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Aspire Weight Loss Review

Aspire Weight Loss is another natural weight loss supplement that claims to block carbs, control your appetite, boost energy and help boost your mood.

Is this just another product with false claims, or one that we can trust? In this review we will investigate how Aspire works, and examine the possible side-effects.

Aspire bottle

Aspire Weight Loss Pros
  • Potentially promising ingredient list but no ingredient amounts are listed
Aspire Weight Loss Cons
  • No evidence or trials conducted on the product itself just individual ingredients
  • Very expensive
  • Lack of clinical studies mean effectiveness and safety are in doubt

Aspire Weight Loss Review

With the claimed doctors approval and the promise that you can lose weight and feel good, Aspire Weight Loss does look promising. The question is, can it live up to its self-created hype?

Claimed weight loss benefits:
Phaseolus Vulgaris photo
The manufacturer of Aspire Weight Loss claims that their product can offer almost every possible way to lose weight. This includes suppressing appetite, increasing energy, boosting mood, blocking fats and boosting metabolism.

How Aspire Weight Loss Works

The Aspire Weight Loss official website takes the strange step of initially stating ‘how you’re struggling to lose weight and no matter what you try you might not be able to lose weight and it is because of your metabolism’. Of course the answer to all of these weight loss problems is the Aspire diet pill, which it says can boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and block carbohydrates from your favourite foods like pizza and cakes.

It achieves all of these great results through the use of some ingredients which it claims have proven to be very effective in trials, although no evidence is given of the actual product being used, just the individual ingredients. Apparently Aspire Weight Loss tablets contain an ingredient that has been shown to reduce carbohydrate absorption from starchy food and another that blocks your appetite after being clinically proven to help lower your food cravings. Interestingly, it provides no links to this evidence and it makes no mention of any trials on the actual product which suggests none have been conducted. This places huge questions marks over the effectiveness and the safety of the product.

The product is marketed very well and the official website is well put together but don’t let this distract you from looking for evidence and looking behind the hyperbole. There is very little independent Aspire Weight Loss reviews and zero evidence that the product itself works. The makers suggest taking 1 or 2 tablets in the morning and again with lunch, although many Aspire Weight Loss reviews say 2 a day is enough.

Key Aspire Weight Loss Ingredients

orange peel
The ingredient list itself does not look too bad; there are some potentially promising ingredients included, however no amounts or quantities of each one are supplied, which is always a suspicious sign. Without knowing how much of each ingredient is included it is impossible to conclude how effective or safe the product is, especially as no information of trials or studies on the product itself are provided.

It appears there are three main ingredients but these are included in a proprietary blend, so again quantities are not provided. One ingredient, Phase 2, is an extract from white kidney bean and apparently studies have proved it can reduce the amount of carbohydrates that are converted to fat in your body. Find out more about Phaseolus Vulgaris or Phase 2 here. This, the official website claims, means you can continue to eat fatty foods without feeling guilty, which in reality seems unlikely. One study is detailed here that shows Phase 2 may be helpful for weight loss.

Advantra-Z is a patented ingredient which comes from the peel of a bitter orange adn this is the ingredient in Aspire Weight Loss which is responsible for boosting your metabolism. Chromemate is another ingredient, which is used to give you an energy boost by regulating the use of blood sugar for energy. Concerns were raised about this ingredient potentially being linked to cancer by the UK Foods Standards Agency but these were later cleared.

The ingredients are not ground breaking and without knowing quantities it is impossible to tell how effective it is. An energy boost may be experienced while some carbohydrates may be blocked, but this product is unlikely to create any dramatic weight loss; certainly not like it suggests on the official website.

Aspire Weight Loss Results

Weight Loss Power: 15/100

The weight loss power of Aspire is difficult to evaluate because without any trials on the actual product and without ingredient amounts there is very little information from which to make a decision. The lack of information probably signals the power of the product is not very strong and the extravagant claims the product makes is probably used to hide this fact. You may experience weight loss effects but they’re unlikely to be strong.
Speed of results: 15/100

This is another area difficult to make a conclusion on because the company has revealed so little about the product. The ingredient list looks slightly above average but quantities are likely to be small as they haven’t been revealed, so the weight loss power and consequently speed of any weight loss are unlikely to be impressive.
Appetite Suppression: 12/100

This is one area Aspire Weight Loss tablets are claimed to be effective in but then again there aren’t many effects the tablets don’t claim to give. There aren’t many ingredients included that suggest much of an effect on your appetite; there are ingredients apparently which boost metabolism, block carbs and give energy but no specific ingredient for appetite suppression. Of course they may combine to help control your appetite but again with so little information it is hard to tell. Any appetite suppressing effect is likely to minimal.
Long Term Results: 15/100

The long term effect of taking Aspire Weight Loss tablets is difficult to tell because there are not many independent Aspire Weight Loss reviews. It can be assumed that because the weight loss power of the tablets are low that any long term effect would be even lower. Potentially your metabolism could be boosted in the long term but with no tests on the product it is unknown what effects it could have.
Safety: 20/100

The makers claim that the product is very safe but they are bound to say that and again with no testing on the product itself it is difficult to say just how safe it is or what side effects might be experienced. It is a natural supplement so any side effects shouldn’t be too serious. There is some caffeine included in the tablets and the bitter orange also provides an energy boost so sleeping problems or anxiety could be potential side effects.
Value for money: 8/100

The official website sells one month’s worth of tablets for $49.95 with various offers if you buy more bottles including buy three, get three free. Free shipping is only included on the most expensive offer. This product cannot justify such a high price tag, it has very little evidence behind it, concerns over safety, no tests on the product and does not list ingredient amounts. With no idea how effective the product is, paying this much each month is just not sensible.

Side Effects

Aspire Weight Loss is a product that only contains natural ingredients. While this doesn’t guarantee any safety it does minimise the risk of experiencing serious side effects. The Phase 2 ingredient is known to cause problems in bowel movements in some cases while the caffeine levels in the tablets could cause jittery feelings or sleeping issues, especially if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine. More information is needed from the makers on the safety of the product.

Where to Buy Aspire Weight Loss

Aspire Weight Loss tablets only seem to be available from the official website. This means the cheapest option for these pills is $49.95 for just a month’s supply, not including shipping costs. Two bottles are available with a free extra bottle, therefore costing $99.90, again not including shipping. The largest order is three bottles with three bottles extra free which costs $149.85 but does include free shipping. It is unclear if the company ships to the UK but expect large postage and packaging costs if they do.

Overall Verdict

Aspire Weight Loss is a poor dieting option. There is nothing to suggest these pills will help you to lose weight and no tests have been conducted on the product itself, which means the effectiveness and safety of the product are yet to be proved. There are very few independent Aspire Weight Loss reviews available, which means a balanced view of the product cannot be compiled. Ingredient amounts are hidden, which is another suspicious sign suggesting there is something to hide, namely the presence of very small amounts of each ingredient.

Considering all these factors and that the potential for weight loss is very slim, the price tag that the makers charge for this product is quite outrageous. There are far better products available that can be more effective, potentially safer and much cheaper too.

Overall: 10/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Aspire Weight Loss diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Aspire Weight Loss , so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Aspire Weight Loss work?

What ways doesn’t Aspire Weight Loss work might be an easier question to answer. The product claims to work across almost all areas of weight loss including appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and fat blocking. It claims it has an ingredient included which triggers each of these effects but no quantities are included so it is impossible to tell if they actually could work in these areas.

2. How long do Aspire Weight Loss diet pills take to work?

The official website suggests these pills will work very quickly. They say you’ll notice an energy boost from day one; two customer reviews used on the site claim to have lost 10lbs in the first week and 17lbs over two months. This would suggest you could see results very quickly but there is little evidence to back this up so your experience may differ from those on the official website.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

As Aspire Weight Loss tablets feature only natural ingredients side effects should be minimised, however with no testing done on the product it is impossible to say just how safe it is. It does contain caffeine so could bring on jittery feelings or nervousness and Phase 2 has been known to cause some bowel movement problems in some cases.

4. When do I take the Aspire Weight Loss tablets?

You are asked to take two tablets in the morning and two at lunch time. Each time you’re supposed to take them 30 minutes before eating and with a glass of water. The official website says that many people feel like two a day is enough, one in the morning and one with lunch.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

On the front page of the official website it suggests that you do not need to diet with these tablets because the ingredients can stop the carbohydrates from being digested. However on the FAQ page it says it recommends gentle exercise and a healthy diet. Dieting will always be helpful to weight loss and you may need the added dieting for weight loss with these tablets.

6. What ingredients go into Aspire Weight Loss pills?

There are 11 ingredients included in Aspire Weight Loss. The three main ingredients that are featured on the front page of the official website are Phase 2, used for blocking fats and carbs, Advantra-Z, used for a metabolism boost and Chromemate, which is used for an energy boost. The official website cites studies done on the individual ingredients but there are no trials on the actual product itself. No ingredient amounts are featured so the effectiveness of each ingredient is not known.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Aspire Weight Loss pills?

The official website suggests that you don’t need to make any lifestyle changes in order to see weight loss thanks to Aspire Weight Loss tablets. On the FAQ page they backtrack slightly and suggest mild exercise. This would seem sensible as exercise is a great way to boost weight loss as it burns more calories.

8. Where can I buy Aspire Weight Loss ?

The product can only be bought from the official website. The makers offer a money back guarantee as long as you return the unused portion but the product is very expensive starting from $49.95 for just one month’s supply of the product. Offers are given if you purchase more bottles but this is a big commitment for a product that has doubts over its effectiveness.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

The largest order you can make is three bottles with another three added on free. This suggests you can take the product for up to six months although no time limit is recommend or set by the makers. There are very few Aspire Weight Loss reviews to go by so how long you take the pills may come down to their success and your energy levels.

10. How much weight could I lose with Aspire Weight Loss ?

The makers guarantee weight loss. The customers used in testimonials on the official website claim to have seen large amounts of weight fall off but there are very few independent customer reviews to read online. The effectiveness of the product is in doubt and there is no proof of weight loss from using the product so weight loss may not be dramatic.

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