Do Fat binders Work And Which Is The Best Fat Binder?
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Do Fat binders Work And Which Is The Best Fat Binder?

It is very important that people know all about the weight loss and slimming products that are available on the market so that they can make the right decision when it comes to taking a supplement. Fat binding products need to be trustworthy and reliable to the public so that they are used correctly and for the right reason.

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What are fat binders?

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Fat binders, also known as fat blockers are a type of weight loss supplement that help decrease the amount of fat intake by binding with the dietary fat present in food. A fat binder can be in tablet form, food or a drink.

The difference between a fat binder and a fat burner is that a fat binder prevents fat from being absorbed in the body in the first place. A fat burner burns off fat that has already been absorbed in the body; this means it won’t be as effective as it is a lot harder to burn off fat that is already absorbed in the body.

Fat makes up a significant amount of the daily intended intake of calories however fat binders are capable of binding around a quarter of the amount of fat people consume in their diet. By reducing the intake of fat each day, a fat binder can then help reduce someone’s weight over time as it will prevent saturated fats in the body from being absorbed by the gut within the digestive system.

There are a variety of different types of fat binders available; the three most popular ones are:

XLS Medical
Proactol Plus.

All three of these fat binders reduce the absorption of fat within the body and are advised to be taken after every meal for full effect. Alli fat binder is a mild form off a prescription drug however XLS Medical and Proactol Plus are made from 100% natural ingredients.

How do they work?

Fat binders should be taken before every meal as they are effective as soon as someone has eaten and work to their full effect straight after food. As soon as someone consumes food, the fat binders will instantly act on the fat molecules within the food. Once someone has eaten a meal, the food enters their stomach and starts to be broken down and then dietary fat is released. Once the fat binder is taken, it enters the stomach and binds the fat, this forms fat fibre complexes. The food then leaves the stomach to the small intestines however some of the fat fibre complexes are too large to be absorbed by the small intestines. This results in the unabsorbed fats leaving the body naturally through urine, which gets rid of some of the fats before they have been absorbed by the body.

Fats contain the most calories per grams compared to other food groups such as carbohydrates and proteins. Fat are also very popular in most meals consumed and can be concentrated in fast food and junk food therefore giving them more calories. Consequently by taking a fat binding supplement it could be an effective weight loss method to limit the intake of fat.

Do they work?

The big question is whether fat binders do actually work and can they really help you lose weight. Both XLS Medical and Proactol Plus fat binders have clinical studies which demonstrate they have at least some effect. However, judging by customer reviews a large percentage of dieters seem disappointed with the results. This could be because both products have been heavily marketed and “hyped” up so consumers’ exceptions are overly raised. Both Proactol and XLS Medical are made largely from ingredients derived from the Prickly Pear Cactus. However, XLS Medical have a slightly different blend which they have trademarked as Litramine. You can read our verdict on the clinical studies regarding the effectiveness of Litramine in our article: XLS Medical Clinical Studies

Alli is a milder form of the drug Orlistat which is used to treat obesity. Since this product isn’t made from natural ingredients there are many side effects that can occur if the supplement isn’t taking correctly for example; with the correct diet.

The company do state that their product is clinically proven to boost weight loss if and when their product is consumed alongside a reduced calorie and low fat diet. They state that alli is the first pharmacy weight loss aid licensed for use in the whole of Europe. This shows that the product is trustworthy, even though there are side effects due to it being clinically proven to help weight loss but also for being licensed people still take the risk. Alli also state that their product has been tested in more than 100 clinical trials and studies with data and results from more than 30,000 people. This is very reliable data as they have used a large amount of people but also conducted a large amount of different studies. Having more data makes the results and evidence more reliable and trustworthy and will make the public believe in the product a lot more.

XLS Medical

XLS Medical, fat binding product

XLS Medical is one of the most popular fat binders on the market with over 11 million packs already been sold in Europe. One of XLS’s biggest competitors in the fat binder market is Proactol Plus.

You can read more about how XLS shapes up against Proactol here: XLS Vs Proactol Plus – Which is a Better Fat Binder?

XLS Medical is a registered medical device that is 100% natural as it is made from natural and herbal ingredients with the main ingredient being extracts from an organic plant source – prickly pear cactus. Due to XLS being a natural product, the company claims it has little or no side effects as the supplement is meant to be very gentle to the inside of the body. For more information read our article: XLS Medical Side Effects

XLS Medical fat binder has been clinically proven to bind up to 28% of dietary fat and is proven to help weight management and support weight loss due to binding fats from the food that is consumed before it is absorbed by the body. XLS Medical contains the clinically proven fat binder Litramine which is made from cactus leaves which are naturally derived.

XLS Medical also contains essentials vitamins such as vitamin A, D and E which are fat soluble. The extra vitamins make up for any vitamins that could have been lost during the fat binding process. As well as this product helping to bind dietary fat.

XLS Medical provides two clinical trials that they have conducted, trial one tested five women and five men with a normal BMI. They were given either 1.6g of the product for every meal they ate or a placebo which is a harmless pill to test the psychological benefit of the patient. This test showed that the product helps you feel fuller for longer and compensates for lost vitamins in the fat binding stage. However, in this first trial only ten people were tested which is a very small amount of people. A lot more people could have been tested to get more accurate and reliable results. The results from just ten people may not be reliable as most of these results could be anomalies and therefore could be in accurate.

The company also explain the second trial they have conducted where they tested volunteers in Germany who were in their own living environment. Each day the volunteers had a fixed plan of 2,500 calories with 30% of this being fat content. Volunteers were either given 1.07g of the product or a placebo three times a day for three days. From this trial the results showed that the people who took XLS Medical lost more weight over time compared to the people who took the placebo. This does show that the product worked because all volunteers were on the same sort of diet and therefore the only difference within their lifestyle was taking either this product or the placebo.

XLS Medical comes in tablet form which should be taken three times a day (after every meal for full effect) and can be bought at all local pharmacies over the counter but also online from websites such as Amazon, Superdrug and Tesco. If you click on the link, you can see that you can buy it online from Boots pharmacy. They offer a one month’s supply which is 180 tablets for £59.99.

XLS Medical state that their fat binder does work and to back this claim up they have a page on their website with two famous people who explain they have used XLS Medical and it worked well. Mica Paris is a Singer, TV Presenter, mother and former yo-yo dieter and explains that she found it difficult to lose weight. But once she started using XLS Medical it gave her a helping hand and made her feel fuller for longer. You can read more by viewing our article: How Does XLS Medical Work.

Another celebrity, Helen Lederer also took this fat binding supplement and explained that she found it hard to get going at her age but once she got in the zone and committed herself, the weight started to drop off and she didn’t have to do anything drastic. You can also read more about her story along with before and after photos on the website.

XLS Medical doesn’t however offer a money back guarantee which means once the consumer has paid for it they can’t get their money back even if the product doesn’t work or gives them side effects that shouldn’t occur. This makes the product seem a little less reliable as it doesn’t seem as trustworthy. This may put some people off from buying the product and choose a different product like Proactol Plus which does offer a money back guarantee.

Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is a natural fat binder that is made from natural and herbal ingredients derived from cactus extracts and comes in the form of a tablet or capsule which should be taken three times a day (after every meal for full effect). This supplement has no reported side effects due to the ingredients being 100% natural. It works by trapping fat molecules in the stomach to form a viscous substance which is too big to be absorbed by the body. Therefore it exits the body resulting in the body not gaining as much fat. It is clinically proven to bind up to 28% of dietary fat after each meal and also helps boost metabolism and supress appetite. This is very useful to the person taking the supplement as they need to keep a healthy and low calorie diet when taking this fat binder and they can do so if they have a smaller appetite. The product also contains essentials vitamins such as vitamin A, D and E which are fat soluble. The extra vitamins make up for any vitamins that could have been lost during the fat binding process.

This product received 88% positive reviews on, read more online

Proactol Plus is certified as a class 2 class medical device under the EU law which means it has been tested for both safety and efficiency. This shows that the fat binder is effective and safe to use but also reliable as it has been registered under a well-known law.

The company have successfully completed three clinical trials to test their fat binding product and the results show that the product is safe and effective. The first trial was called ‘pilot clinical study’ and the results showed the effectiveness of the fibre complex alongside the reduced amount of fat absorbed. The second study took place in July 2006 and showed that the fibre complexes could regulate blood lipid levels which helped in reducing cardiovascular risk.

The final study which took place in February 2009 compared a placebo to the product and it showed that when consumers took the product the fibre complex significantly increased fat excretion and helped reduce body weight and BMI. The company also state that all of the studies showed that volunteers who took the product lost on average over 27.4% more dietary fat than volunteers who took the placebo.

This product has become very popular for many reasons, one of them being due to media endorsement. Media endorsement is very popular nowadays due to the increase of adverts and publicity on TV, films, magazines and the internet. Company’s pay celebrities to wear or advertise their products so that they become popular with their fans and the companies get business. Media endorsement can also happen when the media are talking about a product, for example Proactol Plus; newspapers and magazines have written articles about the product or had celebrities have photos taken with them to advertise the product. There have been articles in newspaper such as; The Telegraph who deliver the latest scientific news and named Proactol one of the top 5 ways to achieve weight management, also The Daily Express, Daily Mail, More magazine and Heat magazine.

Proactol is a popular diet pill

Proactol Plus, fat binding product


Alli is an un-natural fat binder that was released in April 2009 and comes in the form of a chewable tablet or capsule and should be taken three times a day (after every meal for full effect). It is designed for adults with a BMI of 28+ who need to lose weight. The product is available on the high street at pharmacies in supermarkets, local pharmacies such as Boots and Lloyds and from registered online pharmacies. This product is a milder version of the prescription drug Orlistat and can be bought over the counter under the name Alli. This product still has the active ingredient Orlistat present in the pill however it isn’t as strong.

Alli should be used alongside a reduced calorie diet to provide weight maintenance and treat obesity for people who have certain risk factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When someone takes part in the alli programme they will be able to access a variety of support tools to guide them on their weight loss journey. They will also learn new ways in which they can reach and maintain a healthier weight.

Unlike XLS Medical and Proactol Plus, Alli is ma-made and the drug present is essentially for treating obesity and is promoted as a prescription drug named Xenical in most countries but also available in a milder form and served over the counter in the UK and US as a fat binding product.

Lipase is present within the digestive system and is an enzyme that breaks down fats so that it can be absorbed by the body. Alli prevents lipase from working as efficiently which then allows undigested fat to be passed out from the body’s system. The company that sell Alli are a large pharmaceutical company called GlaxoSmithKline who have vigorously tested the product and claim that this product works by blocking 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed and that every 2 pounds a person loses eating healthily; Alli can lose an extra pound. However due to this being a man-made product it is a lot less healthy for the body than natural products such as XLS Medical and Proactol Plus. This means that there is a higher risk of side effects. Reports have shown that consumers must have a low fat diet while taking Alli otherwise side effects can occur. These side effects can include; gas with oily discharge, stomach discomfort, oily spots, increased bowel movements, headaches, cold like symptoms, skin rashes and dental problems. These side effects can cause a lot of inconvenience to everyday life which is a major downfall to this product.

Although these side effects occur Alli is approved by the FDA for its use to prevent the absorption of fats within the body which reduces the calorie intake and should be taken when living a healthy diet. The FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration which is an agency of Health and Human Services in the United States of America who formed in 1906.

They are responsible for protecting and promoting public health while regulating safety many areas in including dietary supplements, prescriptions and over the counter pharmaceutical drugs. Even though Alli has known side effects that have been reported on many occasions the FDA have still approved of the fat binding product which shows it is safe to use as long as consumers are aware of the side effects that could occur.

Another bad point about this product is the cost, for a monthly supply of this product it will cost roughly £60. This works out to be on average £2 a day which is a lot of money to waste if the product doesn’t work but gives you major side effects. It doesn’t make sense to pay for this product and get side effects when you can get XLS Medical for the same price that has no side effects or Proactol Plus which has no side effects either and is even cheaper.

When someone buys a month’s supply of Alli they are also advised to take a daily multivitamin because taking three Alli pills a day can disrupt the absorption of fat soluble vitamins. These vitamins are easily lost from the body within the fat binding stage and therefore taking extra vitamins helps support the body a lot more effectively.
However due to the side effects that occur when taking this product, some studies have shown that major effects to the body can occur which could include severe organ damage. An article on The Daily Mail website was published in December 2013 explaining that dieters have been warned that using a popular over the counter slimming pill, alli, could put them at risk of severe organ damage. Read the article on The Daily Mail website.

Alli, fat binding product

Which fat binder is the best?

The three most popular fat binders are XLS Medical, Proactol Plus and Alli and they are the most are popular for a reason. This is because they work safe and effectively in the body with scientific claims to back them up and do what fat binders should do within the body. They act quickly on the food in the stomach and get rid of on average 28% of dietary fat.

An important question is which fat binder is the best? This is because people who are thinking about taking fat binding pills will not want to waste their money. Many things need to be taking into consideration when choosing whether or not to use a fat binding pill or which type of fat binding pill to take. The first consideration is safety because no one in their right mind would take a weight loss pill if it was going to seriously harm them. Therefore the consumer will need to make sure they conduct a lot of research on the fat binding pills and read reviews about specific ones to make sure that they are positive and it is worth taking.

The consumer will also need to take into consideration that some pills can and will cause side effects even if they are taking properly and alongside the correct diet. This is due to the active ingredients inside of the tablets. For example Alli has the active ingredient Orlistat in it and this gives side effects including gas with oily discharge, stomach discomfort, oily spots, increased bowel movements and headaches. It is very important the person knows exactly what could occur when they take a fat binding tablet. XLS Medical and Proactol Plus however don’t have any reported side effects and therefore sound like the better fat binder to use over Alli.

Another factor that needs to be taken in consideration is if the product is worth the money. There is no point in paying more money for a product that does the same as a product that is half the price. If two or more fat binding products claim they bind fat in the same way, as effectively and without any side effects then it makes sense to go with the cheaper product. This is the case for XLS Medical and Proactol Plus, XLS Medical is £59.99 per month and Proactol Plus is £34.95 per month. Both of these fat biding products claim that when you take the tablet after a meal it can bind up to 28% of dietary fat; they also state their product is 100% natural and no side effects should occur. This shows that for this factor, Proactol Plus is a better fat binder as it works in the same way as XLS Medical however it is a lot cheaper.

The last factor isn’t a major factor when people are choosing a fat binder but it may sway them when it comes to making a final decision. This includes extra bonuses and guarantees that could be available depending on the company, how you order and buy your supplements or how many you buy.

Proactol PlusBoth XLS Medical and Alli are available from local pharmacies in store and online and therefore they don’t offer any offers on prices or any bonuses when you buy their products. However Proactol Plus is only available on their website This along with the cheaper price may attract more people to buy Proactol Plus rather than XLS Medical. Proactol Plus offer a free appetite control supplement which helps the body fight cravings which is important while taking this supplement as a low calorie diet is essential.

The company also offer a 180 day money back guarantee which means you are able to buy the product and if it doesn’t work within a couple of weeks or even months or gives you side effects that are too much to handle then you can send the product back and get your money back. This is a great advantage to buying this product over other fat binders that are on the market because the consumer will never know if the product will have a great effect on their body and will be worth the money. And they don’t know if their body will have very bad side effects. This allows the consumers to feel a little more safe and trustworthy with the company as they know they have 180 days if they don’t think the product is right for them.

This shows that out of the three most popular fat binders; Proactol Plus, XLS Medical and Alli, Proactol Plus is the best for a variety of factors. The first being the product itself, like XLS Medical it is 100% natural and there are no reported side effects. Also the cost, it is the cheapest out of the three products and even though it is still £34.95 per month people will pay it if they want to try and lose weight. And finally, the company offer bonuses and guarantees which none of the other companies do. Putting all of these factors into consideration it shows that Proactol Plus is definitely the better fat binding product.

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