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The makers of Avaprex claim on the official website that they wanted to create the most aggressive diet pill possible. Apparently the nutraceutical experts at Avaprex set out to collect the most effective weight loss ingredients the world can offer and they’re all packed in to this diet pill.

Aspire bottleNaturally with all of these amazing ingredients included, Avaprex claims that it works across all weight loss departments including appetite suppression, metabolism boosting and fat burning.

Does it live up to this hype? Read on to find out.

Avaprex Pros
  • Ingredient amounts revealed
Avaprex Cons
  • Ingredient amounts are very small, so any real weight loss effects are doubtful
  • Expensive price tag

Avaprex Review


Avaprex claims to have the world’s best weight loss ingredients all packed in to one Avaprex tablet and naturally this means it works to help you lose weight across effectively every possible area of weight loss. Interestingly the experts at Avaprex didn’t travel very fat across the globe as the ingredients included are featured in many other diet pills.

The official website says you only need to take one tablet per day and you can take it 30 minutes before breakfast or lunch or dinner. More guidance on when to take them would have been welcomed but considering the effects the tablets claim to have it is probably better to take them earlier in the day.

There are very few Avaprex reviews from customers available online. The product is featured on Amazon, although at the time of writing is unavailable to buy, and there has been one customer review added and this is a one star comment unhappy with the product.

There is zero evidence and no trials provided on the official website to back up the claims that are made, and nothing on the product as a whole or the individual ingredients. Fortunately the ingredients themselves are popular in diet pills so they are known to have quite good weight loss potential, but the product requires further testing to show whether it is as effective as the makers claim and to judge its safety too.

Key Avaprex Ingredients

Green Tea
The world’s best weight loss ingredients that are featured in Avaprex are common ingredients in a large number of diet pills. Included are raspberry ketone, green tea, caffeine and then a proprietary blend of 6 ingredients that includes Acai fruit and African mango. To the credit of Avaprex, the ingredient amounts are fully listed including the total of the proprietary blend, but sadly the amounts let the product down.

With only 300mg of raspberry ketone and 200mg green tea there is just not enough of each ingredient to get the most out of them. There is a Huffington Post article uncovering the raspberry ketone craze and there is more info on green tea available on WebMD. These are popular diet pill ingredients for a reason and can have an effect on weight loss as well as other benefits, but sadly it is doubtful the quantities included are large enough to really get the most out of them.

As the quantities of the ingredients are so low, any effects from taking the tablets are likely to be quite minimal and weight loss may be hard to come by. You may experience a small energy boost because of the caffeine included but any other effects might not appear at all.

Avaprex Results

Weight Loss Power: 18/100

The positive side about the product is that it has been honest and revealed the ingredient amounts; many other diet pills can hide their ingredient amounts to appear more effective than they may actually be. Sadly for Avaprex though, is that the small amounts of the ingredients included means that the weight loss power is likely to be very low. You may experience small effects from the tablets but they won’t be enough to create any dramatic weight loss.
Speed of results: 14/100

Stemming from the low ingredient amounts making the weight loss power of Avaprex tablets minimal, means the speed of any results is likely to be very slow. You may be able to boost your weight loss through diet and exercise but then the tablets may not be required although they could offer a small energy boost. You can roughly calculate your metabolism rate here.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Avaprex claims to have an appetite suppressing effect on you but the ingredient list does not suggest that this will be the case. The raspberry ketone ingredient is probably what would create the effect on your appetite but there is not nearly enough included to create noticeable results on your appetite.
Long Term Results: 9/100

As the weight loss power of Avaprex is so minimal it is unlikely taking the tablets will have much effect on your long term weight loss either in a positive or a negative manner. This is quite hard to predict however given the lack of Avaprex reviews from customers.
Safety: 64/100

The product is a natural supplement which means side effects are unlikely to be too substantial. Having said this, there has been no tests or studies completed on the product, which means the effectiveness and safety of the product cannot be fully known. The product is unlikely to have very many side effects due to the low amounts of any ingredient; the caffeine could create problems for those sensitive to caffeine but the product does not have much danger associated to it.
Value for money: 5/100

Avaprex can be bought from the official website in bottles to last one, two, three, four and six month periods. The cheapest option lasting a month costs $45.98 while the six month option costs $214.88. This is an extremely expensive price tag for a diet pill which is unlikely to have any effect on weight loss and therefore offers very poor value for money.

Side Effects

Avaprex is unlikely to have much effect at all. Side effects are likely to be minimal if any appear at all as the product features only natural ingredients and the amounts of those ingredients are very small, further minimising any chance of side effects. The only possible problem could come from the caffeine, but you are likely to have to be sensitive to caffeine to have much of an issue given the small amount included. Learn more about potential caffeine side effects here.

Where to Buy Avaprex

Avaprex appears to only be sold from the official website. There is an Amazon page for it but it is currently unavailable to buy. Prices on the official website start from $45.98 for one month’s worth of tablets. Two months’ supply costs $84.96 and prices go up about $30 for every further month you order. The most expensive price is for a six month bottle costing $214.88 and there is no mention of shipping costs or any money back guarantees.

Overall Verdict

Avaprex is a diet pill that should be avoided. There is nothing to suggest that these pills will help you to lose weight, no clinical trials or studies on the product, very small amounts of the important ingredients and a hefty price tag. There is also a suspiciously low amount of Avaprex reviews to get an idea of how the product works. The only positive about Avaprex is that the makers have been honest enough to disclose the ingredient amounts, whereas many other diet pills hide this information to conceal just how effective they may be. Sadly though, the ingredient list is not impressive and weight loss with Avaprex is unlikely. There are many better diet pill options for better weight loss and many are available at better prices.

Overall: 20/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Avaprex diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Avaprex , so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Avaprex work?

Avaprex claims to work in a number of ways including appetite suppression, boosting your metabolism and burning more fat. In reality you are unlikely to experience any of these effects as the product does not feature enough of the weight loss ingredients to create these results. The official website does not give any proof or offer any evidence that the product works.

2. How long do Avaprex diet pills take to work?

Given the very low amounts of the weight loss ingredients it is likely you could be waiting a long time to see any real weight loss. The official website suggests that many users see weight loss within the first two weeks and could continue to see weight loss for the next 6 to 12 months. It does not provide any evidence of this and with very few Avaprex reviews from customers online it is hard to believe this.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

Side effects are likely to be very minimal with Avaprex for two reasons. Firstly, it is an all-natural supplement which minimises side effects in even some of the strongest pills. Secondly, the amounts of ingredients included in Avaprex are so small that you are unlikely to see many effects at all, either positive or negative.

4. When do I take the Avaprex tablets?

You are only asked to take one Avaprex tablet each day. You are advised to take one tablet half an hour before any meal of the day with a glass of water. The makers don’t specify when it is best to take them but judging by the advertised results, taking them earlier in the day would be best.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

The official website says that no foods are out of bounds when taking Avaprex but recommends that you take the tablets as part of a healthy dieting and exercise routine. It also suggests that your eating habits change as a result of taking the tablets but this seems unlikely judging by the weight loss power of the product.

6. What ingredients go into Avaprex pills?

To the credit of Avaprex it includes full ingredient amounts for each ingredient. Every 2 capsules contain 300mg of raspberry ketone, 200mg of green tea and 100mg of caffeine with a 600mg proprietary blend that includes African mango, grapefruit and Acai fruit. The amounts of these ingredients are very low and therefore the effectiveness of the product is likely to be weak.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Avaprex pills?

The official website does not mention whether you should continue with your current amount of exercise or do any more. Generally, whatever diet pill you’re taking, exercise is recommended because it is a great way to burn further calories and increase your chances of weight loss.

8. Where can I buy Avaprex ?

Avaprex can only be bought from its official website. There is a page on Amazon for Avaprex but at the time of writing it was unavailable to buy. A month’s supply of Avaprex costs $45.95 but can also be bought in two, three, four and six month periods with the longest time period costing $214.88. There is no mention of any money back guarantee on the official website while shipping costs were not made clear either.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

According to the official website most users report the best results after taking the product for a minimum of a three month period. It also says that use of Avaprex for longer than two years has not been studied. With a six month buying option this would appear to be the longest you should follow Avaprex but you may be put off by a lack of weight loss or the expensive price before that point.

10. How much weight could I lose with Avaprex?

The official website suggests that for an overweight person it would not be unusual to see between 5 and 8lbs each week but stresses that everyone is different. Looking at the ingredient amounts and the lack of any real evidence that the product works it would seem unlikely this much weight would be lost at all let alone in just a week.

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