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Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus

Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus is claimed improve digestive health and help you in achieving a flat tummy; it is however not advertised as a slimming aid.

Below we have reviewed Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Review

Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Pros
  • Available from an established high-street store in the UK
  • A complete list of ingredients is available
  • Key ingredient has been shown to improve digestive health
Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Cons
  • Is not aimed at promoting weight loss
  • No money-back guarantee or diet plan
  • Some information lacking from the official website, including information about manufacturing standards

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Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Review

Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus is a supplement that supposedly aims at bringing about changes to the belly in particular. However, it aims to alter the belly by causing changes in the bowel movements taking place within the body, rather than by burning fat stores.

Claimed weight loss benefits

This particular product aims to act as a food supplement and bring about a flat tummy through encouraging an increase in bowel movements. It is advertised as a prebiotic that can help the tummy seem flatter by improving digestive function; it does not target any of the five key areas of weight loss.

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How Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Works

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The official website does not have much to say when it comes to this particular food supplement. All we are told is that it is a healthy chewable food supplement and that it is prebiotic in nature. Prebiotic is the keyword here. This is because a supplement that is prebiotic should stimulate the growth and activity of particular bacteria in the digestive system. Prebiotics are essentially a functional food component and are also believed to be an intermediate between food and drugs. They do not emphasize a particular bacterial group. Nonetheless, it is taken that they allow for a rise in activity in particular of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria.

This supplement is also claimed to be useful in attaining a flat belly as it might be able to act as a laxative agent. This is primarily owing to the presence of fructo-oligosaccharides. It is believed that presence of this ingredient allows for increased and enhanced bowel movement.


Fructo-oligosaccharides are the only active ingredients in this product. The substances are taken from a range of fruit and vegetables, such as bananas and onions, or can be made artificially in a laboratory. They comprise a number of plant sugars that are linked together. Fructo-oligosaccharides are thought to act as laxatives, and therefore might help to reduce water weight in the short term (but not fat mass). They are also often described as prebiotics, and so may help the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

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Key Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Ingredients

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Besides a sweetener, mint flavouring and certain bulking agents, only one ingredient is listed for Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus. This is fructo-oligosaccharides, which is present at 1440mg per two tablets. It is not described on the official product website what this ingredient is or how it is supposed to work. It is stated that the product is not a slimming aid, and so no claims to weight loss are made.


Found naturally in plants like garlic and artichoke, fructo-oligosaccharides are made up of sugars arranged in linear chains. They are understood to have a prebiotic effect and should help to increase the frequency of bowel movements. This effect would not help with fat reduction, but might help to reduce bloating and, as the name suggests, therefore help to maintain a ‘flat tummy’. It might also help to improve intestinal health overall.

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Clinical Studies

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Prospective customers are often concerned about whether there are any clinical studies associated with the weight loss supplement in question. This is because clinical studies establish the legitimacy of a particular product. They allow the prospective customers to trust the supplement with their bodies, and feel confident in terms of both presence of effectiveness and absence of side effects.

As is often the case with food supplements, we find nothing on the official website of the product to suggest that it has clinical backing associated with it as a whole. In such a situation, we must to turn to individual ingredients and see if they have any validity associated with them.


Fructo-oligosaccharides have not been studied in any clinical trials for potential effects on body weight or associated factors. There are studies on fructo-oligosaccharides however that confirm some of the claimed effects – e.g. that they can improve the intestinal microflora. One such study involved supplementing fructo-oligosacchardies orally in 23 participants over a period of two weeks. They were consuming 8g daily, and the results suggested that the treatment could improve faecal microflora and increase the amount of bifidobacteria in the faces by 10 times.

Daily fructo-oligosaccharide supplementation has also been shown in one study to have the potential to reduce blood glucose levels and cholesterol in diabetic individuals.

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Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Side Effects

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The official product website has nothing to say with reference to side effects. While this may tempt prospective customers into believing that there are no side effects associated with this particular weight loss supplement, this is not the case. Though a precise list of side effects cannot be provided with certainty as the product as a whole has not been subject to clinical testing, based on the individual ingredients, it can be stated that this particular supplement is indeed capable of manifesting side effects.


WebMD states that fructo-oligosaccharides are generally safe for most people when less than 30g is consumed each day. In doses up to 10g per day, they may cause gastro-intestinal side effects; for example, stomach cramps, bloating, diarrhoea, gas, and intestinal noises. It is added that not enough is known about supplementation with fructo-oligosaccharides during pregnancy or breast-feeding, so in these cases it should be avoided. A selection of clinical trials have resulted in a report that 20g per day should be safe and well-tolerated.

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How to Use

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The official website is vague when it comes to the question of how to use Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus. All we are told is that you should take 2 to 4 tablets, preferably after mealtimes and that they should be taken by dissolving them in the mouth like a sweet. It is stated that the product is not to be used in substitution for a varied and balanced diet and that the recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. If too many tablets are taken, laxative effects may occur.

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Who Makes It?

The company behind Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus is Nature’s Dream. It is based in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom and was set up in 2000. It sells a wide variety of products ranging from Naturtint Permanent Hair Colours to Naturtint Nutradeep Multiplier amongst others. Hence, it does not provide only supplements but other products as well.

The Contact Us section of the website appears to be helpful. For instance, the company lists out its postal details, its email address and its helpline numbers. In addition to these, it also provides information such as its VAT number, its registration number and place of registration.

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Where to Buy Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus


It is possible to purchase this particular food supplement from the official website for £9.99. You also have to pay additional shipping charges depending on what kind of a service for shipping and handling you choose. A detailed list is available on the website for this purpose to allow you to calculate your added charges. It is also possible to purchase this particular product from Amazon and you can do so for a slightly cheaper price of £8.69.

The third option is purchasing from Holland and Barrett, an established high-street store in the UK. Here you can purchase Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus for a price of £9.99. There are additional shipping charges of £1.99 online.

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Does Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, it appears to be sold using a one-off payment.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, this information is provided.

Company contact details readily available: Contact details are available on the official website.

Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan, and some information is lacking from the official website, including details of manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

Despite the suggestion in the product name, Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus is not advertised as a slimming aid; instead it is a food supplement that contains prebiotics and so is claimed to improve digestive function. Making users go to the toilet more frequently may therefore be the reason behind the product name, though this will not result in fat loss. Clinical studies have indicated that the key ingredient can help to improve the microfauna of the intestines. The product might cause gastro-intestinal side effects for some people.

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