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Bulk Powders Thermogenic

Bulk Powders Thermogenic is a supplement that is claimed to contribute to normal metabolism and reduce perceived rate of exertion. The product does however contain Citrus aurantium (synephrine), which has been banned by the FDA for causing severe side effects.


Bulk Powders Thermogenic Pros
  • There are some preliminary clinical trials that have associated a small number of the ingredients with weight loss
  • The full ingredients list is disclosed, including quantities
  • Easy to use capsules
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, lactose free and gluten free
Bulk Powders Thermogenic Cons
  • No clinical studies have been undertaken on the product as a whole
  • The majority of the ingredients in the product have not been shown to aid weight loss
  • One of the key ingredients, Citrus aurantium (containing synephrine) has been associated with severe, potentially life-threatening side effects
  • No money-back guarantee available

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Bulk Powders Thermogenic Review

Bulk Powders Thermogenic is a capsule-type supplement product that is supposedly designed to help maintain good metabolism and improve perceived exertion from exercise. The product is claimed to be premium grade and quality assured. The reviews provided on the official website are very positive, but there is no way of confirming that the reviews are genuine unbiased customer reviews and have not been fabricated by the company.

The supplement contains a range of ingredients and quantities are disclosed. Some of the ingredients have been linked with weight loss in the past but none have been proven to have significant effects and the key ingredient Citrus aurantium is believed to be dangerous.

Bulk Powders Thermogenic Claimed weight loss benefits

Not a huge amount of information is provided on the official Bulk Powders Thermogenic website with regards to what the product is designed to achieve. It is claimed that the supplement will contribute to normal macronutrient metabolism and reduce the perceived rate of exertion. It is later stated that the product is suitable for those who are participating in a ‘re body composition programme’, indicating that the supplement will help users to improve their body composition. There are no direct claims made on the website with regards to weight loss, fat burning or metabolism boosting, despite the supplement having ‘Thermogenic’ in the name.

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How Bulk Powders Thermogenic Works


Though not directly claimed on the official website to aid weight loss in any way, a number of the ingredients in the supplement have been suggested to have weight loss properties in the past. Bulk Powders Thermogenic contains stimulant ingredients that have been associated with an increased metabolic rate and improved exercise performance. Some of the other ingredients have been linked with fat burning, and others have been claimed to help with appetite suppression. Scientific evidence in support of these claims is largely lacking; claims are mostly anecdotal and none of the ingredients have been definitively proven to work in these claims ways.

How Each Ingredient Works

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium, or bitter orange, contains a chemical substance called synephrine, which acts as a stimulant. As such, the ingredient may increase the heart rate and blood pressure. It is thought to trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response of the body, making the user more alert and potentially increasing the rate of the metabolism. When stimulated, the central nervous system may give the body more energy and cause cells to work harder, thus burning more calories for energy. The ingredient has also been claimed to help with fat burning and appetite suppression in the past, though these effects are not proven in scientific research.


Like synephrine in bitter orange, caffeine is a stimulant that causes the central nervous system to become more activate. The ingredient gives the body a burst of energy, which can be useful for exercise performance in the short term. It is also thought to have a beneficial effect on the metabolism, potentially helping the body to burn more calories when at rest. As with synephrine, there have been claims that caffeine too can have an appetite suppressing effect.

Green Tea

Green tea contains some caffeine, so is believed to have the same effects as those described above. In addition, green tea contains a selection of different polyphenols, such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which are thought to have further health and weight loss benefits. EGCG is sometimes said to have a fat burning effect, potentially helping the enzymes involved in the breakdown of fat molecules to work harder. It is also thought to boost the metabolism.

Raspberry Ketones

There is very little information available regarding the details of the potential weight loss effects of raspberry ketones, but the ingredient is commonly advertised as a ‘miracle’ weight loss aid. Some have claimed that it helps to burn fat and boost the metabolism, some believe that the ingredient stops fat from being produced, some say it is a metabolism booster, and others claim that it can suppress the appetite. None of these claims have been proven in scientific studies on raspberry ketones.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, a substance that is said to act as a thermogenic ingredient. Thermogenic ingredients are believed to increase the internal body temperature when consumed. This increase in temperature is thought to provide a more optimal environment for cells to function; it’s claimed that thermogenic ingredients can help fat-burning enzymes to work more effectively and can help cells in the body to work harder when the body is at rest, therefore causing an increasing in the resting metabolic rate. There is also suggestion that capsaicin might have an appetite suppressing impact.


It has been said that L-tyrosine might have a similar effect to stimulants, potentially helping to stimulate the nervous system and so have the energy-boosting and metabolism-boosting effects described for Citrus aurantium and caffeine above. L-tyrosine is also thought to be a mood enhancer, potentially helping the brain to reduce stress and so potentially helping to suppress the appetite in those who eat when they have a change in mental condition. L-tyrosine may be beneficial for body composition if taken at the same time as resistance exercise, since it is an amino acid and amino acids are used in the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Chromium Picolinate

Most people consume plenty of chromium in their daily diets to fulfil the body’s requirement for the micronutrient. Nevetheless, it has been claimed that taking chromium supplements can improve the rate at which fat is burnt from the body. It is also thought to have an effect on the appetite since it is believed to help stabilise insulin and blood glucose levels; peaks in blood glucose are thought to cause cravings for sugary foods, so taking chromium has been claimed to help reduce these cravings.

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Key Bulk Powders Thermogenic Ingredients

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A full list of ingredients is provided on the official Bulk Powders Thermogenic website, including ingredient quantities. Nine ingredients are listed and together are described as an ‘industry leading formula’. It is claimed that the ingredients are appropriately dosed and of the highest quantity. Several of the ingredients are stimulants; Citrus aurantium, one of the first disclosed ingredients, is thought to be dangerous and could cause severe side effects for some people. This ingredient has been banned for sale in supplements by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Active Ingredients

Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium is the scientific name for an ingredient called bitter orange. Bitter orange is sometimes used in weight loss supplements because it is claimed to help boost the metabolism and increase fat burning. The ingredient contains synephrine, which is a stimulant and has actually been banned for use in supplements because it is understood to have dangerous side effects. Bitter orange is used in traditional herbal medicine for the treatment of several health conditions, but its efficacy in these areas is not proven.


Caffeine is a well-known ingredient, commonly found in drinks such as tea, coffee and coca cola. The ingredient is a stimulant, meaning that it has an impact on the central nervous system. The substance is often added to weight loss and energy-enhancing supplement products because it is claimed to boost energy levels and increase the metabolism. Caffeine has also been used in traditional herbal medicine as a treatment for a range of conditions, and is found in some over-the-counter medicines for the treatment of headaches and the common cold.

Green Tea

Green tea is a type of herbal tea made from the leaves of the Camelia sinensis plant, which are steamed before being dried to make this extract. It is made from the same plant as several other common types of tea, including black tea. Green tea is consumed as a beverage around the world, but is also used in supplement form because it is thought to have health benefits. The ingredient is sometimes said to have benefits for the immune system and in helping to prevent cancer, among other health conditions.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones is the name given to a chemical that is found naturally in raspberries. The chemical is however only present in very small quantities so when used in supplements like Bulk Powders Thermogenic, it is usually recreated in a laboratory. Raspberry ketones have been claimed to have great weight loss effects; it is usually stated to have fat burning impacts. Lots of diet pills containing raspberry ketones as a key ingredient are sold using free trial scams. The ingredient has not been proven to have any health benefits.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a spice that is commonly found in people’s food cupboards for flavouring meals. The ingredient contains a substance called capsicum, which is believed to have beneficial health effects. The active component of capsicum is capsaicin, which is thought to have the potential to reduce feelings of pain. Besides pain relief, there are claims that cayenne pepper can help in the treatment of a range of different health conditions, from stomach problems to arthritis and diabetes.


L-tyrosine is a type of amino acid – the building blocks of protein (and so muscle tissue). The human body can make L-tyrosine, but it is also commonly consumed in food sources such as meat, fish, beans and wheat. The ingredient is sometimes taken as a supplement; it is thought to help to treat a selection of mental health conditions, such as depression, stress and attention deficit disorder. It has also been associated with treating sleep problems, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cardiovascular problems.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is another substance that is required by the human body and is consumed by most people on a regular basis in their normal diets. The ingredient is known as a trace mineral because it is needed by the body in very small quantities. It has an effect on the hormone insulin as well as the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat. There are claims that taking chromium supplements can be beneficial for general health and immprove the health of those with certain conditions, like diabetes.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

There do not appear to have been any clinical trials undertaken on Bulk Powders Thermogenic as a whole product. A number of the ingredients in the product have however been subject to some early clinical study. These trials have mostly been preliminary so the results cannot be deemed conclusive.

A clinical study is a means of testing an ingredient or product for its effectiveness and/or safety in controlled conditions. They are performed by scientists and, after being checked by other scientists, are published in scientific journals. Most trials involve two groups – one that is taking the active substance and another that takes a placebo.

Clinical Studies on Citrus Aurantium

Citrus aurantium has been the subject of a few clinical trials, as has its active component, synephrine. Synephrine is thought to have thermogenic effects. A review study published in 2004 found that only one study had been performed on the ingredient that was randomised and placebo-controlled, and this study found no significant impact of synephrine on weight loss. A 2006 review study found that while some studies had provided positive results, but that larger, more rigorous studies would be needed before any conclusions can be drawn with regards to the effectiveness of the ingredient.

Other studies have however highlighted the adverse effects of synephrine, noting that some users have experienced hypertension, tachyarrhythmia, viariant angia, cardiac arrest, heart attack, and sudden death – among other negative events. It has been stated that the exact effects of synephrine on the heart are still unknown due to a lack of studies on its safety.

Clinical Studies on Caffeine

A number of studies have been performed on the potential effects of caffeine on weight loss and related factors. One study looked at the effects of caffeine intake on thermogenesis and energy expenditure (sometimes known as metabolism boosting). The results of this trial indicated that caffeine may be beneficial for increasing energy levels and causing thermogenesis. Another study found that caffeine might also have appetite-suppressing qualities. This trial used 16 female and 17 male participants, who were given varying amounts of caffeine with breakfast followed by a buffet-style lunch. The amount that they ate at lunch was recorded and the results suggetsed that caffeine consumption reduced the intake of food later in the day.

Another study noted that while caffeine has been shown in some trials to have a beneficial impact on weight loss factors, the ingredient has not been conclusively proven to have a significantly beneficial effect on obesity.

Clinical Studies on Green Tea

A few studies have also been performed on green tea and weight loss, including a meta-analysis. To perform a meta-analysis, the scientists look for all of the relevant studies in the scientific literature that have been performed on the topic using reliable methods (usually trials that are randomised, double-blind, and placebo controlled). They then gather all of the data from those trials together and perform statistical analyses on them as one big dataset. The authors of a green tea and weight loss/weight maintenance meta-analysis performed in 2009 used data from 11 relevant articles. They found that catechins in green tea may have a signifciant impact on body weight and weight maintenance following weight loss, but that this effect is only likely to be small.

Clinical Studies on Cayenne Pepper

Some clinical studies have also been undertaken to look at the effects of cayenne pepper on weight loss; most of these trials have looked at the chemical capsaicin, which is present in cayenne pepper, rather than the ingredient as a whole.

A study performed in 2003 for example looked at whether or not capsaicin could have an impact on weight regain following significant weight loss. The trial was randomised, double blind and placebo controlled. Ninety-one overweight subjects participated and were divided into two groups – one that took capsaicin and one that took a placebo – for three months following a four-week period of a very-low-energy diet. Measurements were taken throughout the trial and the results showed no significant difference in weight regain between the two groups. There was however suggestion of a more sustained fat burning in the capsaicin group compared to the placebo group.

Other studies have looked at the effects of capsaicin on the appetite. A 2005 study, for example, investigated the impact of capsaicin on satiety and food intake. Twenty-four participants were involved in the trial (men and women); they were given capsaicin in the form of red pepper or a placebo 30 minutes before a meal, and their hunger and satiety ratings were recorded. The results of this study indicated that capsaicin consumption could increase satiety and reduce energy and fat intake when compared to a placebo.

Clinical Studies on Chromium Picolinate

A small number of trials have been published that have looked at the potential effects of chromium picolinate supplementation on weight loss and body composition. In 2003, a meta-analysis on the topic was published in the International Journal of Obesity. After a thorough search, the authors identified 10 trials that had looked at the effects on chromium picolinate on weight loss using randomised, double blind, placebo controlled methods. The results of statistical tests on the pooled data from these trials suggested that chromium picolinate supplementation could have a beneficial impact on weight loss, but it was noted that this result was largely dependent on one of the trials included. It was therefore concluded that the clinical evidence is not robust and the results should be interpreted with caution.

A pilot study was later performed in 2010. The authors of this trial looked at the effects of chromium picolinate supplementation on weight loss when taken alone and when combined with nutritional education. Eighty overweight subjects took part in the randomised, double blind, placebo controlled study. They were randomly divided to receive either 1000 micrograms of chromium picolinate or a placebo every day for 24 weeks. At the 12-week mark, they were all given nutritional education. By the end of the trial, there was no significant different in weight loss between the two groups and it was concluded that chromium picolinate did not have any signficiant impact on body weight when compared to placebo – with or without nutritional education.

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Bulk Powders Thermogenic Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache  538

The official Bulk Powders Thermogenic product website does not mention any potential side effects linked to the supplement. This does not mean that the product will not have any side effects; in fact, from looking at the ingredients list, we can see that there is a large number of potential side effects associated with this product, some of which could be very severe. Citrus aurantium in particular (and notably when combined with caffeine, as it is in this product) has been linked to severe cardiovascular side effects, including heart attacks and sudden death in otherwise healthy individuals. We recommend that all users consult a doctor before taking this product.

Side Effects Associated With Each Ingredient

Side Effects associated with Citrus Aurantium

A study published in 2011 highlighted some of the side effects that have been linked with synephrine – the active ingredient in Citrus aurantium. The study cites reports of hypertension, variant angina, tachyarrhythmia, cardiac arrest, QT prolongation, myocardial infarction, ventricular fibrillation, and sudden death. The authors go on to add that studies on the safety of the ingredient are scarce.

This ingredient has been banned for use in supplements by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) notes that products containing bitter orange are unsafe; they have bene linked with heart attack, stroke, and fainting, and pregnant and nursing individuals should avoid the ingredient. WebMD too describes the ingredient as possibly unsafe when used as a supplement for weight loss – particularly when taken alongside stimulants like caffeine (as is the case in Bulk Powders Thermogenic).

Side Effects associated with Caffeine

Though commonly consumed in the day-to-day diet of many people, caffeine is also linked with a number of side effects. The amount of caffeine in Bulk Powders Thermogenic is equivalent to that of several cups of coffee, so may well cause side effects for some people. Side effects may include: headaches, nausea, upset stomach, irritability, confusion, changes in mood, insomnia and difficulty sleeping, anxiety, jitteriness, vomiting and ringing in the ears. It has also been linked with severe side effects such as increased heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure, and irregular heartbeats. Supplementary caffeine is not recommended for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding; if you have a pre-existing health condition, you should consult your doctor before taking caffeine in supplement form.

Side Effects associated with Green Tea

Green tea contains some caffeine and so is linked with all the side effects described above for caffeine. Green tea has been associated with some other negative effects too, for example, it has been said to cause stomach upset and constipation. In the long term, there has been suggestion that green tea could cause liver problems, though these reports have not definitively been proven to be caused by green tea.

Side Effects associated with Raspberry Ketones

Due to a lack of reliable clinical studies on the effects of raspberry ketones on humans, the potential side effects linked with this ingredient are unknown. WebMD suggests that the substance is chemically similar to stimulants and implies that the ingredient might cause similar side effects – such as increased blood pressure, heart rate, and jitteriness.

Side Effects associated with Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is thought to be likely safe for use in food amounts and supplementary amounts by adults in the short term, but possibly unsafe in larger doses or for consumption over longer periods of time. The ingredient may cause side effects such as upset stomach, stomach pain, sweating, runny nose and flushing. There is an indication that in rare cases, taking this ingredient could cause kidney and liver problems.

Side Effects associated with L-Tyrosine

Tyrosine is thought to be safe when taken in amounts commonly found in food, and ‘possibly safe’ for use in medicinal amounts of up to 150mg/kg per day for up to three months. Its safety in higher doses or for longer periods is not known. The ingredient may cause side effects such as headaches, heartburn, fatigue, joint pain and nausea. Due to a lack of information, the ingredient is not recommended in supplementary amounts for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Side Effects associated with Chromium Picolinate

Chromium has not been linked with severe side effects and as such, the Institute of Medicine has not provided a maximum limit on the amount of the mineral that should be taken. There are a number of different medications that can be affected by the consumption of supplementary chromium, particularly if taken regularly. For a table of potential interactions, visit the NIH chromium factsheet.

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How To Use

Woman With Pills 538

The official website provides some brief instructions – three Complete Thermogenic capsules are to be taken throughout the day at even intervals (one at a time). It is suggested that the capsules are taken on an empty stomach. It is claimed that Complete Thermogenic is suitable for those ‘participating in a re body composition programme’. A disclaimer is added that results may vary and individuals will respond differently. In order to get the results claimed on the site, it is added that you should be following an ‘appropriate’ nutrition and training plan.

The company warns that the product should not be taken within four hours of sleep if you are sensitive to stimulants. There is no warning about the severe side effects that are associated with bitter orange or the long list of people who should not take some of the ingredients. Because this list is so long, we would recommend all users consult a doctor before taking this product. If you have any history of cardiovascular, blood, liver, kidney, or mental health condition, we recommend that you avoid this product entirely. Do not use the Bulk Powders Thermogenic if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you experience any side effects, stop taking the product immediately and consult a health professional.

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Who Makes It

The supplement is made by the company ‘Bulk Powders’, which appears to be based in Essex, United Kingdon. The company was founded in 2005 and now sells a large range of health and performance supplements. The ‘about us’ section of the website states that the company manufactures most of its products ‘in house’. There are paragraphs discussing the company’s commitment to quality and it’s stated that all of their manufacturing machinery has been custom-made and built in the UK to the highest possible standards; no specific manufacturing standards are however mentioned.

The company does not provide full contact details. Two phone numbers are provided (open every day of the week), but there are no email addresses provided and no postal address is disclosed. Bulk powders sells a range of products and payment seems to be safe. The company also discloses the ingredients and ingredient quantities.

However, the company does not back up any of its claims about the product’s potential effects with clinical evidence. It is also very important to note that the Bulk Powders Thermogenic product contains a potentially dangerous ingredient (bitter orange) and the company does not mention any potential side effects or people who should not take the product.

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Where To Buy Bulk Powders Thermogenic


The company behind Bulk Powders Thermogenic prides itself on only selling the product directly to customers through their website. They do not sell to other stores and claim that this helps them to keep their prices low. The product does not appear to be available to buy on Amazon and is not sold in any high street health supplement stores in the UK.

On the official website, Bulk Powders Thermogenic can be purchased in two quantity options – 90 capsules or 270 capsules. A tub of 90 capsules costs £14.99 and a tub of 270 costs £39.99 (saving the user £4.98 if they were to buy the 270 capsule tub rather than three tubs of 90 capsules).

As the product is not sold anywhere else, the company provides a price promise, stating that they will match the price of any like for like product on the high street. Standard delivery to a UK address costs £2.95 and takes 2-3 working days. This is free if the customer spends over £49. There are also premium and next day delivery options available to the customer at higher prices. International delivery is also available to a long list of countries; the price of this depends on the country of the delivery address.

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Does Bulk Powders Thermogenic Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, there does not appear to be a 30-day money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, the payment methods seem to be safe and one-off. Customers can pay using PayPal.

Manufacturing Standard: No, there is no mention of any manufacturing standard certification.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, there is no mention of a diet plan with this product.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, the ingredients list is provided, including ingredient quantities.

Company contact details readily available: The company provides a telephone number but no email address or postal address.

Bulk Powders Thermogenic does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria because it fails to provide a moneyback guarantee.

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Overall Verdict

Bulk Powders Thermogenic is a capsule supplement that is implied to aid weight loss. The product contains several stimulant ingredients and a selection of herbal substances. The ingredients list is provided, including ingredient quantities, and payment methods appear to be safe. Nevertheless, there is some important information lacking from the official product site, including potential side effects and groups of people who should not take the supplement. There are many groups of people who should avoid this product because it contains synephrine and caffeine – a potentially deadly combination. Life-threatening side effects have been reported for synephrine (bitter orange) and all users should consult a doctor before trying this product.

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