The Best Exercises for Beating Belly Fat
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The Best Exercises for Beating Belly Fat

Cardiovascular exercise alongside core strength and resistance exercise may help to burn calories and use fat as fuel. However, this does not necessarily mean that these exercises will specifically burn fat from around the stomach area as spot reduction might be a fitness myth.

Today, we are said to live in a more health conscious society and it is believed that more people are trying to lose weight now more than ever. Supposedly, the most popular desire for those slimming down is losing belly fat and it is thought to be more difficult to get rid of extra pounds from around the middle. It is said that belly fat or visceral fat in particular may be bad for our overall health. With this supposedly being a troublesome area, many exercise regimes look to specifically target belly fat. But, what are the best exercises for a flatter stomach? It is important to examine core strength exercises, resistance training and cardiovascular exercises as this may help us to find out what the best exercises are for beating belly fat.

Core Strength Exercises

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Core strength exercises are said to be specific moves that supposedly target your core muscles, which includes your abdominal muscles. It is believed that by regularly doing core-strengthening exercises, you might be able to beat belly fat and have a flatter stomach. This may include exercises such as stomach crunches, which are thought to target the abdominal muscles. This is when you lie on your back, have your knees bend and arms across the chest, slowly rising up towards your knees, which contracts the abdominal muscles.

The plank is also believed to be a popular exercise for improving core strength. The plank exercise is when you lie on your front, leaning on your forearms and using the toes. Seemingly, the legs are to remain straight and the hips are raised to create a straight line. This is thought to make your abs contract throughout the exercise as you hold the position. Many fitness regimes believe that doing multiple repetitions and a few sets of core strength exercises may help you to get a flatter stomach and in turn, help you to get rid of belly fat.

However, it is believed that if you are not performing exercises correctly, you may not get the benefits you are looking for. It might even cause pain and injury if these moves are practiced incorrectly. For example, common mistakes that are said to be associated with stomach crunches may mean it could strain your neck instead of targeting the abdominals. Additionally, the plank might lead to back pain if not performed correctly.

It is also thought that only performing abdominal exercises may not be effective in getting rid of belly fat. Spot reduction, which is supposedly the idea of targeting fat in a certain area of the body, is a controversial concept, and one that might not be possible. This may mean that these exercises might not help to specifically target the extra pounds around your midsection. One study looked specifically at the effect of abdominal exercises on abdominal fat. For six weeks, participants supposedly performed seven abdominal exercises on five days per week. It found that there was no significant effect of these exercises on their body weight, body fat percentage or abdominal circumference.

Although it found that the training improved muscle endurance, it said that these exercises alone were not sufficient to reduce abdominal fat. This study may indicate that abdominal exercises might help you to build muscle but may not help you to specifically get rid of belly fat. In contrast, another study suggested that aerobic training was the optimal mode of exercise for reducing fat mass, while resistance training was needed for increasing lean mass. This could mean that other exercises might be more effective for beating belly fat.

Therefore, core strength exercises may help to work and build the abdominal muscles, but it might not help to directly get rid of the fat on top of it. While these exercises might help to burn calories, which could help you to lose weight, studies seem to point to cardiovascular exercise and a healthy diet as a way to get rid of overall fat. Thus, you may still benefit from including core strength exercises in a fitness regime to tone up but it might not work wonders in terms of specifically beating belly fat.

Resistance Training Exercise


It is believed that resistance training may be a good way to beat belly fat. Supposedly, it has become a popular way to burn fat and it is thought that it may help to get rid of unwanted pounds around the waist. Resistance training is described as exercises that contract the muscles using an external resistance. For example, using dumbbells is a form of resistance training. The dumbbell side bend is said to be a good resistance exercise to beat belly fat. This is when you stand up straight, holding a dumbbell in one hand with your feet at shoulder with. Then you bend at the waist as far to the other side as possible. This is thought to work the abdominal muscles.

It is also believed that this form of exercise may help to increase the body’s metabolic rate and build muscle, which might help you to burn fat. A study found that increasing weight training might be the best way to keep a trim waist long term. It found that strength training could reduce the waist measurement compared to aerobic activity.

However, resistance exercises may not specifically target belly fat. Although it is thought to help you to burn calories, spot reduction is believed to be a false claim in the fitness world and it might not mean that you lose weight from your midsection. Resistance exercise may help to build the abdominal muscles but might not help to burn the fat on top of them.

Thus, exercises such as lifting dumbbells may help to burn calories but might not mean directly burning fat around the stomach. Resistance training may still be worth incorporating into a fitness plan for supposed calorie burning effect but it might be important to consider other forms of exercise and improving your diet. For example, a study found that the combination of aerobic and resistance training seemed to decrease abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue in adolescents with obesity. This might indicate that a balance of difference exercises may be needed to lose weight alongside a healthy diet.

Cardiovascular Exercise


Traditionally, cardiovascular exercises have been thought to be a good way to beat belly fat. It is believed that aerobic exercise may burn calories and fat, which might be effective for achieving a flatter stomach and getting rid of belly fat. One study suggests that cardio such as brisk walking or light jogging can reduce visceral fat. Cardiovascular exercises are said to get your heart rate going and thought to be good for your health and may use fat as a primary fuel source.

It is thought that simple activities such as walking may help people to beat belly fat without hitting the gym. A study found that walking might provide a safe and effective way to act against abdominal obesity. This may help to burn calories and might use fat for energy. A review of different trials found that physical activity might have a positive influence on the reduction of abdominal and visceral fat in overweight or obese patients. It is suggested that as little as 80 minutes of aerobic exercise a week may help to prevent regaining weight and regaining visceral fat.

Although, another study found that High-Intensity Exercise Training significantly reduced total abdominal fat, abdominal subcutaneous fat and abdominal visceral fat, compared to Low-Intensity Exercise Training. This may suggest that more vigorous exercise may be needed to lose fat from around your belly. Further studies comparing different cardiovascular exercises may be needed to test its effectiveness for beating belly fat.

With any exercise, warming up and warm down with stretches is thought to be best to avoid strains or injuries during exercise. Exercises such as jogging and running may not be the best exercise for everyone to beat belly fat as it might put pressure on the joints.

Importantly, a study thought that there was insufficient evidence to determine whether exercise-induced weight loss was associated with the reduction of abdominal fat. It believed that controlled studies might have to be carried out. Thus, cardiovascular exercises may not directly target belly fat. It is thought that you cannot choose where the fat comes off on your body and this might mean that you notice a difference in other places before your midsection.

It is understood that if you eat less and move more, you will lose weight and fat.
Food choices that we make may be having an effect on your stomach. It will be best to eat a healthy and balanced diet or perhaps introduce a meal plan into your routine. This may help you to lose weight alongside an exercise regime and this might help you to beat belly fat.

A lot of studies suggest that cardiovascular exercises may be the best form of exercise for beating belly fat. It is thought it makes the body use fat as fuel and might help to burn calories. Although, it might not mean that you specifically lose fat from around your stomach, it may come off other areas first. Having a healthy diet may also help to beat belly fat alongside exercise. A combination of different exercises, such as cardiovascular and resistance training may also be beneficial. Certainly, a study found that a combination of cardio and resistance training might give greater benefits for weight loss and fat loss than only one or the other.


In conclusion, many studies seem to point to cardiovascular exercise as the best exercise for beating belly fat. It is thought to have a positive effect for overall weight loss but it is worth bearing in might that it might not necessarily mean fat will come off from your midsection as spot reduction is thought to be a myth. Core strength exercises and resistance exercises may also be beneficial to include in a fitness regime along with a healthy diet to supposedly tone the abdominal muscles and burn calories. However, it is thought that it may not necessarily burn the belly fat that is on top of it.

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