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Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle

Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle has three different supplements: a protein shake, a metabolism booster and an appetite suppressant. Many ingredients have proven successful in clinical trials, but there are some negative side effects.


Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Pros
  • Some ingredients such as pea protein isolate and green tea extract have been proven successful in clinical trials
  • All products within this bundle are appropriate for vegans
Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Cons
  • One supplement within this bundle contains high levels of caffeine which has been linked to potentially harmful negative side effects
  • Not all ingredients have been proven successful in clinical trials – most notable, the ‘Slim’ supplement’s main ingredient has not performed well in trials.

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Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Review

Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle contains three supplements: Slim Shake, which is a protein shake; Burner, which is a high-caffeine metabolism booster, and Slim, which is a diuretic and appetite suppressant. The bundle also comes with a protein shake mixer and several workout and weight loss guides. The bundle has a variety of effects on the body and many different ingredients, some of which have proven effective in clinical trials, while others have not successfully been proven to aid weight loss. While most of the ingredients within the bundle are harmless, high levels of caffeine in the Burner supplement could produce potentially harmful side effects.

Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Claimed weight loss benefits

There are three dietary supplements within the weight loss bundle: Slim Body Shake, Burner, and Slim. Each of these supplements is designed around different intended effects. Slim Body Shake is intended as a meal replacement protein drink and as such contains large doses of plant protein, Burner is designed to boost the user’s metabolism and therefore contains large quantities of caffeine in various forms, and Slim is intended to reduce the user’s appetite through the inclusion of glucomannan. Women’s Best claims that together, these supplements help the user to reduce their calorie intake while burning fat at an increased rate.

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How Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Works


Each supplement within the weight loss bundle contains different ingredients, although there is some overlap. Slim Body Shake contains pea protein isolate and brown rice protein isolate as its main ingredients, although depending on the blend the user may receive a version of the shake which contains acai berries, raspberry ketones, green tea and green coffee extract, or other ingredients – Women’s Best is unclear as to which version of the shake customers will receive. Burner contains a variety of forms of caffeine which speeds up metabolism, while Slim contains glucomannan which is intended to help reduce the user’s appetite.

How Each Ingredient Works

Pea Protein Isolate

Pea protein is used in many weight loss supplements as a vegan alternative to other forms of protein, such as whey, which come from animal products. Protein is believed to be useful to weight loss for a number of reasons. Firstly, it contains glutamine, which alters the blood sugar levels within the body. This causes the body to burn fats at an accelerated rate to adjust glucose levels, meaning that the body’s metabolism is boosted. Secondly, protein is very filling, meaning that it helps the body to feel satiated, and to consume less food as a result.

Brown Rice Protein Isolate

Another vegan substitute for whey or casein protein, brown rice protein isolate is believed to have similar effects to pea protein. An essential part of every diet, protein is used to help the body to develop lean muscle mass whilst burning off fat. In addition to helping to boost metabolism and reduce appetite, protein helps to increase the user’s stamina while performing exercise, meaning that when protein is combined with a low calorie diet and an active lifestyle, the user can undertake more strenuous activity without feeling tired.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a common ingredient in diet pills and supplements for two key reasons. Firstly, green tea naturally contains caffeine, which helps to boost the body’s metabolism, increasing the rate of energy expenditure. Secondly, green tea is a natural antioxidant, which helps the body to maintain a good level of general health, as well as aiding the rate with which the body recovers from the negative effects of obesity and large fat stores.

Guarana Extract

Guarana is one of the most potent sources of caffeine in the plant world, and as such it often is used in diet pills as a way to boost the user’s rate of energy expenditure. When the body ingests caffeine, it triggers a period of heightened energy use – the buzz that most caffeine users experience. In order to provide energy for the body to use during this time, the body’s metabolism speeds up, and it begins breaking down and burning fat cells at an accelerated rate.

Green Coffee Extract

Much like green tea and guarana, green coffee is used in a variety of weight loss supplements because of its high level of caffeine – after all, coffee is well known for its stimulant nature, and this boosts the user’s metabolism. Green coffee beans are also believed to be useful because they contain chlorogenic acid, which affects the level of glucose within the bloodstream. In order to combat this, the body burns additional fat cells to adjust this imbalance, which means that many weight loss professionals believe that green coffee beans are helpful for increasing the rate of metabolism within the body.


A dietary fibre which is taken from the konjac plant, Glucomannan’s effect on the body is to absorb water within the stomach to create larger, bulkier bowel movements. Its effect of aiding excretion means that it has gained popularity as a diet aid, as glucomannan moves through the body’s dietary system quickly without being broken down and converted into calories, while making the stomach feel more full. For this reason, glucomannan is believed to reduce appetite as the body feels full when glucomannan expands within the stomach.

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Key Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Ingredients

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The various products within Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle all come from a variety of different sources. Women’s Best assure users that their products are vegan, meaning that sources of protein within their slim shakes do not come from animal products including milk, as is typically common. All ingredients are from natural sources such as plants, and even secondary ingredients such as acai berries which may be present in some forms of the smoothies are free from additives.

Active Ingredients

Pea Protein Isolate

Peas are a very common vegetable which are used widely throughout the world as a stable of many popular meals. Peas belong to the legume family, which includes other foods including many forms of nuts and beans. Pea protein isolate is often used in weight loss supplements as an alternative to more common forms of protein, such as whey or casein – this is because, as plant products, peas are vegan and also do not contain lactose.

Brown Rice Protein Isolate

Brown rice is one of the most common foods in the world, and is widely consumed across a variety of cultures as one of the main staples of most meals. Brown rice is high in starch, fibre, and protein, which is why it feels filling to consume in large amounts – for this reason, brown rice protein is used in weight loss supplements as a vegan alternative to other forms of protein which typically come from animal products.

Green Tea Extract

Tea leaves from the camellia sinensis plant can be found across eastern Asia, and are brewed into a hot beverage that can take various forms depending on the way the leaves are treated before brewing. Green tea is particularly popular throughout east Asia, and in addition to being consumed for relaxation, it is also used in herbal medicine as a treatment for a variety of diseases, most notably mental illnesses affecting the memory, such as Alzheimer’s.

Guarana Extract

Guarana is a seed which is taken from the paullinia cupana, which is native to South America, most notably the area surrounding the Amazon basin. In its home setting, guarana is often used as a local herbal treatment for dysentery and malaria. The seeds are well known for their exceptionally high levels of caffeine, and as such they are often used as the primary source of caffeine in energy drinks.

Green Coffee Extract

Coffee beans originate from South America, and are most commonly used to brew coffee, one of the most popular drinks across the world. Green coffee beans have not yet been roasted – they are the preferred choice for weight loss supplements because much of the chlorogenic acid that is present in coffee beans are lost when the beans are roasted. Chlorogenic acid is used to treat a variety of diseases including heart disease and diabetes.


The konjac plant (also known as amorphophallus konjac) originates from Japan and grows widely throughout the region. Konjac flour, which is made from tubers that grow from the konjac plant, is used in many common Japanese dishes, most notably konyaku, which is a popular gelatinous food substance. Glucomannan is extracted from konjac flour, and is prized for its high levels of fibre, which work similarly to oats to fill the user’s stomach while providing little caloric content.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

There has not been a specific clinical trial which studied the effects of any of the products within the Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle, but many of the ingredients have been tested in relation to their effects on weight loss. Some ingredients have performed well in clinical trials, while others have not conclusively been proven to have the desired effects. A clinical trial is preferable to anecdotal evidence as these studies are designed to eliminate outside bias that might skew the results, and are intended to be generalizable to a wide variety of different potential users.

Clinical Studies On Each Ingredient

Pea Protein Isolate

A study in 2015 looked to compare the effects of pea protein isolate with the more commonly used whey protein to discover whether pea protein is as effective at aiding the development of lean muscle mass. Over the course of 12 weeks, 161 male participants aged 18-35 went through a training regimen designed to increase their upper body strength. The participants were split into three groups: one group received pea protein isolate supplements, another received whey protein supplements, and the third group were given placebos in order to act as a control group. The results showed that both the pea protein and whey protein groups enjoyed significantly more muscle development than the group who were given placebos, leading the study to conclude that pea protein may be just as effective as whey protein at aiding exercise.

Brown Rice Protein Isolate

In 2013 a clinical trial analysed the effects of rice protein when compared with whey protein, with particular focus on the amount of time it takes to recover after intense exercise when using these protein sources as supplements. Twenty-four participants were put through an intense workout regime, training three days a week for eight weeks. Half of the participants were given rice protein supplements to aid their workouts, while the rest were given whey protein, and their relative effects were measured. No discernible difference was noted between the two groups’ recovery times, leading the study to conclude that brown rice is just as effective at aiding recovery from exercise as other, more popular forms of protein.

Green Tea Extract

There have been a lot of different studies into green tea’s effects on weight loss over the years, many of which have produced conflicting results. In order to sort out what green tea’s actual effect on weight loss is, a clinical review in 2012 examined the results of a variety of previous studies. The review found that there was a distinct difference between results gained from studies undertaken in Eastern trials when compared with studies undertaken in the West – studies in Asia were more likely to find positive links between green tea consumption and weight loss. This difference in results could be because of inherent bias on the part of either group of scientists, or it could be due to other external factors such as diet and behaviour. Ultimately, though, the review concluded that there may well be a ‘statistically significant’ benefit to consuming green tea to aid weight loss, but due to the various disparate results from other studies, the review concluded that more testing is required before the full extent of green tea’s benefits can be determined.

Guarana Extract

A study in 2005 looked at the effect of feeding guarana seeds to rats. The study sought to determine whether potential weight loss effects granted by guarana were connected to the level of caffeine within the seeds, or other factors. The rats were separated into two groups: one set of rats were given pure guarana extract as part of their dietary intake, while the other set were given guarana extract that had been decaffeinated. The results for the study showed that the rats who had been given pure guarana seed extract supplements lost significantly more weight over the course of the trial than the rats who had been given decaffeinated guarana. This led the study to conclude that guarana may aid weight loss, but only does so due to its high levels of caffeine.

Green Coffee Extract

In 2011 a review of existing clinical trials attempted to look at previous results from various studies to determine how effective green coffee is at aiding weight loss. The review took into account the results found by five previous studies, all of which had made use of similar methodology to determine their results. While the review found that all results from previous trials were relatively positive, all studies had parts of their methodology which could have introduced outside bias into the study which might have affected the results. Thus the review concluded that green coffee may make a ‘significant difference’ to weight loss efforts, but suggested that further trials are required to determine how accurate this conclusion might be.


A 2013 study analysed the effects of glucomannan on weight loss. 53 participants were given either glucomannan supplements, or placebos, which were consumed an hour after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, over the course of eight weeks. At the end of the study, all participants were weighed and measures. The study did not find that the participants who were given glucomannan supplements lost more weight than the placebo group, leading scientists to conclude that glucomannan’s effects on weight loss may be negligible at best.

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Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache  538

There are a lot of potential side effects associated with using Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle. Due to the high levels of caffeine that are present within the Burner supplement, it’s advisable that users reduce their intake of caffeine in other forms, such as drinking tea or coffee, as too much caffeine can lead to serious negative effects on the body. What’s more, as multiple ingredients in both the Burner and Slim supplements affect the user’s blood sugar levels, those with heart conditions or diabetes may wish to seek medical advice before using these products.

Side Effects Associated With Each Ingredient

Pea Protein Isolate

As one of the most common foods eaten all around the world, peas are typically not associated with any serious negative side effects when consumed in normal amounts. That said, those with an allergy to nuts may wish to be careful when consuming large quantities of peas, as because peas are legumes and are therefore in the same family as peanuts, some people who suffer from allergies have reported some negative symptoms from consuming peas.

Brown Rice Protein Isolate

As another incredibly popular foodstuff, brown rice is considered to be widely without any negative side effects when consumed in normal quantities.

Green Tea Extract

When consumed in moderation, there are no reported side effects of drinking green tea that can be considered overly dangerous. For those users who consume exceptionally high doses of green tea, though, there are a variety of symptoms which may be experienced, including, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and diarrhoea. For the most part, these effects will only be felt when the user is consuming in excess of five cups of green tea per day for an extended period of time, and the amount of green tea that’s present in supplements such as Burner within Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle will be significantly lower than this, as long as the supplement is consumed at the recommended level.

Guarana Extract

Because of its exceptionally high caffeine intake, guarana is associated with a lot of potentially very dangerous side effects that can affect the heart and blood pressure throughout the body. Some mild side effects can include dizziness, nausea, and confusion or difficulty thinking clearly. More serious effects are rarer but can be a lot more dangerous – these can include heart palpitations, increased anxiety or difficulty focusing, or potentially, in the worst of cases, guarana has been known to cause seizures. Any user who experiences these negative effects when consuming guarana should seek medical attention immediately.

Green Coffee Extract

Due to its high level of caffeine, coffee is associated with some negative effects that user may wish to avoid – these include caffeine jitters, insomnia, and diarrhoea. While the amount of green coffee that’s present in supplements like Burner within this Weight Loss Bundle are marginal, if the user is also consuming caffeine in other forms they may find that these side effects intensify in both strength and duration.


For the most part, glucomannan is not considered to have any negative side effects. That said, it is recommended that those with certain medical conditions should avoid consumption of glucomannan in large doses. Because of its effect on the gut and bowels, it is not recommended that those suffering from stomach conditions consume glucomannan. What’s more, its effect on blood sugar levels mean that those with conditions such as diabetes or low blood pressure should take care while consuming glucomannan as it may exacerbate symptoms.

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How To Use

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Women’s Best recommend taking three Burner caps per day: one with breakfast, one with lunch, and one in the afternoon before 5pm. According to Women’s Best, one Slim cap should be taken with breakfast and two should be taken with dinner. Women’s Best recommends consuming 2-3 litres of water throughout the day to aid these supplements. Women’s Best does not give specific guidance as to how to use their Slim Shake – its use will depend on the person’s goals and requirements, but the weight loss guide included with the bundle is designed to help dieters learn how to make the most of their supplements.

It’s important to note that those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as those with heart conditions, may wish to avoid Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle, in particular the Burner caps which are exceptionally high in caffeine. High doses of caffeine may injure the development of infants, and can exacerbate the symptoms of heart disease. Those who think they may be affected should seek the counsel of a medical professional.

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Who Makes It

Women’s Best is based in Germany, and all of its products are manufactured and shipped from within the country. The company focuses on manufacturing and selling a range of weight loss and fitness supplements, as well as a range of beauty products. Almost all of Women’s Best’s products are gluten and lactose free, and are also free from genetically modified ingredients. What’s more, most of Women’s Best’s products are vegan.

The company’s website has a range of emails that the company can be reached at, although no other contact details are available except for the address that returns should be mailed to, which is in Germany. Women’s Best does not offer a money back guarantee, but will accept returns of products that have not been opened or damaged – even in these cases, the cost of shipping returns will not be refunded to the customer.

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Where To Buy Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle


Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle can only be purchased through the Women’s Best website directly – as it is an amalgamation of several products in a single bundle, this is a money-saving deal that is only offered directly from the company. This deal costs USD$99.90 for a single package containing a 2.6lb (30 servings) supply of Slim Body Shake, a 120 capsule (30 servings) supply of Slim, and a 120 capsule (40 servings) supply of Burner – these should last for around 30 days. In addition to this, the bundle also comes with two workout ebooks, a weight loss guide, a shaker for mixing weight loss protein shakes, and a $10 gift card for use on the Women’s Best online store. Alternatively, this package can be bought on subscription for $89.91 every 25 days.

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Does Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No – Women’s Best does not appear to offer any form of money back guarantee for any of their products, although the company will accept returns when contacted within fourteen days as long as the product is unused.

One-off payment: Yes, although a subscription offer is available – Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle can be purchased in a one-off payment which contains a 2.6lb (30 servings) supply of Slim Body Shake, a 120 capsule (30 servings) supply of Slim, and a 120 capsule (40 servings) supply of Burner. Alternatively, this bundle can be purchased on a 25 day subscription service which is 10% cheaper than making a single purchase.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find details of a manufacturing standard on the product’s official website.

Accompanying Diet Plan: A diet plan does not appear to be offered alongside the product, however, the bundle does come with two workout guide ebooks and a weight loss guide which is designed to help dieters to make the most of their supplements.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes.

Company contact details readily available: Yes – email addresses and return shipping address only.

Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria because it fails to provide a money-back guarantee for dissatisfied customers.

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Overall Verdict

Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle comes with three weight loss supplements: a protein shake, a metabolism booster, and an appetite suppressant. These supplements are designed to be used together, but while some of their ingredients have proven successful at aiding weight loss in clinical trials, others, most notably glucomannan, have failed to produce significant effects in a clinical environment. Most of the ingredients within these supplements are relatively free from side effects, although some ingredients such as guarana have potentially dangerous effects on some users, including heart palpitations and seizures. Users should take care not to overly consume other forms of caffeine.

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8 responses to “Women’s Best Weight Loss Bundle”

  1. Ellen says:

    Women’s best is horrible! I waited for a month for my package to delivered only to be told that it has been sent back! I asked for a refund it’s been more than a month and all I get are excuses of why the money hasn’t been credited back! they are very disappointing! you cant do anything about it other than letting every other women know about this experience because they don’t have a number you call and you feel helpless on following on your money! it feels like I’ve been scammed!

  2. Stacey says:

    What a garbage company. They are scammers. How is it that company is based out of Austria, ordered from Germany and shipped out of China? I have been waiting for over a month for my delivery- only to find out it has been shipped back to sender- in China.. I cant track it. No one from Women’s Best has responded to my many emails– Don’t waste your time ordering from these scam artists!!!

  3. Mark says:

    I ordered their bundle package for my wife and although it did take a long time to get to me, I had no problem contacting the company and they did get back to me everytime withing a day.

  4. Michaela says:

    I take FeelGood Island’s Metabolism Support. Linked those with a fair diet and some physical activity. Works for me 🙂

  5. Jordan Lammert says:

    I have had very fast shipping of 3 days. However they charged me 7 bucks extra that i didnt know about AFTER i had recieved an email that the product could not move on to be shipped because it had to be looked at in Germany. I was so excited to try this product because i heard great things. I have been on this for a week. The chocolate protien powder weightloss bundle came with these nasty cookie and protien bites and this wierd nutella looking thing. It smells so gross every time i drink it or take the pills. Everytime i do, i have to drink a couple glasses of water to keep from throwing up. It actually has made me more hungry. It was really filling the first hour but then i felt like i hadnt eaten. These past couple days i have barely eaten and have been trying to still go through with the diet plan but i dont think i can. I am always dizzy and i cant taste anything anymore.

  6. Kayla says:

    I wish I had good comments about this company… but I have been so throughly disappointed! I ordered a few things from them(over 100$ worth) and it has been a month and have not received anything. After contacting Canada post I was told that nothing has reached Canada, meaning only women’s best can inquire into where it is. They keep responding with a generic response of “sorry can’t help you” and now they are completely ignoring me. They also blocked me on instragram for commenting on not receiving my package and being ignored!!! I know a few other people having this same issue… so I wouldn’t recommend ordering from them.

    If they would just give some effort into finding my package… or give me a refund… I would be happy! But “it’s not my problem” is not a sufficient response for customers. I will gladly retract this review if/when they actually make an effort to locate my package, or give me a refund.

  7. Miranda says:

    They have the worst customer service I’ve ever had to deal with. They charged me $117 and then didn’t give me the products, refuse to reply to any of my e-mails and won’t refund me. All I want is my money back.

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