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Dare to Bare

Dare to Bare features an eye-catching pink colour scheme and uses the traditional picture of a model exposing her flat stomach. It also makes a multitude of claims, which has become common place for any diet pill it seems.

dare to bare reviewIs Dare to Bare just another diet pill that flatters to deceive or is there something actually worth trying here, read on to find out.

Dare to Bare Pros
  • A couple of promising ingredients
Dare to Bare Cons
  • No evidence behind it to suggest it works
  • Very little information given on the official website
  • Ingredient quantities are not revealed
  • One ingredient has been linked to some nasty side effects

Dare to Bare Review

Dare to Bare claims to work by boosting your metabolism, which consequently helps to burn fat. Sadly, we are given no evidence of it working. We see very little to suggest that Dare to Bare will help boost weight loss and therefore don’t believe its claims.

How Dare to Bare Works

Dare to Bare joins a growing list of diet pills that claims to work through thermogenesis. This is when the core temperature of the body is raised, that subsequently boosts your metabolism and so helping to burn fat. The product also claims to be able to boost your energy levels too. While this is a fine and fairly valid method to use to achieve weight loss we are not given any kind of evidence or examples of Dare to Bare slimming tablets actually doing this; we are simply told therefore we must believe, right?

There are testimonials available but these are limited to say the least. There is no more than a line from three women each simply stating how much weight they lost, nothing more. There is also a ‘how it works’ page on the website but this is once again incredibly basic and does nothing to actually prove it works, stating how thermogenesis works not how Dare to Bare is proven to work.

Despite a reasonably promising ingredient list there is nothing here that suggests Dare to Bare will work. Zero clinical trials, no ingredient quantities and some testimonials which are nothing more than a marketing technique. From this, there looks to be little worth trying from Dare to Bare.

To learn more about how Dare to Bare works, we recommend you read our ‘How Dare to Bare Works‘ article.

Key Dare to Bare Ingredients

green tea is common in diet pillsThe official website does list the ingredients and it gives the briefest of explanations of how each one works, but does not provide any clinical trials or proof about each individual ingredient, let alone any trials on the product as a whole. The ingredient list includes yerba mate, Gotu kola, ginseng, green tea, caffeine and lecithin. Some of these ingredients are decent weight loss substances but without quantities this ingredient list could mean nothing.

There is some concern around Gotu kola as WebMD says it could potentially cause liver damage, stomach upset and nausea. Another Dare to Bare review also claims it is a diuretic, which means it expels water from the body, Gota Kola in Dare to Barewhich could potentially be very dangerous. Of course without the quantity of this we have no idea if enough is included to cause these kind of side effects but it is worrying none the less.

In short, a couple of the ingredients are promising for weight loss and have some studies behind them, namely green tea and ginseng, but without quantities this is basically meaningless. To reiterate, there is no evidence behind Dare to Bare and no ingredient quantities, so on the whole it is disappointing.

To learn more read our Dare to Bare Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power:


We suspect the weight loss power of Dare to Bare slimming tablets will be very low. The makers have provided very little evidence to convince us otherwise. Yes, they describe how Thermogenesis works but they have not proven Dare to Bare actually works by this means and there are no clinical trials or studies behind it to back up the claims made. Add to this the fact that the ingredient quantities are hidden and we have no reason to believe Dare to Bare is a strong weight loss supplement.

Speed of results:


As a result of the suspicion that Dare to Bare will not be a powerful weight loss diet pill we can only assume the speed of any weight loss will be slow. One of the testimonials claims to have lost 21lbs in 8 weeks but there is simply no proof or evidence behind it that suggests Dare to Bare can do this, at least not for everyone. The missing quantities of ingredients adds further suspicion and doubt, which means we can only guess it has a slow rate of weight loss.

Appetite Suppression:


This is one of the few areas that Dare to Bare does not claim to operate in. It claims to boost your metabolism, give you more energy and accelerate weight loss but nothing about appetite suppression. We can therefore only conclude that it will have no effect in this area.

Long Term Results:


Without any testing on the product it is impossible to tell just what the long term effects might be. If you do lose weight with Dare to Bare slimming tablets, the nature of the weight loss process means weight will just come back once you stop taking the tablets, as your metabolism and body temperature will return to normal. See our top rated diet pills article.



With no testing done on the product there is no telling what the potential safety risks and side effects could be. The majority of the ingredients are relatively safe, although there are concerns about Gota kola, as it has been linked to causing liver damage, stomach upset and is claimed to be a diuretic. If it is included in a decent amount this could cause some very much unwanted side effects. With no testing done, we have no idea if the product is safe and with such doubts around even one of the ingredients, it cannot be called safe at the moment.

Learn more by reading our article on possible Dare to Bare side effects.

Value for money:


Dare to Bare is a relatively cheap diet pill. The official website offers a lot of buying options ranging from a trial pack of 12 tablets for £5.50 up to a pack of 150 for £39.95. Of course the website offers so little information we have no idea how many tablets you take each day so we have no idea if you will need 150 to last a month or if that is a few months’ worth. There is a very flimsy refund option available too. Dare to Bare can be considered quite poor value for money despite the relatively cheap prices.

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Dare to Bare Side Effects

Without testing and information on ingredient quantities for the product it is impossible to predict what side effects might occur, if any. However, the ingredient Gota kola does have some worrying side effects linked to it which might be enough to put you off investing in Dare to Bare slimming tablets.

See Dare to Bare Side Effects, for more details.

Where to Buy Dare to Bare

Dare to Bare can be bought from the official website with a range of buying options included a trial pack and then 28, 90 and 150 tablet packs ranging from £5.50 up to £39.95, with the added cost of £1.99 for delivery. There is no indication how many tablets you should take daily so we have no idea how long these packs will last for, which could make it actually very expensive.

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Overall Verdict

We would recommend you avoid Dare to Bare. There is absolutely no evidence that this product works and we have no idea how much of each ingredient is included, which could make it very ineffective. We believe that if ingredient quantities were high and meant that the product worked, then why would it be hidden? The website is very vague and gives very little information about the product which raises another red flag.

It is a very disappointing product which could work out to be expensive and could also have some nasty side effects from the inclusion of Gota kola. There are far better diet pills available which are proven, safer and much more trustworthy; we recommend you investigate these rather than Dare to Bare.

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