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African Mango Advanced Review

A real craze for African Mango hit the UK in 2011/12. In 2013 this has died down somewhat, however, African Mango still remains one of the most popular super fruits on the diet pill market.

African Mango Advanced bottleWe investigate whether African Mango Advanced really works and consider possible side-effects.

African Mango Advanced Pros
  • High quantity of active ingredient included
  • Well priced and offers good value for money
African Mango Advanced Cons
  • Some ingredients not revealed
  • Reported side-effects due to high ingredient quantity

African Mango Advanced Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

African Mango Advanced seems to be a love it or hate it diet pill, given the amount of either one or five star customer reviews. Those happy with the product are calling it a miracle pill whereas those not as satisfied with its results say they wish they could have their time and money back.

Is African Mango Advanced worth your money, read on to find out more about this diet supplement?

How African Mango Advanced Works

african mangoAfrican Mango is a fruit which apparently helps to boost the body’s fat burning capabilities and contains enough fibre to help suppress your appetite too. The African Mango became very popular after appearing on television shows such as Dr. Oz and in other media outlets including this Daily Mail article. Studies have shown that it can help boost weight loss and that this product has a large amount of African Mango included in it.

African Mango is another name for Irvingia gabonensis, a type of tree found in Africa. Research in 2005 found that taking extracts from this tree helped weight loss in comparison with a placebo. However, this might be misleading as despite overall weight-loss in this study, there was not a significant reduction in body-fat percentage. You can read more about the Irvingia Gabonensis by visiting Wikipedia.

There are other benefits linked to African Mango too such as lowered blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It’s been found that you need to take at least 300mg of African Mango for it to begin having an effect on your weight loss and this product has an impressive 2,400mg dose of the ingredient, making it one of the most African Mango heavy supplements available. However, this could be too much and obviously including so much of a strong ingredient opens up the possibility of stronger side effects.

Key African Mango Advanced Ingredients

African MangoThe makers of African Mango Advanced only reveal one ingredient which is unsurprisingly African Mango. It should be assumed there will be smaller amounts of other ingredients which haven’t been disclosed; it would have been good to see exactly what goes in to each pill. African Mango appears to be a good option for increasing weight loss. It has studies and research to back up the claims thus appearing to be a legitimate diet pill. Learn about African mango inside and out with this in depth uses, dosages and adverse reactions guide.

A lot of other African Mango products include caffeine and seeing as the ingredient quantities have been maximised, it’s possible to assume other ingredients might have been increased potentially including caffeine. This could be bad for those particularly sensitive to caffeine and could cause sleeping problems. However, this is just an assumption given that no other ingredients have been revealed.

The one ingredient that is revealed is featured in a decent quantity and has research backing it up. By anyone’s standards this is a good basis for a diet pill that increases your chances of losing weight. The Sydney Morning Herald produces an interesting article on the effectiveness of African Mango, here.

African Mango Advanced Results

Weight Loss Power: 63/100

African Mango has received promising results in clinical trials that have shown it can aid weight loss. The minimum amount of African Mango required for weight loss is 300mg and as this product has 8 times that amount you’d expect the weight loss power to be increased. African Mango hasn’t worked for everyone but it certainly gives you a better chance of losing weight than many other diet pills on the market.

Speed of results: 50/100

With such a large amount of a clinically proven weight loss ingredient, you can assume you will see weight loss but it may not be very quick. Reviews are very mixed: many have said they didn’t see any weight loss while others beam about the results they’ve seen.
Appetite Suppression: 63/100

Appetite suppression is reasonably likely to occur because you are basically eating a fruit. Eating any fruit will help you to feel less hungry thus taking a pill with such a large amount of African Mango is likely to help your appetite. However, this effect isn’t experienced by everyone, as shown in the number of mixed reviews. Some reviews even claimed that their appetite went up.
Long Term Results: 30/100

Due to the fact that African Mango Advanced is a relative newcomer to the UK diet pill market, the long term effect from taking the tablets is yet to be fully revealed. While it is unlikely to have any long term side effects as it is a natural supplement, it is not known how well the weight will stay off once you stop taking the tablets. The makers claim you do not have to change your eating or exercise habits which suggests once you stop taking the tablet weight is likely that you will return to your old habits.
Safety: 46/100

African Mango is a natural diet pill ingredient and quite often natural diet pills are the most safe diet pill options. The large amount of African Mango included in the supplement means the potential for side effects is increased in this product. Dieters could experience headaches, trouble sleeping, dizziness and stomach pains. Without knowing other ingredients included in the diet pill it is hard to say exactly how safe it is. No serious side effects will come from taking African Mango, however, it is quite high in side-effects for a natural diet pill.

Value for money: 76/100

Advanced African Mango is quite cheap considering the potential for weight loss. A month’s worth of tablets costs just £14.99 on Amazon and considering the research behind the product this is a good price for African Mango Advanced. There a number of different African Mango products and they can all be bought across a number of different online shops including Amazon.

African Mango Advanced Side-Effects

Despite being a natural supplement, African Mango Advanced does come with a number of potential side effects. This is because of the very high quantity of African Mango included in the product and means dieters can suffer with a lack of sleep, headaches, stomach pains and dizziness. While these are not serious side effect it still makes dieting harder.

Where to Buy African Mango Advanced

African Mango can be bought from a number of different locations and is available in a number of different countries. Amazon UK stocks a range of different African Mango products including African Mango Advanced and is competitively priced at £14.99 for 60 tablets which will last roughly a month. It is sold on Amazon but it is dispatched by a different retailer which may mean you also have to pay shipping.

Overall Verdict

In comparison to many other diet pill products it is undeniable that African Mango Advanced is a good diet pill product. While reviews have been varied, at least it has worked for some which is more than can be said for a large number of diet pill products.

African Mango as an ingredient seems to be an effective weight loss product with plenty of research behind it and this product has plenty of African Mango included in it. However, it may actually have too much African Mango as it has increased the chances of side effects and may not have increased the chances of weight loss by the same amount.

Having said this, African Mango still represents a good opportunity for weight loss and is relatively safe as well as well priced. The product doesn’t reveal the full ingredient list which is disappointing and the reviews suggest that it can be a bit hit or miss. There may be better diet pill options available for a similar price but with a better chance of weight loss.

Overall: 65/100

Frequently Asked Questions about African Mango Advanced diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about African Mango Advanced, so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does African Mango Advanced work?

African Mango uses its super fruit ingredient to help suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism. You are effectively eating a certain amount of fruit so your appetite could be helped although possibly not greatly. While studies have shown that your fat burning capabilities can be helped with African Mango. It gets mixed reviews from customers so it can give mixed results.

2. How long do African Mango Advanced diet pills take to work?

The makers claim that you could see up to 12lbs in a month which equates to about 3lbs each week. This is not dramatic weight loss and could be achieved through dieting and exercise. The majority of reviewers have said they have felt some effect from the tablets although not all have said they experienced weight loss.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

As there is such a large amount of the African Mango ingredient this could increase the chances of seeing some side effects. However it is still a natural diet pill so the risk of seeing more serious side effects is still low. You may experience headaches, trouble sleeping or insomnia, stomach pains and dizziness. Once again side effects reviews have been mixed, some have experience unwanted effects while others haven’t.

4. When do I take the African Mango Advanced tablets?

On the Amazon page for African Mango Advanced it suggests that you take two tablets each day and they say it is recommended that you take them in the morning giving them the most time to boost your metabolism and help you through the day with a reduction of your appetite.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

If the Advanced African Mango tablets work like they should then your eating habits may be altered as you will feel like eating less. The appetite suppressing side of the tablets could leave you feeling fuller for longer which may make dieting easier. Eating healthier and less is recommended during any diet and alongside the taking of any diet pill as it should increase your chances of weight loss.

6. What ingredients go into African Mango Advanced pills?

Only one ingredient is revealed and that is African Mango. This is featured in a very large amount which boosts the chances of weight loss but also increases the risk of side effects. It is unlikely that this is the only ingredient but no others have been revealed which puts doubts around the safety of the product.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the African Mango Advanced pills?

The product does not say you should do more or do any less. Exercising may be made easier because of the appetite suppression of the product which may take your mind off food and focus more on exercise. Doing more activity is a good way of achieving weight loss as it burns calories well and can allow you a little more room in your diet.

8. Where can I buy African Mango Advanced?

African Mango Advanced is available to buy from a number of online retailers including the UK version of Amazon. It is well priced at only £14.99 for a months’ worth of tablets. Some bottles may also be found on eBay but beware that you’re buying from a trusted seller and they are safe to take.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

There is no set time limit on how long you should take the tablets. The product is relatively cheap so you should not encounter any financial reasons to stop taking the product. It is recommended that you take a weeks’ break from the pills every six to eight weeks just to give yourself and your body a break.

10. How much weight could I lose with African Mango Advanced?

The makers don’t set a target or give any indication of how much weight you could lose. Reviews of the product have been mixed with some reporting great weight loss while others haven’t managed any. The African Mango ingredient itself seems like an ingredient with good weight loss potential but doesn’t seem to be consistent in its results. It is recommended that with any diet pill you allow a fortnight or three weeks for any results to begin being noticeable.

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