Amino Acids for Weight Loss
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Amino Acids for Weight Loss

Amino acids may help you to lose weight by supposedly burning fat, building muscle and improving performance and exercise recovery. However, supplementation might not be necessary for some amino acids and may have some side effects for users.

It is believed that some people may not produce enough non-essential amino acids in their body and other people might not consume enough essential amino acids from their diet. Scientists think this may disturb metabolic processes in the body and might be linked to many health issues that seem to be plaguing our society today. It is claimed that this may be linked to obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes. This has supposedly meant that people have turned to supplementation to boost their amino acid intake, as it is said that it may help you to shed unwanted pounds. But, can amino acids help you to reach your weight loss goals?

What are Amino Acids?

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It is believed that amino acids play an important role in the function of our cells, muscles and tissue. Specifically, it is thought that amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and what the body supposedly needs to function properly.

It is said that there are 20 amino acids, supposedly grouped into non-essential, conditionally essential and essential amino acids. It is believed that this does not mean that one group is more important than the other; it is thought to reflect whether they are made in the body or not. It is claimed that the body is able to make non-essential amino acids, such as glutamine and tyrosine. It is thought that glutamine is the most abundant free amino acid found in the human body. It is said to be important for providing fuel and making other amino acids and glucose.

If an amino acid is classed as conditionally essential this supposedly means that it may depend on the age and health of the individual whether it is made in the body. For example, this might include arginine. Lastly, there are essential amino acids, which are believed to be those that cannot be manufactured by the body and supposedly must come from food, such as leucine. There are also Branch chain amino acids (BCAAS), which are claimed to be called this due to their structure, such as leucine, isoleucine and valine.

How Might Amino Acids Aid Weight Loss?


It is thought that if there are not enough amino acids in the body, your metabolism may not function as well as it could. This might mean that your metabolic processes are weakened, which may affect your weight loss goals. It is claimed that whey protein may be a good way to consume all of the essential amino acids your body needs. It is believed that taking both essential amino acids and whey protein might help to increase fat loss. It is said that this kind of supplement may increase muscle metabolism, which might help to burn calories.

It is also thought that specific amino acid supplements may help the metabolism to function properly, which might allow you to lose weight. It is believed that glutamine may help to fight the storage of dietary fats as well as supposedly providing your body with fuel. Tyrosine is said to be another amino acid that might help to increase your metabolic rate. It is thought that tyrosine may help to boost your alertness and this might help you to push yourself during your workouts. This may mean that you are able to burn more calories, which might contribute to weight loss efforts.

However, both glutamine and tyrosine are thought to be non-essential amino acids, which supposedly means that the body can produce them. This could mean that taking them in a supplement may not be needed and might not make a noticeable difference to weight loss.

As amino acids are thought to be the building blocks of protein, it is said that they are important for protein synthesis. Amino acids are believed to help with repair and growth, which might mean they help you to maintain and build muscle after exercise. This may allow you to burn more calories, as it is claimed that after resistance training, your muscles may continue to burn calories. In particular, it is believed that leucine might help you to develop lean muscle and cut down on body fat.

Branch chain amino acids are also thought to boost performance during training. A study found that taking a supplement that contained BCAAs caused a greater reduction in body fat and led to an increase in lean mass and 10 RM strength gains on the bench press and squat compared to those who took a whey supplement or sports drink.

Although amino acids may help you to lose weight, they might only be one factor in how you burn fat. It is important to remember that it may be your diet or exercise regime that might play a bigger part in your weight loss journey. It is claimed that eating a healthy and balanced diet might help you to shed unwanted pounds and it is said that a calorie deficit may help you to burn fat. It is believed that if you consume fewer calories than your body needs in a day, you may use fat stores for energy. It is also thought that exercise may be key to losing weight, as it is supposedly a good way to stay healthy and burn calories. It is claimed that a regime that incorporates both aerobic and strength training may be a good way to lose weight.

Therefore, amino acids may help you on your weight loss journey, but might only be one factor in how you drop the pounds. It is thought that amino acids may help you to build muscle, boost the metabolism and improve exercise performance. However, some supplements may not be needed if they contain non-essential amino acids. It is also claimed that maintaining a healthy diet or calorie deficit as well as a consistent exercise regime may be the biggest factors in how you lose weight.

Clinical Studies


Studies indicate that amino acids may aid weight loss efforts. One study found that competitive wrestlers who were on a hypo caloric, high BCAA diet for 19 days had a higher body weight loss and decrease in body fat than the hypo caloric control and hypo caloric high protein diets. This combination of energy restriction and BCAA supplementation may help you to burn fat.

Similarly, another study found that a higher intake of BCAAs in diets were associated with lower obesity rates in middle aged adults from east Asian and western countries. They thought that a high protein and low carbohydrate diet and the supposed weight loss that ensures might be partially explained by BCAAs. A further study suggested that taking BCAAs may help to reduce fatigue and may help to burn more fat in glycogen depleted people during exercise.

Studies on specific amino acids also seem to indicate that they may help you to lose weight. A study found that taking a supplement containing leucine resulted in significant fat loss without restricting the calorie intake of subjects, supposedly enhancing weight and fat loss by 50-80% in 24 weeks. One animal study found that supplementing glutamine on a high fat diet might reduce body weight in mice. Another study on growing-finishing pigs found that arginine supplementation promoted muscle gain and reduced body fat. This may mean that future human studies may be needed to test their effectiveness.

However, one study thought that restricting leucine might help to treat obesity and other metabolic diseases. It found that mice that were deprived of leucine deprivation for seven days increased their oxygen consumption. This supposedly resulted in a 15% reduction in food intake and body weight compared to mice on a controlled diet. There also seemed to be a reduction in abdominal fat mass. Although, researchers did concede that further studies may be needed to see the effects of leucine deprivation on humans.

Side effects


It is thought that as amino acids are supposedly needed for the body to function properly, side effects may be rare. However, some side effects have been reported, which may happen to some people. For example, BCAAs are thought to be possibly safe when used as a supplement. However, some people might experience side effects that may include fatigue or loss of coordination.

Glutamine is thought to be safe for most adults to consume in doses up to 40 grams a day. However, there is not enough information to say whether it is safe for breast-feeding or expecting mothers. There might be the possibility that glutamine may increase the chances of suffering seizures for some people. If this is a condition you suffer from, it might be best to seek advice from your doctor before taking a supplement containing glutamine. It may interact with medications to prevent seizures.

It is claimed that arginine may be safe for most people to consume on a short-term basis. However, it might not be suitable for everyone and it may cause some side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhoea and low blood pressure. It might not be a suitable supplement to take if you have kidney disease or have recently had surgery. Also, it might not be suitable for those that suffer from allergies or asthma. It may be best to contact your doctor before taking arginine.

It is believed that tyrosine might possibly be safe for adults to take for up to three months. However, some people may suffer from side effects such as headaches, fatigue, heartburn and nausea.

How to use/where to buy


Amino acid supplements may be available from stores on the high street such as health stores or bodybuilding retailers. Amino acid supplements might be available in powder, liquid or tablet form and it is thought that you can buy an all-inclusive amino acid supplement or specific amino acids. When to take amino acids and how often to use a supplement may depend on the individual brands.

However, it is believed that animal protein may be the best source of essential amino acids. It is also thought amino acids can be found in other foods such as dairy products, fish, soy and wheat. This might be a more natural way to include amino acids into your diet.


In conclusion, amino acid supplements may help you to lose weight. Studies seem to indicate that amino acids may help you to maintain and build muscles, burn fat, improve your athletic performance and might even reduce fatigue after exercise. However, it is said that supplementing some amino acids might not be necessary if the body can produce them. There are also supposedly some side effects associated with supplementation that may have to be discussed with a doctor. It is believed that a healthy and balanced diet as well as a combined exercise regime might still be the best way to lose weight.

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