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Anoretix is another diet pill with extravagant claims, which make out that it is practically a magic pill for all your weight concerns. Is this diet pill the pill of your dreams or just another diet pill full of false promises?

To find the answers we decided to investigate whether Anoretix can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side-effects.

Anoretix bottle

Anoretix Pros
  • No pros
Anoretix Cons
  • Does not say how it works, instead the official website is full of extravagant claims.
  • No evidence or clinical trials. Impossible to say how effective or safe the product is
  • Poor reviews, some of which mentioned serious side effects
  • Heavily overpriced considering the low potential for weight loss

Anoretix Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Anoretix is a diet pill that makes some pretty wild claims, confidently stating that it is a magic pill and that you can lose weight effortlessly. The official site talks up the product without ever backing up any claims with evidence, but it is well written and convincing which almost makes you believe it will work without ever telling you why. Usually a product making these kinds of extravagant claims is a bad sign but can Anoretix back up what it says? Read on to find out.

How Anoretix Works

Anoretix is apparently, according to the makers, the strongest appetite suppressant available. Not only this, but it also blocks fats and carbs as well as boosting your metabolism, so no matter what kind of weight loss you’re after, this pill apparently does it. It doesn’t ever say exactly how it achieves these amazing results but uses a number of before and after pictures and testimonials to convince you that you can see similar amazing results.

There are not many customer reviews available on other sites; it is for sale on Amazon but through a different seller, and there are only six customer reviews and unimpressively half of these are one star. This suggests that the product doesn’t live up to the hyperbole on the website, which is unsurprising as no product could meet those expectations.

The makers say you should take one pill twice a day but doesn’t suggest when you should take them. There is no information or evidence that the pills work to achieve weight loss or any information on how they work. The website makes a big deal about the ingredients in the product but there is nothing said about how the ingredients work together in the product.

Key Anoretix Ingredients

scales, dieting and exercise
There is a lot made of the ingredients on the official website but sadly the ingredient list does not look promising for weight loss. Firstly, none of the ingredient amounts are mentioned which gives the dieter no idea of how effective it might be or how safe it might be either. Thankfully some Anoretix reviews online have been able to find out some amounts, which show that there is 200mg of Chromemate featured in Anoretix tablets. Chromemate helps curb your cravings according to the makers, but studies have shown this doesn’t help in weight loss very much. The other seven ingredients are listed as a proprietary blend which should ring alarm bells as it is a sign of a poor product. Read this article to find out more information about Chromemate.

A proprietary blend means that the actual ingredient amounts can be hidden and thereby it has either been filled with the cheapest ingredient with very small amounts of the others or it is used to merely hide that there are small amounts of active ingredients included at all. This means that no matter how attractive the official site makes the ingredient list sound, the fact that there are no amounts revealed shows that it is probably highly unlikely to work.

Anoretix Results

Weight Loss Power: 5/100

Judging by the customer reviews on impartial websites and expert Anoretix reviews, this product looks like it is highly unlikely to help you to lose weight. The ingredient list looks like it has no weight loss power in it, especially as the majority of ingredient amounts have been hidden and the one that has been revealed has been discredited by the National Institute of Health. There is also the complete lack of information on how the product actually works.

Speed of results: 5/100

If you see any weight loss at all you should consider yourself very fortunate because the chances are very slim let alone quick. There is nothing about the product to suggest it will help you lose weight, no ingredient suggests this and Anoretix reviews have been poor and it does not say how it works. Therefore we can assume that the speed of weight loss will be very slow, almost non-existent, especially as the official website says you do not need to diet or do exercise with Anoretix.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Although the product claims to help your appetite there is very little to zero evidence to suggest it will suppress your appetite. The ingredients that are supposed to help your appetite are featured only in a proprietary blend which means there is very little chance of them having an effect on your appetite.
Long Term Results: 5/100

The likelihood of Anoretix being helpful to your weight loss in the long term is unlikely. There is no evidence to suggest you’ll experience any weight loss at all so in the long term it shouldn’t hurt your chances of weight loss but it will do nothing to help them.
Safety: 5/100

The official website suggests that the product is entirely safe. The makers claim, “When formulating Anoretix, safety was our primary concern. Effectiveness was secondary.” However in two of the three Anoretix reviews from customers on Amazon there were complains of heart palpitations and high heart rates. With so little research or clinical studies done on the product there is no way of knowing what side effects could arise or whether it is safe to take. It is best not to take any product which gives so little information concerning the safety.
Value for money: 5/100

One month’s supply of Anoretix is available for just under $45 on the US Amazon site with a $4 charge for shipping with charges to the UK likely to be even higher. The official site sells the product for slightly more with one bottle for just under $50 but two available for just under $90. This is terrible value for money given the complete lack of evidence of how the product works, the poor reviews and the disappointing ingredient list.

Side Effects

The official website claims that the product is entirely safe but Anoretix reviews have proved this wrong. Some users have talked of heart problems and with so little information on the ingredients and no research as to how they react together, it is impossible to predict what side effects might appear. Safety should be a high priority when buying a diet pill and certainly this diet pill cannot be said to be safe.

Where to Buy Anoretix

Anoretix can be bought from the official website and from other online stores including the Amazon US site. It may be hard to buy for UK dieters and could also cost more because of shipping. The official website does offer a 90 day money back guarantee but some Anoretix reviews have stated troubles in contacting the company. The product is slightly more expensive on the official website but free shipping is offered on orders of two bottles or more.

Overall Verdict

There are very few reasons to give to why you should buy Anoretix. The price is far too high, the ingredient list does not suggest any weight loss potential and the official website is full of hyperbole rather than facts and information on how the product works. This is before you get to the reviews of the product in which the majority of them have been negative and have warned of potentially serious side effects.

With no testing, evidence or clinical trials, the company cannot say the product is effective and it cannot be worked out how safe the product is either. It is highly unlikely that any boost in weight loss is possible with this product and any dieters out there are advised to steer well clear of Anoretix as there are many other products which are safer, cheaper and more likely to help you to lose weight.

Overall: 5/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Anoretix diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Anoretix , so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Anoretix work?

No one is quite sure how Anoretix works exactly. It does not explain any processes on the official website apart from saying it will suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism and block carbohydrates, so it pretty much covers all bases. It offers no proof of any of this but reassures readers that they can lose weight.

2. How long do Anoretix diet pills take to work?

The official website would have you believe that you can lose weight very quickly. It confidently says you can from a size 18 to a size 8 in 16 weeks and that it is in fact a magic pill. Realistically looking at the weight loss potential of the ingredients and the fact that there is no evidence or clinical trials it seems unlikely any weight loss will be very quick.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

With no testing done on the product it is impossible to say just what side effects you may experience. There does not seem to be very much of anything included in the pills which suggests side effects may not be very strong although some customer Anoretix reviews have said they suffered heart problems.

4. When do I take the Anoretix tablets?

One tablet is supposed to be taken twice a day. This is all the information that is given by the makers so you have no idea what time of day is best to take the tablets. With appetite suppression and metabolism boosting tablets it is usually best to take them in the morning but some guidance from the makers would have been helpful.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

The official website confidently states that some users have experienced weight loss without changing their dieting routines. This seems incredibly unlikely given the weight loss power of this tablet and so for any real weight loss we would recommend that dieting is done alongside.

6. What ingredients go into Anoretix pills?

There are eight ingredients in Anoretix. The amount is only revealed with regards to one ingredient, 200mg of Chromemate, the other seven are in a proprietary blend which hides the amounts of each one. This suggests that the amounts are very slim and are unlikely to have much of an effect. None of the ingredients have been known as great weight loss ingredients.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Anoretix pills?

The official website again mentions that some users have experienced weight loss without making lifestyle changes but says that diet and exercise can improve the results. It will likely improve the results, from zero weight loss to a much higher chance of pounds dropping off.

8. Where can I buy Anoretix ?

Anoretix can be bought from the official website or other online retailers including Amazon US. Costs can vary but Amazon appears to sell it cheapest at the still expensive price of $44.95 not including postage and packing. The official website offers free shipping on orders of two bottles or more which will set you back $89.99. It also offers a money back guarantee but some reviewers have mentioned struggles in getting in contact to take advantage of this.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

Each bottle lasts a month but there is no set limit on how long you should take the tablets. A pack of three bottles are sold so you can safely assume you take them for a number of months. You should continually monitor your health during this period and your weight loss, especially in the first 90 days until the money back guarantee runs out.

10. How much weight could I lose with Anoretix ?

The official website would suggest you could lose lots of weight, very quickly. However looking at reviews from both customers and experts and the information given by the makers it would seem doubtful that much weight will be lost thanks to Anoretix. There are many other pills that offer a better chance of seeing weight loss.

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