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Dopamite is a weight loss supplement that by increasing dopaminergic activity works to promote a difference experience from other fat burning products. It is claimed to help you achieve your weight loss targets, but the lack of clinical testing is a concern. dopamite product

Dopamite Pros
  • Manufacturing company appears to be credible
  • No serious side effects reported
  • Clinical testing to back up claims made regarding key ingredients
  • Clear directions for use
Dopamite Cons
  • Mixed customer reviews, some of which may not be authentic
  • No evidence of clinical testing on the product
  • Not available from the UK high street
  • Ingredients known to be able to worsen certain medical conditions

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Dopamite Review

woman_weight_loss_538Maximum Human Performance claim that their Dopamite product is a breakthrough in dieting technology, which is able to work in a variety of ways to stimulate weight loss including activating fat burning, controlling eating habits and enhancing both mood and energy, ultimately leading to impressive results. However, some of the reviews that have been published online are of mixed opinion and suggest that there may be some side effects from the product. In addition, there does not appear to have been any clinical testing carried out on Dopamite. In this review we will establish the positive and negative aspects of Dopamite before making an overall conclusion.

Dopamite Claimed weight loss benefits

Maximum Human Performance claim that their Dopamite product works in various ways to aid weight loss. According to the company, the supplement is able to work as a fat burning catalyst while also suppressing appetite, thanks to its key ingredients’ ability to slow gastric emptying and creating the sensation of fullness.

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How Dopamite Works

Dopamite claims to work primarily by controlling the eating behaviour of those who use it. It is able to reduce food cravings thanks to its key ingredients, reducing the presence of dopamine in the body and re- training the body’s reward system, making you likely to consume fewer calories. The product also contains a number of ingredients that are able to increase the body’s energy levels such as caffeine, meaning that users have the potential to exercise for longer periods of time and therefore burn a greater number of calories and fat. In supporting fat burning in ways such as this, Dopamite is able to promote weight loss and enable users to reach their targets.

L- Tyrosine
L-TyrosineL- Tyrosine is thought to be able to relieve stress levels and alleviate stress symptoms like fatigue and anxiety, while improving alertness and cognitive performance. It is also able to boost the body’s physical energy meaning that users of Dopamite are potentially able to exercise for longer periods of time and therefore burn a larger amount of calories and fat. The substance is also believed to increase the rate of thermogenesis and lipolysis, helping to improve weight loss results.

As a stimulant, caffeine has the potential to aid weight loss in a variety of ways. According to the Mayo Clinic, the substance is able to suppress appetite by providing the body with energy allowing them to consume fewer calories than they may usually. Caffeine’s stimulant qualities also mean that tiredness is temporarily reduced, allowing users to undertake more exercise. The substance is also believed to be able to boost the body’s metabolic rate while kick- starting the process of lipolysis – where free fatty acids are released into the blood stream so that they can be burned for energy.

Yerba Mate
As with caffeine, yerba mate is a stimulant and is therefore able to increase your energy levels, meaning that you are more likely to exercise and burn more fat. Yerba mate is also thought to be able to delay the onset of lactic acid in muscles, reducing the risk of cramping. The substance also has a relaxing effect on humans, which means that it makes users less likely to over eat when stressed. It is believed that yerba mate may have the ability to slow down the rate of gastric emptying, leaving users feeling fuller for longer periods of time and, again, less likely to over eat.

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Key Ingredients

Yerba MateAs we have seen, Dopamite is made from a range of ingredients that work in various ways to help users achieve their weight loss goals. In this section, we will look generally at the main ingredients that can be found in Maximum Human Performance’s Dopamine and establish how they work to promote general health as well as weight loss.

The key ingredients found within Dopamite are all commonly found in health and weight loss supplements due to their various abilities, but Maximum Human Performance seem satisfied that their formula employs these substances in a way that is both successful and cutting edge.

L- Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps the body to build protein. The body uses this substance in order to produce chemical messengers that are involved in conditions associated with the brain such as mental alertness. L- Tyrosine is used to treat a range of diseases such as depression, attention deficit – hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Alzeimer’s disease and stress and can prove beneficial to those who suffer from insomnia or who find that they are tired due to other sleeping issues. Thanks to its ability to boost energy in this way, users of L- Tyrosine can often exercise for longer.

As a mild stimulant caffeine is able to boost mental alertness and leave you feeling energised. The substance can be found in many every day drinks like coffee and tea as well as some medicines such as those for colds and flu in order to stop any drowsiness that may occur from some of the other substances within the medicines. When taken in large amounts or for long periods of time, caffeine can have some serious side effects including addiction, irregular heart beat and palpitations and so for this reason you should keep an eye on the amount that you consume.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate is a natural substance that comes from a plant native to South America. It is packed full of antioxidants meaning that it can give the body’s immune system a boost while also alleviating stress. The substance is also believed to be able to prevent the build up of lactic acid in the muscles, reducing the chance of cramping and allowing you to exercise for longer periods of time. Mental clarity and digestion are other aspects of health in which yerba mate can help, as well as supporting healthy hearts by allowing fat and cholesterol to move through the bloodstream more easily.

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Clinical Studies

clinically testedClinical studies are carried out on health and weight loss supplements so that their effectiveness and safety can be assessed before they reach the market. However, the supplement market is not regulated and so many products do not undergo a good enough level of testing before being made available to the public. There is no evidence to suggest that there have been any official clinical studies carried out on Dopamite as a product, but the manufacturing company behind the supplement claim that their products are research- driven and use clinically researched ingredients. Although there have been studies conducted on its key ingredients testing needs to be conducted on the product itself to ensure both its safety and effectiveness.

One study measured the effect of placebo and 100, 200, and 400mg of oral caffeine on energy expenditure, blood pressure and heart rate. The study was conducted in double blind conditions and used healthy subjects who had a moderate habitual caffeine consumption. The study showed that caffeine increased energy expenditure dose dependently and the thermo genic response positively related to the response in plasma caffeine, lactate and triglyceride. Overall, the scientists conducting the experiment found that triglyceride production and increased vascular smooth muscle tone may be responsible for the thermogenic effect of caffeine.

Another study was conducted in 2002 in order to assess the effect of caffeine on weight loss. The study was a randomised, double blind, placebo controlled trial that took place over 6 months with a total of 167 subjects. At the end of the 6 months, the body weight, blood lipid levels and any potential side effects were measured. The results showed that caffeine was able to promote both body weight and fat reduction and improved blood lipids without causing any adverse side effects.

Yerba Mate
Yerba MateIn 2001 a study was carried out to examine the weight loss effect of yerba mate. Gastric emptying was observed using ultrasound scanning in seven healthy volunteers once they had consumed either a tablet containing yerba mate or a placebo with 420ml apple juice. This continued for 10 days. Body weight was observed in 44 healthy overweight individuals who received either 3 capsules of yerba mate or a placebo each day and finally a third group was used, which consisted of 47 overweight patients who took three capsules of yerba mate or a placebo before each meal for 45 days. Body weight was monitored in 22 patients who continued active treatment for 12 months. The results of the study showed that yerba mate was able to prolong gastric emptying and, by inducing a feeling of fullness, promote weight loss. Maintenance treatment resulted in no further weight loss, nor weight regain in the group as a whole and the scientists behind the study concluded that further testing in this field may prove to be rewarding.

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Weight Loss Power:


The reviews that have been published online show mixed opinion when it comes to the power of Dopamite. The product uses a range of potent natural ingredients that have the potential to promote great weight loss. When teamed with a good diet and exercise regime Dopamite has the ability to achieve impressive results.

Speed of results:


There is no information provided on the Dopamite website as to exactly how quickly users should expect to see results, however it is claimed on this website that the product will begin working straight away. By encouraging you to eat fewer calories and providing you with enough energy to work out more, if you follow the directions for use you could experience results in weeks.

Appetite Suppression:


The use of yerba mate within Dopamite suggests that the product is able to suppress appetite thanks to the ingredient’s ability to slow gastric emptying and the manufacturer claims that the product can control dopamine in the body. However, there are mixed reviews regarding the hunger reducing effects of the product, with some users stating that they did not notice any change in food cravings.

Long Term Results:


There is no evidence to suggest that the effects of Dopamite are long lasting and the product does not come with an exercise regime or diet plan, indicating that once users cease taking the supplement they will stop noticing weight loss results. Furthermore, the clinical studies that have been carried out on the key ingredients do not prove that their effects are long lasting.



Although there do not appear to be any serious side effects caused by the key ingredients found in Dopamite, there has not been any clinical testing on the product itself meaning that there is no way to know for certain how safe the product actually is. The reviews from customers suggest that while there are a few uncomfortable side effects that accompany Dopamite, non are serious, however this needs to be proven.

Value for money:


At around £25.50 for a month’s supply, this supplement averages out to under £1 per day. It has the potential to encourage impressive results, especially when used alongside a healthy diet and good exercise regime and appears to be free from serious side effects. Furthermore, the product contains potent natural ingredients that are popular on the market and have been proven to aid weight loss.

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Dopamite Side Effects

stomach irritationThere is no mention of any side effects that may be experienced from Dopamite on the product’s web page, however this does not necessarily mean that there are no side effects associated with the product. There have been many customer reviews published on websites such as Amazon and some of these reviews refer to some non- serious side effects. It appears that crashes in energy are fairly common amongst users of Dopamite and there are reports of the product worsening depression in some people. Furthermore, when the key ingredients within Dopamite are combined, it is possible for some users to experience side effects such as stomach upsets, dizziness, irritability, nausea and insomnia. Here we will look in detail at the side effects associated with each key ingredient.

L- Tyrosine
There have been some reported side effects from users of L- Tyrosine. Firstly, users may experience increased anxiety because although the substance is able to influence cognitive abilities, it still acts as a stimulant to your central nervous system. This means that L- Tyrosine is able to increase the amount of impulses in the body’s nerve centre leaving you more likely to feel anxious. Another side effect that users of the substance may experience is stomach irritation, as L- Tyrosine may irritate the lining of the digestive tract and therefore cause discomfort. Furthermore, it is possible that the substance may cause headaches, palpitations due to the stimulation of the central nervous system and gastric upset.

Side Effects - TirednessAlthough when consumed in relatively small amounts caffeine is safe to use, there are some known side effects that are associated with the substance. Some of these side effects include an increased heart rate, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, restlessness and frequent urination and a number of these side effects can be seen in the reviews of Dopamite. It is worth remembering that suddenly reducing your caffeine intake may result in some withdrawal symptoms such as drowsiness, headaches, irritability and nausea and so if you wish to stop taking caffeine- containing products it may prove better to reduce your intake gradually. Caffeine is known to interfere with some medical conditions and so if you suffer from anxiety, stress, sleep issues, acid reflux or headaches you should limit the amount that you consume and monitor your condition while taking products containing caffeine.

Yerba Mate
Yerba mate is considered as being unsafe for the use of pregnant women as it is believed that the substance is able to cause low birth weights and birth defects in babies. Due to its stimulant properties, yerba mate is able to increase heart rate and blood pressure in its users and so is not deemed safe to use for people who are sensitive to stimulants or who are taking medication for their blood pressure. When taken in large amounts, yerba mate is thought to be unsafe for consumption due to its high caffeine content. According to the Mayo Clinic, using large amounts of yerba mate for long periods of time could increase the risk of certain types of cancer – especially in people who smoke or consume alcohol often.

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How To Use

Weight loss claimsThe Maximum Human Performance website provides potential users of Dopamite with a clear set of instructions as to how to achieve the best possible results. It is important that when determining how much Dopamite to take, you take into consideration your tolerance to the product. The manufacturers suggest that users begin by taking 1 tablet each day to assess you tolerance – usually those who weight 150 pounds should take 1 tablet, 200 pounds 2 tablets and over 200 pounds 3 tablets each day. In order to notice the best results users should take Dopamite in the mornings or early afternoons on an empty stomach with a glass of cold water. The instructions available on the product website state that the product should be kept well out of the reach of children and that you should read all the information on the bottle before taking the supplement to ensure that it is suitable for you. There is no mention on the website of any potential side effects or excluded groups of people who should not take the product, however if you are concerned about any aspect Maximum Human Performance suggest you speak with your doctor before use.

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Who Makes Dopamite

Maximum Human Performance, the manufacturing company of Dopamite, was founded by Gerard Dente who was convinced that athlete deserved better supplements than those available on the market. Since its beginning, Maximum Human Performance’s mission has been to develop premier science- based and research- driven products that are able to help athletes achieve their physical potential. The company website claims that Maximum Human Performance products are new and exclusive innovations in performance enhancing supplementation. They also claim that their success is due to their dedicated research and development, clinically researched ingredients and cutting edge techniques.

The website provides information regarding the location of the company headquarters, which can be found in New Jersey, USA. There is also a weekday telephone helpline and email address that customers can use in order to contact the company with any queries. Not only does this add credibility to the company, but it also suggests that they are able to provide a good level of customer service.

There does not appear to have been any complaints filed against the company on online complaint platforms, which suggests that the company is credible, however it is worth noting that it has not yet been accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

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Where To Buy

where_to_buy_538Unfortunately Maximum Human Performance Dopamite is not currently available to purchase on the UK high street, meaning that the only way to buy the product is to do so online. Consumers can get hold of Dopamite from the official Maximum Human Performance website for $39.99 which is the equivalent of £25.50. This price usually includes free shipping and the reviews that have been published suggest that previous customers have been happy with their delivery. Dopamite can also be bought from online retailers such as Amazon, although it should be kept in mind that the product you are purchasing may not be from the official manufacturers. Maximum Human Performance have their own Amazon account from which they sell their products and from here customers can get Dopamite for £24, however they are then expected to pay a charge of £12 for shipping. It appears that the best option that potential users have when it comes to purchasing Dopamite is to do so directly from the Maximum Human Performance website as this way you can rest assured knowing that you will get the product you are hoping for. This option also appears to include the best price that is available on the Internet.

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Overall Verdict

To conclude, Maximum Human Performance’s Dopamite appears to have the weight loss power to help dieters reach their target weights, however it seems that these results are more likely to occur when the product is taken alongside a good diet and exercise regime. The product works by encouraging fat burning, boosting energy levels and suppressing appetite by slowing gastric emptying thanks to its blend of potent ingredients. Although there is clinical research to back up the effectiveness of these ingredients, there is no evidence to suggest that there has been any clinical testing conducted on Dopamite itself. Furthermore, despite there being no reports of serious side effects, the product is not suitable for everyone. If you have any concerns about your suitability, it is important to speak with your doctor before using Dopamite.



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