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This article is designed to provide you with a simple yet effective summary of the contents of our more detailed sub-articles on Carbuloss, a diet pill produced by Belgium based company Ecopharma. This objective review should guide your decision if you are considering supplementing with Carbuloss, containing key information surrounding its ingredients, mechanisms, and other general information.

Carbuloss Pros
  • Professional website
  • Celebrity endorsements (though not always a ‘pro’)
  • Promising ingredients
Carbuloss Cons
  • No clinical data for their product specifically
  • Lack of ability to buy at present, and therefore also a lack of price tag
  • Toxicity concerns
  • Side effects can be common

Carbuloss Review

This review will investigate the claimed weight loss benefits of Carbuloss supplementation as marketed on their website, in order to allow you to make a decision based on an objective and unbiased report.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The Carbuloss ‘How it Works’ website states that Carbuloss works by making you feel satiated, and also through prevention of carbohydrate absorption.

How Carbuloss Works

PotatoCarbuloss works predominantly as a carbohydrate ‘blocker’. This means that the amount of carbohydrate normally absorbed is reduced upon Carbuloss supplementation. Therefore, with fewer calories being taken in from carbohydrates, less carbohydrate is converted to fat, as there is smaller excess/no excess compared to the body’s needs. The effect is said to last for 3 hours at a time, and it is caused through the blocking of an enzyme involved in carbohydrate absorption, which the Carbuloss website names the ‘alpha-amylase enzyme’ (though it is unclear which enzyme specifically they are referring to, as they do not give an International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) name, which is the regulated method of enzyme nomenclature, therefore it is not possible to investigate this enzyme beyond the information offered by its common). The Carbuloss website also states that it makes you feel satiated, though does not offer a mechanism for how this may occur, so it is unsure to the reader how that would work.

More information on the specific mechanisms that Carbuloss uses in order to aid weight loss can be found in our How Carbuloss Works article. Also refer to our How to Take Carbuloss article.

Key Carbuloss Ingredients

There are 4 key ingredients within Carbuloss according to their ‘Ingredients’ website. These are Fabenol Max (white kidney bean extract), salaretin, green tea and brown algae.

White Kidney BeansThe white kidney bean extract is the source of the alpha-amylase inhibitor, previously mentioned in our ‘How it Works’ section, and so this is the most key ingredient according to the way Carbuloss is marketed. The whole mechanism discussed by the manufacturer centers around this inhibition.

Salaretin is an extract from the Marking Nut Tree of India and Sri Lanka. It is an antioxidant and the Carbuloss website references its use in traditional Indian medicine. The extract has been used as an attempt to combat diabetes, rheumatism and obesity.

green teaGreen tea is a traditional Asian tea, and has more recently become widely available in the west, often marketed for its health benefits and sold in both supermarkets and health food stores. The antioxidant qualities of green tea are often referenced, and the Carbuloss website references these also. Quite whether green tea extract is equivalent to drinking green tea remains to be seen, as a number of the studies quoted by the Carbuloss website refer to the drinking of green tea rather than consumption of green tea extract.

For more information, read our Green Tea article.

Brown alga is a form of seaweed found on coastlines all over the world. It contains a high level of iodine, hence its orange-brown colouration, and this is why the Carbuloss website states that it stimulates your thyroid, implying that it will stimulate your metabolism (though this is not actually a claim of the diet pill that is directly stated). Overstimulation of the thyroid can however be dangerous, so proceed with caution.

More information can be found in the Carbuloss Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 50/100

Whilst the studies quoted by the website seem extremely promising, there appears to be no forum for customer reviews. Therefore, whilst it can be assumed from their data that the product is highly effective, without some opinion from previous users we cannot be certain of its levels of effectiveness.
Speed of results: 10/100

Again, with no real forum for customer review online, and with little clinical data confirming quantitative values for achieved weight loss using this supplement, we cannot confirm speed of results. This is made more ambiguous by the statement that ‘everyone is different’ and will experience different results made by the FAQ section of the Carbuloss website.
Appetite Suppression: 65/100

The brown algae extract is quoted as ‘filling the stomach and causing feelings of satiation’. This makes sense, because as discussed on the Carbuloss – Brown Algae webpage, the ingredient absorbs a lot of water, similar to the way rice will absorb water to give feelings of fullness.
Long Term Results: 50/100

The US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) produced a report on the safety and viability of white kidney bean extract. It was stated in this report that it is possible that white kidney bean extract may cause a weight loss effect due to alpha-amylase inhibition upon reflection of the evidence. The words may and possibly here imply that there is not sufficient evidence to confirm, though it is a likelihood given the current evidence.
Safety: 60/100

The FDA report on white kidney bean extract states that it is safe for human consumption. A report by them on the safety of brown algae extract confirmed the same, thought it did state that this was only an interim decision, and better definitions where required as to algae to differentiate between them. Green tea is definitely not considered to harbor any adverse effects, though the Marking Nut Tree does have an entry in the FDA Poisonous Plant Database. This is however purely intended for scientific exchange, therefore the FDA does not confirm Marking Nut Tree product toxicity in any way, though it is concerning that there have been reports that this is true.
Value for money: 0/100

Currently, the store section of the Carbuloss website is resulting in an error when attempting to access it. This has apparently been going on for some time upon a quick Google search. This is concerning, as there is no English third party website that sells Carbuloss; therefore it is confusing as to why they would take their store down. The only place we could find to purchase the product was a particularly shifty looking Spanish website that resulted in pop-ups upon leaving the website asking you to stay. The Ecopharma website states that they are installing a new system, and so you cannot currently purchase directly from the manufacturer either.

Carbuloss Side Effects

stomach irritationWebMD has an article on carbohydrate blockers in general. It states that common side effects include bloating, diarrhea and stomach cramps. It states that some supplements may also contain unlisted stimulants that could be dangerous for diabetics.

The high levels of iodine present in brown algae may cause concern for anybody with thyroid problems, as overstimulation of the thyroid can be dangerous even without a pre-existing condition. Please consult your doctor before embarking on any supplementation scheme, especially if you do have pre-existing medical conditions.

More information can be found in our Carbuloss Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Carbuloss

Currently there appears to be no way to purchase Carbuloss from an English website, as the product’s store on their website is down and has been for some time. The option to buy directly from the manufacturer is also currently unavailable due to ‘improvements to the system’. This may leave many people sceptical, as it is unusual for a company to leave itself without any means of selling its product during website maintenance, and so produces concerns.

More information can be found in our Where to Buy Carbuloss article.

Overall Verdict

Carbuloss has a professional looking website, as does their manufacturer Ecopharma – find out more about this manufacturer from our The Company Behind Carbuloss article.

It contains a number of promising ingredients, and backs its statements up with reasonable explanations. However, it is difficult to even find a place that sells Carbuloss, and therefore the price tag for when the official site returns its buying options is unknown. There are possible toxicity concerns surrounding the Marking Nut Tree extract ingredient and there is no measure of speed or longevity of results due to lack of clinical data for the product. The WebMD site also makes a valid argument, in that with all of the possible side effects, it may be advisable to initially try controlling your carbohydrate intake via diet exclusively and resorting to carbohydrate blockers as a last resort attempt only. If you are set on trying a carbohydrate blocker however, Carbuloss appears to be as promising as any, so long as they make it more available and provide some more clinical data in the future.

Overall: 39/100

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