Approved Diet Pills Criteria
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Approved Diet Pills Criteria

This page was updated on 5/3/2015 as part of our commitment to offering transparency in terms of which products are listed on our Approved Diet Pills page. You may also wish to read our full review criteria here.

For a product to be classed as ‘Approved’, it must meet the following criteria:

1. Product must come with a 30-day or more money-back guarantee.

We believe that good products should should include a money-back-guarantee to prove their confidence in their product. We also believe that consumers should be able to purchase supplements with the minimum of risk.

This money-back-guarantee can include a deduction for handling/restocking fees of up to £10 and postage costs.

2. Products must be available to purchase via a single one-off payment.

We believe that consumers should be free to choose if they wish to reorder a product. Auto-billing scheme and ‘free trial’ promotion automatically enlist consumers into monthly payments and can sometimes be hard to cancel. Therefore we do not approve product sold in these manors.

Any products which come with a subscription in the form of an auto-billing scheme or ‘free trial’ promotion cannot be Approved.

3. Product must be manufactured to one of the following quality standards: GMP, BRC, IOS 9001.

Quality standards are important because they show the ingredients are high quality and safe for human consumption.

Products which conform to equivalent standards in other territories will be considered.

4. Products either must come with their own sustainable diet plan or promote use alongside a diet plan.

Some diet supplements are misleadingly marketed as magic bullets. Although supplements can help aid weight loss. In reality, sustainable weight loss can only be achieved through changes to diet and lifestyle.

A product will still be classed as approved as long as manufacturer recommends using the product alongside a diet plan and do not promote the product as a ‘magic bullet’ which can be used in isolation.

5. The product’s ingredients list and quantities disclosed.

When buying a product it’s important to know which ingredients are contained in a product for many reasons including to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

6. The company behind the product’s contact details must be readily available.

We believe that you should know who you are buying from and who to contact if you need help or support.

Where are Approved products displayed?

All Approved products are listed as such on their review. Approved products must have been trading for at least 12 months in order to be displayed on our Approved Diet Pills page. This is to ensure they are able to honour their money-back-guarantees.

How can I get my product Approved?

If your product has been reviewed on our website and you believe it meets our Approved criteria please email us on so we can investigate and update the product’s status to Approved in cases where the requirements above are met.

There are currently no fees associated with having your product Approved.


Products are Approved or not, based on information publicly available at the time of reviewing the product. In some cases manufacturers may provide additional information to us such as proof of accreditation.

Although we try our best to keep our records up-to-date, specifics of products change frequently and we cannot guarantee all products Approved still meet all the criteria. Likewise we do not always have time to verify all claims made on the products’ websites.

What to do if you notice any problems with any products we’ve Approved?

If you notice any issues with any of our approved product please contact us so that we can investigate.

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