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African Mango Plus

The African Mango Plus diet pills are advertised as being a revolutionary supplement which is used by many celebrities and is specifically popular in Hollywood. The manufacturers claim that it can help those who take it to lose weight from their rear, thighs and waist and that it is ‘clinically proven’ to be an effective weight loss aid.

In the following review we aim to determine whether the pills can actually live up to their impressive reputation in terms of the actual difference that they have the potential to create for users. It is stated that the pills can ‘melt’ away fat and we will examine their weight loss properties and ingredients in order to find out whether this description is representative of what the product can do realistically in terms of weight loss.

Below we will examine how exactly it is that these ingredients affect the functioning of the body of users to enable them to see quicker or more efficient results in terms of weight loss.

African Mango Plus Review

African Mango Plus Pros
  • Some natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Quantities of ingredients made available to view before purchase
African Mango Plus Cons
  • Some of the ingredients used in the pills have been associated with potentially dangerous side effects
  • The pills contain a large amount of stimulant ingredients
  • Biased consumer feedback
  • No information or address is given for the company so we cannot be exactly sure who is behind the pills
  • Quite a lot of people cannot use these pills due to their side effects

African Mango Plus Review

The makers of the African Mango Plus diet pills boast that their product is something that even your doctor would recommend. They state that it is a ‘clinically tested’ supplement and that it has a very good reputation among celebrities. The website even contains a few success stories and testimonials that are said to have been told by real consumers who have tried the product for themselves and frames the pills as being an answer to many dieters’ prayers.

In the African Mango Plus review below we will attempt to make judgement on whether the product can actually result in safe and significant weight loss and also to see whether it does provide an aid to the actual maintenance of a healthy weight.

Claimed weight loss benefits
counting calories and eating healthyThe manufacturers say that these pills have 5 different functions (although whether these actually are different from each other is somewhat debatable); they can help you to lose weight, increase your metabolism, increase fat oxidation, fight fatigue and can also increase your energy.

In terms of our 5 main weight loss properties, the pills are thus claimed to possess 2 of these; fat burner and metabolism booster. Due to the fact that there are so many well known stimulant ingredients in the pills that are proven to be thermogenic our experts do agree that the product may have some affect.

As well as this, there is some evidence which suggests that some ingredients in the pills may help with users’ appetite although this is not claimed by the makers of the pills and would probably only be minor.

With regards to our ‘diet plan’ weight loss property our experts are unsure of whether we should award the pills this quality. It is suggested by the manufacturers on a number of occasions that the pills are intended for use alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime and they do give customers a free membership to their fitness plan so this is definitely a positive thing. The only doubt we have is in relation to the fact that the pills themselves are not stated as specifically to be taken before exercise and so it seems that whether this fitness plan is followed or not is somewhat a secondary thought and is not really worked into the overall regime of taking the pills so rests solely on the customer’s own decision and will power.

How African Mango Plus Works

The African Mango Plus pill are claimed to work largely on a thermogenic basis whereby the stimulant ingredients increase the rate at which fat is broken down and metabolised.

How does RKG Extreme workWhilst this is happening the ingredients are also claimed to be able to increase mental alertness and reduce fatigue.

These 2 things together mean that users will be more motivated and able to ework largely on a thermogenic basis whereby the stimulant ingredients increase the rate at which fat is broken down and metabolised.

Whilst this is happening the ingredients are also claimed to be able to increase mental alertness and reduce fatigue.

These 2 things together mean that users will be more motivated and able to exercise for longer periods of time but also burn more fat than they would have before in any given time period.

Due to the effects that the pills may have on the body we would not recommend their use for the following groups of people:

– Pregnant or nursing women.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any mental health condition or related problems.
– Those who may be allergic to any of the ingredients.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any liver conditions.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any kidney disorders.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any digestive conditions.
– Those who have and are being treated for diabetes.
Those who have any other underlying medical issue.

For more information, we recommend our How Does African Mango Plus Work article.

Key Ingredients

key ingredientsAs the name would suggest, this diet supplement is most known for containing a natural African Mango Extract.

As well as this the pills also contain a variety of stimulants in the form of green tea leaf extract, Caffeine, EGCG and L-Theanine. The combination of these are what is thought to give the pills their claimed ability to enhance the metabolic rate of users.

Chromium is also included in the product with specific relation to blood sugar levels and carbohydrate metabolism.

For more information about the scientific evidence behind these ingredients, we recommend you read our African Mango Plus Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 50/100

The African Mango Plus pills contain a lot of ingredients that are proven to be effective thermogenic agents. There does seem to be available research on every ingredient used in the pills which does provide positive results in terms of weight loss. For some of the ingredients however, and in particular Chromium, whilst the evidence suggests that it can help to maintain a normal metabolism there is nothing to suggest that it can go beyond this and ‘enhance’ it in a way that would be faster than normal. Nevertheless it would speed up the metabolism of someone who was lacking in this area. The only other concern that we have is that the pills may not include enough of some of the ingredients that is needed to recreate the results from various clinical studies.
Speed of results: 50/100

Unfortunately, we do not really have any information on the basis of which we can score the African Mango Plus pills in this area. We have therefore had to give it a median score as there really is no way we can accurately predict the length of time that it might take for the product to work.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Although this is not something that the manufacturers of the African Mango Plus pills actually allege themselves. There is some evidence to show that some of their ingredients may have an effect on the appetite of users. This is mainly due to the fact that the pills contain so many stimulants but the use of Chromium has also been linked to changes in appetite, albeit minor ones.
Long Term Results: 20/100

The African Mango Plus pills are actually advertised as being part of any weight loss system to some extent. In fact those who purchase the pills from them online are automatically joined up to a related site that gives them a fitness plan. As well as this, it is emphasised even on the product packaging itself that the pills are intended for use alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime. However, the pills themselves are not incorporated into any fitness programme leaving it as up to the user whether they choose to take the company’s advice or not. Due to this, unless the user makes a decision for themselves it does look like those who only take the pills will be extremely likely to put back on all, if any, weight that they have lost during this period.
Safety: 40/100

These pills contain a large amount of stimulants and so have been associated with a lot of unpleasantries such as headaches, anxiety etc. More worryingly though there have also been links found between some of the ingredients and more serious and potentially dangerous conditions including liver damage and kidney conditions.
Value for money: 30/100

At first glance is seems as though these pills may be quite good value for money since there are different options for offered in terms of purchasing the pills to suit different budgets. However, that said, due to the concerns that our experts have relating to the side effects of the product and the amount of money that is being charged for postage we have scored the pills much lower. It appears that there may be costs that a potential consumer may not be aware of when purchasing the pills and so this also brings the value of the product down.

African Mango Plus Side Effects

Potential Side Effect - BloatingThe African Mango Plus pills are actually linked to various side effects some of which would be potentially dangerous to users’ health.

Firstly, they contain a lot of stimulant ingredients so side effects such as headaches, jitteriness etc. are extremely likely to occur whilst taking the pills.

More worryingly though, some of the ingredients have been associated with cases of liver damage and kidney problems when consumed over long periods of time or in high doses.

As well as this, it is said that certain individuals may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients which will obviously result in some kind of reaction.

For more detailed information on this matter and a more detailed explanation concerning the potential side effects associated with this product you can read our African Mango Plus Side Effects article.

Where to Buy African Mango Plus

For more information read our article on Where to Buy African Mango Plus. If you have bought African Mango Plus, then we recommend you read our How to use African Mango Plus article.

Overall Verdict

How it worksThere is quite a bit of evidence that goes in favour of the pills to suggest that the African Mango Plus supplement does have the potential to work as quite a powerful thermogenic agent. The pills themselves include a lot of thermogenically proven ingredients but our experts are sometimes doubtful as to whether the quantities are enough to be able to produce results seen in various clinical studies.

In addition to this, given the fact that there are quite a few side effects, some of which could be very dangerous for users taking the pills including both liver and kidney damage, our experts are not inclined to recommend that potential consumers try these unless they have obtained full approval from a medical professional prior to doing so. This is especially important if they have any underlying medical condition.

There is also very little information about the company available which means that our experts have not been able to ascertain the credibility or reputation of the company. This is another reason why we would recommend that potential consumers be cautious before committing a purchase of these pills.

If you are interested in who makes African Mango Plus, please read our The Company Behind African Mango Plus article.

Overall: 33/100

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