buy it however you wouldn’t expect to experience anything serious as natural ingredients don’t tend to carry a high side effect risk. It is not approved by the FDA.

4. When do I take the Adapexin-P tablets?

There is no information given on the official website about how many tablets you take or when you should take them. A guess can be made by looking at the picture of the bottle on the official website which says take two tablets twice a day but this is pure guess work. The lack of information is a sign of the quality of the product and the company.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

The official website recommends that you do diet while you take the tablets. Dieting is advised no matter what diet pill you take however some diet pills make the process easier by taking your mind off your hunger.

6. What ingredients go into Adapexin-P pills?

Glucomannan is the key ingredient in Adapexin-P. This has some good research behind it which suggests it may help weight loss. The product also contains raspberry ketones which are a popular diet pill ingredient and may provide a small amount of appetite suppression. The ingredient list is quite positive for Adapexin-P but the combined ingredients have never been tested so they may not work as well when they are combined.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Adapexin-P pills?

Again the official website suggests that exercise is a good thing to do while taking these tablets. Exercise burns calories and is therefore a good way to lose weight and keep it off.

8. Where can I buy Adapexin-P?

You can buy Adapexin-P from the official website which is where you can take advantage of the money back offer. However some customers have struggled to get in contact with the company to try and get their money back. The product is also available from Amazon but for UK customers shipping costs will be an added expense. It is a very expensive product with the cheapest option being $49.95 plus shipping which equates to just under £35.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

There is no set time frame to take the tablets so it effectively comes down to your own decision. There is a 12 week/3 month bottle sold which suggests this is the maximum time frame although you may want to keep taking the tablets until you reach your weight loss target.

10. How much weight could I lose with Adapexin-P?

The official website makes some very confident claims about the product. Suggesting that if you’re losing weight too quick you should lower the dosage and telling you to watch the weight melt away. Judging by customer and expert reviews this has not been the case for many users and with so little evidence behind the product weight loss could actually be very slow and may not actually melt away.

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