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African Mango

African Mango is a new diet pill which is gaining a lot of attention in the dieting world. It does most of its weight loss work by suppressing your appetite, however, manufactures also claim that it burns fat and has detox qualities too.

African MangoAfrican mango has gained a lot of hype especially after being backed by US TV doctor, Dr Oz, but the question is, does African Mango live up to its hype?

African Mango Pros
  • Safe, all natural supplement with just one main active ingredient
  • Can have a limited effect on weight loss, appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and detoxing
African Mango Cons
  • There are more powerful products available
  • You will need to diet and exercise to see any real results

African Mango Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

How African Mango Works

African Mango is a natural super food native to West Africa which for thousands of years Africans have consumed as a regular part of their diet. It features a fat burning quality which is said to be able to target fat that even exercise won’t reach. It also boosts metabolism which means more of the food you eat is being converted into energy and at a quicker rate. Both of these qualities combine to not only target the stored fat but prevent any more fat being added to it.

african mango diet pill ingredientIn reality it may not be one of the more powerful supplements on the market and there are quicker, more effective options out there such as Capsicum. However, African Mango is all natural and therefore is relatively safe to use which is a big advantage over Capsicum.

Key African Mango Ingredients

Unsurprisingly the main active ingredient in African Mango is the African Mango fruit. This is the only ingredient that is revealed; none of the non-active ingredients. The fruit is a great source of fibre which is useful for suppressing your appetite as fibre does a good job of filling you up for longer.

African Mango Results

Weight Loss Power: 72/100

African Mango is becoming a very popular weight loss ingredient to include in a diet pill. This could either suggest that it works well or just that people have jumped on the bandwagon. Despite all the hype and the studies, it is clear that African Mango should be used as part of a weight loss product as it’s simply not powerful enough to provide significant weight loss by itself.
Speed of results: 73/100

The speed and significance of the weight loss is likely to come down to the diet you’re taking. African Mango is likely to boost the weight loss very slightly and will help you feel a bit fuller for longer however the amount of weight loss will be heavily affected by how much you’re cutting back on a diet and how well you stick to it.
Appetite Suppression: 85/100

This is the area where the makers of African Mango claim it will be most felt. The fruit ingredient features fibre which is good at suppressing appetite however its appetite suppression ability does not appear to be as powerful as some other top rated appetite suppressants.
Long Term Results: 76/100

In the long term your appetite or at least portion control may be aided by African Mango because of its appetite suppression qualities. It is not going to change anything inside you to make it easier to keep the weight off but it may teach you some lessons to help control your weight. There are likely to be no negative long term effects as African Mango is quite safe.
Safety: 90/100

African Mango is an entirely natural diet supplement with just the one main ingredient which is a fruit so side effects will be minimal and certainly no serious health concerns should arise as result of taking African Mango. The only side effects that may be experienced are mild headaches and excessive gases, these side effects may even reduce as your body gets used to the supplement
Value for money: 75/100

Currently it is only available to buy online and there is a large range of prices available, anywhere from £15/20 up to £40. Weight loss effects are not extreme and there are more powerful options out there but African Mango is one of the safer options therefore if you can find a reasonable price it is probably worth the money.

African Mango Side-Effects

African Mango is a very safe diet supplement. It features one main active ingredient which is the African Mango itself, a natural super fruit from Africa. Being a natural supplement, side effects are minimal, the only being mild headaches or excessive gasses.

Where to Buy African Mango

Currently the makers say the African Mango diet pills are not available on the high street but it is very easy to find online. There is an informative official website which advertises a money back offer. Amazon is another safe seller of African Mango online.

Overall Verdict

African Mango is one of the safer dieting options available and can help weight loss along with helping your appetite and it even has some detox qualities. While it may not be the strongest weight loss option available, it is recommended for use alongside a calorie controlled diet and some exercise, where you could see some good results. Other more premium weight loss options include African Mango as an ingredient alongside some stronger weight loss ingredients, however, this may come with a higher price tag and more possible side effects. African Mango is a safe option and can certainly make the dieting process a lot easier.

Overall: 71/100

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