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Decaslim is another diet pill that claims to be a diet pill of your dreams. With claims that you can burn 400% more fat than with exercise alone, you would assume that this was the diet pill for you. How true are these claims? Is this just another diet pill con?

To find the answers we decided to investigate whether Decaslim can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side-effects.

Decaslim Review

Decaslim Pros
  • Promising ingredient list but does not include ingredient amounts
Decaslim Cons
  • Makes lots of overblown claims about the product without providing any proof or evidence to back up claims
  • Offers poor value for money

Decaslim Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

Decaslim is yet another diet pill that fills its website with extravagant claims. It is also comes with a pretty rare claim of being able to cure acne in addition to weight loss. This is something not many, if any, diet pills have ever claimed which adds a bit of interest. The main claim of Decaslim is that it can, “burn up to 400% more fat than exercise alone,” which is quite a claim, but can it be backed up? Is Decaslim the miracle pill it claims to be? Read on to find out.

How Decaslim Works

Surprisingly for a pill that actually claims in black and white to be ‘the best weight loss pill ever created,’ there is very little said on the official website about the how the product actually works. As you might guess from the first overblown claim we mentioned, it sounds like a fat burner which works by increasing your metabolism and getting your body to work harder at burning fat. To learn more about the metabolism, we would recommend you read our Why Does Boosting Your Metabolism Help Weight Loss? article.

That is the theory presented, although Decaslim has absolutely no proof or evidence that the product will work. A lot of hype is made of Decaslim’s usage of “the 10 most powerful, patented and trademarked weight loss ingredients in the industry,” which apparently guarantees weight loss, but the product itself which combines these ingredients appears to have never been tested on how effective it may or may not be. There is also no mention of how you are supposed to take the product on the official website.

At the bottom of the home page on the official website there are two interesting small print statements regarding Decaslim’s claims. One says that these claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is a sneaky way of basically backing out of all of their claims. Secondly, in regards to the burning 400% more fat, it says, “In a 12-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study, subjects taking green tea extract lost, on average, significantly more body fat than those taking a placebo (more than 400%).” This means it was in fact a Decaslim ingredient, green tea, that caused the improved weight loss and not in fact Decaslim itself, which contains only a small amount of green tea. Cosmopolitan magazine supplies some metabolism boosting ideas just in case Decaslim fails to do what it says.

The company claims to offer a 100% money back guarantee, however Decaslim reviews have found that they are very difficult to get in contact with so offering and redeeming this offer may be two very different things.

For more detailed information regarding the effects of the pills, you can read our How Does Decaslim Work article.

Key Decaslim Ingredients

raspberriesDecaslim claims to contain 10 of the world’s most effective and powerful weight loss ingredients. To be fair to the product, it does contain some promising ingredients but they still oversell their results. Amongst the 10 ingredients contained in Decaslim are raspberry ketones, bioperine, capsaicin and as we’ve already mentioned, green tea.

Green tea is obviously the key ingredient in Decaslim as it forms the basis for their headline claim on the official website. Lots of studies have been carried out on green tea and it appears to be a very positive weight loss ingredient, as well as having a number of other benefits too. Raspberry ketones are another popular diet pill ingredient that can cause an increase in your metabolism, however this has not been known as a particularly strong weight loss ingredient. To learn more about Rasperry ketones, we recommend you read our The Raspberry Ketone Diet article.

While the ingredients themselves do sound promising the company have not revealed just how much of each ingredient is included in the product. This is always a warning sign of an ineffective diet pill as the companies simply list popular/effective ingredients but include very little of them. Without knowing the quantities of each ingredient or seeing the product involved in any clinical trials, it is difficult to say just how powerful Decaslim is; the prospect seems unlikely because of various warning signs such as overblown claims, difficult to contact and the lack of ingredient details.

Learn more by reading our article on Decaslim Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 13/100

While the ingredient list sounds promising on the surface, delve a little deeper and the reality of it begins to unravel. No amounts of ingredients were revealed probably because they are not big enough to have much effect. The grand claims made on the official website were then undone by the small print, and Decaslim reviews from customers have been mixed too. All of this suggests that any weight loss potential will be small.

Speed of results: 11/100

Despite claiming to boost fat burning by 400%, the speed of any results from Decaslim is likely to be slow. The secrecy over the ingredient amounts leads us to think that quantities are small, indicating little weight loss power and therefore slow results. There is also no testing on the product and no scientific evidence that weight loss is even possible.

For more information read our How to use Decaslim article.

Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Appetite suppression is actually one of the few areas not touched by the extravagant claims on the official website. While ingredients such as green tea and raspberry ketones could potentially impact on your hunger, it seems unlikely any of the ingredients are featured in large enough amounts to have any effect on your appetite.
Long Term Results: 13/100

Since your chances of weight loss taking Decaslim are quite low, the impact on your long term weight loss is likely to be negligible. If the product did actually live up to the claims of boosting your metabolism so heavily, some of that may have stuck in the long term making it easier to lose weight and keep it off. However, it is very likely that these claims are simply untrue, as it effectively says so in the small print of the official website, which means any long term effects will be small if noticeable at all.

Safety: 25/100

Taken individually these ingredients are unlikely to have any side effects at all as they are all natural and therefore relatively safe. However, no testing has ever been done on the product which combines all of these ingredients, which means it cannot be called safe as no one is sure just how these ingredients react when combined. Amazingly, the official website makes no mention at all of any safety concerns, not even mentioned in the FAQ section which is very disappointing and adds further reasons not to take Decaslim.

See our article on Decaslim Side Effects.

Value for money: 15/100

Decaslim is fortunately not one of the most expensive diet pills we’ve seen but it still offers terrible value for money considering the slim chances of weight loss taking the pills. One bottle, which offers a month’s worth of tablets, costs $39.99 and the price increases by $40 for every extra bottle you buy up to a maximum of three bottles.

Learn more by reading our article on Where to buy Decaslim.

Side Effects

The official website does not say anything about safety or any potential side effects. Combining this with the zero trials or tests on the product, makes it impossible to work out what side effects might be experienced, which means it cannot be considered safe. Looking through Decaslim reviews from customers, although there are not many, there is no mention of any side effects issues but there is very little information on the safety of this product.

See our article on Decaslim Side Effects.

Where to Buy Decaslim

Decaslim can be bought from the official website which offers a single bottle for $39.99 and up to $119.99 for three bottles. There is a money back guarantee offered but Decaslim reviews have indicted there may be problems getting in touch with them. Decaslim can also be bought from Amazon US for the slightly cheaper price of $34.95 but with $3.99 shipping costs. It does not look like this product can be bought in the UK and any deliveries to the UK are likely to be expensive with postage and packing costs.

Learn more by reading our article on Where to buy Decaslim.

Overall Verdict

Decaslim is a product that you will want to avoid. This product features nearly all of the warning signs of a poor product, starting with the outrageous claims on the website which are then dismissed in the small print and ending with the very bad value for money. The lack of product testing, safety information and amounts of ingredients adds further fuel to the fire and there is also the distinct lack of independent Decaslim reviews available online.

There is nothing to suggest this product will increase your chances of any weight loss let alone the 400% their official website claims. The list of reasons not to take this product is huge so you are advised to look elsewhere at the many better diet pills which can offer better chances of weight loss, safety and value for money.

Interested in finding out who makes Decaslim, then read our The Company Behind Decaslim article.

Overall: 10/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Decaslim diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Decaslim , so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Decaslim work?

Judging by the overblown claims the official website makes Decaslim would appear to work through fat burning and increasing your metabolism. If this works for you, your body will be able to burn fat faster and then burn more of the fat you consume. The product claims to boost your fat burning by 400% but take this with a heavy pinch of salt.

2. How long do Decaslim diet pills take to work?

The official website is full of extravagant claims which suggest the product can work very quickly. Apparently Decaslim makes it possible to lose 10lbs in just 10 days and the testimonials include stories of weight loss including 16lbs in a month, 33lbs in two months and 37lbs in four months. This seems very unlikely and in small print the official website concedes none of the claims have been evaluated by the FDA.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

Only six words are said on safety throughout the entire website, it says, “100% safe & 100% all natural.” Nothing is added about potential side effects or if the pill is not suitable for anyone, not even in the FAQ. This is added to the lack of trials or tests on the product to prove not only its safety but its effectiveness. Therefore the product cannot be considered safe to use as not enough is known about it even though no safety concerns are raised in Decaslim reviews from customers.

4. When do I take the Decaslim tablets?

This is another area that is not mentioned on the official website. Apparently a bottle contains 60 tablets which is enough to last for a month so it can be assumed that you should be taking two tablets a day. Nothing is said to confirm this and it does not give any tips of when you should be taking them. Before or after meals? In the morning or afternoon?

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

There is a theme developing as this is another area which receives no attention from the official website. Nothing is said about what foods might be best to eat or how much or little to eat. No matter what diet pill to take you would be advised to diet alongside as it offers the best chance of weight loss.

6. What ingredients go into Decaslim pills?

The ingredient list is actually one small positive about Decaslim. It includes raspberry ketones, green tea and capsaicum amongst 10 ingredients. The individual ingredients have been tested and some have been said to help weight loss but sadly no amounts are revealed which suggests very little is included which reduces the chances of the product being effective.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Decaslim pills?

The makers suggest you do maintain a healthy lifestyle while you’re taking Decaslim. Exercise is a great way to boost your weight loss as it helps burn calories giving your diet more room to manoeuvre.

8. Where can I buy Decaslim ?

Decaslim can be bought from the official website and is also available on the Amazon US website. The official website sells a single bottle for $39.99 not including shipping while Amazon sells the same product for $34.95 with $3.99 shipping. Two and three bottle packages are available from the official website for $79.99 and $119.99 with free shipping on the three bottle option. A money back guarantee is offered on the official site but Decaslim reviews have questioned whether the company is easy to contact.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

Decaslim does state how long you can take the tablets for. If the weight loss claims of the product are to be believed you shouldn’t need to take it for very long but the likelihood is to see any large weight loss you’ll need to be taking the product for a long period.

10. How much weight could I lose with Decaslim ?

The testimonials on the official website are glowing about their weight loss thanks to Decaslim, some reporting up to 40lbs or more over 4 months. This is highly unlikely however and any weight loss with Decaslim is likely to be slow and may rely on your dieting and exercise regime more than the Decaslim tablets.

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