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Chili Burn

Chili Burn is a diet pill that claims to boost your metabolism with the help of its key ingredient, chillies. Clinical evidence in support of this claim is largely inconclusive.

Below we have reviewed Chili Burn against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Chili Burn Pros
  • Available from major high street retailers in the UK
  • Not likely to cause severe side effects
Chili Burn Cons
  • Low quantity of the main weight loss ingredient
  • Limited clinical evidence to prove its effectiveness

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Chili Burn Review

New Nordic Chili Burn is a product that is claimed to target your weight by boosting your metabolism. Chili burn claims to have been heavily researched for years before release and also claims to be backed by science, though no clinical studies are cited on the official website.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The product is claimed to target metabolism using the popular diet pill ingredient red chilli pepper.

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How Chili Burn Works

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Chili Burn tablets are claimed to work by firing up your metabolism, making it work faster, using the hot red chilli pepper ingredient. The idea behind this is that a faster metabolism is able to convert the food you eat into energy quicker, resulting in less excess fat. Find out more about how your metabolism works by reading this article. The makers encourage you to follow a diet plan and to increase the amount of exercise you do in order to help the Chili burn tablets tackle weight loss.

The product claims to encourage thermogenesis. This process is significant to metabolic rate as the increased heat production may result in higher energy expenditure and fat oxidation, as the nervous system is able to break down and convert foods more efficiently. A higher metabolism means, in theory, a higher ability to burn more calories.

Chili burn consists of ingredients that are believed to have the potential to aid weight loss; however, despite the name, the amount of chili pepper in the supplement is minimal and it is debatable whether it will have a real effect or not. New Nordic, the company behind Chili Burn state that they have invested seven years of research into this supplement. To analyse the effectiveness of Chili burn as a weight loss supplement, it is essential to examine the ingredients first.

Red Chili Pepper

Red chili pepper, often used in the kitchen, has been said to promote weight loss due to the substance which give peppers their spice, capsaicin. The spicier the pepper, the more capsaicin it contains and therefore, supposedly, the better weight loss effects. Red chili pepper does have some research and clinical trials which suggest its consumption can aid in weight loss; these will be discussed in more detail in the ‘clinical studies’ section below.

Capsaicin is also believed to burn excess fat tissue and to deter the growth of fat cells. Chili pepper is also believed to reduce appetite. This is because capsaicin supposedly stimulates hormones related to appetite, such as norepinephrine, which may be able to decrease hunger cravings in the brain. However, there is only 12mg red chili pepper in the supplement, so it is questionable if the user will experience the weight loss benefits of chili pepper.

The effects of capsaicin also depend upon the user’s tolerance. As discussed later in this article, studies show that it has greater effects on those who are not used to the spice in their usual diets, than to those who consume it regularly. The receptors which are stimulated by capsaicin can become desensitized after a while, no longer having the desired effects. After usage, a user can become accustomed to chili pepper which questions the long term effects of chili burn.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its vast health benefits and it has been said to have potential weight loss elements although scientific studies still remain inconclusive. Chili burn contains 486mg of green tea. It is thought that the catechins in green tea are what promote weight loss by increasing metabolism, energy expenditure and reducing appetite.

Green tea purportedly encourages thermogenesis and fat oxidation, meaning that fatty molecules are broken down into smaller ones ready to use as energy. The most active catechin is said to be epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is included in Chili burn in 148mg. It supposedly suppresses appetite by inhibiting hormones which produce hunger cravings. Green tea also contains caffeine which is believed to act as a stimulant by inhibiting tiredness and boosting metabolism.

Ginger Root

Ginger is a spice, originating from South Asia, which is used to flavour foods but also holds potential medicinal properties such as settling upset stomachs. Ginger root has claims of improving the metabolic rate by inducing thermogenesis. Chili burn contains 50g of ginger root. Ginger root has also been said to act as an appetite suppressant. Ginger purportedly stimulates digestive enzymes which curb hunger cravings and encourage the breakdown of fatty food into smaller, useable chunks.

Dill Seed

Dill is a spice used for traditional medicinal purposes to ease digestive problems such as flatulence, indigestion and loss of appetite. It is said that Dill has anti-cellulite elements however there is no clinical trials to support this claim. It is unclear as to why Chili Burn have included it in their supplement (150g) and if anything it’s potential for curing of appetite loss may counteract the claimed appetite suppressing effects of the other ingredients.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a menthol flavouring derived from the peppermint plant from Europe and North America. It is said to have medicinal uses such as curing indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn. Apart from easing any unpleasant side effects from the chili pepper like stomach irritation, it is unclear as to why New Nordic has included this is their product as it yields no weight loss properties.

Chili Burn has received mixed reviews and Amazon gave them an average 3 out of 5 stars. The range between answers is demonstrated here as 5 people gave it 1 star and 6 gave it 5 stars. This could be down to the different tolerance levels previously discussed. Many comments said they “crave healthy foods now” whereas some complained of side effects like stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

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Key Chili Burn Ingredients


There are only four main ingredients in this supplement and some Chili Burn reviews have expressed concern that the ingredient amounts are not revealed on many of its online retail sites. The ingredients and their amounts can be found on the official website however, and it shows that the product contains chili pepper, green tea, dill seed and ginger root. There is only 12mg of chilli pepper included in Chili Burn, which may be considered a small amount considering the name of the diet pill.

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Clinical Studies

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New Nordic state that there has been a clinical trial published in Obesity, the scientific journal, which proves the effects of chili and green tea reducing body fat when combined. However, after searching this database, no such paper was found and when examining the research section of the New Nordic website, there were no references made to any research apart from one irrelevant study.

Clinical trials are experiments conducted over a time period to prove or disprove a predisposed hypothesis. They are usually performed on animals subjects like rats first to ensure that they are then safe enough to test on humans.


For one clinical trial, 24 subjects were assessed for 16 hours over two days. There was a selection of buffets and snack boxes and 30 minutes before a meal, the subjects consumed 0.9g red pepper or a placebo in tomato juice or in two capsules to be consumed with tomato juice. The results of this study showed that oral and gastro-intestinal exposure to capsaicin could boost satiety and decrease energy and fat intake, though a strong result was found with oral exposure.

Another study involved two trials to test the impact of red pepper on energy intake. Firstly, 13 female subjects ate a standardised dinner one evening and then had an experimental breakfast the next morning. They were given either a high fat, high fat with red pepper, high carb, or high carb with red pepper breakfast. Their energy intake during lunch was measured and results suggested that the addition of red pepper to the high carb breakfast reduced the desire to eat before lunch. Consuming red pepper at breakfast also reduced protein and fat intake at lunch.

For the second trial, males ingested a standardised breakfast and then consumed an appetiser at lunch which was either a mixed diet appetiser or a mixed diet and red pepper appetiser. The results of this trial suggested that by consuming red pepper in an appetiser, the energy and carb intake during the remainder of lunch and in a few hours after can be reduced. It was also shown that red pepper consumption caused an increase in the ratio sympathetic: parasympathetic nervous system activity.

Green Tea

A clinical trial was conducted to analyse if green tea could increase 24 hour energy expenditure and fat oxidation. 10 males were randomly assigned a treatment of either green tea, caffeine or a placebo to be ingested at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their energy expenditure was measured beforehand and again after consumption. Those who had the green tea showed a significant increase in energy expenditure. Also, levels of norepinephrine were higher in the green tea consumers, demonstrating a higher heat rate and a decreased appetite. Those who ingested the caffeine did not display these effects, leading researchers to believe it is the catechins in green tea which increase energy expenditure and therefore potential to lose weight and not due to the caffeine content of green tea.

A clinical trial was performed in a hospital, for 12 weeks, with 60 obese patients. All patients received the same three meals a day but only half of the group were given green tea. The half who received the tea, were found to lose more weight (an average of 24 pounds) in comparison to the 30 who didn’t receive green tea. Researchers found that this was due to the increase in fat oxidation and energy expenditure in those who drank green tea. However another 12 week trial was performed on again obese subjects and found that they lost barely any weight but were found to have positive effects on the level of cholesterol.

This just shows that there a variety of clinical trials relating to the weight loss properties of green tea but they produce such varied results each time the evidence remains inconclusive. Further testing is needed to examine the true effects of green tea on weight loss however it does show promise for increasing thermogenic activity.

Ginger Root

There was a study published by New York obesity research which investigated the use of ginger as an appetite suppressant. The researchers gave a group of 10 healthy, yet overweight men a ginger tea made with 2g dried ginger to accompany their breakfast. The next day they had the same breakfast but without the ginger. The researchers monitored the hunger cravings before breakfast and every hour after. The results showed that the consumption of ginger gave a feeling of satiety and the men had much fewer cravings compared to the day with no ginger. This proved that ginger stimulates intestinal hormones in a beneficial manner to making the body feel full, therefore taking in fewer calories.

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Chili Burn Side Effects

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There are not many side effects associated with Chili Burn and it seems quite safe to consume; however, there are some groups of people who should not use the supplement.

Any side effects experienced may be due to the chili pepper as it can trigger numerous responses as the body tries to cool itself down and get rid of the burning sensation. These side effects may potentially however be neutralized with the inclusion of peppermint oil and dill.

Some have reported effects of a painful, burning sensation which could lead to heartburn or indigestion. This is because capsaicin, the spicy substance, binds to the heat receptors stimulating the feeling of excessive heat. As the spice first passes through the digestive system, the burning can cause disruption resulting in indigestion. The burning sensation on the tongue can also be felt in the stomach and due to gastric reflux will be experienced as heartburn.

An amazon customer complained of “stomach cramps” which may be due to the spice of the pill. As the capsaicin reaches the gut, it can stimulate the pain receptors in the intestinal walls. The burning sensation triggers responses to try and get rid of it as quickly as possible so the intestines contract to force the pepper out, which can cause painful stomach cramps.

Following on from this pain stimulation in the intestines, hormones will also be stimulated and will secrete more fluids in attempt to flush out the burning sensation and cooling down. This can cause diarrhoea. Drink plenty of water when taking this supplement to replace any loss fluid from side effects.

These side effects are worse in those who are not used to chili pepper in their diet and should pass after 2 weeks of use as the body becomes accustomed to the capsaicin and the receptors desensitize. Those who have a tolerance for chili pepper are unlikely to experience these side effects.

Other minor side effects may include sweating and a runny nose again as the body tries to cool itself down by flushing away the heat sensation. However, these side effects are only as the body is introduced to the new substance and they may not occur with the small amount of chili pepper used in Chili Burn. Any severe side effects could be due to an allergic reaction and the user should stop using the supplement immediately and seek medical attention.

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How to Use

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Chili burn is quite simple to take, you are asked to take two tablets twice a day, preferably with a meal. The assumed effect when taking the pills with a meal is to activate the appetite decreasing potential of the supplement, by stimulating the hormones which trick the body into it believing it’s full. The stated dose should not be exceeded. It is advised taking the supplement for initial two weeks in order to see any results.

After the initial two weeks, New Nordic recommends lowering the dosage to two tablets a day and some retailing websites state to stop taking after 12 weeks. This is to sustain the effectiveness of the supplement as the nerves can become desensitized after continuous usage. It is claimed to be safe to continue using Chili Burn if desired after a break in treatment.

Something to bear in mind is that the 60 pill month supply is only enough for after the initial two weeks. When taking 4 pills a day that equals to 56 pills in two weeks, something which they do not advertise and the buyer would therefore need to buy another supply just after the first two weeks.

Chili Burn is to be taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a balanced diet to have optimum effect.

There are some people who should not use Chili Burn. As with all untested supplements, seek medical advice before consumption, particularly for those on current prescriptions. Do not take the product if:

•You are pregnant or breast-feeding
•You have gallstones
•You have stomach ulcers or inflammation
•You have a liver disorder or develop symptoms of liver trouble
•You have anaemia and/or an iron deficiency
•You have hiatus hernia or gastro oesophageal

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Who Makes It?

New Nordic is a Scandinavian company which claims to develop innovative products for improving quality of life. They were founded in the early 90’s and have been selling health products for over twenty years.

They supposedly discovered a new way to extract what they needed from citrus fruits in 1992 and have incorporated this technique into their products today. They have a range of products from weight loss to preventing age degeneration all of which use natural ingredients.

They retail mainly in Europe however New Nordic has become quite popular in America and Canada recently. Reports of their sales are available to browse on their official website. They have a growth in sales target of 10-15% each year.

New Nordic products are sold in well-known stores such as Holland and Barrett which helps to boost their reputation. However there have been mixed reviews towards New Nordic products and considering they have been in operation for twenty years the feedback is extremely limited.

When researching customer reviews online, there is such a variety of comments with regards to effectiveness that it is difficult to decipher if their products have the desired effects. Chili Burn for example has a mere 16 comments in Amazon and only one or two on other sites. If New Nordic is as confident in their products as they say they are, it would be encouraging to see a money back guarantee with their supplements.

The New Nordic website is very basic. It advertises their full range of products each with a brief product description, label information and questionable testimonials. They do not have a guest comments box, like many official websites which protect them from slander. A worrying line in their terms and conditions is “the description and specification of products in the Web Site is only approximate”.

New Nordic claim on their website that with their products “they refine, analyse and test them under controlled conditions,” and like many, their product descriptions boast clinically proven results however there are no references to these trials and no clinical testing can be found on their products. Recently, New Nordic was challenged by the National Advertising Division (NAD) which accused New Nordic of false advertising. Their claims and testimonials about their hair volume supplement were regarded as misleading due to their implications and New Nordic had to withdraw these claims.

New Nordic appears to be an established company. It offers a variety of natural products which have potential to work however the downside with them is their lack of clinical evidence. Too many companies say they are clinically proven but do not have the evidence to support these claims.

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Where to Buy Chili Burn


Chili Burn is easy to find on the UK high street. It is available in health shops like Holland and Barrett, Lloyds Pharmacy and Boots as well as supermarkets like Tesco. Additionally, you can buy it from the official website and online through Holland and Barrett. It averages at £20 for one month’s supply. It is worth consulting a doctor before taking Chili Burn as there are some people who are advised against taking the supplement.

New Nordic sells the product for £21.98 for a one month supply or a 60 tablet pack. Chili Burn is only available in a 60 pill supply. They do not have a money back guarantee. There are no meal plans or exercise regimes available to support the supplement.

There are numerous supplement websites which sell Chili Burn such as and They are slightly cheaper, retailing at an average price of £17. Another benefit of purchasing from these sites is that they fully review the product in detail. They also have a compare button, where the dieter can click and compare Chili Burn with other supplements to see which is better for them. You can email the websites directly to ask them any questions about the products. However, there are no customer reviews available to read or submit.

Holland and Barrett is a reputable health store and shoppers can benefit from having expert advice in store. They sell the month supply for £21.65. Another benefit of purchasing in store is that the consumer can be assured that it is not a scam and their credentials are safe from being abused. The website provides label information with a very brief product description. There are a limited amount of customer reviews (currently two), both of which have given Chili Burn a 1 star rating. Free delivery is available when purchasing Chili Burn online.

Boots is another reputable heath store to purchase Chili Burn from. There are pharmacists in store so the dieter can discuss any concerns with them if they wish. They sell Chili Burn for just over £20 also. The supplement could not be found on their website however.

Amazon prevails to have the lowest price at £14.20 with free delivery. The best thing about Amazon is the customer reviews which you can be sure are not fake testimonials that are usually displayed on the official website. There are 16 reviews at present, with an average 3 out of 5 stars and a variety of negative and positive comments. They also sell a 30 tablet pack, for £8.80, where only one tablet is meant to be used a day.

It seems the substantial price difference make purchasing for Amazon most appealing. Sometimes, manufacturers offer a money back guarantee or unique dieting plans however as New Nordic do not, there is no disadvantage from not purchasing from them. It would be wise to check the customer reviews beforehand to assess if supplement if suitable and always seek medical attention, especially if you are on prescription medication.

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Does Chili Burn Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Products can be purchased using a one-off payment from the official website or from several high street retailers in the UK.

Manufacturing Standard: This information is not provided.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No diet plan is provided.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, this information is available on the official website.

Company contact details readily available: No, there is only an online form to fill in.

Chili Burn does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and full contact details.

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Overall Verdict

Chili Burn is made by an established company and can be purchased in a number of high street stores. However, there is not a great deal of the main weight loss ingredient within the product and clinical evidence in support of the claims is largely inconclusive. Whilst some ingredients have been shown to have a slight weight loss effect, others have not been shown to have any impact on body weight.

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