Best 5 Fat Burning Supplements
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Best 5 Fat Burning Supplements

woman with flat stomach after using fat burnersIf you are seeking to lose weight, it is most likely that you want to shed fat, rather than muscle mass. It is also likely that no matter how strict a diet is undertaken or how many hours are spent slaving away at the gym, there will be some fat that is hard to shift..

..This is where diet pills can help, specifically fat-burning supplements that can increase the rate that the body burns off its fat.

Fat burners vs. fat binders

These are two terms that are often used in describing diet pills, and often the phrasing is overlapped, especially in descriptions of multi-purpose products that utilize both techniques to cause weight loss. This can make it unclear what each term covers.

To clarify, fat binders prevent some of the fat that is eaten from being absorbed into the body, usually by binding the fat with fibre, so that it passes straight through the bowels. Fat burners, on the other hand, act to burn off fat that is already stored in the body, helping the body to lose fat, rather than muscle mass.

Best Fat Burning Supplements

Below are five of the best fat-burning supplements available on the UK market.

Gravitate Nutrition’s Ultimate Weight Loss Kit

Gravitate is the only product we’ve come across to offer such an exciting combination of effective ingredients packaged into a well-thought-out and easy to take format. The clinically tested weight loss ingredients are powerful yet safe and natural.

The use of three products (Supersculpt, Weight Loss Shakes & Hotsculpt) which work together to tackle weight loss from all angles, provides superior results compared to other competitors.

best diet pills graviateGravitate Nutrition comes with guaranteed weight loss via a 60-day 100% money-back-guarantee. This is the longest money-back-guarantee of all our approved products and makes the purchase virtually risk-free.

Read our review of Gravitate Nutrition’s Ultimate Weight Loss Kit.


The main ingredient in Capsiplex is capsicum, an ingredient clinically proven to be an effective fat burner. Capsicum is derived from chillies and is also thought to boost the metabolism. The claims that Capsiplex make are fairly impressive. The increase in metabolism causes an energy boost and can burn up to 278 calories extra per day- the size of a small meal. For dieters who are nearing their final weight goal, Capsiplex can help to maintain constant weight loss, as dieters who are not using diet pills typically suffer from lowered metabolisms and struggle to lose the final few pounds. The energy boost may also prove to be useful to gym goers. Feedback from reviews by consumers of Capsiplex shows that the energy boost is noticeable, and helped them to persevere for longer with exercise, therefore burning even more calories.

Recently, Capsiplex has been redesigned, following complaints of severe indigestion and bowel problems from consumers. Now, the pill has the active ingredient encased within a pH activated layer, that will not dissolve until it passes the stomach and reaches the intestines, which dramatically reduces the afore mentioned negative side effects. This also has improved the effectiveness of Capsiplex, as there is more protection of the active ingredient, and so less opportunity for the active ingredient to be destroyed before it can be absorbed into the body properly. Another side effect of consuming capsicum is the thermogenic effect- a slight change in body heat may be detected, similar to the change in body warmth associated with eating chillies. This is another way in which the body is burning more calories due to consuming Capsiplex, by expending energy on heating the body.

Capsiplex is marketed as a quick working, highly effective fat burning supplement, and so it is possible to see results very quickly. However, to see the best results from Capsiplex, like any other diet pill, a controlled diet and exercise regime is recommended. For more infromation, view our full review of Capsiplex.

Tava Tea

One fat-burning supplement that does not take the form of a diet pill is Tava Tea, a blend of a number of different teas that reportedly hold weight loss properties. This makes Tava Tea an all-natural supplement, theoretically minimising unpleasant side effects.

There are three types of tea in this blend, all of which have beneficial effects;
Pu-erh tea
This tea is reportedly drunk by a number of celebrities, including Victoria Beckham, and, as well as maintaining weight loss, also promotes a youthful look.

Sencha tea
This tea has very high levels of catechins, which are powerful antioxidants associated with an increased metabolism.

Wu yi Cliff Oolong
This is the fat burning element of the tea blend. This Oolong tea is also associated with a positive change in levels of blood cholesterol, and can be used to treat digestive disorders.

Tava tea claims that it is 12 times more effective than green tea in terms of weight loss potential- considering that there is substantial proof that green tea does increase metabolism, this bodes well for Tava tea, should the claims be correct. Indeed, each of the individual teas has a good reputation for their overall health benefits and their weight loss properties, without needing to refer to Tava Teas direct marketing. By combining different types of tea, each tea’s individual properties are utilised. The difference in these different teas comes not just from the original plant, but also in the way that they are processed. Oolong tea is partially fermented, and so has some of the antioxidants present in fully fermented tea, such as theaflavins and thearubigans, whilst also having some of the antioxidants present in unfermented tea such as catechins and ECGC.

Overall, the tea works in three ways: suppressing the appetite, burning fat and increasing the metabolism. Whilst Tava tea may seem expensive for what are essentially a few exotic tea bags, it is a blend of several different weight-loss teas, and so may be more effective than the individual ingredients separately.

For more information, read our full review of Tava Tea.

4. Meratol

Meratol is primarily advertised as a metabolism booster and contains three active ingredients: Cacti-Nea, ID-Alg and capsicum. As mentioned elsewhere in this article, capsicum has the added benefit of being a powerful fat burner, as well as causing an increase in metabolism. Cacti-Nea reduces fat gain as well as increasing the body’s metabolic rate. ID-Alg is derived from seaweed, and may reduce weight gain following instances of overeating, as well as boosting metabolism in general. These three ingredients make Meratol an all-natural metabolism boosting fat-burning supplement, and means that the diet pill is not classed as a medicine.

Meratol has increasingly attracted attention from the media, as well as a surge in UK sales, following the release of the names of several celebrity consumers of the diet pill. These names include George Clooney and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Results vary according to the reviewing consumers of the pill, and seemingly the best results are achieved when combined with a controlled, balanced diet. The energy boost provided by increasing the user’s metabolic rate may counteract any feelings of sluggishness often caused by low calorie diets, and may help to endure through tougher workouts. This makes it more likely that any low calorie diet will be successful (with a lower rate of failing or cheating), and means more calories are burnt per exercise session. Both of these factors mean more weight loss in the long term, should Meratol, exercise and healthy eating all be combined. Negative side effects appear to be minimal, although weight loss caused by Meratol is likely to be slower than some of the other supplements listed here.

For more information on Meratol, read out full Meratol review.

5. African Mango

African Mango bottleOne fat burning supplement that is gaining popularity, following increased endorsement from celebrities, is African Mango. Whilst its primary effect is as an appetite suppressant, it also works as a fat-burner. There is some evidence from clinical trials to support these claims. Dieting participants in one trial lost significantly more inches from their waist measurement than the placebo group, leading to the suggestion that African Mango supplements target stomach fat especially.

African mango supplement pills have only one active ingredient, which is, unsurprisingly, African Mango. This fruit has had a long-standing reputation in Cameroon as an aid to weight loss, as well as being an ingredient in local traditional medicines. Whilst African mango is somewhat effective as a diet pill, there are other pills that offer better results, quicker, due to their combination of multiple active ingredients. There are diet pills and supplements available on the market, which combine the benefits of African mango with other active ingredients.

However, as an all-natural solution, African Mango is still an effective supplement that leads to weight loss, as well as a range of other benefits. Clinical trials also suggest that it also has the positive effect of reducing cholesterol levels, and may improve all-round health. Furthermore, side effects appear to be minimal, with only mild headaches and flatulence reported.

For more information read our full review of African Mango diet pills.

The use of fat-burners

Overall, it is not recommended that diet pills marketed solely as fat burners are used for a prolonged period of time, especially for those people with lower BMIs. Many of these products, especially the highly effective and fat acting fat-burners such as Capsiplex, are unlikely to be the best solution to long term weight loss. Better alternatives are products that target multiple weight loss areas, as well as fat burning. The best example of this is Google+

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