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Chocolate Banana Original

Despite the name there doesn’t actually appear to be any chocolate or banana in this product. This product has recently underwent a rebranding in 2011 and changed the majority of its ingredients, therefore we will investigate both the ‘pre 2011’ Chocolate Banana Original and the ‘post 2011’ Chocolate Banana Original product.

In this review, we will be looking to see how Chocolate Banana Original actually works, and if it is the weight loss supplement for you.

Chocolate Banana Originial Review

Chocolate Banana Original Pros
  • Available in a wide range of UK based stores (Online and high-street)
  • Lots of contact information on website
Chocolate Banana Original Cons
  • No information about ingredients on official website
  • No information about dosage
  • No information about potential side effects
  • No clinical trials

Chocolate Banana Original Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

There is not much information available on the official website but they have made sure to include what the product can do to help you lose weight. They claim, the product can:

– Boost weight loss
– Help suppress appetite
– Maximises weight loss when used in conjunction with diet and exercise
– Burn stubborn fat that dieting alone can’t reach
– Achieve better muscle definition

The following is taken directly from the official website:

“Chocolate Banana stimulates weight loss by working to energise your metabolism whilst at the same time helping to lower your cravings for food. The revolutionary ingredient, which has been used for 1000’s of years in Brazil, combines the appetite suppressing powder associated with Hoodia with a boost to your energy levels to help to keep you energised throughout your busy day.”

We agree with its metabolism boosting claims. However, our experts disagree with its claims of being an appetite suppressant and fat binder.

How Chocolate Banana Original Works

Pre 2011 Chocolate Banana Original

This version of the product works through the combination of lowering blood sugar levels and increasing metabolic rate. The benefit of having a low blood sugar level is that insulin levels are reduced; this has the knock on effect of using a higher percentage of fat to produce energy in comparison to a high blood sugar level, which would increase the level of insulin and reduce the percentage of fat being used for energy. It is often the case that overweight people eat primarily sugar rich foods which increases the levels of insulin that are present in the body whereby decreasing the amount of fat used for energy, as sugar is a very quick and easy to use energy source.

Metabolic rate on the other hand is a term used to describe the rate at which chemical reactions happen in the body in order to produce energy. This rate can be manipulated in both a natural and a more forced way, an example of a natural way would be exercise as energy is needed quickly and over sustained time periods, whereas a more forced way of increasing metabolic rate would be to drink caffeine. Caffeine has the ability to speed up these reactions, which requires more calories. If you ate exactly the same amount of food and introduced caffeine into the equation then in theory you should expect to lose weight over a period of time.

Caffeine in Chocolate BananaA term that is closely related to metabolic rate is thermogenesis; this term simply describes the extra heat that is caused by the increase in chemical reactions that are occurring. When low blood sugar and an increase in metabolic rate are combined there is a promising likelihood that weight loss may occur. Extended exposure to caffeine will however reduce its effects on metabolic rate as the body will build up a tolerance to the presence of caffeine and the chemical processes may actually end up slowing down, it is advisable to take caffeine in cycles such as two months on and one month off for example.

Post 2011 Chocolate Banana Original

This version of the product works using a combination of appetite suppressant and an increase in metabolic rate. The majority of appetite suppressants work by reducing the levels of a hormone called serotonin. This particular hormone is responsible for the feeling of hunger that you experience when you have not eaten for an extended time period. When you eat food the level of serotonin increases dramatically which is why many people achieve a state of happiness shortly after they have eaten, it also explains why people turn to food in an attempt to curb depression. Reducing the level of serotonin means that you feel full without having actually eaten the amount you normally do which means over the course of the day you will take in less calories and hopefully lose weight. Having said this, there is no scientific evidence to support the labelling of Cha-De-Burgh as an appetite suppressant. The increase in metabolic rate has been described in the above paragraph, a simple summary of which is that caffeine increases the rate at which chemical reactions occur in the body therefore using up more calories.

For more information, we recommend you read our How does Chocolate Banana Original work article.

Key Chocolate Banana Original Ingredients

In 2011 the Chocolate Banana Original product underwent a rebranding process during which all of the ingredients changed, therefore in your best interests we will cover both the ‘pre 2011’ Chocolate Banana Original product and the ‘post 2011’ Chocolate Banana Original product. The easiest way to identify easily between the two is to note that the ‘pre 2011’ version has a faded light brown packaging whereas the ‘post 2011’ product has a much glossier and darker brown packaging.

Pre 2011 Chocolate Banana Original

Guarana Seed in Chocolate Banana OriginalThe main active ingredient in this version of the Chocolate Banana Original product is Sida Cordifolia, this ingredient is a plant that is primarily found in Africa although it is a staple in traditional Brazilian medicine. It has been suggested that this plant has hypoglycaemic properties; this means that it can reduce your blood sugar level; this causes your pancreas to reduce the level of insulin, which in turn increases the body’s reliance on fat for energy production. The second ingredient is guarana; this ingredient is once again a plant that is a staple in Brazilian medicine. The main advantage of this plant is that the seeds contain twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean. Caffeine has been purported to increase the speed at which chemical processes happen within the body resulting in a higher amount of calories being used.

Post 2011 Chocolate Banana Original

The main active ingredient in this version of Chocolate Banana Original is Cha-De-Burgh; there are claims that this ingredient has appetite suppressing properties although there is no scientific evidence available to back up these claims. The second ingredient is called naringin, this particular ingredient has no direct weight loss benefit but there are claims that naringin can help prolong the effects of caffeine. It should come as no surprise then that the final ingredient is caffeine, which has long been considered able to speed up the processes that occur within your body which results in more calories being used.

For more information, we recommend you read our Chocolate Banana Original Clinical Studies article.

The results section will only deal with the new version of Chocolate Banana Original.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

The weight loss power of this product is scientifically unproven at this point; this is more due to the lack of scientific information rather than the product simply not working. The product contains a high amount of caffeine which brings about two consequences; the first being that the possibility of weight loss does increase. The second consequence is that this makes the product unsuitable for anyone who is not a habitual caffeine drinker. It cannot be argued at this stage that the caffeine content will be the main cause of weight loss.
Speed of results: 30/100

As Cha-De-Burgh is purported to be an appetite suppressant, it is unlikely that the speed of results will be that quick and will be fairly inconsequential. Having said this, the inclusion of the high caffeine content means that you should begin to experience the effects fairly quickly. The exact speed of results will vary in each individual in accordance with their level of everyday caffeine intake, as it will take longer to make a difference in habitual caffeine drinkers. You should begin to feel the effects after a few days of consumption and at this point, you will know if you can handle the level of caffeine in the product. The time period for actual weight loss to occur will be slightly longer and will depend on your existing diet and exercise regime.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Of the three ingredients included in the new Chocolate Banana Original product, only Cha-De-Burgh is touted as an appetite suppressant. Having said this, there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims and so the appetite suppressing properties of the product are very much in doubt. The high caffeine content may actually make you feel hungrier as you will be using more calories than normal and therefore may become counterproductive in terms of appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 20/100

The ingredients within this product do not lend themselves towards long terms use as the body will become more tolerant to the effects of caffeine as you continue to use the product. As there is no information regarding the short-term effectiveness of Cha-De-Burgh, it is impossible to predict the long-term effectiveness of the ingredient. It is unlikely that if the product does not immediately work for you then this will change if you continue to take the product. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 65/100

The main concern with the product is its very high caffeine content; if you are a habitual caffeine drinker then you may escape the side effects that are associated with caffeine intake. If however, you do not regularly consume caffeine then there is a risk you could suffer from: insomnia, headaches, nausea and anxiety. The other two ingredients (Cha-De-Burgh and Naringin) have no serious side effects associated with their use at this time but not much is known about Cha-De-Burgh.
Value for money: 70/100

The product is very reasonably priced and you have many purchasing options from a variety of sources. You can buy a month’s supply for just over £20, which means that even if the product does not work for you then you haven’t lost that much money. There are special deals that you can capitalise on if you feel the product is working which is always a good feature to have available to you.

Chocolate Banana Original Side Effects

Pre 2011 Chocolate Banana Original

Chocolate Banana Original - Caffeine related side effectsThe main active ingredient in this particular variation of the product was Sida Cordifolia. This plant is native to India although it is prominent in Africa, Australia, USA, New Guinea and French Polynesia where it is considered an invasive weed. In traditional Brazilian medicine, the plant has been used to treat a range of inflammatory and respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. There is some concern surrounding this plant in mainstream dieting products as it contains Ephedrine. In 2004, the FDA banned the use of Ephedra based products in diet supplements due to links to numerous heart attacks and in more serious circumstances; there were deaths, which had a strong link to Ephedra abuse. While this ban has been lifted, there have been very specific instructions given to pharmacists. The second ingredient is Guarana, which contains twice the amount of caffeine as a coffee bean; this greatly increases the risk of consumers suffering from insomnia, headaches, anxiety and nausea. This is especially true if you are not a habitual caffeine drinker.

Post 2011 Chocolate Banana Original

Chocolate Banana Original insomnia side effectsThe main active ingredient in the current version of Chocolate Banana is Cha-De-Burge. This ingredient is the fruit of the Cordia salicifolia tree, which is native to South America. Unfortunately, there is very little information currently available for this ingredient and so we cannot offer any advice about potential side effects at this time. The second ingredient is called naringin; this ingredient is responsible for giving grapefruit juice its unique taste. Due to the relationship between naringin and caffeine intake, the side effects commonly associated with caffeine are more likely to occur such as nausea, anxiety and insomnia.

For more information, we recommend you read our Chocolate Banana Original Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Chocolate Banana Original

The fact that there are two different versions of the Chocolate Banana Original product make buying the product slightly troublesome as the exact version of the product depends on what website you wish to buy from.

The official website exclusively offers the new version of the product as you would expect. The first option is to buy eight tablets for £4.50. While it is good that you can buy a small quantity of the product to use on a ‘trial basis’, it is questionable if there is simply enough tablets in this trial to allow you to notice any effects. The second option available to you is to buy a bottle of thirty tablets for the price of £12.00. This option provides you with much better value for money than the trial pack and can last for up to a month if taken sparingly or just over two weeks depending on your preferences. The third and final option is to buy a bottle of sixty tablets for £21.50, which saves you £3.50 in comparison to buying two bottles of thirty tablets. Amazon also have the newer version of the product available in 30 and 120 tablet bottles, the 30 tablet bottle is the same price as the official website and the 120 pill bottle is priced at £35.95.

The official website of Chocolate Banana has posted a warning that under no circumstances should you buy a the product from a shop called Great Barr Tanning or from a user called gbtanning1 as this company is selling counterfeit stock. The Great Barr Tanning shop is located in Birmingham on Aldridge Road. If you have brought a product then you should get in touch with Chocolate Banana UK Ltd immediately at this address.

For a more comprehensive outline, please read our Where to buy Chocolate Banana Original article. If you have bought Chocolate Banana Original, we would also recommend you read our How to use Chocolate Banana Original article.

Overall Verdict

Judging from the scientific research that is currently available it does not seem that this product will change your life in terms of weight loss, having said this the inclusion of Guarana in the pre-2011 version of the product does make it a very powerful option but the product has been discontinued. In terms of the newer version of the product, Cha-De-Burgh is the main active ingredient although there is no research to justify its inclusion. Therefore the product remains unproven, in addition to this the experiment we looked at regarding naringin saw no weight loss advantage over simply drinking water. While caffeine is a very common ingredient in weight loss supplements, and this product is no different, the benefits are very much dependant on the individual and many have no effect on some people. The product itself is reasonably priced and so taking a gamble on a one-month supply is certainly a valid option. The official website warns that this is a very strong product, referring to the high amounts of caffeine and so you should only consider this product if you are used to drinking caffeine.

If you are interested in who makes Chocolate Banana Original, we recommend you read our The Company behind Chocolate Banana Original article.

Overall: 41/100

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