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Apidexin Reviews UK & Side Effects

Apidexin is a natural weight loss supplement that is claimed to help you eat less, reduce fat and boost your metabolsim.

To discover the truth, we decided to investigate whether Apidexin can really help you lose weight, and examined the possible side-effects.

Apidexin Pros
  • Apidexin has been around for a long time which can indicate a successful pill.
  • Has a refund guarantee
Apidexin Cons
  • A lot of side effects
  • Full ingredient list is not available on the official website
  • Poor customer service has also been reported. Pills not being received by some customers
  • Lots of very negative Apidexin customer reviews online

Apidexin Review

Apidexin is an easily available weight loss pill which has been around since 2008. The manufacturers make grand claims that Apidexin is the world’s strongest fat burning diet pill.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturers claim that this diet pill can help burn fat, suppress your appetite as well as boost your metabolism.

In reference to these claims, Apidexin has received mixed reviews with some customers claiming to have lost a large amount of weight in a short period of time, while others feel that they have wasted their money.

With no evidence to support the claims, and the amount of poor customer reviews, Apidexin is unlikely to work as well as the manufacturers suggest.

However, Apidexin does include Razberi K, which is effective at targeting weight loss, so before we can dismiss this product we must delve deeper.

How Apidexin Works

Apidexin is said to work by regulating blood sugar levels within your body and also increasing your metabolism. The combination of these two factors is supposed help users decrease their appetite and also develop leaner muscles, which will allow your body to turn fat into energy quicker and thus leaving less excess fat inside your body.

The Apidexin reviews claim that users can lose up to four or five pounds per week; one customer on Amazon even reported 48 pounds worth of weight loss in just in four months, although this was combined with lots of exercise. However, it is important to take into account that no clinical trials or proof were presented to back up these claims and many of the ingredients have little background in association with weight loss.

Key Apidexin Ingredients

The ingredients were not listed on the official Apidexin UK website but were available online. Apidexin appears to contain eight main ingredients which are Infinergy, Bioperine, ForsLean, Lipolide SC, GuggulEZ100, Evodiamine, Fucoxanthin and Razberi K. The key ingredients in those eight seem to be Infinergy which boosts energy levels, Forslean which helps the lean muscle mass and GuggulEZ100 which controls levels of blood sugar, increases the metabolism and stimulates fat loss.

The Razberi K ingredient is an interesting one to mention because it is a very impressive weight loss ingredient. Short for Raspberry Ketone, the natural weight loss ingredient has been thoroughly tested and appears to work with no side effects. The manufacturers may be aware of this and have included Razberi K on the list of ingredients to impress those in the know, despite the fact that the amount of the ingredient in Apidexin is miniscule.

Apidexin Results

Weight Loss Power: 20/100

For some it appears that Apidexin is the miracle cure but for the majority there is little to believe the weight loss power of Apidexin is that strong. It claims to be able to help you lose three, four or even five pounds per week which would suggest a strong weight loss power but with little clear proof or evidence it is hard to be certain of the weight loss power.
Speed of results: 20/100

Once again, Apidexin claims to be a quick weight loss pill. Being presented as the worlds strongest fat burner would suggest that weight could be lost quite quickly and for some it has, but after research you will find that Apidexin reviews are doubtful that this is the case and the list of ingredients don’t contain proven weight loss agents.
Appetite Suppression: 18/100

The pill claims to regulate blood sugar levels which not only helps you lose weight but also should help control your appetite. If this is the case then yes you could expect a reduced appetite, however nothing has been proven about this so you will be taking a chance with these pills.
Long Term Results: 22/100

Apidexin UK has been around for a long time in this country, for numerous years, which suggests that there must be some sort of success rate despite the poor Apidexin reviews. There has been little study over the long term so it is hard to tell how the pill affects you over the course of a year, however there are a minority of customer reviews which suggest weight loss over a few months. It is best to take customer results with a pinch of salt without knowing if they’re true and unbiased.
Safety: 15/100

There have been some Apidexin reviews both by experts and customers which say there are some side effects to Apidexin. Some side effects include headaches, nausea, sleep issues and even an increased heart rate, so safety could be an issue.
Value for money: 19/100

A bottle of Apidexin costs about £30 and one bottle will last about a month, so while it is not the most expensive diet pill available, it is not outstanding value for money, especially when the actual weight loss claims are disputed. There are even some reports of money being paid and no pills being received which is a very big warning sign.

Apidexin Side Effects

As with any diet pill, it is a good idea to check with your doctor before starting any diet plan involving a supplement. Apidexin does have some reported side effects ranging from the relatively small problems such as headaches and anxiety up to bigger potential problems including increased heart rate and sleep issues. Mild episodes of jitters have also been reported, whilst claims Apidexin will make you feel less hungry have been disputed.

Where to Buy Apidexin

Apidexin UK is available on Amazon and Ebay, although these aren’t always the safest place to buy diet pills. Apidexin has an official website which is probably the best place to buy; it offers a full refund guarantee but they seem very difficult to contact. There are a considerable amount of reviews regarding payments being taken but with no delivery of the pills and then a struggle to make contact to request a refund.

Overall Verdict

Overall, Apidexin is a diet pill that would be wise to avoid. The problems begin almost immediately with the price of the pills, problems contacting the manufacturers and issues around paying without receiving any pills, and that is all before the highly disputed weight loss claims Apidexin makes. As always there are some people who claim the pills worked very well and they lost weight easily but looking at the majority of Apidexin reviews both by experts and customers, they are largely negative. The negatives outweigh the positives and overall it is a very dodgy diet pill which you’re best avoiding. You are better off looking into other pills and supplements.

Overall: 19/100

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3 responses to “Apidexin”

  1. Damon says:

    Apidexin worked for me, coupled with working out daily, it helped suppress my appetite very well, i weighed 30st and lost 17st over 9 months (too fast i know) it definitly did work for me, i went from feasting on over 5-6000 calories a day to having to force myself to eat on a daily basis, not missing all the chocolate and stuff that piles on the weight, the pills i took though were the bigger mg ones, the smaller ones are not very potent.

  2. Damon says:

    the side effects i found are like most others that are required to burn fat…the ones that work anyway, not the gimmicks.

  3. mia says:

    I have not tryied yet and I’m waiting for the pills. I will let you know after one month.

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