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Bioslim supplements are designed to boost the user’s metabolism through the use of natural ingredients such as green tea extract, however, these ingredients have not been supported by conclusive evidence from clinical trials. There are also ‘knock off’ versions of the product which can confuse consumers.


BioSlim Pros
  • No serious side effects associated with the product
  • Company offers a money back guarantee
  • Version for children available
BioSlim Cons
  • Ingredients have not been proven successful in clinical trials
  • Importing the product from the United States may incur additional customs tax
  • Many imitation ‘knock off’ products available that may confuse customers

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Bioslim Review

Bioslim is a weight loss programme centred around exercise, a strict diet and metabolism boosting supplements. The company prides itself that its supplements are made with all natural ingredients and that there are no negative side effects associated with taking the pills, and there is even a children’s version of the product. The Bioslim company offers a money-back guarantee on its product. However, the success of the ingredients as weight loss aids has not been supported by clinical trials, and because Bioslim dismiss all negative reviews as pertaining to ‘knock off’ products, there is no solid evidence that the product actually works as advertised.

Bioslim Claimed weight loss benefits

Bioslim claim that their product fixes ‘the underlying metabolic problems that cause weight gain’, and that it does so primarily through altering the user’s metabolic rate. The ingredients increase the body’s speed at breaking down fats in order to burn weight more quickly. Bioslim is intended to be used alongside a strict diet plan and exercise routine in order to help users overcome all aspects of weight gain.

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How Bioslim Works

Bioslim works in two ways – firstly, it is a multivitamin supplement (including Vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc, calcium and magnesium); secondly, its active ingredients are chosen because they are believed to speed up metabolism. Pyruvate, green tea extract and chromium are all used in a variety of diet pills because they are believed to increase energy expenditure and fat burning, thus helping the user to burn off extra fat without a significant increase in effort. None of these ingredients are known to have any serious side effects, and Bioslim guarantees that the product is safe for all to use. The children’s version does not contain green tea extract or pyruvate.

Pyruvate supposedly works as a weight loss substance because it is the natural product that the body creates when it breaks down glucose. Pyruvate produces pyruvic acid which is used in the body to produce energy. Taking pyruvate is meant to provide the body with extra energy, which helps to burn fat, and it is also thought to be useful to some degree as an appetite suppressant, as with additional energy, the body does not feel as hungry after taking it as it would do normally. Clinical trials into the effectiveness of pyruvate as a weight loss supplement have not found strong evidence to support the assumptions surrounding the substance.

Green Tea Extract
Green Tea Extract’s primary benefit to weight loss comes from its caffeine content – caffeine is a stimulant, which means that it speeds up energy expenditure in the human body, which burns calories at a faster rate, especially when combined with exercise. This is why caffeine usually gives the user and energy buzz, and it enables the user to push themselves further during a workout and get the most out of their exercise. Green tea extract is also useful because it contains anti-oxidants which lower blood pressure and cholesterol; this in turn helps the user to recover from the ill effects of fatty foods, and therefore to lose weight.

The supposed benefits to taking chromium for weight loss come from its ability to aid insulin within the blood stream. With more chromium in the blood stream, insulin proves more effective at breaking down sugars and as a result, the body requires less insulin. The connection between insulin levels and fat burning is why obese people are at a greater risk of developing diabetes (caused by a lack of insulin production within the body). The less insulin the body needs to use, the less fat is stored as the body instead burns energy straight away instead of storing it for potential use later.

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Key Ingredients

Green Tea 538
Bioslim kits contain three supplements – Ultra Accelerator, Ultra Slimtone and Ultra Vita/Min, all of which have a slightly different balance of vitamin supplements in addition to their weight loss ingredients. The three ingredients that are active within each supplement are relatively common ingredients in diet pills aimed at speeding energy expenditure, and are three that do not have any serious negative side effects. In fact, Bioslim assures its potential customers that the product does not have any side effects, and that it comes with a thirty day money back guarantee. The children’s version of the product is mostly a vitamin pill, and does not contain green tea extract or pyruvate.

Pyruvate is a chemical that is produced naturally in the body as a result of breaking down glucose. Pyruvate is found naturally in some foods, the best source being apples, but it can also be found in beer and red wine. Pyruvate is safe to consume as it is produced naturally in the body and as such there are no side effects associated with it, but its effect as a weight loss substance is disputed among the scientific community as there is no strong clinical evidence to suggest that consuming additional pyruvate helps the weight-loss process.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea has been used as a herbal remedy in the Eastern world for centuries, and is thought to provide healing for ailments including depression, headaches, anxiety and high cholesterol, as well as preventing illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and cancer (however not all of these supposed benefits have been proven accurate through clinical trial). Green tea is brewed from the leaves of the camellia sinensis tree – depending on the treatment of the leaves camellia sinensis can also be used to brew black tea and oolong tea. All of these varieties of tea are famed for their soothing qualities, despite their moderate caffeine content.

Chromium is an essential mineral which is found in many food sources including yeast, lean meat, cheese, asparagus and cereals. The human body needs chromium in trace amounts, and it is used within the body in a variety of ways. Primarily, chromium aids insulin in the blood stream in its job of regulating blood sugar levels. It is therefore sometimes recommended that diabetes sufferers take regular chromium supplements in order to aid their medication in controlling their blood sugar levels, however the effectiveness of this is often contested as clinical studies have found varying results when attempting to study chromium’s benefits to diabetics.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538
The Bioslim product has not been the subject of any clinical trials to date. The company’s website is very confident about the opinions of its founder, Dr John Leichtberg, however it is very important to note that the opinion of one medical professional does not constitute sound medical proof of a product’s success. Clinical trials upon which medical and scientific discovery is based require sound testing in controlled circumstances with a large number of participants and results that can be replicated, in order to ensure that there is no accidental contamination of the experiment or bias in interpreting the results. Clinical trials are considered far more reliable than anecdotal evidence.

Pyruvate has been the subject of many different clinical studies in the past, a lot of which have produced conflicting results. A 2014 study examined a series of trials into the effectiveness of pyruvate as a weight loss aid. The study analysed six previous clinical trials into pyruvate and examined their methodology and results to determine whether the trials’ results could be relied on as accurate. The study found methodological weakness in all trials – however the study ultimately concluded that there was ‘a statistically significant’ weight loss effect felt on average by participants in the six trials that they examined. In spite of this, because the trials all had methodological weakness (elements of the study that allowed opportunities for the results to become skewed or inaccurate), the study concluded that further research was necessary before any weight loss benefits to taking pyruvate supplements can be verified.

Green Tea Extract
As with pyruvate, green tea extract has been the subject of many studies in the past but the results of these studies do not always correlate. Because of this, a study in 2012 analysed a collection of previous studies in order to determine whether or not there is a general consensus that can be reached as a result. After analysing these previous trials, looking that the methodology that they used, the data they generated and the results that they obtained, the study concluded that green tea does possess ‘small, non-significant’ benefits as a weight loss supplement. The study found, though, that trials conducted in Japan on average found greater weight loss as a result of consuming green tea – this may show that other factors including diet may affect green tea’s effectiveness, or alternatively it may be a result of cultural bias on the part of either the Japanese or Western scientists.

Studies into the effects of chromium have found differing results. One study in 2010 looked at how chromium affects weight loss by administering chromium supplements to 40 participants over a 24 week period and studying the effects. These participants’ results were compared against a control group, also of 40 participants, to see how those receiving chromium differed from those not receiving it. The study found that those who were receiving chromium supplements did not lose weight or have any significant change in BMI when compared to the group that were not given the supplement. Ultimately the study concluded that chromium did not aid weight loss. Alternatively, a study in 1996 looked at a larger sample of 154 participants, half of whom were given chromium, over a 72 day period. The study states that at the end of the test period, the group who were given chromium had ‘significantly higher positive changes’ when compared against the control group. The study ultimately concluded that chromium does have weight loss benefits. These two contradictory results of clinical trials into chromium mean that the supplement’s effectiveness in weight loss cannot be conclusively proven without further research.

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Weight Loss Power: 30/100

The ingredients within Bioslim are of dubious benefit to weight loss, as none of them have been categorically proven by clinical trials to have a strong benefit. Weight loss may be achieved as a result of following the Bioslim plan, however this may have more to do with the diet plan and exercise routine than the supplements.
Speed of results: 20/100

Any true weight loss benefits will be the result of hard fought exercise and dietary changes, which will take time. The effects of the supplements will not be felt on their own for a significant time, as any clinical evidence supporting Bioslim’s ingredients suggest that it works very slowly.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

The Bioslim supplement is not designed as an appetite suppressant, and as such it should not be expected to have this effect. Users who stick rigorously to Bioslim’s diet plan and exercise programme will likely feel an increase in appetite as a result of physical exertion and less filling meals.
Long Term Results: 20/100

The Bioslim supplement on its own is unlikely to have any lasting weight loss benefits, as its ingredients have not been proven in clinical trials to be particularly potent. As with any weight loss scheme that focuses on diet and exercise, users will only feel effects for as long as they continue to commit to reducing their calorie intake and maintaining healthy exercise.
Safety: 70/100

One of the main benefits of this product is that its active ingredients are not associated with particularly powerful adverse side effects. Many of the ingredients either already occur naturally in the human body or are common in ordinary food sources. Despite this, should users experience any negative effects they should seek advice from a medical professional.
Value for money: 10/100

At $90 (£59) for a six week supply, Bioslim is by no means the cheapest product on the market, especially considering that the product has little to no weight loss benefit. The company advises that users can potentially half their dosage in order to make supplies last longer, however this still makes the product significantly more expensive than most similar products, and users who do so risk losing the marginal benefits that the supplements provide.

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Bioslim Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
One of Bioslim’s big boasts about their product is that because the supplement is made with all natural ingredients, there are no side effects associated with taking it. This is certainly backed up medically as none of the active ingredients within Bioslim have any serious side effects, however as Bioslim also contains multivitamins, users should not take additional vitamin supplements without carefully reading the labels to avoid exceeding the recommended dosage of some of the vitamins included in Bioslim. There are currently no customer reviews available online to confirm whether anybody has an adverse reaction to Bioslim.

As pyruvate occurs naturally within the body as well as within a variety of very safe food stuffs, there are no known serious side effects associated with taking it as a supplement. Some users may experience an upset stomach, bloating, gas and diarrhoea when pyruvate is taken in excessive quantities, and if users experience these effects they should consult their doctor or pharmacist. High amounts of pyruvate have also been known to aggravate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. As with all medicines and supplements, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should take care when using pyruvate, and if concerned should take advice from their doctor or pharmacist.

Green Tea Extract
While green tea has a lot of purported health benefits, excesses can prove harmful, especially to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Many benefits associated with green tea overconsumption are due to its caffeinated nature, with effects including headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty sleeping and heart murmurs. However, these effects are generally only seen when over five cups worth of green tea is regularly taken per day, and as such, users of Bioslim who are careful to maintain the recommended dosage are unlikely to experience these effects. That said, should users experience any adverse effects as a result of caffeine consumption, it is wise to seek consultation from a medical professional.

There are currently no confirmed side effects associated with chromium, however users are advised to consult their doctor should they experience any unusual effects while taking the supplement. Some anecdotal accounts of chromium users report minor side effects such as sleep disturbance, headaches and mood swings, but these reports are not substantiated. Taking chromium in excessive amounts can potentially damage insulin’s effectiveness, thereby hindering weight loss and putting the user at risk of developing Type 1 diabetes, and as such it is important not to exceed the recommended dosage of Bioslim.

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How To Use

Bioslim recommend taking two of their tablets every day. There are three pills included in the standard Bioslim kit – Ultra Accelerator, Ultra Slimtone and Ultra Vita/Min. Two Accelerator tablets should be taken daily for the first twelve days of the programme, after which users should take two Ultra Slimtone and two Ultra Vita/Min tablets daily. The children’s version of Bioslim comes as a chewable wafer so that children who struggle swallowing pills are able to easily take the supplement – children should similarly take two Slimtone Youth Formula wafers and two Vita/Min Plus Youth wafers per day. The children’s version does not come with an Accelerator.

Bioslim also note that it is possible to half the dosage to make supplies last longer. They recommend continuing with the pills until you reach your weight loss goal, after which users can either take the tablets less often or stop altogether. The Bioslim website notes that there are no known adverse reactions for users with different medical conditions, and claim that users with conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorder and other ailments will find no adverse side effects from taking the product – this cannot be substantiated by external customer reviews as there are very few customer reviews of the product available online.

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Who Makes Bioslim

Bioslim has been selling their diet programme since 1990, although the formula within the dietary supplements have changed a lot in this time. It was originally started by Dr Josh Leichtberg in the United States, as a reaction to the fad diets of the time including the Atkins diet. The company puts large stock in the opinions of Dr Leichtberg, despite the lack of clinical evidence to support their programme.

There are many ‘knock off’ version of Bioslim available. Many customers have complained about signing up to a free trial, before receiving additional charges to their bank account. Bioslim does not offer a free trial, and the many knock off products on the market can often confuse customers.

Bioslim’s argument in the face of all negative customer feedback is that ‘ALL current complaints about “Bioslim” — anywhere on the Internet — relate only to the fake, knockoff “Bioslim” products’ (direct quote), and as such it is their stance that nobody who has ever taken their product has ever been dissatisfied with it. This claim unfortunately cannot be substantiated.

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Where To Buy

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Bioslim is currently only available through the company’s website, either in a package deal which comes with the diet plan, cookbooks and other literature, plus vitamin pills and their concentrated dose ‘Accelerator’; or, alternatively, as refill bottles for the supplement itself. It is not currently available in the UK either on the High Street or via online retailers, and as such anybody attempting to purchase Bioslim will have to deal with the company direct, pay their international shipping rate, and potentially run the risk of incurring additional customs import tax when the product reaches the UK.

As Bioslim is a popular brand, there are a lot of knock-off products available which use the same Bioslim name. customers should be wary when attempting to purchase this product, and should only do so through the official Bioslim website. Bioslim blame all negative press and customer reviews on knock off products, and claim that out of over a million customer they have received ‘NO CONSUMER COMPLAINTS whatsoever’. They also state that their return policy is very generous and that customers who do have issues with the product should contact them directly for a full refund, minus the shipping costs.

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Overall Verdict

While the Bioslim company has been producing version of their product since 1990, and while they claim to have the support of a doctor for their product, the active ingredients in Bioslim’s formula have little if any benefit to weight loss, according to the vastly more reliable clinical trials that have been performed on them. Bioslim is, however, free from particularly adverse side effects, which is a benefit, and the exercise programme and diet plan that accompany the supplement package are likely to help users shed weight in the same way that any balanced diet and exercise routine will be healthy and beneficial to those who undertake it.



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