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Boots Metabolism Support

Boots Metabolism Support provides a cheap alternative to more popular brands of capsicum-based dietary supplements. Boots, however, do not divulge how much capsicum is included per capsule; as such it cannot be guaranteed to be as effective as the brand-name alternatives.

boots metabolism support

Boots Metabolism Support Pros
  • Available on the UK high street
  • Very reputable brand
  • Active ingredient supported by clinical studies
  • No serious side effects
Boots Metabolism Support Cons
  • Effectiveness compared to similar products cannot be quantified
  • Very few customer reviews, either positive or negative
  • Product is not supported by clinical trials
  • Company does not offer a money back guarantee

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Boots Metabolism Support Review

High Street pharmacist Boots produce a variety of medicines and supplements. Their Metabolism Support dietary supplements provide a cheaper alternative to the capsicum-based diet pills that are already on the market. The supplement is free from artificial additives and, comes from a very reputable brand. Capsicum’s effectiveness at weight loss is supported by clinical trials, and as it occurs naturally in chillies, there are very few side effects associated with products of this type. However, Boots have not disclosed the amount of capsicum that goes into each tablet, which means that consumers cannot be certain whether or not Metabolism Support is actually as potent as the name-brand capsicum supplements.

Boots Metabolism Support Claimed weight loss benefits

Boots claim that Metabolism Support’s capsicum extract boosts the body’s metabolism to help the body burn more energy both before, during and after workout. Capsicum extract (extracted from chilli peppers) increases energy expenditure to help users burn more calories at a faster rate. The company stresses that the supplement should be used in conjunction with a healthy weight management programme. As there is no space on the Boots website for reviews and this is a store-brand product, there are very few if any reliable reviews available for this product to support the company’s claims as to Metabolism Support’s effectiveness.

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How Boots Metabolism Support Works

Unlike many dietary products currently on the market, Boots Metabolism Support contains only a single active ingredient: capsicum extract. Capsicum extract, which is taken from peppers, is well known for its spicy taste and those who consume it experience a burning sensation and an increase in temperature – the theory behind capsicum as a weight loss supplement is that the spice encourages increased energy expenditure. Boots Metabolism Support is solely made up of capsicum extract, alongside industry standard pill ingredients such as sugar and the pill casing – thus its only effect as a fat burner comes from the capsicum, but in contrast, its list of side effects is almost non-existent.

Capsicum Extract
Capsicum extract is used in many diet pills for its ability to boost users’ rates of metabolism and thermogenesis. All peppers except the bell pepper contain a naturally occurring chemical called Capsaicin which, when ingested, causes the body to expel more energy – which is why eating chillies causes the body to get hotter and sometimes begin to sweat. The goal behind taking capsicum supplements is to trigger this energy expenditure in order to help gain the best possible energy expenditure during a workout session. Peppers are also beneficial for a healthy lifestyle thanks to their Vitamin C content and because they are a natural diuretic.

Any weight loss properties that the supplement boasts come solely from the capsicum extract, and there are no other active ingredients within the tablets. The only other ingredients are included as part of the process of creating a tablet that can be easily swallowed. These include sucrose (sugar for flavouring); shellac (natural resin to reduce the burning sensation caused by chilli peppers); and binding agents taken from vegetable extracts. These are all perfectly safe and are the standard ingredients common in all oral supplements and medications.

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Key Ingredients

Metabolism Support’s sole active ingredient is capsicum, which is another name for peppers. While the supplement does contain other ingredients (such as sucrose and cellulose) these are purely for the purpose of turning the capsicum extract into an easy to swallow pill. Boots therefore makes it very clear that this product is a wholly natural weight loss supplement and has very few side effects, as it is free from artificial ingredients and is also free from gluten and lactose.

Capsicum extract comes from peppers and, as they are a very common food, is used in a variety of medicines and dietary supplements. Peppers are used in cooking all across the world and many varieties are known for their powerful taste. Peppers (apart from bell peppers) naturally contain a chemical called Capsaicin, which as well as being useful for triggering greater energy consumption is also used topically as a painkiller (generally in cream form) and is particularly useful for those with drug sensitivities as it is generally free of side effects – although those with pepper allergies ought to use capsicum with care.

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Clinical Studies

clinical_research_538While no clinical studies have been undertaken measuring the effectiveness of Boots Metabolism Support, the power of capsicum as a weight loss supplement has long been hypothesised and is often subjected to clinical trials. A clinical trial is a scientific study in which a substance is tested under strict laboratory conditions to ensure that results are accurate – this is the best way to prove how effective a particular ingredient is at aiding weight loss. Not all trials on the effectiveness of capsicum and capsaicin have come to the same conclusion, but for the most part the consensus is that they do have a positive effect on energy expenditure during exercise.

A 2009 study looked at the long term effects of capsicum to determine its effectiveness as a weight loss supplement and to measure its benefit to energy consumption. Forty men and forty women participated; half of them took capsicum oral supplements over a twelve week period while the rest were instead given a placebo. The participants were weighed and also studied for resting energy expenditure and fat oxidation (or in other words, fat burning). The study found slightly higher weight loss among the group who received capsicum supplements, and what is described in the report as a ‘nearly significant’ increase in fat oxidation among the capsicum group. There was no discernible difference in energy expenditure between the two groups. Weight loss was particularly noted around the abdominal area. From this the study concluded that over an extended period of time there is a benefit to weight loss when taking capsicum supplements.

A study conducted in 2013 measured the effectiveness of capsaicin in aiding energy expenditure when capsaicin is not combined with exercise. Nineteen participants were studied over four 36 hour periods in a carefully controlled ‘respiration chamber’ where their energy levels and heat expenditure could be monitored – these chambers were furnished with typical household equipment such as a bed, chair, computer, television, computer and toilet. The participants were fed meals that contained large amounts of chilli peppers, and their energy consumption was measured over the time they spent in the respiration chambers. The study ultimately did not find that the participants who consumed food that was rich in chilli peppers experienced any lasting increase in energy expenditure when compared with the control group who were not given chillies to eat. The final conclusion of the study was that capsaicin does not aid energy expenditure – however it is important to take into account that this study only measured participants who were not engaged in exercise. It’s also important to note that this study focused on the long-term effects of eating peppers rather than the short-term benefits that they might present to an energetic workout.

A 1995 study measured the shorter term effectiveness of red peppers in energy metabolism in men which found an initial boost in energy expenditure in participants who ate red peppers. Participants were separated into two groups – one of which ingested a breakfast that contained 10g of red peppers, while the other group did not, so as to act as a control group. The study found that the group that ate peppers experienced an increase in energy expenditure when compared against the control group, however this increase did not last beyond thirty minutes. The study ultimately concluded that peppers are effective in giving an initial boost to energy expenditure, but that this boost wears off quickly after consumption.

A similar study in 1998 measured the effect that adding peppers to high fat and high carbohydrate meals has on energy expenditure in Japanese women. Participants were studied for 210 minutes after consumption of the meals through measuring expired air that was collected from the participants. The study found that thermogenesis was greater in participants who had consumed peppers, particularly in those who had consumed meals with a high fat content.

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Weight Loss Power: 55/100

Clinical trials on the main ingredients of the supplement vary as to their support of capsicum, but overall the majority show a benefit to weight loss, particularly to the abdominal region, through increased energy expenditure initially after consumption and increased fat oxidation. However there is no benefit that can be gained from capsicum supplements that would not also be gained by adding more chilli peppers to the user’s diet.
Speed of results: 55/100

The effects of capsicum, particularly its metabolic support and increase to energy expenditure, begin immediately after consumption. This initial boost only lasts for around half an hour, but during that time the user will experience increased thermogenesis and a faster metabolism, especially when coupled with a workout session. Clinical trials have shown that weight loss is perceptibly measurable over twelve weeks, but is unlikely to begin immediately.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

One effect of the Vitamin C contained within Boots Metabolism Support is that it will naturally suppress the user’s appetite – however this benefit will only be temporary and is entirely dependent on the user’s normal appetite and diet. This supplement is therefore not designed to be a hugely effective long term appetite suppressant, and no great benefits of this sort are to be expected.
Long Term Results: 60/100

While users of this supplement will experience an initial boost in energy expenditure, this will generally only last as long as half an hour. In the long term, capsicum encourages slow and steady weight loss, and while its rate of weight loss is not particularly fast, its continued use will continue to reap results over an extended period. Results will of course depend greatly on the frequency of exercise that users engage in.
Safety: 90/100

As capsicum is a natural fruit, there are very few side effects associated with this product for anyone who does not have an intolerance to peppers. What’s more, Boots’ excellent reputation as a high street pharmacist and a producer of a variety of medications and supplements means that this product can be trusted to be safe and free from harmful chemicals.
Value for money: 45/100

Boots Metabolism Support is decidedly cheaper than a lot of other capsicum products on the market, but it also lacks many of their added power because of its very simple active ingredient list. Many of the benefits of this particular product can also be experienced by simply adding more chillies to the user’s diet.

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Boots Metabolism Support Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
Due to its simple and safe ingredient list, Boots Metabolism Support does not come with the extensive list of side effects that many diet pills have. On the subject of potential health hazards, the product’s website contains only the barest minimum of standard warnings. The product is not designed for under-16s and should be kept out of reach of children. The recommended dosage should not be exceeded and the product should not be taken if the foil packaging is already broken. As is standard with most medicines and supplements, those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or on other medication should seek a doctor’s advice before taking the product.

Capsicum Extract
As capsicum is simply another term for chilli peppers, it is unsurprising that capsicum is not associated with a large list of side effects – a vast proportion of the population of the planet consume capsicum in the form of peppers every day without adverse side effects, apart from slight irritation in some cases. While in very extreme cases a user may experience an allergic reaction from capsicum, it is very likely that users who run this particular risk will already be very well aware of their intolerance to peppers or other spicy food. Those who have a simple dislike for spice have nothing to fear with regards to capsicum extract taken in pill form.

The only side effects that are associated with capsicum are the standard side effects that chilli eaters will be very familiar with – chief among these being an upset stomach, heartburn and a burning sensation in the mouth or throat. These effects are part of the very characteristic of capsicum that makes it an effective weight loss substance – the burning increases energy expenditure and helps to increase fat oxidation. The Boots Metabolism Support pill, as with all supplements based on capsicum, are designed to combat these negative effects through the inclusion of sugar to combat the taste and natural resins to help the pill be as easy to swallow as possible.

One side effect of peppers that is well documented is their power as a diuretic. As such, those who overindulge in peppers or those with a weak or sensitive stomach may experience discomfort, particularly during bowel movements following ingesting peppers. While most capsicum supplements are carefully packaged in pill form to avoid the burning sensation in the throat and mouth, and to avoid users experiencing an upset stomach, it is still possible that these effects will be felt. This is unlikely to be very serious as capsicum pills are such a small dosage, and beyond this there are no other adverse effects that the majority of users will experience – it is simply another minor downside to the property within capsicum that makes it effective at boosting metabolism.

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How To Use

The recommended dosage for Boots Metabolism Support is one tablet per day. On workout days Boots recommends that users take the supplement with liquid thirty to sixty minutes before workout, and on non-workout days, the supplement is to be taken with water before breakfast. Boots advises that this product is not suitable for children under the age of 16, and that the product should be kept out of reach of children.

While there are no groups that are likely to experience particularly severe symptoms, as with all medications and supplements Boots Metabolism Support comes with an advisory caution that anyone who is pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breast feeding should seek the advice of their doctor or pharmacist before beginning to take this supplement. Boots also caution that anyone currently taking medication should seek advice from their doctor or pharmacist before using Metabolism Support – again, this is a standard caution common on all of Boots brand supplements and medicines.

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Who Makes Boots Metabolism Support

Boots (a member of the Alliance Boots group) has been a familiar sight on the UK high street since 1849, having started as a herbalist shop and grown into one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the UK. The company has a strong reputation for selling medicines and producing their own name brand products, including medicines, supplements, health and beauty products and clothing. Alliance Boots is based in the UK but operates in over 27 countries under various trading names.

While there are no reviews available on the Boots website for Metabolism Support, reviews are available for many other products, the majority being very positive (although as these are hosted on the Boots website there is a chance that these are filtered). Reviews for other dietary products produced by Boots are also positive. While Boots is willing to accept returns on unopened products bought in one of the many Boots stores in the UK, the company does not offer a money back guarantee on opened products.

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Where To Buy

Woman With Pills 538
At the time of writing, Boots Metabolism Support is out of stock in the company’s online store. It is currently unknown whether or not Boots will later restock their online store or whether this product is soon to be discontinued. The product is however still readily available in local Boots high street stores. As Metabolism Support is a branded product from a high street pharmacist, the product is not available on other supplement websites, and as such the only place it can currently be purchased is in a Boots store. As the supplement’s only active ingredient is pepper extract, this is not a product that needs to be purchased over the pharmacy counter, and is not located in the pharmacy section of stores but is instead located next to the food aisle, alongside other dietary supplements and food products.

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Overall Verdict

Boots Metabolism Support’s primary benefit is that it is safe – it is produced by a reputable company, its ingredient list is free from controversial or potentially unsafe chemicals, and there are very few side effects related to the product. Its sole active ingredient, capsicum, has been proven in clinical trials to have some effect on energy expenditure and weight loss. However, Boots have not made it clear how much capsicum is contained in a single capsule, nor does the product add to capsicum’s effects with other ingredients such as caffeine, and as such it may not be as potent as other capsicum-based dietary supplements on the market.

Overall: 56/100

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