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Animal Cuts

Animal Cuts is a product formulated with bodybuilders in mind. Packed full of powerful ingredients, in just three weeks dedicated users are told to expect to see impressive results – but the lack of evidence to back this up is a concern.animal cuts product image

Animal Cuts Pros
  • Key ingredients are supported by clinical trials
  • Positive customer reviews to support the product
  • Potential to boost the results of work outs
  • Fast results reported
Animal Cuts Cons
  • No evidence of clinical testing on the product as a whole
  • Reports of uncomfortable side effects such as increased sweating and insomnia
  • Targeted at bodybuilders so may not be suitable for the average dieter
  • Directions for use on product website are not very detailed

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Animal Cuts Review

Universal Nutrition claim that their Animal Cuts product is able to produce large changes in an athlete’s physique by increasing metabolic rate, preserving muscles and providing added energy. However there is limited evidence to prove these effects of Animal Cuts on the product webpage. Furthermore, while the product uses a range of potent ingredients such as caffeine and guarana to energise its users, these ingredients do not come without side effects. In this review we will establish both the positive and negative aspects of the product before making an overall conclusion as to its effectiveness.

Animal Cuts Claimed weight loss benefits

Universal Nutrition makes some big claims about their Animal Cuts product. They state that due to its thermogenic effects, Animal Cuts can boost the body’s metabolic rate and thanks to the inclusion of caffeine, guarana and yerba mate, it can suppress appetite by slowing gastric emptying and improving energy levels.

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How Animal Cuts Works

boosts metabolismUniversal Nutrition describe their Animal Cuts product as an ‘extremely powerful thermogenic’ that is able to improve users’ focus and endurance during exercise, allowing them to work out for longer and burn away a larger amount of fat. The product is said to work by providing added energy to the body due to the stimulant ingredients that it contains and by suppressing appetite – meaning that users are likely to consume fewer calories than they burn during exercise.

Thanks to the product’s thermogenic qualities, Animal Cuts can also increase the body’s metabolism – the process in which it converts food and drink into energy. This process is crucial in keeping the body functioning properly and when the rate of metabolism is increased, more calories can be burned in order to provide energy.

Here we will look in detail at some of the key ingredients within Animal Cuts and deduce how they work to aid weight loss.

Caffeine is able to promote the process of lipolysis, which is where the body releases free fatty acids into the bloodstream. The substance is therefore able to boost the body’s rate of metabolism and encourages the body to burn fat. As a stimulant, the substance is able to increase mental alertness and prevent drowsiness meaning that users can exercise for longer and therefore potentially burn a larger amount of fat. As stated by The Mayo Clinic, caffeine may have the potential to reduce appetite in humans reducing the risk of overeating, however they suggest that more testing is needed to confirm this claim.

Guarana Clinical StudyGuarana is thought to have the potential to suppress appetite and so is able to limit the amount of calories that users consume. Weight loss occurs when we burn a larger amount of calories than we consume and so it seems likely that guarana can aid weight loss. The substance is also able to speed up both users’ heart rates and metabolism, which results in a further amount of calories being burned for energy. When coupled with caffeine, as in Animal Cuts, guarana can increase energy expenditure in the body thanks to the thermogenic effects that it possesses.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate is a stimulant that contains an ingredient known as mateine, which is believed to be able to increase the body’s metabolism and increase overall energy levels. The substance is also thought to have the potential to calm you and your emotions, meaning that you are less likely to engage in overeating and so, as we have previously noted, in consuming fewer calories than you burn during exercise you should be able to lose weight. Yerba mate is also considered as being a diuretic, meaning that it is able to reduce the amount of water weight in the body and therefore aid with body weight reduction.

Green Tea Extract
Green Tea 538Green tea extract is able to stimulate the metabolism thanks to the presence of an antioxidant, which is known as EGCG. This antioxidant is able to stimulate the central nervous system, releasing fat into the bloodstream so that the body can use it for fuel. EGCG is also considered to be able to improve endurance and improve muscle readiness, meaning that users of green tea can exercise for longer – potentially burning more fat. It is worth noting that according to the NHS, products that contain the extract are more likely to achieve weight loss effects than simply drinking green tea itself, as the amounts will be more concentrated.

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Key Ingredients

As we have just noted, Animal Cuts contains a range of ingredients that work in various ways to produce weight loss in its users. In this section we will look at the active ingredients in more general detail and establish whether they are able to promote health in any other ways, as well as through aiding weight loss.

Many of the ingredients found within Animal Cuts are found from natural sources and the makers of the supplement seem to pride themselves on the concoction of substances that they use, suggesting that the ingredients work well together and have positive effects on health.

caffeineAs we have stated, caffeine is a mild stimulant that is able to make you feel more alert. As well as in every day beverages such as tea and coffee, it is often found in cold and flu medicines due to its ability to counteract the drowsiness that may be brought on by the drugs used in these medicines. It is important to bear in mind while using caffeine, that the substance is addictive when taken in large amounts or for extended periods of time, and has the potential to produce withdrawal effects in its users.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract is rich in antioxidants, which can improve your general health in a variety of ways. Firstly, the substance can help the body to flush out harmful toxins, keeping illness at bay, while it can also keep the immune and circulatory systems functioning at their best. Green tea extract is also thought to be able to benefit your health by regulating your cholesterol levels and thanks to the caffeine it contains, green tea is also thought to be able to increase the activity of the body’s nervous system.

Guarana is a plant that is found in areas of South America, which has some stimulating properties – containing one of the highest levels of caffeine in all plants. It has been put forward that guarana is able to improve mood and cognitive ability; however so far no clinical testing has been able to prove this suggestion. It would seem that the reasoning for this idea is due to the energy level enhancing properties of the substance and thanks to this quality it has been used to treat chronic fatigue. Guarana has also been used as flavouring in some food and drink.

Yerba Mate
Yerba MateA shrub native to South America and very high in antioxidants, Yerba Mate is able to significantly boost the body’s immune system while also reducing levels of stress in some people. The substance is also thought to increase mental clarity, enhance physical endurance and aid digestion while supporting cardiovascular health by helping fat and cholesterol move through your bloodstream and preventing them from accumulating on artery walls. Yerba mate also helps to keep lactic acid from building up in the muscles, meaning that you can avoid uncomfortable cramping and continue exercising for longer.

Raspberry Ketone
Raspberry Ketone is a chemical found in red raspberries and is what give the fruit their aroma. Having been used as a flavouring for food for many years, raspberry ketone has recently come into the spotlight for its potential to aid weight loss and help the body to burn stores of fat, although more testing is needed to prove this. Although the chemical is naturally occurring, the amount in red raspberries is very small and so the raspberry ketone found in supplements is usually synthetically made in laboratories.

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Clinical Studies

clinically testedClinical studies are conducted on health supplements in order to assess both their safety and effectiveness. The supplement market is constantly expanding and is not regulated, meaning that many products are able to make it to shop shelves without undergoing a good level of testing. There does not appear to have been any official clinical testing carried out on Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts as a product, which means that we are unable to ascertain for definite how safe and useful the product is. However, in saying this, there have been some clinical studies carried out on the product’s key ingredients.

One study conducted in 2002 examined the long- term safety of caffeine in humans, along with its effect on weight loss. The study took place over 6 months and was performed as a randomized, double- blind placebo controlled trial with a total of 167 human subjects. The main focuses of the experiment were changes in blood pressure, heart function and body weight, with secondary variables including body composition and metabolic changes. The results of the study showed that the caffeine was able to promote body weight and body fat reduction and was also able to improve blood lipids. Overall the effects of caffeine on weight loss appeared to be significantly better than those of the placebo, suggesting that caffeine can help to boost body weight reduction.

Green Tea Extract
green tea extractA group of scientists carried out a clinical study in 2007 to find out the body fat reducing effects and cardiovascular disease reducing effects of green tea in humans with typical lifestyles. Japanese men and women were used as subjects for the trial and after a 2 week diet preparation period, the scientists performed a 12 week double blind parallel multicentre trial. During this trial, subjects were given either green tea containing 583mg of catechins or green tea containing 96mg of catechins and the subjects were told to maintain their usual dietary intake and normal physical activity. At the end of the study, the results showed that those who ingested the higher amount of catechins saw larger decreases in body weight, body mass index, body fat ratio, waist circumference and visceral fat area compared to those in the control group who ingested a lower amount. In conclusion, the scientists found that the continuous ingestion of green tea extract high in catechins is able to lead to a reduction in body fat, therefore decreasing obesity.

Guarana & Yerba Mate
The aim of a study performed in 2001 was to determine the effect of a substance made from yerba mate, guarana and damiana (YGD) on gastric emptying. The gastric emptying in seven healthy human subjects was measured using ultrasound scanning following either YGD or a placebo capsule being taken. The body weight of the subjects was measured and recorded before and after the 10 days of treatment with 3 YGD or 3 placebo capsules before each meal for 10 days in 44 overweight subjects attending a primary health care centre. A further 47 overweight subjects entered a double blind placebo controlled parallel trial of 3 capsules of YGD capsules or 3 placebo capsules before each meal for 45 days and the body weight of 22 subjects who continued using YGD capsules was monitored for 12 months. The results of the study showed that taking YGD resulted in a prolonged gastric emptying time and long term use of YGD resulted in weight maintenance.

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Weight Loss Power: 40/100

Due to the high level of stimulants found in the supplement, it appears that when coupled with a good exercise regime Animal Cuts is able to help its users shed large amounts of body weight. The customer reviews that we have referenced in this article are of a positive nature, with customers appearing satisfied with the results of the product.
Speed of results: 40/100

Users are advised to take the supplement for three weeks at a time while engaging in an intense exercise regime. This would suggest that users should be able to see results within the three weeks, however, results will depend on the amount of exercise users partake in. For example, the more exercise completed, the better the results.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

As Animal Cut contains a high amount of stimulant substances it is likely that users will be able to continue for longer without eating. Ingredients such as yerba mate are claimed to be able to reduce the risk of overeating due to their calming effects and although more testing is needed to know for certain, caffeine may have the ability to suppress appetite.
Long Term Results: 35/100

Animal Cuts does not come with its own diet or exercise plan as it is aimed at bodybuilders who usually already have their own regimes. If these regimes are continued even after users of Animal Cuts stop taking the supplement the results should be long lasting. However in those who do not have their own plans the results may not be as long term.
Safety: 40/100

Most of the ingredients used within Animal Cuts have had clinical testing conducted on them, of which no serious side effects were noted. When taken by healthy, suitable adults Animal Cuts should be safe to use. However due to the strength and amount of stimulants in the product, it is not suitable for everyone, and could cause damage in pregnant women or those who are sensitive or who have medical conditions.
Value for money: 40/100

The price of Animal Cuts varies from website to website, with it costing as little as £27 on Amazon to £41 on the official Universal Nutrition website for a three week treatment. Studies on the key ingredients of the product suggest that it has the potential to work well, implying that it is good value for money for those who have a keen interest in bodybuilding.

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Animal Cuts Side Effects

bloating side effectSide effects are a risk when taking any health supplement, and it is often helpful to know of the potential side effects before beginning to use a new product. There is no mention of any side effects that accompany Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts on the product webpage, however this does not necessarily mean that the product does not carry any. There are some customer reviews that have been published on websites such as Amazon, in which some users of the product claim that it left them feeling sick. Other customer reviews that can be found online complain of increased sweating which is likely to be due to the fact that Animal Cuts works as a thermogenic and therefore increases your body temperature. Mild insomnia is another side effect that has been noted in reviews and this effect is because of the product’s stimulant properties and finally an increase in urination may be experienced due to the product’s ability to reduce water weight from the body. Although these appear to be the only effects reported from Animal Cuts, users may experience other effects from the key ingredients.

As a stimulant, there are some potential side effects that users of caffeine may experience. These side effects are usually common and not serious and according to “” include nausea, dizziness, trouble with sleeping, headaches, frequent urination and stomach aches. However, when taken in large doses, caffeine has the ability to cause some more serious side effects that could cause great discomfort such as vomiting, fast heartburn, confusion, diarrhoea, dehydration and jitteriness. Caffeine is also believed to worsen certain medical conditions including anxiety, high blood pressure and heart conditions, and so anyone suffering from these conditions should speak with a healthcare professional before using the substance.

It is thought that when pregnant women use guarana, the results can include low birth weights, birth defects and premature births in their babies. For this reason it is recommended that pregnant women do not consume guarana or products containing guarana. Furthermore, guarana is able to cause some uncomfortable side effects in its users including nervousness, irritability and insomnia due to its stimulant properties. It is best to only ingest low amount of guarana, especially when used alongside other stimulants. The substance is also believed to interfere with some medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, so if you have this condition or one similar, you should check with your doctor before using guarana products.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate has the potential to put the health of babies and young children at risk and so pregnant women should not ingest the substance, nor should those under the age of 18 for safety reasons. Some of the most common side effects associated with yerba mate appear to be an increase in urination, stomach upsets and increased blood pressure and, as with some of the other key ingredients, it seems that these effects relate to the stimulant effect of the substance. It is thought that taking large amounts of yerba mate can lead to an increased risk of developing certain types of cancers and much like caffeine and guarana, the substance can cause issues with pregnancies and birth.

Green Tea Extract
Pregnant WomenThere have been a number of non-serious side effects reported by users of green tea extract, and these effects include an upset stomach, constipation, headaches and sleeping issues. Consuming larger amounts of green tea or its extract (for example more than two cups each day) can negatively affect the health of pregnant women and their unborn children as well as causing some uncomfortable side effects such as nervousness, vomiting, dizziness, heartburn and confusion. It should also be noted that green tea extract could worsen some medical conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and high blood pressure. Because of this, anyone who suffers from pre-existing medical conditions such as these should speak with their doctor before using supplements that contain green tea extract.

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How To Use

woman holding her best supplementThere do not appear to be a clear, detailed set of instructions available on the Animal Cuts official webpage, however there are directions for use available online. Users of Animal Cuts are advised to take 2 packs of the substance each day for 3 consecutive weeks, on both training and non training days. There is not much information available regarding how long to leave between using Animal Cuts or when in the day to take the supplement, however it seems likely that users should take it before training sessions in order to achieve the best results.

There are some excluded groups of people who should avoid using Animal Cuts for safety reasons. Firstly, some of the ingredients within the product are known to be harmful to unborn babies and can result premature births and birth defects if pregnant women consume these ingredients. Furthermore, those who suffer from serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease or who are allergic to any of the ingredients within Animal Cuts should not use the product. If you are unsure about whether Animal Cuts is suitable for you, we advise that you speak with your doctor before using the supplement.

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Who Makes Animal Cuts

Universal Nutrition – a company that was founded in 1977, manufactures animal Cuts and claims to be dedicated to helping bodybuilders achieve their goals. Based in New Jersey, USA, the company provides a full physical address on their website, as well as an email address and customer helpline phone number that is open on weekdays. The company also provides their customers with mentors, including Vinny G, Greg Long and Big Ant – all whom are successful bodybuilders themselves and are able to offer good insight and advice. The company achieve predominantly positive reviews on some websites, with some users praising the well- packaged arrival of the supplements and others commenting on the customer service. It seems that the company is of a credible nature and works hard to satisfy its customers.

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Where To Buy

Buying PillsThere are various options available to you when it comes to purchasing Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts. The first option is to buy the product directly from the manufacturing company’s website where it is able to be purchased for $65 or £41 for 42 packs which is a three week supply and should last the average user a whole treatment. The company website operates using PayPal, allowing you to rest assured that your money and personal details will be keep safe during the transaction. Animal Cuts can also be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon for competitive prices from around £27 with free delivery. However it is worth noting that the product is sold from various sellers and so it may prove more reliable to buy the product directly from the manufacturing company – as this way you know that you will receive what you are expecting.
Animal Cuts can also be purchased on the UK high street from shops such as Tesco. However it is worth mentioning that the product is not always in stock so it may prove beneficial to order the product ahead.

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Overall Verdict

To conclude, it appears that Universal Nutrition Animal Cuts has the ability to help those who already have a strong exercise regime reach their targets by increasing their energy levels and promoting processes such as thermogenesis and metabolism. According to the customer reviews on and that we have highlighted, the supplement is fast working and allows users to achieve satisfying results. However Animal Cuts is not suitable for everyone as the mixture of ingredients that it contains is potent and could prove to be too strong for less experienced diet pill users. The product also has the ability to produce some uncomfortable side effects as well as worsening certain medical conditions. For these reasons it is important to check with your doctor before trying Animal Cuts if you are concerned that it may not be suitable for you.

Overall: 37/100

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