What are the benefits of Raspberry Ketone?
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What are the benefits of Raspberry Ketone?

raspberry ketone benefitsThere has been much controversy about Raspberry Ketone. Although loved by lots of its users for its weight loss power, it has often been criticized by users and experts alike. So what exactly are the benefits and are they obtainable?

In this article, we will discuss the benefits that Raspberry Ketone promises and also consider whether these benefits are reachable or whether they fall short of the mark. We hope to cover a wide variety of these benefits and show you, with help from reliable sources, the truth of these claims.

What is Raspberry Ketone?

Firstly, what is Raspberry Ketone and where does it come from? Well, it can be found exactly where you may think it can be found! – primarily in Raspberries! This compound gives red raspberries their fruity and lively smell. However, it is not just limited to those bite-sized blushing berries! For it can also be found in cranberries and blackberries too. In this article, we will primarily be discussing Raspberry Ketone in regards to its health benefits; however, for you budding knowledge hoarders, it may be interesting for you to note that Raspberry Ketone is used in perfumery, cosmetics and also in the food industry. Its smell is surely a prized thing!

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What are Raspberry Ketones health benefits?

Which is the Best Brand of Raspberry Ketone to Buy?We are all interested in our health, and lots of us are concerned with losing and/or maintaining that weight loss. But losing weight can be a difficult and arduous task, and keeping it off can be even more difficult. In fact, most people who lose weight are extremely likely to put it back on over the proceeding one to five years. And so, when products appear (or stick around on the market place) that promise great and revolutionary health benefits, it is only natural to assume and even wish for them to work.

To hammer home this point, imagine you are in the shop, you may pick up a bottle, a shiny palm-sized object that feels smooth in your resting palm. You then begin to read the label. At first, the words shock you, you are confused, how could this be? The words, painted in scientific-like bold print, begin to lead your mind towards something that seems too good to be true. You feel your stomach fluttering, you have found it. The text in front of you makes you wish to proclaim that this is a “Miracle cure! Look at these benefits! I am done! I have found it!” You buy the product and take it home, with your heart and head filled with jubilant expectation.

In this example, I would say that your motives are sound, for we have all wished for such a thing. The journey through weight loss can be a cruel and daunting path, and we can all latch onto a product’s promises. But, what if this weight loss cure was no miracle at all?

What needs to be made clear is that all the hype concerning products can be a dangerous distraction, and cover its actual benefits (or even, more worryingly, its side-effects). This is particularly true with Raspberry Ketone. It has not been long since this product was over sensationalised in America, though a show hosted by Dr. Oz, with its sales soaring, and people buying the product in bulk in response to it being proclaimed as a “miracle cure”.

The health benefits

So let us have a look at why Raspberry Ketone has been hailed as such a miraculous discovery. Well, the benefits for Raspberry Ketones are often suggested to include; helping your body break down fat, regulating your metabolism, decreasing the signs of aging, having anti-cancer benefits, helping your body fight heart disease, helping your body fight inflammation and pain, and finally making you feel fuller for longer. It is obvious to anyone that these benefits are obviously breathtaking, who wouldn’t want to get all these benefits in capsule form! However, let us have a look at these in more detail.

Helps the body break down fat and Regulate your metabolism

raspberry ketone boosts metabolismThese two facts are linked by a common cause. It has been stated that Raspberry Ketone increases the secretion of a protein known as Adiponectin. It is in this product that these two benefits find their home.

Firstly, Adiponection teases out the fat from your fat stores, which allows for your body to more easily break down the fat in your body. This is going to quickly shred those pounds. And often it is stated that with Raspberry Ketone the initial weight loss will shock you due to this benefit. Whether this is true one cannot be certain, some say it does and some say it does not! There are no human trials on this product, which leads us to hold back judgment.

It has also been said that Adiponectin aids in the regulation of your metabolism. If you do not know already, your metabolism is the process by which your body engages in a range of chemical reactions, which are all done in order to keep you alive! It is the rate your body can use the fuel that we gulp down. If your metabolism is working more efficiently, then your body will benefit from, not just losing weight, but will in fact be operating at a more effective level. Higher metabolism will equal a healthier body, yet lower levels will lead to fatigue and possibly obesity. From research it has been found that pure Raspberries have the effect of inducing the secretion of Adiponectin, however, you cannot be sure if these relates to Raspberry Ketone. It may well do, but scientific research is lacking to validate this claim.

Decrease signs of aging and Has anti-cancer benefits

raspberry ketones reduces signs of agingThese benefits stem from the idea that Raspberry Ketone can reduce the free radicals in your body. Free radicals are mischievous little things, which steal other molecule’s electrons, causing a train reaction of unstable cell damage. This cell death results in many things, these include; (sometimes) causing cancers, but more commonly aging your skin. Raspberry Ketone combats free radicals by being an antioxidant. Antioxidants are used by your body to deal with free radicals. Therefore, with the right amount of antioxidants you are sure to reduce the signs of aging as well as your chances of getting certain cancers. However, Raspberry Ketone does not have much scientific backing behind it to support this claim. Moreover, some scientists state that a normal diet will enable the production of enough antioxidants anyway!

Helps fight heart disease

raspberry ketones helps fights heart diseaseIt has also been bandied about that Raspberry Ketone has great benefits for your heart health. Reducing the build up of plaque in your arteries and so aiding to prevent a whole host of cardiovascular related diseases. There is however no scientific evidence to support this theory. It seems to be mostly anecdotally. Once again, the main issue with Raspberry Ketone is that there have been no human trials. All the evidence is either from animal experiments or from randomly selected testimonies.

If the claims are true then it is most likely due to Raspberry Ketone having salicylic acid in it. This ingredient is said to be a treatment for cardiovascular disease. It has been well researched but does not provide nearly enough of an effect compared to over treatments or preventions that are out there. However, any help is better than no help, so if there is enough salicylic acid then we see no reason not to presume you may receive some benefits some this product – but this is only a ‘maybe’.

Helps fight inflammation and pain

Raspberry Ketone has also been stated to fight inflammation and pain. It has been compared to using aspirin, and some have commented that it is better than aspirin as its “all natural”. Although they may be forgetting that Raspberry Ketone often goes through lots of stages of manufacture and manipulation and is often sold with other added ingredients, and more often than not they mix real Raspberry Ketone with synthetic Raspberry Ketone brewed in a laboratory!

Once again there doesn’t seem to be trials that support this claim and even the animal trials do not look at this particular alleged quality. However, that does not mean that Raspberry Ketone does not have the ability to fight inflammation and pain it just means that, as of yet, the jury is still out on that one.

Makes you feel fuller quicker

Raspberry Ketone is said to have a high fibre content. We know that products, which are high in fibre, can fill you up for quicker and for longer. Fibre (of which comes in two forms) is able to keep your body well lubricated as well and healthy and working orderly. What is a concern is that this is certainly a known benefit of real raspberries, yet despite best efforts, finding any truth to this claim was a challenge– partly due to an inability to find accurate fibre content information. However, what is know is that once again there is no scientifically published article to support this claim. It appears that for the most part all of these benefits seem to be anecdotal, more hearsay than facts.

The Science behind the benefits

As you can see the common theme running through these benefits is that there is a lack of scientific evidence for these claims. There are many of people’s comments ‘for’ and ‘against’ the product. Some claim it enabled them to lose all the weight they wanted and others state that it is a big rip-off with no ‘real’ benefits. Without the evidence to support these benefits, one question will come to mind. What evidence is there for these claims?

raspberry ketone clinical trialsWell most of the evidence comes from studies, which began in the late 1990’s and have been redone and edited over the years. They are all conducted on rats and mice, and to date there have been no tests on human beings. The tests on the animals have been successful. One study found that the rats, which were given high doses of Raspberry Ketone, did indeed lose weight. In fact, they lost a significant amount of weight compared to the group who were not given Raspberry Ketone. Great! – You may be thinking. Here we have evidence! Well, sadly that is not the case. Testing rats and testing humans is not the same thing. We, although genetically similar, have very large and distinct difference in our biology and you can’t be sure that what works for one animal will work for another. Also, these rats were given a dosage that if transferred to a human would be 1000 times the recommended daily dosage! (referring to the dosages stated on lots of the Raspberry Ketone products that are out there.)


Most benefits of Raspberry Ketone seem to be based on people’s comments. And, although these can be a powerful and beneficial tool, how are we meant to decide which side is correct? What we need, in order to cut through this sea of opinions is some hard science-based research. Until then, we are unconvinced of Raspberry Ketones effectiveness.

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