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Aqualyx claims to be an effective alternative to liposuction. The product is administered as an injection and aims to remove small amounts of fat from specific areas. However, Aqualyx is very new to the market with little evidence of its efficacy other than that produced by the manufacturer.

Below we have reviewed Aqualyx against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.


Aqualyx Pros
  • May be able to target specific areas of fat
  • Registered with a medical CE mark
  • Cheaper than liposuction
Aqualyx Cons
  • Little evidence of their efficacy other than that produced by the manufacturer
  • Must be carried out by a medical professional in a clinic
  • Critics say it could cause cholesterol problems if fat turns to salt in blood

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Aqualyx Review

Aqualyx is a non-surgical treatment designed to remove fat in specific areas. The product claims to be an alternative to liposuction. Aqualyx is administered by doctor or surgeon in the form of multiple injections.

The injection contains plant polymers. The manufacturers claims, these plant polymers bind with the cell walls of the fat tissue and release the fat to be dissolved. Once the formula has liquefied the fat cell, the manufacturers claim it’s then eliminated through urine over a three-week period.

Critics have raised concerns about the lack of evidence of their efficacy other than that produced by the manufacturer. Concerns have also be raised that users might risk increased cholesterol and blood sugar levels and run the risk of becoming diabetic. Source: Dr Arun Ghosh from Spire Hospital Liverpool

In the Aqualyx review below we will examine how the injections work as a cosmetic procedure rather than an actual weight loss treatment and look to determine whether these types of products would beneficial to anyone who is attempting to lose weight.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The makers of Aqualyx state that the product is a fat removal therapy used as an alternative to liposuction. It is not intended for weight loss, but to improve the contour of the body.

The only link between the Aqualyx injections and weight loss is that a small amount of fat is removed to sculpt a particular area of the body and this results in that area (and that area only) physically appearing to be thinner than before the treatment. If Aqualyx works as claimed then there could be a reduction in weight as a result of the removed fat.

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How Aqualyx Works


The Aqualyx product is not a diet pill or weight loss supplement of any kind. Instead it is a medical procedure that must be carried out by doctors.

The injections are claimed to work by using certain ingredients which attach to tissues that bind our fat to our cell walls. These ingredients are plant polymers and when they have attached themselves to this tissue they then split.

As a result of this the fat in the cells is dissolved and reabsorbed back into the patients’ bloodstream so that it is then excreted out of the body through the urination process.

Due to the effects that the injections may have on the body, their use is not recommended for the following groups of people:
– Pregnant or nursing women.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from diabetes.
– Those who have a large amount of fat to be removed.
– Those under the age of 18 or over the age of 60.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any pathological condition.
– Those who have any other underlying medical issue.

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Key Aqualyx Ingredients

The injections themselves are made up ingredients that come from plant polymers 3, 6-Anhydro-L-Galactose and D Galactose. They include; buffer systems, sodium salt of (3α, 5α, 12α) – 3, 12-dihydroxy-5-cholan-24-acid, water for injection purposes and sodium chloride.

These might sound a bit confusing to begin with due to their scientific names but in basic terms all this means is that the injections are made up of ingredients that come from a compound found in plants.

These are said to be able to bind with certain tissues that stick or line fat to our cell walls. This is beneficial because once the solution has been bound the plant polymer splits, this in turn dissolves the fat which is then excreted out of the body through the urination process.

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Aqualyx Side Effects


Aqualyx has full CE approval for use within the UK. This means that the injections meet certain safety standards that apply to all the countries of the European Union. It also means that they can be given without further modification or testing.

The Aqualyx website itself gives a very brief description of the effects that may occur after the treatment has been carried out commenting that ‘minimal side effects have been reported globally’ but patients should expect to suffer from ‘a little skin irritation, bruising and oedema (excessive build up of fluid in the body’s tissues)’ which is said to only last a few days and should not need any treatment. Although this is very to the point it doesn’t really tell us any substantial information concerning what individuals should actually expect and what adverse signs they might need to look out for which suggest that there have been complications. It does not elaborate or explain what ‘minimal’ side effects are.

We carried a search to try and find the most common side-effects that had been noticed in patients after being given the Aqualyx injections.

Risk Factors

Firstly, it should be noted that although some side effects might occur, this does not mean that the Aqualyx injections are not safe (they are CE marked remember) and just the fact that they are allowed to be administered by clinics goes some way to proving that they should not be associated with many high risk factors.

Having said this there are certain complications that come with the fact that it is similar to an operation due to its medical nature. This means that a patient could be susceptible to an allergic reaction to either something in the injection or something in the anaesthesia that is used before the treatment begins.

As well as this, there is also a chance that patients will experience the following:
– Pain
– Redness
– Persistent swelling
– Skin necrosis (dead and peeling skin)
– Scars
– Pigmentation

As you will be able to gather, most of these side effects are to be expected from any operation and should not generally be a cause for concern. It is worth noting however that in some cases a number of these side effects have been suffered from in combination with each other as a result of infection after treatment. Whilst this is always a risk in such procedures, a good clinic should always point this out to you and give you strict instructions on how to clean and maintain any wound that might result from the injections.

It is also thought that in more rare circumstances there may be the risk that patients suffer from permanent fibrosis (thickening and scarring of connective tissue) or other type of irregularities occurring in the area that has been treated. In this case further treatment may or may not be needed – a medical professional will be best placed to inform you of this.

Long Term Effects

There have also been some remarks made by other medical professionals who are not associated with the product itself and who more concerned with the safety of the injections and the long term problems that they might present. In particular is has been reported in many a newspaper that Dr. Yannis Alexandrides who is a London based doctor and Dr. Arun Ghosh (Liverpool based) are opposed to the use of this type of treatment due to the potential side effects that it might have.

The first of these doctors is concerned about the fact that not many trials have been done for the treatment especially regarding any long term effects or effects as a result of the consistent use of the injections. The latter gives a more specific concern explaining that a lot of treatments that claim to do the same thing as Aqualyx i.e. reduce fat by breaking it down into something that the body can reabsorb and get rid of, actually do not work or has potentially dangerous effects.

He says that the way that the Aqualyx injections work is very dangerous because reabsorbing fatty acids into the blood stream would send cholesterol levels ‘sky high’ and especially if the fat is also broken down into glucose because this can lead to diabetes.

The Aqualyx manufacturers do not themselves warn against the procedure for diabetics and do not make it explicit whether this will be an issue for some patients.

To Conclude

The bottom line here is that whilst we are unsure of long term effects the injections do seem to be safe for short term use which is what most patients will be looking for. More research does need to be carried out in order to determine whether there are any adverse effects later down the line but for now the fact that most of the side effects are very normal for the type of procedure combined with the fact that the product has been CE certified leads us to believe that using the Aqualyx injections will be relatively safe.

This information should not be ranked more highly than any advice or guidance given to you by a medical professional and you should always ask for an opinion before committing to any medical procedure.

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How to Use

You cannot buy or administer the Aqualyx injections by yourself – they must be used by a medical professional in a certified clinic. Below we will describe how the Aqualyx treatment is carried out. Each session of the injections lasts around half an hour. During this two injection spots are usually required for each area of the body that is being treated.

The Treatment

Due to the nature of the procedure, an anaesthetic solution is normally added and given prior to the injections to ease any pain that they may cause the patient.

Usually the Aqualyx treatment will need to be repeated between 2 up to 8 times depending on the amount of fat tissue that needs to be reduced. It is recommended that the repeat injections are separated by 3-4 weeks.

After you have had the treatment carried out, the clinic should make an appointment with you for a review. This has to be done very soon after the treatment and is usually made for around 75 hours after the patient has undergone treatment. If, at this review appointment, the doctor think it is necessary, you might need to have further treatment. This would consist of a localised drainage and vacuum therapy on the treated area in case there has been an excessive build up of fluid etc.

If you are only having one session of the injections then this will be the end of your treatment although our experts recommend that you do get the area checked out by at least a GP 2-3 weeks after the procedure just to make sure that everything has gone according to plan and that there has been no infection etc.

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Who Makes It

Following its development 2002- 2007 by Professor Motolese, AQUALYX™ was launched in 2009 by the manufacturer Marllor, Italy. (

Aqualyx is distributed in the UK by a company called Healthxchange.

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Where to Buy Aqualyx

You cannot purchase Aqualyx online. Instead, the way to try this treatment is to book into a clinic that has been licensed to give these injections. There are clinics in around 40 different countries that contain practitioners able to administer the Aqualyx injection. The official website provides a whole page dedicated to naming some of those which include those situated in London for potential consumers in the UK.

The Cost

The injection itself should cost around £395 per session – we assume based on all of the information that we have so far that this corresponds to one injection of Aqualyx. It is recommended that more than one injection should be purchased for best results which would increase the cost to £790 per session for one area of fat.


There are a large number of clinics that offer this treatment. The price of the ‘package’ is not revealed until after a potential consumer has booked and attended a ‘free consultation’.

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Does Aqualyx Meet Our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee:No. These type of medically administered products do not normally come with any kind of money-back-guarantee and Aqualyx is no exception.

One-off payment: Yes. Although you may need to have up to 8 treatment sessions which would each incur a cost.

Manufacturing Standard: Yes – Medical CE approved.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes.

Company contact details readily available: Yes.

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Overall Verdict

Aqualyx may provide some benefits for those looking to lose small amounts of stubborn fat in specific areas. However, the costs can easily run in to the thousands of pounds and you would need to combine it with a healthy diet and fitness regime to avoid the fat building up again. Critics warn of possible side effects and there are limited independent studies available to verify its efficacy and long-term effects.

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