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Beyond Raspberry Ketone

Beyond Raspberry Ketone is advertised as being a miracle fat burning pill that can help you achieve the body you desire with the least amount of effort. Boasting all natural ingredients and not being linked to any side effects, if the manufacturers claims are indeed true, this could be a revelation in the weight loss industry.

In this review, we will examine the product to find out whether it is everything the manufacturers claim it to be on the main site and whether there are any risks associated with taking the pills that consumers have perhaps not been warned about. Further to this, we will also see if it can result in significant weight loss without the added inputs of calorie restricted diet and exercise regimes.

Beyond Raspberry Ketone Review

Beyond Raspberry Ketone Pros
  • Uses Raspberry Ketone, which has been recommended by US Dr. Oz.
  • Uses stimulant ingredients well known to have weight loss effects such as Green Tea extract and Caffeine.
  • Uses natural ingredients.
Beyond Raspberry Ketone Cons
  • There are no credible consumer reviews available.
  • Some ingredients have not been sufficiently researched.
  • The manufacturers do not acknowledge risks of side effects although they do exist and could in some cases be serious.
  • Company is deceitful in the way it takes orders.
  • Does not encourage healthy lifestyle habits.

Beyond Raspberry Ketone Review

The manufacturers of Beyond Raspberry Ketone boast that their pills only contain ‘proven’ ingredients, which allegedly makes them stand out from all other diet pills on the market. The product relies on the nature of its main ingredients to prove the effectiveness of the pills and enable them to be marketed as a fat burner. The fact that they can all be found naturally is another thing on which the manufacturers rely on when faced with the question of whether they can be linked to side effects.

The main website for this product is packed full of various exaggerated claims concerning the weight loss properties of its pills in order to entice consumers into ordering a free trial. It is stated that the pills have a very modest 3 out of the 5 most important weight loss features. They are said to have the ability to work as an appetite suppressant, metabolism booster and fat burner.

Our experts only agree with the second and third claims as there appears to be no scientific evidence that any of the ingredients used in the pills have a significant enough effect on the appetite that prove more useful for combating hunger cravings than just consuming a cup of coffee.

What makes our experts agree with these two claims, metabolism booster and fat burner, is the fact that the pills contain widely used stimulants, which are well celebrated in the weight loss industry due to their proven thermogenic and increased metabolism effects. These ingredients consist primarily of Green Tea extract and Caffeine Anhydrous. For more information on how these particular ingredients have been proved to work, you can read our Beyond Raspberry Ketone Clinical Studies article.

Also, the fact that Raspberry Ketone is the main ingredient in the pills lends some support at least to the fact that the pills may work to burn more calories than normal due to its links with the hormone Adiponectin.

For more information on the benefits of raspberry ketone, we recommend you read our What are the benefits of Raspberry Ketone? article.

How Beyond Raspberry Ketone Works

Caffeine in Beyond Raspberry Ketone thermogenesis effectThe most effective ingredients used in these pills are; green tea extract, caffeine anhydrous and raspberry ketones. It is these three that have the most beneficial effects on weight loss and that give the pills the majority of their power within the body.

The green tea extract and caffeine both work in a very similar way by increasing the thermogenic process in the body; this encourages the body to burn stored fat faster. As well as this, both of these ingredients speed up the metabolism meaning that the ability to burn fat is increased once again making this effect potentially twofold.

The raspberry ketone works by stimulating the production of a hormone called adiponectin, which has the job of promoting fat oxidation within the body.

Due to these effects, Beyond Raspberry Ketone pills should not be used by those who:

– Are pregnant and/or nursing.
– Are suffering from of have history of heart disease.
– Are particularly sensitive to caffeine.
– Are suffering from or that have a history of mental health problems
– Suffer from any other underlying medical issue.

For more detailed information regarding the effects of the pills, you can read our How Does Beyond Raspberry Ketone Work article.

Key Beyond Raspberry Ketone Ingredients

Raspberry Ketones in Beyond Raspberry KetoneAs its name would suggest, the primary ingredient in these pills is raspberry ketone. There is no information given as to the quantities of the ingredients used in the pills but we are assuming this to be the main ingredient as it features predominantly throughout the advertising campaign for the product.

As well as this, the pills include many other natural ingredients such as kelp, apple cider vinegar and grapefruit pectin all of which are claimed to have minor effects on weight loss.

However, the other most effective ingredients are actually the stimulants green tea extract and caffeine anhydrous – these are widely used throughout the industry and have been well researched.

Learn more by reading our article on Beyond Raspberry Ketone Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 40/100

Our experts have given Beyond Raspberry Ketone such a low score in this area due to the fact that its main ingredient, Raspberry Ketone has not been sufficiently researched with regards to human subjects. We have therefore based this score on the proven weight loss properties of its stimulant ingredients alone.
Speed of results: 30/100

This score has been given because there is no data provided as to how much of each ingredient is used in the pills. We can therefore only assume that the pills will take approximately two weeks to start to work given the fact that the main ingredients are stimulants and other diet pills of the same nature have taken around this long to provide any noticeable results.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

Although this was claimed to be a feature of the pills, the appetite suppressing effects of the stimulants will not generally be great enough to make any real difference to cravings and there is no clinical proof whatsoever that Raspberry Ketone displays this effect in humans.
Long Term Results: 0/100

These pills do not encourage any lifestyle changes in its users; there is no weight loss system or regime put in place and the pills are actually advertised as an alternative to exercise and low calorie diets. It is likely that users will put back on any weight that they have lost after coming off the pills. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 65/100

Beyond Raspberry Ketone, pills score highly in this area as they use only natural ingredients. Research shows that the only likely side effects that you will experience whilst using these pills are those normally associated with stimulants and thus they are of no serious threat to users’ health – see our article on Beyond Raspberry Ketone Side Effects.
Value for money: 10/100

Consumers are (sometimes unknowingly) charged a very large amount for a months’ supply of these pills totalling around £90 per month. Considering that they may not be much different from any other pill on the market, there are far cheaper options available.

Beyond Raspberry Ketone Side Effects

Beyond Raspberry Ketone stimulant side effectsSince the ingredients in these pills are natural and fairly safe to use, the only side effects that consumer should look out for are the mildly unpleasant effects associated with most stimulants.

Unless you are very sensitive to substances such as caffeine, the symptoms should be tolerable enough not to inhibit the continued use of the pills.

Having said this, there are concerns that the main ingredient, raspberry ketone, can lead to heart palpitations due to its links with synephrine. Experiencing serious bouts of this symptom should be rare but there is no research available to clarify this.

For more detailed information on this matter, you can read our Beyond Raspberry Ketone Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Beyond Raspberry Ketone

If you have decided to purchase the Beyond Raspberry Ketone diet pills, we would recommend having a look at our Where to Buy Beyond Raspberry Ketone article. Also If you have bought Beyond Raspberry Ketone, we would recommend you read our How to use Beyond Raspberry Ketone article.

Overall Verdict

Due to the concerning lack of information surrounding the pills, our experts cannot tell accurately whether the product would have any weight loss effects.

It would certainly seem from the ingredients listed that minor weight reductions may be noticed due to the presence of stimulants although no other ingredient can really be said to have an effective use in this area.

Our experts have been led to believe that only minor changes in weight will be noticed due to the fact that no information about the quantities of each ingredient per capsule are given to consumers prior to having purchased and upon receipt of these pills. This coupled with the fact that the pills are claimed to come with no side effects results in the assumption that perhaps only a small amount of stimulants have been used in order to achieve this and thus the weight loss power of the pills will be reduced overall.

What warrants most doubts concerning the effectiveness of the pills is the main ingredient raspberry ketone. There is insufficient research to prove either the safety or effectiveness of this compound in terms of weight loss especially if it is going to be consumed over a long period of time.

In regards to the price and the way that the company functions (see our Where to Buy Beyond Raspberry Ketone article for more specific details), our experts would not recommend taking the financial risks associated with this pill when there is no solid evidence to suggest that any of its exaggerated claims can be proven to be true.

If you are interested in who makes Beyond Raspberry Ketone, we recommend you read our The Company behind Beyond Raspberry Ketone article.

Overall: 28/100

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