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Avesil UK

Avesil UK is a diet pill that is claimed to target several key areas of weight loss. However, the product has been associated with a free trial scam and is no longer available from the official website.

Below we have reviewed Avesil UK against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Avesil UK

Avesil UK Pros
  • Unlikely to cause severe side effects for most people
  • Easy to take
  • Some of the key ingredients have been subject to preliminary testing
Avesil UK Cons
  • Was sold as a free trial scam, although the official website is no longer accessible
  • Limited list of ingredients, none of which have been proven to aid weight loss
  • Lots of important information lacking

Avesil UK Free Trial Auto-billing Warning

scamA quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the Avesil UK product auto-enrols you in to a recurring billing agreement. This means you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter unless you cancel.

In some cases you are also charged for the “free” sample if you do not call up and return the sample product.

Read our article on A warning about diet pill free trials to learn more.

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Avesil UK Review

Avesil UK is a supplement that claimed to significantly boost weight loss. Unfortunately it was sold as a free trial scam from the official website, which has since been shut down.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Avesil UK is a supplement which claims to reduce appetite, burn fat faster, boost metabolism and lose weight. The product boasts losing up to three times more weight when using the supplement but offers no further explanation.

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How Avesil UK Works

woman wondering how diet pill works 538

On the official website there are generic phrases used to suggest it will help you lose weight such as reduce appetite, burn fat fast and boost energy, these are written in bullet point form and there is no indication as to how it works, why it should work or how you take it.

On the front page of the website there is the offer of a free trial, which it appears has been set up to scam users. The idea behind this is you sign up for the 12 day free trial, give your credit card details and the clock immediately starts ticking. In some cases customers have reported that delivery alone has taken 12 days. At the end of this Avesil UK trial period you are immediately charged £70 every 30 days. One Avesil review says a user had to cancel a credit card to get out of this scheme.

Their website does not provide much information as to how the ingredients work and it is a proprietary blend, meaning that there are no precise ingredient quantities revealed. There is a limited ingredient list consisting of only 4 items, which can be found from the FAQ page on the official website. These comprise of Chromium, decaffeinated Green Tea Extract, Caffeine and Ashwagandha extract. To understand how Avesil UK may work, it is necessary to explore the ingredients.


Chromium is an essential mineral which is said to enhance the effects of insulin. It supposedly improves blood sugar control as Chromium is said to help carry sugar into the muscle cells. Without Chromium, this regulation is thought to be disrupted; creating sugary cravings in the body which may be why it is claimed to suppress appetite however there is no conclusive evidence that it has any effect of weight loss.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract has catechins which are said to aid weight loss by suppressing appetite, boosting metabolism, burning fat and raising energy levels, however there is no conclusive evidence of this. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is an active compound in green tea which is thought to inhibit the hormone which craves food, therefore reducing appetite. The polyphenols supposedly induce thermogenesis and fat oxidation meaning that larger fats are broken down into smaller, useable molecules.

Avesil UK have used a proprietary blend with the green tea and Ashwagandha of 475mg, meaning how much of the active ingredient has actually been used is unknown. It could be 5mg of each and the other 465mg being something else.

Ashwagandha extract

Ashwagandha extract is a questionable ingredient in Avesil UK. It is an Indian herb used in tonics to combat a variety of issues such as stress, inflammation, skin infections, boost immunity, promotes sleep, and is thought to act as an aphrodisiac. It is said to improve stamina and focus, which may help achieve optimal results in exercise.

However it is unclear as to why Avesil have included this ingredient in their supplement as there is no evidence of Ashwagandha supporting weight loss. As it is thought to reduce stress, it may possibly reduce the need to comfort eat. Ashwagandha supposedly has sedative effects and is used to promote tiredness. If anything, this would counteract the energy boosting effects of the caffeine.


Caffeine is a stimulant and is said to boost metabolism in a variety of ways. Firstly, it purportedly blocks the hormone Adenosine which calms the nervous system down, inducing sleep. Secondly, it is said to stimulate the adrenal glands to increase the rate of lipolysis, meaning that there are more broken down fats ready to use during exercise, thus increasing stamina. It may also increase the heart rate making the body feel more alert and focused. The amount of caffeine in a capsule of Avesil UK is 75mg, equal to a standard cup of coffee.

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Key Avesil UK Ingredients


The ingredients included in this diet pill are hard to find on the official website and generally appear to be limited in terms of weight loss potential.


The main ingredient is Chromium, which has been linked to weight loss but requires more quantity than is included in Avesil UK. This ingredient is thought to help to suppress the appetite and increase the process of fat burning, although clinical evidence in support of these effects is lacking. Read more about Chromium and its potential weight loss ability on WebMD.

Proprietary Blend

It is then revealed the other ingredients are a proprietary blend of decaffeinated green tea, Ashwagandha extract and caffeine. A proprietary blend means the exact quantities of ingredients remain unknown. These ingredients are thought to have fat burning and metabolism boosting qualities. Caffeine may also offer the user an energy boost, potentially helping to improve athletic performance.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

Avesil claim on their website that two clinical studies have been performed on Avesil and have shown up to 300% more weight loss. The author’s name has been adjusted for the Avesil website and the studies include ingredients which are not in Avesil, such as Hydroxycitric acid and Gymneme Sylvestre, yet Avesil have claimed these unrelated studies as their own. As there are no clinical trials on Avesil, we will examine the trials which have been performed on the individual ingredients to see if they have any clinically proven effects.

The results from these clinical trials show inconclusive evidence of aiding weight loss and suggest that the small/unknown dosages in Avesil are unlikely to have a significant effect upon the user.


Chromium is often used in dietary supplements but with little reason. Clinical studies do not support chromium as a weight loss aid and the Federal Trade Commission in 1997 stated that there is “no basis for claims that chromium picolinate promotes weight loss and fat loss in humans.” A trial was carried out on 80 overweight adults who ingested a daily 1000mcg of chromium picolinate or a placebo over a 24 week period. Their initial BMI was recorded and then measured again at 12 weeks, to which there was no difference between the average BMI of those taking the chromium or placebo. They were measured later at 24 weeks again showing no difference in weight. This trial used an excessive dosage of chromium and found no effect so it is questionable how Avesil used only a tenth of this dosage and expect miraculous results.


Caffeine has many proven effects but weight loss is still a debatable issue. From some studies it seems caffeine does improve energy levels and metabolism on a short term basis but with regards to weight loss, the evidence is still inconclusive.

One study found that after testing the effects of coffee and caffeine on metabolism using both normal-weight and obese subjects, caffeine consumption could increase the metabolic rate in individuals no matter what their weight. In normal-weight subjects, this increase was coupled with increased fat burning – an effect that was not noted in the obese participants. It was concluded that caffeine may have a slight effect on weight loss for normal-weight and obese adults.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract

Green Tea extract is thought to have many beneficial effects on the body but not may clinical trials have been done investigating the weight loss properties of green tea. Researchers believe the catechins within green tea are what may cause weight loss but the results have been so varied there is not a conclusive result.

A trial was carried out on 10 healthy men who were given green tea, caffeine and a placebo to examine the relationship with energy-expenditure and fat oxidation. Those who were given green tea were found to have an increase in 24 hour energy-expenditure with a decrease in respiratory quotient and no change in urinary nitrogen. Those given caffeine found no significant changes in energy-expenditure. This proved that green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation in the body beyond its caffeine content, also showing that decaffeinated green tea in works just as well as caffeinated in oxidising fat.

However, the problem with examining the effectiveness of green tea in Avesil is that the actual quantity used is unknown. In the clinical trial, 90mg epigallocatechin gallate was used, which is the compound consisting of catechins, yet the dosage used in Avesil is undetermined and therefore the effects are too.

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Avesil UK Side Effects

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It is very difficult to determine the side effects of Avesil UK as so little is known about the product. Although it appears safe, Avesil has not been tested and therefore the effects are not known to be safe.

Theoretically, the individual ingredients sound safe however the combination of them as a supplement could have different effects. A concern with Avesil in regards to safety is the proprietary blend of ingredients. It only lists a couple of known components but the others are undisclosed, meaning they could be anything. Unknown ingredients are particularly dangerous to people who have allergies and don’t know what it is they are consuming and even those who didn’t realise they had an allergy may suffer a reaction due to the unlisted ingredients.


Avesil state “A few individuals notice very mild headaches or increased heart rate” yet offer no explanation for this. It can be assumed that this is a side effect from the caffeine. Caffeine can increase heart rate and blood pressure and the effects vary depending on the user’s tolerance to caffeine. If the dieter is not used to having caffeine in their diet, caution should be exerted because it may have side effects such as headaches, nausea, the jitters, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. There may also be short bursts of energy followed by a crash period.

Ashwagandha Side Effects

Ashwagandha has been associated with some side effects. These effects can differ depending on the person. For example, Ashwagandha can irritate the gastrointestinal tract which means it shouldn’t be taken by somebody with a stomach ulcer. This means that it may cause stomach upset, pain, and diarrhoea. It can also cause enhance the effects of the immune system, causing problems for those who suffer from auto-immune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Ashwagandha can also be dangerous when combined with an anaesthetic due to its sedative properties. Avesil fail to warn the consumer of these dangers to specified people. Generally, some mild side effects include upset stomach, diarrhoea and vomiting.

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How to Use

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Avesil advise taking the supplement twice daily, 30 minutes before a meal. This is the extent of the information they give. There is no recommendation to how long the supplement should be used for or if there are certain times to take the pill. They do say pregnant women shouldn’t take Avesil which can only be assumed is due to the caffeine as again they provide no explanation. They also state anyone with a medical history should consult a doctor or physician beforehand.

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Who Makes It?

Avesil is a product made by the company Green Bracket LLC, an American company with a poor reputation and again there is a lack of information about this company. It is run by two men who have a tainted history when selling products. They were prosecuted for running a free trial for a teeth whitening company.

They received a D+ rating by the BBB business review, based on the amount of complaints they had received.

The only reason they were not marked as an F, was because of their effort to resolve the complaints by pointing out the terms and conditions on their website. In the small print, the terms and conditions do explain the policy, which gives the company the right to refuse refunds and remain legal.

Their website was an advertisement for their trial, with the signing up form on the front page. There was an image stating “clinical trials” however when clicking on it, the image doesn’t actually act as a link but merely an unreferenced picture. There were three testimonials on the front page with a legal disclaimer stating that not this much weight will be lost. There was no comments box or a star rating system.

It is only after some searching that a few small print links could be seen at the bottom of the page which opened pop-up windows, so the trial advertisement could still be seen beneath. The website offered no dietary plans or exercise regimes and even stated that exercise is not necessary with Avesil. They also said that they have referenced 284 scientific studies yet these were nowhere to be seen. The only contact details that were provided was a customer support telephone number.

The website is no longer available; it appears to have been shut down. Similarly, no information on the company behind the product is available anymore.

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Where to Buy Avesil UK


Avesil was sold only on their official website. They retailed for £70 for a 60 pack of capsules or a one month supply. Avesil offered a trial, which is the primary concern for this being a scam. They avoided using the term “free” because the Federal Trade Commission put a stop to “free trials” as they were misleading and the company therefore remains legal on a technicality. This website no longer exists, and so the product cannot be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Avesil UK is not available from any high street stores or well-known retailers in the UK. The only place that Avesil UK appears to be available to purchase now is from the American Amazon page, where one bottle of 60 capsules is sold by a company called ‘GB Supplements’ for a one-off price of $89.95 (£59.29).

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Does Avesil UK Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: No, if a customer opts for a ‘free trial’, they will be enrolled on to an auto-billing programme whereby they will be charged for a bottle of Avesil UK every month thereafter.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find details of a manufacturing standard.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Full ingredient quantities were not disclosed on the official website.

Company contact details readily available: Contact details cannot be found as the official website no longer exists.

Avesil UK does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back-guarantee or diet plan; the product is sold using a ‘free trial scam’ and the official website is no longer available meaning that information, such manufacturing standards and a full ingredients list, cannot be found.

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Overall Verdict

Avesil UK received a great many negative customer reviews as it was sold using a ‘free trial scam’, meaning that customers were unknowingly enrolled onto an auto-billing scheme. The product is claimed to target several key areas of weight loss, and some of the ingredients have been subject to preliminary testing. Results of these trials have however been inconclusive, and the exact quantities of the ingredients in Avesil are not revealed. The company behind the product seem to have folded; the official website no longer exists, and it is only available to buy from the U.S. Amazon site.

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