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Alli Reviews & Side Effects - Alli Slimming Tablets

Alli slimming pillsAlli is one of the most well-known diet pills in the world, made and promoted by GlaxoSmithKline, the same people who make Lucozade and Aquafresh. However, Alli suffers from numerous nasty side-effects which we’ll examine in more detail.

Alli was also the first diet pill approved by the FDA for over the counter sale. It is the over the counter equivalent to Orlistat, which gave it some publicity and another element of trustworthiness. The diet pill works by blocking enzymes in the body that break down fat, meaning not as much of it sticks inside the body.

We investigate whether Alli works and review the consumer complaints of Alli’s numerous and unpleasant side-effects

Alli Slimming Tablets Pros
  • Made by large company, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Approved by the FDA
Alli Slimming Tablets Cons
  • Won’t help keep the weight off in the long-term
  • Side-effects can make taking the pills quite uncomfortable

Alli Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

Alli Slimming Tablets claim to be an appetite suppressant. However, we disagree with this claim.

How Alli Works

 fat binding effectsThe body produces an enzyme which has the job of breaking down the fats and food we eat to make them easier to digest. What Alli does is block this enzyme from working, leaving the body incapable of processing the food properly, and when this happens the response is to get rid of that fat via the toilet. Alli claims that up to 25% of the fat we eat can’t be processed because of this method; it is a way of losing weight that is very similar to fat binding which works by binding fats so that they cannot be processed.

Consumer reviews regarding Alli are very mixed; some are incredibly impressed with the results while others don’t see much effect. There is no energy boost and it doesn’t improve the body’s ability to convert fat therefore it doesn’t have much long term effect once you’ve stopped taking the pills. However, in the short term it can be effective for some.

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Key Alli Ingredients

The official Alli website doesn’t fully list the ingredients but does state that it is nut free and doesn’t contain soya, although it may not be suitable for vegetarians as it contains gelatin which is of animal origin. The main ingredient in Alli is Orlistat. This is the only active ingredient in the pills whereas inactive ingredients include iron oxide and Povidone. Active ingredients are ones that may interact with other drugs you may be taken.

Alli Results

Weight Loss Power: 72/100

The weight loss power of Alli is difficult to tell because for some people they work incredibly well while for others the effect is minimal. A slightly greater proportion of people find the product effective, suggesting that the pills can help you lose some significant weight despite not being one of the more powerful pills on the market.

Speed of results: 81/100

Alli is not exceptionally quick nor is it very slow; you should expect to be taking the pills for a month or two to see some significant weight loss. It may take a week or two for the results to begin to make themselves clear but you could see additional weight loss of about 1 or 2lbs per week.
Appetite Suppression: 0/100

Alli doesn’t affect your appetite; it simply helps weight loss through not digesting as much fat from the food that you eat. It shouldn’t have the effect of making you feel any fuller especially as you’ll be excreting food from your body more regularly.
Long Term Results: 75/100

The pills won’t change your appetite or rate of converting fat in the long term so you are no more likely to keep the weight off after stopping the pills however there are no negative long term effects so you can easily lose the weight and then stop taking the tablets without any risks.

Safety: 10/100

Alli is FDA approved so it can be considered one of the more safe diet pill options. However, there are a few side effects which while not being serious health concerns may make taking the pills uncomfortable such as: bloating, diarrhoea, flatulence and even migraines.
Value for money: 65/100

Alli tablets can range in price anywhere from £30 up to £50 so value for money will be depending on the results you see, the length of time taken to see them and the price you buy it at. For the many that lose weight taking Alli, it was probably worth the purchase, regardless of the price bought at.

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Alli Side-Effects

uncomfortable side effectsIt can give users a few uncomfortable side effects because of how the pills work within the body. As the pills block enzymes that break down fat causing the body to flush out what you eat quicker, it is natural to expect more frequent and possibly unpleasant trips to the toilet. While Alli’s side effects are not dangerous and won’t do any long term damage, it can make the diet period more of a struggle.

Where to Buy Alli

As it is approved by the FDA, Alli pills are not too difficult to locate, either on the high street or online. They are over the counter diet pills which do not need any prescriptions and thus you’ll be able to find them in some chemists. Additionally, you can find them on the official website.

For further information, read our articles on where to buy Alli.

Overall Verdict

Alli is nothing more than an average weight loss pill. Its weight loss power is average; some people do lose weight but there are also those who don’t. The tablet comes with some unpleasant side effects which may make taking the pills less enjoyable than it could be. Alli certainly can help you lose weight but this is not guaranteed as some dieters have not seen great results. It all comes down to whether you think Alli is worth the money as well as the risk risk.

Learn more about if you should buy Alli by reading our guide on the clinical trials conducted on Alli.

Overall: 59/100

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