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Cleanse Plus

Cleanse Plus is a colon cleanser that is said to be able to help weight loss by flushing harmful waste out of the body. In this review we will look at both the positive and negative aspects to determine whether it is a suitable product for you.

Cleanse Plus Pros
  • Potential to suppress appetite and improve absorption of nutrients
  • Is said to support digestion
Cleanse Plus Cons
  • Scam concerns
  • Absolutely no information regarding ingredients
  • Potential for nasty side effects
  • No directions for use provided on website

Cleanse Plus Review

Cleanse Plus is a health supplement that has been specifically formulated to target the colon and help the digestive system to rid the body of waste and toxins that may be blocking the intestinal tract and causing health issues. It claims to do this in a number of ways while being free from side effects. However, there is some concern over the lack of important information on the product’s website and the credibility of the manufacturing company, with some suggestion that the product is in fact a scam.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Cleanse Plus is claimed by its manufacturers to work as a fat burner, metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. While we agree that due to the nature of the product it may have appetite suppressing qualities, the absence of information regarding any of the ingredients within the product means that we can not agree that it is a fat burner or metabolism booster.

How Cleanse Plus Works

Valuemarket Limited, the company behind Cleanse Plus claim that their product is able to aid weight loss thanks to its many health benefits. The product works as a colon cleanser, helping the digestive system to flush harmful waste out of the digestive tract, purifying the system and improving daily digestion. The official Cleanse Plus website states that the colon can contain as much as 10 pounds of undigested food and faecal matter that is trapped inside your intestinal tract. Consumers are asked if they can imagine what this ‘toxic waste’ is doing to their health. According to the website, our colon contains parasites, which means that they are often impacted with mucus that prevents nutrients from being absorbed by the cells that need them. Due to this mucus and toxic waste, there is only a small and narrow passage in the colon for faeces to be eliminated from. Cleanse Plus is said to be a unique colon cleanser that contains natural ingredients, which can clean and disinfect the digestive system, leaving it to function properly. It is also said to be able to suppress appetite by allowing more nutrients to reach the cells that need it, meaning that you are likely to eat less to gain the same amount of energy. In turn, this will lead to fewer calories being consumed and therefore less fat being stored in the body. For more information, read our How Cleanse Plus Works and How to Use Cleanse Plus articles.

Key Cleanse Plus Ingredients

Green Tea 538
Although the Cleanse Plus official website states that the product uses natural herbs to help eliminate impacted waste from the colon and assist the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals, there is no information regarding which herbs are used. In fact there is no information regarding any of the ingredients within the product – something that is very worrying and definitely a cause for concern. This omission of key information could lead to some users being put in danger, for example those who may have allergies to the substances used or those with medical conditions that could be damaged or worsened by the supplement.

Valuemarket Limited have come under fire in the past due to their controversial use of substances that are considered dangerous to use and that have been banned in several countries across the world. Because of this it seems possible that there could be substances with similar issues in Cleanse Plus and although the company claims that the information regarding the ingredients is provided on the bottles that the product comes in, users have the right to know what exactly they are purchasing before they do so. For more information, see our Cleanse Plus Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

The company behind Cleanse Plus make several big claims as to the product’s weight loss power, claiming that it is able to flush harmful waste from your system that can add up to 40 pounds of weight to the body. It is also said to be able to reduce water retention, again aiding weight loss, as well as improving the absorption of nutrients – potentially suppressing appetite, which in turn could lead to weight loss.
Speed of results: 15/100

Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews available online to gain any insight as to how quickly the product begins to work. There are customer testimonials provided on the Cleanse Plus official website where users claim to have lost as much as 10 pounds of weight in just 3 weeks, however the authenticity of these testimonials are unknown as there is no verifiable source attached to them.
Appetite Suppression: 25/100

Valuemarket Limited claim that Cleanse Plus is able to reduce the amount of parasites, mucus and toxic waste in the colon meaning that cells can absorb nutrients more easily. This means that you are able to eat less in order to gain the same amount of nutrients that you were receiving before. The general increase in nutrients should in theory leave you feeling satisfied for longer.
Long Term Results: 15/100

As there are no directions for use, there is no information about how long users should take Cleanse Plus for. It seems likely that it would be unsuitable for long term use due to the mild irritants that cleansers usually contain. Also, there is no diet plan or exercise regime provided by Valuemarket Limited to accompany Cleanse Plus, suggesting that there will not be a big enough lifestyle change to ensure long lasting results.
Safety: 15/100

The fact that there is are no details in regard to the ingredients used within Cleanse Plus means that the product could prove to be dangerous in those whom it may not be suitable for. Furthermore, the Mayo Clinic claims that doctors do not usually recommend colon cleansing for detoxification as it can potentially cause side effects such as bowel perforations, dehydration, increase in infections and negative changes in electrolytes.
Value for money: 10/100

The price of Cleanse Plus is not clearly detailed on the official website. There has been a lot of doubt cast over the credibility of the company behind the product due to the free trial scam concerns and lack of customer reviews. The absence of important information regarding the product is another cause for concern, suggesting that this product is not good value for money.

Cleanse Plus Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
As there is no information regarding any of the ingredients found in Cleanse Plus, it is very difficult to know exactly what side effects users can expect to face. However, there are some known side effects that may effect users of colon cleansing supplements in general. As we have stated, the Mayo Clinic says that doctors will not usually recommend colon cleansing to detoxify the body – this is because the body’s digestive system and bowel are able to naturally eliminate waste material and bacteria themselves. There are some potentially dangerous side effects including bowel perforations, increased risk of dehydration and infections and changes in electrolytes that can be dangerous for people who suffer from kidney disease or other health problems.

There are ways in which users of colon cleansers such as Cleanse Plus can reduce the chances of experiencing these kinds of side effects. Firstly, it is important that you speak with your doctor before beginning a colon cleanse to ensure that it is a suitable option for you and will not negatively effect your health. It is also safer to follow a programme such as this under the supervision of a health care professional, as this way you can make sure that you stay healthy while doing so. It is also crucial that people taking part in colon cleanses ensure that they are drinking plenty of fluids to make up for the fluids that they are losing through the cleansing process, this will also help the process itself. For more information, read our Cleanse Plus Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Cleanse Plus

Cleanse Plus is not available to purchase from the UK high street shops or from any online retailers. It seems that the only way in which customers can get their hands on the product is to order it directly from the Cleanse Plus official website. The price of the supplement is not clearly detailed on the website and users are required to enter their personal details before acquiring this information, which seems quite suspicious. There are no customer reviews available online in regards to the company, meaning that their reputation is questionable – something which may put some consumers off purchasing from them as most people want to be assured that their personal details will be kept safe before trusting a new company.

There is some reason to have concerns over the trial period for the product. The terms and conditions that can be found through a link on the bottom of the official web page are complicated and difficult to read, but state that although customers get a 14 day trial, this refund period begins on the day of purchase and not on the day of delivery. With delivery times taking 5 – 7 days on average, it seems likely that most users will only have a week to try the supplement and this is not enough time to see results or determine whether it is working. Furthermore, refunds are only given if there is a fault with the product or if it has been left unopened and only one refund will be given, as the company does not do repetitive refunds. For this reason, it seems sensible to order just one bottle to begin with. The company also states that it has the right to refuse refunds if they feel that they have been made in ‘bad faith’, suggesting that some people hoping to get refunds may not receive them when they could be entitled to them.

For more information, read our Where to Buy Cleanse Plus and The Company Behind Cleanse Plus articles.

Overall Verdict

Cleanse Plus is a colon cleanser that is claimed to be able to burn fat and boost the body’s metabolic rate, however it does not specify how it does this and there is no mention of any of the ingredients that the supplement contains, meaning there is no way to find out how the product actually works. This lack of information not only casts some concern over the functioning of the product but also over the safety of the product. This is because the excluded groups of people who should not use the supplement are not clearly outlined and this could lead to them becoming ill. Furthermore there is no evidence of any clinical testing being carried out on the product, which means that there is no way to know how safe the product actually is. Although there is no mention of any side effects on the Cleanse Plus website, there are some known side effects to other colon cleansers that may also accompany Cleanse Plus – some of which can be quite uncomfortable and potentially dangerous.

There is some worry over the credibility of the company behind Cleanse Plus, Valuemarket Limited, as there is not much information available about them on the internet. There is also a lack of customer reviews meaning that it is difficult to establish the level of customer service that the company provides. There has been some concern over their 14 day trial period and the company’s refund policy as it seems that the way they market the product may in fact be a money making scam.

To conclude, it seems very strange that there is no list of ingredients given on the Cleanse Plus website. The fact that the company claims that the product has undergone clinical testing but does not provide evidence of this testing is also odd and suggests that the supplement may not work as well as it is claimed to. For this reason we can not recommend purchasing Cleanse Plus.

Overall: 17/100

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