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A lot of weight loss products generally concentrate on a particular area of weight loss. Common types of products you may have heard of before are thermogenic based products which increase your metabolic rate or you have fat binders which reduce the amount of fat that is absorbed into the body. There are many more classifications of diet products but the two mentioned previously are the most common. The manufacturer of Adiphene claims that their product takes elements from fat binders, thermogenic boosters, appetite reducers and stimulants to create the most rounded diet pill product available.

We decided to investigate whether Adiphene can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side-effects.


Adiphene Pros
  • Contains a number of ingredients
  • Sold by a reputable company
  • 30 day money back guarantee available
Adiphene Cons
  • Only available from the US based manufacturer
  • No ingredient quantities are displayed
  • Reviews cannot be fully trusted due to direct affiliation with manufacturer

Adiphene Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturer of Adiphene is keen to communicate that their product is different from many diet supplements on the marketplace. The manufacturer continues by claiming that their product contains the twelve most powerful weight loss ingredients known to science, which is unfortunately far from the truth. In reality, there are several ingredients included in the product whose weight loss benefits are unproven. Anyhow, according to the manufacturer the product covers:
1. Increased fat metabolism
2. Increased fat binding potential
3. Reduced appetite
4. Increase in thermogenesis
5. Five stimulants

How Adiphene Works

As you can see from the list above, Adipehene has five primary methods of action which may help you lose weight.

fat burningThe first of these concerns fat metabolism and fat binders. In a person who is not taking a fat binder product the fat molecules digested from food are targeted and broken down by enzymes released from the pancreas. Once the enzymes have come into contact with the fat molecules they cross into the small intestine and are absorbed. So an increase in fat metabolism increases the amount of fat that is transported into the small intestine, resulting in less fat being stored. If a person begins taking fat binders then the fat molecules combine to form bigger molecules which the enzymes cannot break down. The molecules of fat form a structure which is gel-like in appearance and consistency and is easily excreted by the body. This means that less fat is retained by the body which is reflected on the weighing scales.

The above description is true of all fat binders regardless of the ingredients that they include.

appetite suppressantAppetite suppressants that help reduce hunger pangs prior to the onset of a meal are referred to as noradrenergic drugs because of the two hormones they cause the adrenal glands to release: epinephrine and its close relative, norepinephrine (also known as noradrenalin). These are both known as “fight-or-flight” hormones because of the manner in which they stimulate the central nervous system and increase the heart rate and blood pressure. These hormones also interrupt the brain’s signal to the body that it is time to feel hungry. Most of the drugs used to stimulate the production of these hormones are closely related to amphetamines.

Thermogenesis shares a close relationship with metabolic rate as thermogenesis cannot occur without an increase in metabolic rate, be it due to specific diet pill ingredients such as green coffee extract or exercise. The rate of thermogenesis can be manipulated fairly easily, for example as seen with shivering. This is why when it is cold your muscles contract and relax rapidly leading to the shiver effect; this increases the demand for energy as the muscles are constantly activating and as such require more ATP causing you to feel warm. Therefore, if an ingredient such as green coffee bean extract is scientifically proven to increase thermogenic response, then basal metabolic rate will also increase, resulting in potential weight loss.

More information can be found in our How Adiphene Works article and our How To Use Adiphene article.

Key Adiphene Ingredients

Adiphene contains a number of ingredients, which all do one of the five jobs highlighted in the previous section of this review.

bitter orangeBitter orange is a key ingredient in this product. This particular ingredient is widely available and has been used for many years in cooking as a flavouring agent or dressing. Other documented uses of bitter orange are its use in the soap manufacturing industry and the bark of the bitter orange tree is used to make baseball bats in Cuba. Bitter Orange has become the focus of many campaign groups as it becomes increasingly popular in herbal medicine and as such weight loss products. Campaigners refer to the fact that bitter orange has been linked to serious side effects such as strokes and high blood pressure. While rare, these side effects need to be taken into very careful consideration when eating food that contains bitter orange or taking bitter orange supplementation.

Further information about the weight loss effects of bitter orange can be found in our Bitter Orange article.

guaranaAnother key ingredient is guarana, this ingredient belongs to the Maple family and has become increasingly popular in weight loss products. The reason for this is that a single guarana seed contains twice the amount of caffeine as a single coffee bean. You can see then how this ingredient is a common fixture of thermogenic weight loss products in particular. Guarana also has a very interesting mythical story to it as well. It was said in Paraguayan myth that an evil being murdered a child in the middle of the village. The gods intervened by plucking the eyes from the child and planted one in the forest and one in the village thus creating wild and domestic guarana. It is clear then that this plant plays an important role in some cultures.

More information about guarana can be found in our Guarana For Weight Loss article.

ginseng clinical studiesThe third and final ingredient this article is going to mention is ginseng. Like guarana, this ingredient has been a common fixture in weight loss supplements for a number of years. This ingredient is exclusively grown in North America and East Asia and so is a bit more difficult to source than the first two ingredients mentioned. Ginseng is usually seen in energy drinks and cosmetic products and makes regular appearances in folk medicine which is not supported by the scientific community.

Further information about the effects of Adiphene ingredients can be found in our Adiphene Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

If the testimonials posted on the official website are to be believed then this product delivers the maximum advised weight loss per week (three pounds). However, these testimonials could well be fake and purposely quote three pounds per week as they know it is the recommended amount. The promises made by the manufacturer are not backed up by scientific research however, which indicates that the actual weight loss may well be less than three pounds per week. In conjunction with the lack of an ingredient profile we can only assume that the quantities of each ingredient will not be sufficient to cause weight loss of three pounds per week.
Speed of results: 20/100

There is a problem with providing an accurate analysis of this section for two main reasons. The first reason is that we are given no ingredient quantities, which is pivotal to determining not only the weight loss potential of the product but also how quickly you will be able to see results. The second major problem is that it is only available from the official website; this means that we can only view testimonials on the official website. It is of course up to you whether you choose to believe that these reviews are genuine or not. In either case, there are reviews which state that they have lost roughly nine pounds in three weeks which is considered as a healthy amount of weight to lose per week.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

This product has only one appetite suppressant and so this particular category may be the weakest part of the product. This ingredient (glucomannan) has shown promise in studies, although other factors beside the ingredient could be responsible for the reduction in food intake. Until more research is conducted on glucomannan it cannot be considered as a staple in appetite suppressant products.
Long Term Results: 10/100

Typically, weight loss supplements become less effective as the time you take them for increases. This is because the body builds a tolerance to the ingredients and therefore any previous effect is less evident. This is especially true of thermogenic products, of which this product contains. The product also contains five stimulants, which equates to almost half of its total ingredients. The manufacturer advises that you should take this product for twelve weeks to see the most beneficial effects, however if you continue to take this product over a prolonged period of time it is unlikely that you will continue to see benefits you did in the first two or three weeks.
Safety: 30/100

The vast majority of the ingredients are safe or carry only minor side effects. The greatest concern lies with the bitter orange ingredient in which studies have shown can increase blood pressure and increases the risks of strokes. These side effects, while quite serious in nature, can be mitigated against by ensuring you keep caffeine ingestion to an absolute minimum. The general side effects you may experience include nausea, vomiting and general irritation. However, without a full ingredient profile no-one can be sure about how likely these side effects are to occur.
Value for money: 20/100

The product is quite difficult to get hold of and there is no way that you can avoid this as it is only available on the official website. If the testimonials on the website are genuine then you should be looking to lose roughly between ten and twelve pounds per month, which may or may not warrant the £39.51 price tag. The scientific research however does not support some of the ingredients included in the product and so £39 for a month suddenly becomes a bit more expensive.

Adiphene Side Effects

The manufacturer of Adiphene markets the product as being free from side effects which would indeed be an impressive feat if it were true. However, with no quantities of ingredients being provided there is no way of telling whether side effects are likely to occur.

headacheThere are side effects associated with some of the ingredients but without a full ingredient profile it is impossible to say whether these effects will be replicated in Adiphene. The primary ingredient included in Adiphene is bitter orange and it is this ingredient that you should be most wary of. The first reason for this is that bitter orange can cause very severe headaches and in some cases cluster headaches. Cluster headaches are extremely serious and affect roughly 1,000 people per year although you would have to expose yourself to a lot of bitter orange in order for this to occur. A slightly more likely side effect is a raise in blood pressure, likelihood of strokes and fainting. These side effects are more likely to occur due to taking bitter orange alongside caffeine. Therefore when taking the product you should probably reduce your coffee intake or stop it completely.

The remaining ingredients share a common base of side effects such as insomnia, nausea and irritation of the skin and stomach. However, as mentioned previously, the lack of a full ingredient profile does not help estimate the likelihood of such side effects occurring. It is unlikely that you will suffer any serious side effects from this product but if you feel anything unusual happening then it would be best to cease using the product and consult with your doctor.

For more information, read our Adiphene Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Adiphene

buying diet pillsAdiphene is only available to buy from the official website and the product is distributed from the United States so delivery could be quite costly if you are a UK resident. There are a total of three purchasing options that you have available to you should you decide to order from the manufacturer. The first option available to you is to buy a month supply for the price of $65.95 which equates to £39.51. Should you wish to buy a longer lasting version of the product then you can buy a two month supply for $129.95 or £77.84. There is no real benefit in terms of saving money when buying two products instead of one as you only save just over £1. The third and final option is to buy a three month supply for the price of $197.95 which equates to £118.95. It is also worth noting that in this third option you get a fourth month for free. While this option does present the best value for money it is important to remember that if the product doesn’t quite live up to your expectations then you will be left with a lot of surplus product. If you haven’t tried a product before it is always advisable to select one of the smaller choices.

For more information, read our Where To Buy Adiphene article and our The Company Behind Adiphene article.

Overall Verdict

This product is fairly unique as it contains a lot of ingredients which do very different jobs, however the majority of ingredients that are included can be found in a number of other products. Unfortunately the claims made by the manufacturer are not representative of the scientific research which indicates that the ingredients are not quite as powerful as suggested. This could perhaps be remedied if we knew the quantities of the ingredients but unfortunately these are not disclosed. The product is also only available from the official manufacturer, which means that you have to rely on the testimonials which could very well be fake. The product is probably more on the expensive side considering it will set you back just over £40 for a month supply although the testimonials do promise up to 12 pounds of weight loss per month. Due to the lack of ingredient quantities it is impossible to definitely say whether the product will bring about the weight loss that is promised and whether it is worth the price tag.

Overall: 18/100

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