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Curcovia is a weight loss supplement that is herbal in nature. Curcoma Comosa is the main ingredient of this particular supplement, and it is a plant derived from the ginger family located in Southeast Asia. Curcovia claims to be a fat burning agent formulated specifically for women, as it claims to reverse the effects of a form of oestrogen hormone.

Let us see how this particular weight loss supplement comes around to working.

Curcovia Review

Curcovia Pros
  • It is designed specifically for women
  • It is herbal in nature
  • The product does not appear to have side effects
Curcovia Cons
  • It is expensive when compared to other weight loss supplements
  • It does not have clinical backing as a product

Curcovia Review

Curcovia aims to carry out weight loss and weight management through the action of curcoma comosa, which is the main ingredient of this particular weight loss supplement in question. Curcovia is designed particularly for women, and this can be claimed to be a good feature of this supplement as women naturally form the biggest consumption group of these weight loss supplements. Let us see how this particular weight loss supplement works and the claims that it aims to make.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Curcovia aims to make only one claim in particular, which is that of fat burning. It claims that intake of Curcovia helps in carrying out fat burning and that it subsequently tones down the action of female hormone oestrogen, which intends to stimulate weight gain.

How Curcovia Works

Curcovia aimed at womenThe official website of the weight loss supplement explains the hormonal balance and its relation to weight management in great detail. It is believed that the body produces an excess of estradiol, which is essentially a form of the hormone oestrogen. Excess of estradiol can cause fatigue and thus result in the body slowing down its metabolism, which can subsequently translate into accumulation of weight. However, correspondingly, oestrogen can also help the female body lose weight and it does so by limiting the function of the LPL enzyme. The LPL enzyme can absorb fat into cells and subsequently promote the HSL enzyme, which plays a pivotal role in preventing cells from storing fat. The essential knowledge to take from this is that in order to prevent weight loss, it is necessary for a woman to achieve hormonal balance and maintain it.

This is precisely where Curcovia comes into action. Intake of curcovia allows a healthy and effective balance to be maintained, and this prevents the excess accumulation of estradiol. Excess accumulation of estradiol subsequently prevents the excess storage of fat.

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Key Curcovia Ingredients

Curcoma Comosa

Curcoma Comosa In CurcoviaCurcoma Comosa is a plant belonging to the ginger family. It is native to the Southeast Asian region and can be found in countries along the likes of Malaysia and Thailand. The main role of curcoma comosa as an ingredient in Curcovia is that it helps in maintaining an effective balance of hormones within the human body. The official website explains that curcoma comosa can identify hormonal imbalances within the body and help to rectify them. Essentially, it can stimulate the production of oestrogen when it detects a deficiency, and regulate the production of oestrogen when it detects an excess of the hormone. This subsequently helps in keeping LPL and HSL enzymes under check.

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Weight Loss Power: 30/100

While we can certify and validate the claims of weight loss associated with curcoma comosa, we feel that this particular ingredient has only an indirect bearing on weight loss and its prime feature is instead attaining a hormonal balance. Therefore, we feel that we cannot assign a high value to this particular weight loss supplement when it comes to weight loss power.
Speed of results: 30/100

Though the official website is quite helpful with reference to the extensive amount of information it provides about the weight loss supplement, we did not find anything with reference to speed of results and are hence tempted to give this particular weight loss supplement a low score in this category.
Appetite Suppression: 0/100

The prime ingredient of the particular weight loss supplement in question is curcoma comosa, which does not appear to have any properties of appetite suppression associated with it. Moreover, the manufacturers do not appear to make any claims of appetite suppression in the first place. Hence, it appears that curcovia does not have appetite suppression properties and therefore it receives a low score in this category.
Long Term Results: 20/100

We do not find an answer for long term results either when it comes to this particular weight loss supplement, and are hence again tempted to give it a low scoring. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 90/100

Curcovia only contains curcoma comosa, which does not appear to cause any side effects. However, if you have a sensitivity to the ingredient we would advise you not to use the product.
Value for money: 40/100

This is also a troublesome category, because Curcovia appears to be expensive when we compare it to other weight loss supplements out there in the market. A single bottle costs £49.26, and this is not a very affordable price to pay. Therefore, Curcovia weight loss supplement receives a low score in this category.

Curcovia Side Effects

The official website claims that there are no side effects to worry about. We still carried out extensive scrutiny of the weight loss supplement in question. This is because in the vast majority of cases manufacturers simply assert that there are no side effects, and we later find out that there are actually quite a lot of them. However, in the case of Curcovia, we see that the manufacturers are actually honest in this regard. The prime product in this weight loss supplement is curcoma comosa, and it appears to be quite harmless in nature with no reported side effects so far.

Where to Buy Curcovia

It is possible to purchase Curcovia weight loss supplement from the official website, and there are quite a lot of options that you can avail. The first of these is purchasing a single bottle only, and you can do so for a price of £49.26. The second of these is purchasing two bottles together, and this gives you one additional bottle for free. The total price that you have to pay is £92.36, and so you end up saving quite a lot. You can also buy four bottles and get 2 free.

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Overall Verdict

We believe that this product has several positive connotations attached to it. One, it does not appear to have side effects. Two, the official website appears to be quite helpful. However, it also has its demerits and it is important to delve into them as well. Firstly, the product appears to be expensive in relative terms when compared to other weight loss supplements out there in the market. Secondly, it does not have any clinical validation attached with itself as a product. Thirdly and most importantly, it appears that this supplement is not primarily for weight loss but for dealing with other issues related to women, such as menstruation problems. Weight loss is a secondary feature, and from what it appears, it may happen for some and not for others. In this regard, we feel that it is better to go ahead with another supplement, that focuses on weight loss as its prime activity and focus as opposed to a supplementary and secondary one.

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Overall: 35/100

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