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The Bystrictin product is a rather unique item on the supplement market. The manufacturers state that their product utilises an unusual and effective means of affecting the amount of food you intake. It appears that their use of new “Gastric Fill Technology” allows for a safe and drastic weight loss experience. They state their formula will expand in your stomach and that this is not simply synonymous to gastric band surgery but actually surpasses it on many levels.

This review will investigate these claims, and work through the validity of the product’s aims.

Bystrictin Review

Bystrictin Pros
  • Money back guarantee
  • Contains fibrous ingredients
  • Low calorie shake
Bystrictin Cons
  • Limited research on product/ingredients
  • No customer feedback
  • Claims are not transparent

Bystrictin Review

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Claimed weight loss benefits

The company behind Bystrictin states that they use new “Gastric Fill Technology” but there is limited information to what this actually is referring to. In fact, there is a limited amount of information on this product at all. The product is a weight loss item which has similarities to another product named Fulfil Plus, which stated that through using an ingredient known as Plantago Ovate, a large gelatinous mesh would form in your stomach reducing the amount you wanted, and could, eat. This product claims a similar process. They indicate that their new “revolutionary” formula will expand in your stomach filling around 70% of the space inside your stomach leaving only around 30% for food.

How Bystrictin Works

How Bystrictin WorksBystrictin creates a “blocking gel inside your stomach”. The product is ingested via a meal replacement shake which you make up from the powder supplied. This is then swallowed and once in the stomach is said to expand. However, from looking at the ingredients it is difficult to see what exactly this gel will be made of. Despite this, it is easy to see that the shakes are full of fibre which will keep you fuller for longer. So although they may be overplaying the gastric gel-formation, it may be the case that the fibre is actually a great way to curb your hunger.

For more information on the how this product works, we recommend you read our How does Bystrictin work article.

Key Bystrictin Ingredients

There are some ingredients within this product which are worthy of note. It has been stated by many people that it can be rather hard to find the ingredients, which are in this product and so if you would like to have a look yourself please see the label. The most marketed aspect of this product is the ‘Bariaxin’ product, and so that is what will be focused on here. It is important for you to know that ‘Bariaxin’ has no relevance outside of this product. There are no articles, forums, journals, or professionals who test and work with the product ‘Bariaxin’; it is simply and solely a marketing idea.

Potato Extract In Bystrictin‘Bariaxin’ is composed of a number of ingredients, these are; Fibersol, Glucomannan, Potato Extract, Barley Beta Glucan, Guar Gum and Xanthan Gum. But what does this actually mean? Fibersol, Glucomannan, and Potato extract are all fibrous ingredients with the outcome of feeling full. The Glucomannan has also been known to grow slightly and this is where the presumption of the gel-formation perhaps stems from. The other ingredients in ‘Bariaxin’ also have been said to add to this bulking out effect.

For more information on the ingredients, we recommend you read our Bystrictin Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 45/100

Due to the product’s appetite suppressing properties, the product has the potential to help you lose weight. However, this is only one of the five key areas of weight loss therefore it will only have limited weight loss benefits.
Speed of results: 40/100

The effects of appetite suppression are seen very soon after the consumer starts taking the product.
Appetite Suppression: 55/100

This product is packed with fibrous ingredients and so there can be some confidence in stating that it is likely to make you feel fuller for longer. However, there is no research into the product so it’s impossible to be sure.
Long Term Results: 30/100

The website informs us that the results they show are ‘not typical’. These results are of people who have lost and kept off weight. If the website states these are not typical results then we can only assume the long-term results will be short-lived, and may be non-existent. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 60/100

The product is relatively safe. It does not seem to cause long-term harm. However, that does not mean that the product is an easy product to stick with. With the suppliers warning that, diarrhoea and loose stools may be common, it may not be unsafe but it will be unpleasant.
Value for money: 35/100

This product is not great value for money. It is simple a fibre-shake that does not house anything magical or scientifically powerful.

Bystrictin Side Effects

Bystrictin side effectsThe Bystrictin official website states that due to the ‘powerfully complex’ ingredients used, your body may take some time to get used to using the product which may result in you having:

– Gas
– Loose stools
– Diarrhoea

From other sources on the internet it appears that some people complain on stomach pains and feelings of being bloated as well.

For more information, we recommend you read our Bystrictin Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Bystrictin

Bystrictin is only available from their official website and also from the “cosmetic surgery office of Dr. Steven Zax”. For more information on pricing and other useful information, we recommend you read our Where to buy Bystrictin article.

If you have bought Bystrictin, we would recommend you read our How to use Bystrictin article.

Overall Verdict

Looking at the product as a whole, it simply offers you a fibrous drink that you can use to manage your weight. Only targeting one of the five key weight loss areas it may not be the most powerful diet supplement on the market. Additionally, with no research conducted, it is hard to know how effective the pills are and perhaps it is wise to look at other products that have tested results before considering purchasing Bystrictin.

If you are interested in finding out who makes Bystrictin, then read our The company behind Bystrictin article.

Overall: 44/100

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