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Adios Max

Adios Max contains just one active ingredient that is claimed to boost the metabolism. Unfortunately these claims are not well-backed by clinical studies.

Below we have reviewed Adios Max against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.


Adios Max Pros
  • Available in high street stores
Adios Max Cons
  • Lack of clinical studies on prime ingredient

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Adios Max Review

Adios Max claims to be the UK’s number one herbal diet supplement. It is a herbal supplement which is claimed to help users lose weight through a boost in the metabolism and an increase in fat burning. There have been numerous concerns about possible Adios Max side effects including hair loss and stomach pains.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Adios Max is claimed on the official website to aid slimming, but information regarding precisely how it achieves this is completely lacking. There are some claims that the main active ingredient, bladderwrack (Fucus) helps to boost the metabolism.

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How Adios Max Works

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Adios is thought to help you lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. The metabolism is the process of breaking down fats, proteins and carbohydrates to convert them into energy that your body needs to function, and it’s this process that helps you to burn calories for all chemical processes in the body. It is believed that if you can increase your metabolism you can burn even more calories and lose weight.

Fucus Dry Extract

Fucus is macroscopic marine seaweed found in the northern hemisphere. Fucus is a popular homeopathic remedy and has been claimed to cure many illnesses such as preventing goiter and treating rheumatism. There are four species of Fucus; these are Fucus spiralis, Fucus serratus, Fucus guirgi and Fucus vesicoulous. Adios contains the Fucus vesicoulous species. It is believed that the iodine, which is present in the Fucus, works to stimulate the thyroid. The body uses iodine to make the thyroid hormone, which manages the body’s metabolism. So the thinking behind it is that with adding extra iodine you will burn more calories and lose weight, however it is said that if you already have a normal thyroid and already ingest iodine through our normal diet e.g. table salt, then your metabolism will not increase.

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Key Adios Max Ingredients

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The standard Adios weight loss supplement contains four ingredients: butternut bark, dandelion root, dry extract of Boldo leaf, and dry extract of Fucus. Adios Max on the other hand, only contains one active ingredient. It contains Fucus, otherwise known as bladderwrack, in a higher concentration than the original Adios supplement.


As mentioned above, Fucus refers to a species of seaweed known as bladderwrack. The ingredient has been used in traditional medicine for many years; it is believed to treat a range of health conditions. Examples include: respiratory problems, urinary tract disorders, joint pain, anxiety, skin diseases and insect bites. It is supposedly added to this weight loss supplement because it is thought to help to treat thyroid disorders. It may also act as a laxative, which could cause short-term weight loss through the loss of water from the body. There is no scientific proof that the ingredient works in any of these ways, and it has in fact been deemed unsafe to take bladderwrack by mouth.

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Clinical Studies

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A clinical study is a trial that is performed by scientists under controlled conditions in an attempt to determine the effects of an ingredient or product. There have been no studies on Adios Max as a whole product. A literature review also reveals no clinical trials that have tested the potential effects of Fucus (bladderwrack) on the metabolism or any related factor. There is therefore no scientific evidence available to support (or refute) the claims made about bladderwrack or Adios Max.

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Adios Max Side Effects

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Only one side effect is mentioned on the official Adios website, and this is found printed on the product information leaflet. It is stated here that different people will react in different ways to the product and some may suffer from diarrhoea, particularly if they take more than the recommended dose. The manufacturers recommend consulting a doctor if you experience any severe side effects, or any effects that aren’t mentioned in the leaflet (so any that aren’t diarrhoea).

Adios lists a number of groups who shouldn’t take the product; these will be discussed in the ‘how to use’ section below.

Many customers having taken Adios have complained about many more side effects such as; stomach cramps, bloating, nausea, and hair loss. Many of the symptoms such as the stomach cramps, nausea etc can be symptoms of the diarrhoea, but the hair loss seems more unusual.

The reason people may suffer hair loss could be down to hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism also known as overactive thyroid is the result of having too much of the thyroid hormone. The main ingredient in Adios Max is Fucus and it’s this that contains iodine, which stimulates the thyroid to produce more of the thyroid hormone. This stimulation is okay if you have an underactive thyroid, but if your thyroid is normal, taking in extra iodine could result in you developing hyperthyroidism and one of the symptoms of this is hair loss.

Hair loss is just one of many signs of hyperthyroidism, and symptoms can be much more serious, including muscle weakness and fatigue. For more information, see the NHS page.


Most importantly, Fucus can cause thyroid problems and prolonged use has been linked with an increased risk of developing thyroid cancer. We have already looked into the hair loss side effect due to hyperthyroidism, but the high iodine content in Fucus can also cause many other side effects. These include acne type lesions, stomach irritation, and brassy taste in the mouth. Fucus can also lower blood sugar levels and thin the blood so it is not recommended for people who have a bleeding disorder. It may also have a laxative effect on the body, and some have suggested that it may cause infertility.

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How to Use

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One tablet should be taken (orally) up to three times a day with measl, due to the large size of the tablets a lot of water may be needed to prevent choking. It is also said that you should not take more than the recommended dose. The Adios package leaflet has all the details about how to take the tablets.

It is recommended that you do not take Adios Max if you have a thyroid condition, are elderly or under 18 years of age, are pregnant or breastfeeding, are taking any other iron supplements or medications, taking anticoagulants, if you have a bleeding disorder, or if you have scheduled surgery within two weeks.

You should consult a doctor before taking Adios if you have been told that you are intolerant to some sugars e.g. lactose intolerant or are taking any medications. For information on Adios Max and contraceptive pill, read our article on the topic.

Adios regularly recommends that to feel the full benefits of the tablets you must take with a healthy diet and regular exercise. To help you with this they have many tools on their website. Some of these tools can be used to help promote weight loss regardless of whether you are taking Adios or not. The website has three sections Weight loss tools, My Adios and Slimming tips.

This section is further split into three, you have Diaries, Calorie counter and BMI. The Diaries section has an inspiration story of an apparent Adios taker, and there is a food diary that you can download and use for yourself. The Calorie counter has a chart with a list of popular foods and their calorie content. The final section the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator allows you to work out your BMI.

This is a free membership area where you can monitor and record your progress and find styles for your body shape. This section is split into four, you have Top 10 slimming tips; healthy eating made easy, exercise and Style to boost your confidence. The top 10 slimming tips offers you advice to help you on your slimming journey, some of the tips are reminders of why you are doing this. Healthy eating made easy gives you recipes for healthy eating; you also get a recipe for low calorie brownies. Basic guidelines on how to eat healthy can also be found here. The exercise section gives you exercise tips from quick things you can do to exercise for the whole family. The final section, style to boost your confidence is there for when you finally lose all that weight, and need help on deciding what will look good on your new figure.

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Who Makes It?

There is very little information available on the Adios website regarding the company behind the product. There is no contact information and no indication of where the company is based or what their values are. There is no ‘About Us’ section and no information regarding what company manufactures the product and under what standards the weight loss supplements are made. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee or any other products made by the company, and no way of contacting the company through an online form. The product is not sold through the official website, it can only be bought through other retailers.

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Where to Buy Adios Max


Though the product is not available through the official website, there are many places that you can purchase Adios Max, from online stores to major supermarkets. Prices vary from place to place, you can spend £5 to £13 for 100 tablets, which is roughly a months worth.

You can purchase both Adios and Adios Max from Asda where Adios max costs £10.

From Boots you can buy Adios Max for £11.55.

You can buy both Adios and Adios Max from Holland and Barrett where Adios Max costs £12.35. On the website, Adios is labelled as a customer favourite; however, no customer has yet reviewed the product to back this up.

From Lloyds Pharmacy you can also purchase both Adios and Adios Max. Adios Max costs £11.95, there currently is a sale on and you can get these tablets for a little less.

Sainsburys currently has a buy two for £15 deal, however if you wish to buy just the one pack then you can get Adios Max for £10.

You can get Adios Max for £8.55 (original price £11.55) from Superdrug

There are many more places that you can get Adios from, which include Amazon, Morrison, Waitrose and Wilkinsons. As you can see, the prices do vary from place to place so it’s just finding the most convenient place for you.

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Does Adios Max Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, the product is available from a number of well-known high street stores in the UK.

Manufacturing Standard: This information is not revealed.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, but there diet and exercise tips and tools are provided on the official website.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, both are available.

Company contact details readily available: No contact details are provided on the official website.

Adios Max does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or distinct diet plan, and contact details for the company and manufacturer are not provided.

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Overall Verdict

Adios Max contains only one active ingredient; this ingredient, Fucus (bladderwrack) is sometimes claimed to be able to boost the metabolism. Unfortunately, these claims are not backed up by any scientific evidence. It is also possible that the ingredient could causes severe side effects. Whilst the product is stocked by a number of well-known high street retailers in the UK, there is no money-back guarantee and some information is missing from the official website, including contact details for the company and information about the manufacturers of the product.

To see how Adios Max compares to other products, we recommend you read our comparison articles; these include Adios vs Adios Max, Adios Max vs. Zotrim, and Adios Max vs XLS Medical.

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