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Dynamite Fat Burners

Dynamite Fat Burners claims to be a potent and fat-burning concoction that targets enhancing energy and motivating metabolism. It includes the popular ingredients caffeine and raspberry ketones to help it maximise weight loss, although there’s limited information available about the manufacturer and there have also been reports of adverse reactions.


Dynamite Fat Burners Pros
  • Some of the product's ingredients are supported by clinical trials
Dynamite Fat Burners Cons
  • Very little information about the manufacturer available
  • Ingredient quantities are not disclosed
  • Many reports of allergic and other negative reactions from past users

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Dynamite Fat Burners Review

Dynamite Fat Burners markets itself as a powerful product to simultaneously enhance the user’s energy and metabolism, and is packaged in the shape of a dynamite stick for added effect. The main ingredients seem to be caffeine and raspberry ketones, which are popular elements of many diet pills due to their reported weight-loss abilities. The possible purpose of its supposedly stimulating ingredients may be to motivate exercise for quickly working-off calories, although it’s unclear how much of anything is inside each dose. There is suspiciously scant information about the product from the manufacturer itself and some research is necessary to check what ingredients are actually included.

Dynamite Fat Burners Claimed weight loss benefits

The three major weight loss areas that the product tackles seem to be burning fat, enhancing energy and boosting metabolism. Some of the chosen ingredients appear focused on motivating movement, both physically and metabolically, while others are touted as aides to burning excess fat. However, the success of each element in achieving these aims is often disputed and there’s no evidence to prove their worth in Dynamite Fat Burners.

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How Dynamite Fat Burners Works

Dynamite Fat Burners advertises itself as having the ability to burn and boost, although this probably heavily depends on the diet and activeness of the user. The inclusion of caffeine and raspberry ketones in the product is often used as a major selling point of its weight loss skill. The former is reported to stimulate mind and muscle for longer exercise endurance, whereas the latter supposedly speeds up metabolism and has some fat-burning ability. Product descriptions also state that this is a ‘unique blend’ of fat-burning ingredients, which may imply that they complement or even assist one another. However, no details about the purpose of each element are provided.

Caffeine Anhydrous
Caffeine anhydrous is basically a more potent form of caffeine, as it has the excess water removed. The drug fundamentally works by stimulating the muscles and central nervous system, as well as sometimes increasing urine flow. However, it supposedly also helps manage weight by appetite suppression and enhancing a biological function called thermogenesis. However, how much it truly contributes to weight loss is speculative and there’s no guarantee the amount found in this product could produce a significant effect.

Raspberry Ketones
There’s recently been an exponential rise in raspberry ketone-based supplements on the market, but the workings of the ingredient is still highly debated and doubted. The main claim is that raspberry ketones help break down fat more quickly and efficiently, as well as raise levels of the hormone named adiponectin. This should assist the management of the metabolism in the user, but no definitive study has taken place to prove raspberry ketones influence this hormone.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a type of antioxidant that supposedly helps protect against cell damage, as well as replenish some vitamin levels. It could aid weight management due to its apparent ability to break down carbohydrates and produce energy for body organs. However, this theory is not strongly or scientifically supported and not all uses of ALA have been approved.

Citrus Aurantium
Citrus aurantium, or ‘bitter orange’, functions similarly to ephedra and amphetamines due to its active compound synephrine. Synephrine can reportedly enhance thermogenesis while suppressing the appetite, which should result in the burning of more calories and consumption of less food. However, bitter orange is often considered effective but far safer than its ephedra and amphetamine relations. It still targets adrenergic receptors in adipose tissue to assist converting fat cells into energy, the same as ephedrine and amphetamine, but it avoids boosting the heart rate and blood pressure that are typically overtaxed when taking the other stimulants. Unfortunately, without knowing the quantity in this particular product, it’s hard to assess whether successful effects will be experienced.

L-tyrosine is part of the non-essential amino acid ‘tyrosine’ and primarily works as the base for building proteins in the body. L-tyrosine is reportedly the originator of neurotransmitters that assist the brain and nervous system to function, as well as boosting the presence of dopamine and norepinephrine. Tyrosine can apparently reduce both tiredness and the rate of mental deterioration that may benefit exercise, but scientific support for its success specifically for weight management remains limited.

Niacin is also known as vitamin B3 and is essentially used by the body to convert food into energy while also keeping the nervous and digestive systems healthy. In the medical world, it’s most commonly used as a treatment to enhance “good” cholesterol in the body. Niacin is included in a vast variety of metabolic functions strongly connected with energy and supposedly boosts the metabolism when burning carbohydrates. Alongside its metabolic skill, it is also reported to increase blood circulation and control serotonin. The former could assist endurance and the latter may produce a feeling of readiness, both of which may benefit an exercise regime. Unfortunately, there are few studies to support this vitamin’s ability to help weight loss.

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Key Ingredients

Raspberry Ketones
Dynamite Fat Burners claims to contain a novel mix of ingredients designed to actively combat weight loss through burning fat and motivating energy. The ingredients are: niacin, l-tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, citrus aurantium, raspberry ketones and alpha lipoic acid (ALA), but no information about the amount of each ingredient is given on any seller website. Most of these elements are often used in other diet pills and the raspberry ketones supplement is currently a popular product sold individually. However, research strongly supporting the weight loss ability of these ingredients is sparse and dependent on the quantity, which is unknown in this product.

Caffeine Anhydrous
The difference between caffeine and caffeine anhydrous is the amount of fluid within the molecule. Caffeine anhydrous has basically no, or substantially little, water. The purpose and outcome of both forms of caffeine are the same, although caffeine anhydrous is more potent and arguably able to deliver a more powerful effect. Caffeine comes from the South American coffee plant Coffea arabica, of which the nuts, seeds and leaves can be cultivated. It’s consumed across the globe in tea, coffee and chocolate, but is essentially a psychological stimulant that supposedly has both positive and negative effects.

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketone is a chemical found in cranberries, blackberries and red raspberries fruits. It has rapidly grown to be a popular product in the weight loss supplement industry, although there haven’t been any clinical trials to assess its abilities. However, it is also commonly used in foods and cosmetics due to its pleasant flavour and fragrance. Natural raspberry ketones are typically costly and must be chemically manufactured because of the low quantity that can be found organically. The main weight loss theories of the supplement is its ability to increase metabolism and fat oxidation, however, this remains untested.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
ALA is an antioxidant compound containing sulphur that is found in both human cells and a variety of foods. It is primarily used in the body for energy production and aerobic metabolism, but research suggests it could also lower blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and act as an anti-inflammatory. It is a popular treatment for diabetes and some of its related nerve-related ailments, such as numbness, but it can also be used more generally to help restore levels of vitamins. Spinach, broccoli and yeast extract are particularly good sources of ALA, although it is also manufactured in laboratories. However, no conclusive evidence exists to support it as a weight loss component.

Citrus Aurantium
Citrus aurantium, more commonly called bitter orange, refers to both the tree and fruit. It’s a fusion of both pomelos and mandarins that is popularly used in foods, perfumes and herbal medicines. The main active ingredient of bitter orange is synephrine, which reportedly give it the stimulating and appetite-suppressing qualities valued by the weight loss industry. Citrus aurantium can be applied to the skin and taken by mouth for ailments ranging from fungal skin infections to gastrointestinal disorders. However, its skill as either a health treatment or weight loss element has yet to be scientifically identified.

L-tyrosine is produced from a fellow amino acid named phenylalanine and is also found in eggs, fish, meats and oats. It’s a building block for creating essential proteins and crucial neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and adrenaline. These should boost communication between nerve cells and positively influence the user’s mood and sense of alertness. This gave rise to L-Tyrosine being used as a possible treatment for depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and attention deficit disorder (ADD), but it has also been tested for its ability to improve memory and physical performance for sufferers of stress. However, proof remains insubstantial despite a range of studies and examinations.

Niacin can also go by the names vitamin B3 or nicotinic acid and is considered an essential nutrient, the deficiency of which has been known to cause nausea, headaches and tiredness. However, more serious illnesses can include anaemia and pellagra, which are disorders of the blood and skin respectively. Niacin is medically used to lower cholesterol and certain types of fat in blood, but may also be be used to prevent heart attacks in cardiovascular patients and treat atherosclerosis. It appears to be a valuable ingredient for providing and assisting good health, however, far more research should be conducted to establish its skill as a weight loss component.

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Clinical Studies

There are no studies or clinical trials that subject Dynamite Fat Burners to tests regarding its safety or effectiveness, which suggest that the product should be used with caution. Clinical trials are a powerful and balanced way to determine whether a product is suitable for its market or safe for consumption, so the absence of a definitive trial makes this more difficult to assess. However, there have been trials conducted into Dynamite Fat Burners’ individual ingredients, examined below, which may give a limited insight into the possible outcome or side effects of the product.

Caffeine Anhydrous
One study examined whether caffeine affects the metabolism of both normal weight and obese participants over a succession of four trials. The first trial included only normal weight participants and showed that those given 8mg of caffeine had a considerably higher metabolic rate and fat oxidation for the three hours following than those administered a placebo. Both the second and third trials involved obese subjects who consumed 4mg of caffeine, and again a significant elevation in metabolic rate was evident. The final study consisted of the consumption of coffee alongside a meal of 3080 calories. The results showed that those ingesting coffee with their meal experienced a far greater thermic and fat oxidation effect than those drinking decaffeinated coffee. The overall conclusion suggested that caffeine enhances metabolism in both normal weight and obese subject, although higher fat oxidation was only experienced in normal weight participants. This lends weight to the idea that caffeine anhydrous could aid weight loss, as it is a more potent form of caffeine, although it’s unclear whether enough of it is contained in the product to warrant this effect.

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketones have grown in popularity as a weight loss aid and one study aimed to examine whether raspberry ketones could lower lipid metabolism in rodents. The first group of mice was fed a high-fat diet and a slightly differing range of raspberry ketones for ten weeks. The other group was given the same high-fat diet for six weeks, before being fed the raspberry ketones until the end of the trial. The results implied that raspberry ketones impeded the rise of body weight in the mice and even decreased weight when it rose following the high-fat diets. This was believed to be due its alteration of the lipid metabolism, although this does not necessarily mean that the same effect would be seen in humans.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
One study involved 360 obese participants over a time-span of 20 weeks and aimed to discover the effects of ALA on weight loss in humans, as earlier studies had generally been based on animal subjects. Some of the individuals had a body mass index (BMI) of 30kg or more and others had a BMI of 27-30kg, but were sufferers of diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. A random selection of all subjects was given either ALA (1200mg per day) or a placebo (1800mg per day) and body weight was noted at both the beginning and end of the 20-week trial. The results showed a far greater weight loss in those taking ALA than those ingesting the placebo supplement, although some ALA-participants suffered with hives and mild itching. ALA appears to be a helpful aide to weight loss, however, this effect may only be experienced in very overweight individuals.

Citrus Aurantium
The main protoalkaloid of citrus aurantium is p-synephrine. One trial looked at the effects of it on mood, blood pressure, heart rate and resting metabolism, which were all checked before taking the supplement and 75 minutes after ingesting it. Some of the participants were given p-synephrine alongside other ingredients, naringin and hesperidin, but those consuming only p-synephrine experienced a 65 kcal elevation in resting metabolic rate (RMR) compared to those taking the placebo supplement. However, mixing the naringin ingredient with p-synephrine showed a much higher RMR of 129 kcal, although none of the elements cause a change in heart rate or blood pressure. This suggests that ingredients other than citrus aurantium may have superior thermogenic benefits.

L-tyrosine’s main benefit appears to be increasing physical performance and one trial examined whether it could affect endurance among nine, professional cyclists over 90-minutes of cycling. Each participant was given one of four solutions one hour before exercising including: water and polydextrose, water and l-tyrosine, water and aspartame (placebo) or polydextrose and l-tyrosine. Readings of each subject were checked at every 30-minute interval but there was no evidence of differences in exertion, oxygen uptake or heart rate. This implies that l-tyrosine may not have any effect on performance, but only nine participants were used and they were all established, competitive cyclists.

One study examined whether niacin-bound chromium could promote weight loss in 20 women. The women also followed a moderately healthy and active diet-exercise regime and were split into two groups. The first group was given a placebo three times each day, followed by niacin-bound chromium for the remainder of the trial. The second group took the niacin-bound chromium first and then the placebo, although the time period of the trial was identical for each group. Overall, fat loss was substanitally greater in the group receiving the placebo first, although there was still a high amount of weight loss in the other group during the placebo half of the trial. The results imply that niacin-bound chromium can cause significant weight loss, however, these women also followed an exercise regime and health-eating plan, which may account for their success. Also, the exact form of niacin that is used in Dynamite Fat Burners is unlikely to mirror niacin-bound chromium, so the outcome may again differ.

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Weight Loss Power: 50/100

Research into most of the ingredients included can show some success and ability in delivering weight loss. However, a high rating for weight loss power can’t be granted due to the lack of information regarding the quantity of these elements. This is a problematic issue because most studies in support of their weight loss skill depend on a substantial amount of each ingredient to cause weight change, so it’s possible that there is not enough of any element to cause the desired effect.
Speed of results: 60/100

The amount of stimulants in the product should deliver a rather rapid response to weight loss, if the user acts on any mental alertness or physical stimulation that is experienced. However, the speed of any change in weight is likely to depend on the lifestyle of the user and no trials into the success of Dynamite Fat Burners exists.
Appetite Suppression: 30/100

Some of the clinical trials and past research into each ingredient suggest a slight ability to quell hunger pangs. Caffeine, for example, has been known to sometimes act as an appetite suppressant. However, support for this is limited and it doesn’t appear to be the focus of any ingredient in Dynamite Fat Burners to suppress the user’s appetite.
Long Term Results: 30/100

This product gives no indication of how long the supposed weight loss effects will last, but this isn’t uncommon in the market. Research implies that it aims to provide a surge of physical energy and mental motivation to help lose weight, so the longevity of any fat loss most probably depends quite heavily on the user and their lifestyle.
Safety: 20/100

The quantity of negative reviews that detail adverse side effects from taking this supplement means it can’t possibly receive a high score for safety. Most notably, the product seems to cause red, itchy and hot skin, particularly on the face. The ingredients individually don’t necessarily pose more of a health risk than other diet pills, but the amount of each element in one dose is absent from Dynamite Fat Burners’ online presence and so renders its safety difficult to confidently determine.
Value for money: 30/100

The substantial safety issues and lack of clear ingredient information make this quite a low-scoring product for its value for money rating. There are probably many other similar or lower-priced products that contain comparable ingredients with fewer side effects on the market, although the stimulating properties and reasonably supportive research of each ingredient does work in its favour.

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Dynamite Fat Burners Side Effects

Factors relating to user tolerance, toxicity of ingredients and exceeding recommended dosage can all contribute to negative side effects. However, certain supplements pose a greater risk than others. It’s quite difficult to judge the safety of Dynamite Fat Burners due to the vagueness of its ingredients, although many websites selling the product have published customer reviews that report suffering mild to severe adverse reactions. Each ingredient has been studied, to different extents, for negative effects on users, although the safety value of the product as a whole and how it affects the user long-term has not been examined.

Caffeine Anhydrous
Caffeine anhydrous can cause the same adverse effects as standard caffeine, since it is a stronger version of the drug. These can include anxiety, irritability and trouble sleeping, as well as physical issues such as nausea, tremors, headaches and vomiting. Excess urination may be another outcome of too much caffeine, which heightens the risk of dehydration. However, the amount of caffeine has to be reasonably substantial to cause an adverse effect in most people and it’s unclear whether this amount is present in Dynamite Fat Burners.

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketones appear to be a safe substance, due to their natural occurrence in fruit and supposed nutritional value. However, the supplement has never been subjected to a scientific trial, so adverse reactions or long-term side effects may be evident but not fully known. The chemical is related to the stimulant synephrine, so increased heart rate or shaking in users may be experienced. Unfortunately, it’s not made clear by the manufacturer whether there’s enough in a dose of Dynamite Fat Burners to cause these effects.

Alpha Lipoic Acid
The main concern when taking the relatively safe ALA is that it can lower blood sugar, which may be particularly harmful to someone suffering with diabetes or taking treatment for the illness. Less reported and detrimental side effects of ALA also include: tiredness, headaches and gastric discomfort. People with a thiamine deficiency should also not consume ALA, as it has been known to adversely influence this issue, although the amount needed to cause all these effects is unknown.

Citrus Aurantium
Citrus aurantium is reasonably safe to consume with few documented side effects, however, its main component synephrine may cause adverse effects. Synephrine is a stimulant that can cause elevated heart and blood pressure, although the amount needed to trigger these problems may not be present in this product. There are some reports of it causing other adverse side effects especially when combined with other stimulants, such as caffeine, although these aren’t particularly prominent.

Similar to ALA, L-tyrosine is generally safe to use and has few reported side effects. However, some people have stated to have experienced reasonably mild discomfort such as: fatigue, sickness, headaches and heartburn. The supposed main issue that could arise from taking extra tyrosine is its effect on the thyroid hormones, as it can elevate these beyond a safe level.

Niacin can reportedly cause a range of adverse side effects, although many may disappear after a short time using the supplement. Stomach pains, headaches and runny or stuffy noses are quite uncommon, but still reported, side effects. Rashes or flushing skin are other possible outcomes of niacin, although it’s unclear how many cases like these have been documented. Skin ailments has been reported on many seller websites from users taking Dynamite Fat Burners, which could possibly imply a high dose of niacin in the product.

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How To Use

There’s little information regarding how to safely use the product, aside from what is stated on the dynamite-inspired packaging itself. Seller websites state that between one and three capsules should be taken each day with a glass of water, although no advice about optimum waiting-time between each dose is stated. Users are also told not to consume the supplement after 4pm in the afternoon, if the user has trouble sleeping, and not to exceed the three-a-day limit. People under 18-years, pregnant or nursing women and those on prescription medication are warned off taking Dynamite Fat Burners. There’s also a caution notice for sufferers of medical conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure, which implies that the product may interfere or even worsen with these illnesses. The final instruction advises the user to speak with a doctor before taking the product, which is possibly wise considering the stimulating ingredients and lack of ingredient quantity.

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Who Makes Dynamite Fat Burners

As stated before, it’s difficult to obtain much information about the manufacturer of Dynamite Fat Burners, which appears to be both the name of the product and the company. The website for the firm is comprised of only one page that asks the reader to submit their name and email address to receive newsletters. There’s also a link for buying the product from its Amazon page, as well as a Facebook and Twitter link. However, there’s no contact or background information about the company and certainly no money-back guarantees offered. This may be a reputable business, but there’s very little evidence to support it and the product itself has garnered a host of complaints, which casts serious doubt on its safety.

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Where To Buy

Dynamite Fat Burners are available to buy directly in the UK, but not from the manufacturer itself or the local high street. Amazon sells the product for £33.97, which includes 90 capsules and free, standard delivery. Alternatively there’s GB Supplements that offers the same size product for a higher price of £50, but has free shipping usually within 24 hours. However, Monster Supplements has the product for the lowest price of £26.99, or two for £25.06 each, and can offer free UK shipping with a next-day delivery option. All these companies seem viable and trustworthy options, although Amazon or Monster Supplements propose the best prices.

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Overall Verdict

The uniquely-packaged Dynamite Fat Burners has a few pros in its corner to promote it as a viable weight loss supplement. Studies into each ingredient lends some support to its ability, most notably its stimulating, endurance-boosting and mood altering skills. Caffeine and raspberry ketones in particular are diet supplements popularly sold individually, so combining them in one dose may be a clever weight loss tactic. However, the abundance of reports into severe skin reactions from people using the product and the manufacturer’s carelessness, or perhaps negligence, of supplying ingredient-quantity on its packaging depicts Dynamite Fat Burners as one to use with caution.

Overall: 37/100

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