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Adios Quick Slim

Adios Quick Slim claims to be a nutritional meal replacement drink that is easily prepared by adding skimmed milk to create a strawberry-flavoured shake. However, the manufacturer states it should be used alongside a “restricted” diet, which might diminish the product’s independent weight-loss ability.

adios quick slim

Adios Quick Slim Pros
  • Produced by a long-standing healthcare company
Adios Quick Slim Cons
  • Only four servings per box, which won’t last long if replacing two meals every day

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Adios Quick Slim Review

The product description available on the official website is quite brief, however, it alleges that Adios Quick Slim can achieve weight loss by replacing food. Customers are advised to substitute two meals every day with an Adios shake, but are also urged to maintain an “energy-restricted” diet, which means that any weight reduction could arguably be attributed to healthy eating rather than the product. However, there are 203 calories in one serving of Adios Quick Slim, which is probably less than the amount of an average meal, and the key ingredients might also suppress the appetite for a more tolerable weight loss regime.

Adios Quick Slim Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturer makes few claims regarding the exact weight management areas its product covers to achieve weight loss, unlike many other supplement companies that often state various allegations. Adios Quick Slim functions as a meal replacement drink that should make the consumer feel full without the need to eat food. This implies that it is an appetite suppressant, although it doesn’t seem to target any other weight loss areas, such as metabolism rate or energy levels.

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How Adios Quick Slim Works

Essentially, Adios Quick Slim is a meal-replacement beverage, so it’s almost compelled to contain daily nutrients to ensure the consumer doesn’t become deficient in any essential elements. This is possibly why it includes a range of minerals and vitamins, which should provide the user with their recommended daily allowance. However, the weight loss aspect of this shake appears to derive from the whey and milk ingredients, as research has shown some of their proteins and enzymes to affect satiety and blood sugar levels for a weight loss benefit. Overall, it should have the ability to substitute foods of a higher-calorie content.

Milk Proteins
It’s reported that milk proteins, commonly called caseins, are popularly used in dietary supplements because they can boost satiety, enhance the basal metabolic rate, help control blood sugar and subsequently reduce eating. These proteins reportedly reduce the glycaemic response that’s experienced after eating carbohydrates, while avoiding an increase of insulin. This is particularly advantageous, if true, as insulin enhances the amount of glucose that is stored in cells. Stored glucose results in a build up of fat, since too much of it is entering the cells and not being used. Caseins are actually made from many multi-molecular proteins structures called casein micelle, which can also allegedly help show the stomach’s digestion making the consumer feel fuller for longer. However, it’s unclear how much milk protein is needed for any positive weight-loss response.

Powdered Whey
Whey derives from milk and so can exhibit many of the same weight loss benefits of milk proteins. It can reportedly sway the consumer’s sense of satiety and fullness by affecting certain hormonal and physiological influences in the body, which it apparently notably does by interacting with cholecystokinin. This substance is responsible, though not entirely, for appetite control and the hunger sensation. This effect should particularly benefit consumers of this product, since they are replacing possibly more filling foods with this shake. Whey might also be capable of quickly providing amino acids to prolong fat burning during physical exertion, which should subsequently result in a higher reduction of adipose tissue from exercise. However, more studies are needed to verify these assertions.

Vitamin Blend
There are many popular and valuable substances in Adios Quick Slim’s vitamin blend, such as: vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as a considerable range of B vitamins. Vitamin B3 is perhaps best known as niacin and also features in this ingredient list. It’s used to concert calories into energy, boost levels of HDL (or “good”) cholesterol and assist digestion and central nervous systems. Niacin is reportedly able to raise the rate of metabolism, but there are also several other B vitamins in Adios Quick Slim that could help create energy from carbohydrates to aid weight reduction and physical performance. However more than the quantity in this product is possibly required to achieve these outcomes. The other vitamins in this blend should offer general wellbeing, healthy tissue maintenance, immunity fortification and cell protection. Generally, Adios’s vitamin mix is more likely designed to ensure the consumer is receiving enough nutrients while skipping food than to achieve significant weight loss.

Mineral Blend
All the minerals in Adios Quick Slim have a similar chemical function. The body uses some of these mineral to build cells, particularly iron in blood or calcium in bones. Sodium selenite and potassium iodide should both help the functioning of the body’s central nervous system and complement each other to reduce blood pressure. These two attributes may help boost athleticism endurance and capability. Potassium could also be beneficial for exercise, as it allegedly affects muscle contraction and nerve stimuli, which stops cramping and spasms. Similarly, the magnesium element in Adios Quick Slim might be used to help muscles and nerves, but could also aid the transportation of food along the intestines. The mechanisms of these mentioned minerals might contribute towards weight reduction, but there’s possibly not enough for substantial results. 

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Key Ingredients

The majority of Adios Quick Slim’s ingredient list is comprised of elements that are essentially emulsifiers, colourings, sweeteners and thickeners. This tends to be the norm in most meal-replacement shakes, but the four ingredients examined below should contribute most of any health or weight loss improvements experienced by the consumer. The manufacturer has designed each powdered serving of Adios Quick Slim to be mixed with 200ml of skimmed milk, so milk is likely going to be a prevailing element in this diet regime. However, the others are each arguably included for different purposes, although the exact quantity value of each is not detailed.

Milk Proteins
Milk is produced by mammals and is the initial source of sustenance for new-borns before they can digest other foods. The main milk proteins are called caseins, whereas the remaining proteins are often grouped together and called whey proteins. These casein structures are very easily digested and are an excellent source of quality amino acids that help growth and development, although some people suffer allergies after ingesting milk. Caseins are actually comprised of many similar proteins that form a multi-molecular structure named casein micelle, which contains calcium and phosphorus. Other protein enzymes in milk also assist in transporting nutrients and antibodies for fighting diseases.

Powdered Whey
Whey, or milk serum, is the leftover fluid from curdled and strained milk. This usually occurs after producing cheese, but the slightly more acidic “sour whey” results from the creation of yoghurts or cottage cheese. Whey powder is most commonly found in dietary supplements and it’s also the source of whey protein, which has become particularly prevalent in the bodybuilding sector. The substance contains minerals and vitamins and is used as an additive in many other products such as: bread, pastry, crackers and animal feed. However, whey also contains level of lactose, which some people are unable to consume without discomfort or illness.

Vitamin Blend
The two forms of vitamins are categorised as fat-soluble or water-soluble. The former is found in fatty foods, dairy products and oily fish, but the latter type occurs in fruits and vegetables. Fat-soluble vitamins include vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E and are held in bodily tissue until needed. However, the water-solubles are not stored naturally, which means they must be ingested to maintain good health. Vitamins in this category include: folic acid, vitamin B and vitamin C, but primarily all vitamins work to boost wellbeing. Some experts support their weight loss contribution, but they’re possibly a better health enhancer than a weight reducer.

Mineral Blend
Minerals are crucial for maintaining good health and are needed to help internal organs functon effieciently. They are found organically in soil and rocks and, much like vitamins, are categorised into two groups including: macrominerals, for example calcium, and trace minerals, such as iron. Macrominerals are often found more abundantly in humans than trace minerals, but fewer trace minerals are required for wellbeing. Minerals also occur in an assortment of food, although the quantity humans need in their diet is quite small and there’s no proof that the Adios Quick Slim blend will be a potent weight loss aide.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical testing is an invaluable way to evaluate the effectiveness of a product, as well establish the possibility of adverse side effects. Unfortunately, but not unlike many other supplement, Adios Quick Slim has not been subjected to a clinical trial and so this makes it slightly more difficult to determine its worth and safety. However, its key ingredients have been studied in human or animal experiments many times, although not necessarily as weight loss aides. These results can give a clearer insight into how useful each element might be as part of this Adios product, but also whether certain consumers should avoid it.

Milk Proteins
Milk-based ingredients are popular in weight replacement drinks and this study examined its ability to improve weight loss against another commonly used ingredient, soy protein. Examiners monitored body composition, waist circumference, blood pressure and levels of fat in the participants’ blood to contrast the two ingredients over a 16-week trial. The subjects were all obese women who were given either three daily doses of soy shakes or the same amount of a casein drink alongside an energy-restricted diet. After 16 weeks, both groups combined had lost a total of 13.4% body weight, which is quite a considerable amount. Those drinking casein shakes had a 14% weight loss rate, whereas the soy group had a slightly lower 12.8%. The quantity of body fat that was shed by both groups wasn’t significantly different, but milk proteins again showed to be superior. Overall, this implies that milk protein might provide quite a capable contribution towards weight management as part of Adios Quick Slim, although the quantity level of casein between that used in this trial and the amount contained in the product are possibly different.

Powdered Whey
This trial looked at how milk protein compared to whey extract in regards to enhancing the consumer’s sense of satiety over a 12-week period. Seventy overweight participants between the ages of 18 and 65 were divided into three supplement sets. This included: a milk protein group, whey group and a glucose control group, with the subjects’ appetites before meals recorded prior to the study for comparison. The people ingesting the whey supplement showed a substantially higher level of satiety and fullness at lunchtime than both the milk protein and glucose control groups. Experts concluded that whey was the most successful of the three supplements at boosting satiety at a quicker rate and increasing the sense of fullness in its consumers. However, no significant influence over body weight was noted.

Vitamin Blend
The amount of each vitamin extract is not given in the product description for Adios Quick Slim, which indicates that they perhaps function together for a health or weight loss result. This study contrasted the concentration of vitamins in the blood of obese people to that of healthy volunteers. Blood from a total of 110 obese patients were examined and evaluated against the blood of 58 fellow patients with a normal weight range. The results showed that lower quantities of vitamins, especially the vitamin B6, were found in obese people than in participants with a healthier BMI. The Adios Quick Slim ingredient list claims to contain a range of vitamin B extracts, which means it should be able to boost this level in its consumer. Overall, these results also suggest that vitamins might have an important role to play in managing a healthy weight level.

Mineral Blend
This article involves examining the benefits of three Adios Quick Slim ingredients: zinc, magnesium and vitamin D. The paper looked at a range of research and evidence contained in scientific literature from September, 1983 until the same month in 2011. The infomration collected was combined to gain an overall insight into the true infuence of these three extracts on the human body. The experts involved concluded that deficiencies in all these ingredients showed a negative impact on glucose metabolism. This has the ability to increase the level of insulin resistance, which often results in type 2 diabetes. Glucose metabolism affects how efficiently the body burns fuel and so negatively impacting this function might result in an inability to shed excess weight despite dieting. Consequently, this paper suggests that including these three ingredients in Adios Quick Slim might contribute to avoiding this outcome.

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Weight Loss Power: 40/100

Adios Quick Slim doesn’t necessarily promise to be particularly potent. The ingredients it contains are mainly beneficial for general health, such as the mineral and vitamin mixes, or sweeteners and flavourings to improve the shake’s taste. However, there’s a vast amount of scientific research supporting the idea that milk and whey proteins can positively influence weight loss, which bolsters the strength of the product to a limited extent.
Speed of results: 60/100

The speed of any results possibly depends on the lifestyle and usage of the customer and product, respectively. The consumer is urged to take two servings of Adios Quick Slim as substitutes for two meals every day, which should significantly cut the calorie intake of the user. However, those who only replace one a day might not see results as quickly. The customer should also complement their shakes with a healthy diet, so those who adhere to this advice are more likely to see weight loss at a quicker rate.
Appetite Suppression: 70/100

There appears to be significant evidence to back the idea that milk proteins and whey powder should work to instigate weight loss via appetite suppression. Many clinical trials have shown that their participants experienced greater levels of satiety and feelings of fullness after taking either of these two ingredients. Combining this in a 200ml drink, which will occupy more stomach space than a capsule and provide the illusion of consuming more, should also help quell hunger pangs for longer.
Long Term Results: 30/100

There haven’t been any follow-up studies regarding the permanency of Adios Quick Slim, which makes it tough to establish how long any results will last. The lifestyle of incorporating shakes into a diet twice a day and eating only one meal might be hard to endure for some people, which could restrict how long certain customers use it. Some consumers might become accustomed and exploit the low calorie intake, although the weight reduction might plateau as the body gets used to the restricted diet.
Safety: 70/100

The ingredients in Adios Quick Slim are considered very safe, according to research and reports. There’s no caffeine-content or range of stimulants included, which often pacifies the risk of adverse reactions and negative side effects. However, the recommendation to replace two main meals in each day with a 203-calories processed shake might not be considered a particularly health-conscious option and the user could miss out on important nutrients.
Value for money: 40/100

Adios Quick Slim seems to be a reasonably worthy contender on the market, particularly as a meal-replacement shake. The ingredients a relatively safe and there’s plenty of research to support the other active ingredients as appetite suppressants. However, each box only appears to include four sachets, which will be gone after two days if following the guidelines correctly. This might not be as cost-effective as buying capsule or tablet diet aides.

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Adios Quick Slim Side Effects

Many weight loss supplements available on the market include a plethora of caffeine-based stimulants that pose a range of uncomfortable or dangerous side effects. Fortunately, Adios Quick Slim doesn’t appear to have a particularly high risk in regards to adverse reactions, although very high amounts of milk proteins can cause intestinal discomfort and should be dodged by people with allergies to milk, whey or lactose. Regrettably, the manufacturer hasn’t detailed the exact amount of each ingredient in its product. However, Adios Quick Slim should be safe to use if the customer combines it with at least one normal meal per day.

Milk Proteins
Ingesting milk proteins poses fewer risks than many other ingredients, such as caffeine-based elements. However, certain people might react badly to its caseins, which constitute approximately 80% of milk. Consequently, those allergic to any dairy products should possibly stay away or consult a doctor before taking Adios Quick Slim. Also, diabetics should perhaps avoid taking this supplement, since casein has been observed to influence glucose levels in the blood and could interfere with medication.

Powdered Whey
Powdered whey should be safe to eat in standard supplement doses, although very high amounts might incite diarrhoea, sickness, bloating, cramps, headaches and thirst. Also, people allergic to cow’s milk or cow’s protein should exercise caution before taking Adios Quick Slim, as whey has been known to trigger the same reactions. A particularly high protein and low carbohydrate diet might trigger the very painful condition kidney stones, although this is unlikely and dependent on exercise and diet.

Vitamin Blend
Vitamins are essential for good health and are usually safe to ingest, although taking exceptionally high quantities continuously might negatively affect the consumer’s health. Vitamin A and D are both believed to weaken bone density after large amounts are consumed, while taking too much of the other vitamins might cause ailments such as: sickness, diarrhoea, liver impairment or anaemia. However, the vitamin blend in Adios Quick Slim is very likely to be completely safe, if not abused.

Mineral Blend
Much like the vitamin content of Adios Quick Slim, it’s not probable that users will suffer from side effects after taking the product. However, excessively large quantities of certain minerals, particularly magnesium and sodium, can trigger sickness and diarrhoea. They might also adversely effect the heart rate and blood pressure. Unfortunately, the ingredient list provided doesn’t detail specific quantity values for each mineral to fully evaluate the risks.

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How To Use

Making a glass of Adios Quick Slim is quite straightforward. Customers should empty one sachet of the powder into a drinks bottle, add 200ml of cold skimmed milk and then shake until completely blended together. The official description doesn’t state which meals the user should replace with Adios Quick Slim, only that it is best to substitute two meals every day. Certain customers are warned off taking this meal replacement, including: vegans, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, lactose intolerant people and those under 16 years. The company also warns that patients suffering from diabetes or phenylketonuria should ask their doctor before taking Adios Quick Slim.

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Who Makes Adios Quick Slim

Adios Quick Slim is part of a range of dietary supplements produced by UK-based firm Diomed Herbals, which is a subsidiary of the independent company Diomed Developments founded in 1963 and now based in Hertforshire, UK. Diomed Developments seems quite a large establishment with three other divisions alongside Diomed Herbal, including: Aeropak, Dermal Laboratories and Diomed Pharmaceuticals. Diomed Herbal appears to focus on developing and promoting supplements for reducing stress, fatigue and weight loss, and considers itself one of the leading providers of herbal medicines. However, it currently only creates the Adios and Stressless brands. There appears to be no information regarding refunds or returns to view on either the Adios website or Diomed Herbal’s, although a postal address, telephone number and online message page is given for easy contact with the firm. Diomed Herbals has not attracted any evident complaints or reports of bad service over its decades on the market and it seems to be a respected and successful company, although it doesn’t offer any money-back guarantees on its merchandise.

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Where To Buy

It seems far easier to buy sister-product Adios Max than it is to purchase Adios Quick Slim, although they are reportedly both available online and in-store, according to the manufacturer. Selected Boots and Superdrug shops apparently offer a box containing four shake sachets, although the prices aren’t available to view on the companies’ websites and only Adios Max is available to buy. Fortunately, Ebay has the same size package of Adios Quick Slim for £9.99 and free economy standard delivery, while Pharmacy 2 U sells it for only £6.79. Adios Quick Slim is also listed on many supermarket websites, including Asda and Tescos, but is not available for purchase on any. However, the best price for the product comes from Amazon, which offers a box of four shake sachets for £6.05 and no postage charge. The official website claims that customers can buy Adios Quick Slim in certain stores, but unfortunately doesn’t give more specific details. Most websites of possible vendors only stock Adios Max tablets, but the online firms named above are all reputable and trustworthy.

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Overall Verdict

Adios Quick Slim makes no extravagant allegations regarding its design or capability, merely stating that it’s a health-conscious shake that should keep hunger pangs away while replacing meals. Research into individual ingredients lends a great deal of support to this idea, as whey and milk proteins can reportedly work to influence appetite, fullness and blood sugar that should lead to hunger suppression. However, it might not be cheap or simple to embark on an Adios Quick Slim diet with only four sachets per package, and the process of replacing two of the three main meals in each day might be difficult to tolerate long-term.

Overall: 51/100

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