Online Scams: Fake Diet Pills
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Online Scams: Fake Diet Pills

importance of picking real and safe diet pillsThe importance of researching diet pills before buying online cannot be stressed enough. Diet pills can be a really effective way of losing weight quickly and easily but there are also a lot of fake pill traps out there.

DietPill-Reviews independently review all UK diet supplements to assess their credibility and safety. This means you can make an informed choice about which diet pills could work for you without negatively affecting your health.

The Fight Against Fake Diet Pills

The number of fake diet pills that are available continues to increase in accordance with the increasingly popularity of the products. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) last week conducted a major international on illegal medicines sold online. Known as Operation Pangea VI, £26.8 million worth of unlicensed and counterfeit medicines were seized globally, 522,000 packages were inspected, 9, 610 illegal online websites were shut down or suspended and 58 people were arrested worldwide. Read the press release for this record breaking operation here.

In the UK, the Home Office UK Border Force, local police and MHRA enforcement officers coordinated to raid houses in Greater Manchester that have been investigated in connection with selling illegal medicines online. During this target force 97,500 doses of counterfeit pills and 3.7 million doses of unlicensed medicines were seized, worth approximately £525,000 and £12.2 million respectively.

Among these pills were many claiming to be weight loss pills, as well as erectile dysfunction and hair loss. The pills were sold online through illegal internet websites, with no prescriptions and unacceptably poor storage conditions. The sellers themselves were unlicensed and unqualified to sell these medicines.

Because of this the pills have not been pharmaceutically tested to ensure that they are safe for human consumption and that they are effective in what they claim. In fact the ingredients are usually unknown or made up, the quantities are not properly balanced, and the effects potentially harmful as a result of this ignorance. If you buy an unlicensed product you have no idea where it was made, what it contains, and what it could do to you. Dangerously wrong dosage instructions also mean that it is luck whether the product may simply be ineffective or it whether could cause sudden and severe health problems.

The Importance of Fighting The Fakes

Doctor weighing up diet pills or healthy foodWith 1288 illegal UK based websites found and shut down by the MHRA in just a week it shows the enormity of the fake diet pills problem and the exposure it has in the UK market. Self-prescribing these weight loss aids directly from the internet risks consumption of harmful ingredients that have a high chance of reacting adversely with your body. The website, Scambook, talks about how diet pill websites can trick you into parting with your money here.

Often the fake diet pills are backed up by fake reviews or made up information about the way they work and how safe they are. The side effects from these products can be incredibly dangerous and range from temporary nausea to long term cardiovascular problems. Examples of typical side effects from fake diet pills include insomnia, nausea, dehydration, headaches, cold sweats, and significantly increased heart rate.

Because of the availability of diet pills online it is very easy to get hold of large quantities. A couple of clicks and they will be sent right to your door. But by accessing these scam websites you could also be putting yourself at risk of credit card fraud as the payment systems are usually not privacy protected. The electronic payment system and mail delivery service of medicines from illegal websites were two main aspects of the MHRA’s Operation Pangea VI, showing that this is another danger of buying diet pills online. Find out more about diet pill scams in this guide from WebMD.


healthy eating, exercise and diet pills for weight lossSome doctors are unsupportive of diet pills in general because of the overwhelmingly negative impact these illegal web scams have on the market. It is important to understand that diet pills are not a miracle cure; you don’t pop one a day and watch the weight fall off while you carry on your life as normal. Healthy weight loss comes with a lifestyle change, a healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise regime.

If you are looking into using diet pills to help you shed some fat, it is advised to consult your doctor beforehand and research as much as you can on the products available. Finding a credible and safety endorsed brand that works well with your body will make the product even more effective.

DietPill-Reviews have reliable information on safe diet pills, natural diet pills, common scams for you to avoid, the best diets on the market and how they compare to their claims with reviews from real life users. From here you will be better informed of which pills actually work and the safest places to buy them from, so you won’t get embroiled in a scam that could seriously affect your health in the long term.

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  1. wendy o'shea says:

    This is featured on a sponsored facebook page.

    I ordered these pills not knowing I was entering into a membership. They state they will send an email and you can cancel, but you never receive any communication until you noticed they have debited your bank account it cost me nearly 200 pounds for two pots of fake tablets that don’t even work.
    The bank have stopped any further debits but how do I get my money back. How can they use celebs to advertise their scam . Are these celebs aware.

  2. Marian khazan says:

    Dear Mr/Mrs,
    Bootea tea are being advertised in my country for weight lose which made of England. Please help me if this supplement approved and licensed by uk.


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