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Fenphedra is one of the many diet pills on the market which claims to be able to help you lose weight at a rapid rate, but the question is whether it can actually back up those claims with real results. We always want to know whether we have found the miracle pill and although instant results are beyond what we could hope for at this present time, we can at the very least look for something that speeds up normal weight loss rates in a safe and satisfying manner. To see whether Fenphedra could be the supplement which provides that, we did some digging and have provided all of the information that you will need to decide whether or not to give it a try.

Fenphedra Pros
  • Available to purchase from the internet directly from the manufacturer
  • Comes with a money back guarantee for ninety days
  • Better deals can be found if you purchase several at once
  • Side effects are largely only those that are the same with all caffeine based supplements
Fenphedra Cons
  • Ingredients list is unclear thanks to conflicting sources
  • Many online sites no longer stock the supplement
  • It is more expensive than some other supplements if bought in single bottles
  • It is difficult to find out more about the parent company

Fenphedra Review

One thing that became apparent very early one when looking at the Fenphedra supplement was that a lot of the information online is conflicting. For example, the official website talks about four main ingredients which are a very important part of making it work, while another website about the supplement lists a different set of ingredients entirely, and there are very few other places where you can find out about the ingredients at all. This made some parts of our review very difficult, and it was something that we had to consider very carefully when looking into the supplement in order to give you a balanced and accurate view.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturers clearly state in their description of the product, that it helps you to lose weight through a number of ways. One of them is by giving your metabolism a boost; another is by burning fat more efficiently; and another is by suppressing your appetite. The ingredients have been chosen to make sure that these effects are heightened, but the question is of course whether or not these claims can be backed up with clinical evidence.

How Fenphedra Works

boosting metabolismAccording to the manufacturers, the way that Fenphedra works is by having a combination of ingredients that boost several areas of weight loss. Green coffee beans are there because they contain caffeine and chlorogenic acid, which combine together to burn fat, speed up the metabolism, and prevent fat from being absorbed into the cells. Then there is chromax, which will prevent hunger or sugar cravings, and also the dual ingredients of DiCaffiene Malate and Phenylethylamine which will boost the efficacy of the other two.

There is not much clinical evidence to support all of these claims however, except with regards to caffeine, so it seems that we might not be able to trust completely what the company are saying about their diet pill.

For more information, read our How Fenphedra Works article and our How To Use Fenphedra article.

Key Fenphedra Ingredients

Green Coffee BeanAs we have alluded to earlier, one of the main problems with this supplement is that it is not one hundred per cent clear what all of the ingredients are. First of all there is a list on the official site, which includes green coffee beans, chromax, DiCaffeine Malate, and Phenylethylamine. These are listed as the main ingredients and spoken about in detail as to what their particular roles are in the supplement. More about the effects of green coffee beans can be found in our Green Coffee Beans article.

There is no full list however, and the picture becomes even more complicated when you take a look around and search for that list. Another site which is linked to the supplement lists a completely different set of ingredients, made up of synephrine HCL (or bitter orange), chocamine, and humulus lupus. It is not clear whether just one of these lists is accurate, or whether both of them are, and it is also worth noting that neither of them speak about the build up of the pill itself and how it is held together. Most supplements will include a gelling or thickening agent to ensure that they stay in a capsule or pill shape, and this is not listed on either site, so we can assume that there are yet more ingredients that we do not know about.

For the purposes of this review we have decided to look into the four main ingredients listed on the official site, as it would seem to be the more reliable source if anything. However, it has to be emphasised that we cannot at all be sure that this is totally accurate, and so if there are any discrepancies between our list and what you see if you buy the capsules, that is down to this conflict of information.

For more information, read our Fenphedra Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

Diet pills which include caffeine do normally have good results, but not for everyone. Many positive reviews can be found for the supplement, but it is not clear if these are accurate or just PR
Speed of results: 20/100

The fact that caffeine is involved does once again mean that any results should be felt quickly – but that is assuming that you feel those results at all.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

Basing this result on the inclusion of caffeine, things look good. However, other ingredients which are supposed to have been added for appetite suppression show no clinical evidence of being effective.
Long Term Results: 10/100

Many reviewers have spoken about using the supplement for a month or more and seeing no results whatsoever, which is certainly something to be concerned about if you are thinking about trying them
Safety: 20/100

Unfortunately, one of the main things that a company can do to keep their users safe is to give full disclosure of the ingredients that are in their supplements. This has not been done, and in addition, the ingredients that we do know about can carry serious side effects for some people.
Value for money: 30/100

The money back guarantee and the fact that you can get lower prices when buying in bulk raises the score here, but the price to begin with is not very good compared to competitors in the same field.

Fenphedra Side Effects

We have already touched on the fact that there is not a full list of ingredients available, and so we are only really able to tell you about the side effects from the ingredients that we already know about. Bearing this in mind, there may well be worse effects to be experienced if you do not check the side of the bottle carefully before taking them.

We have already touched on the fact that there is not a full list of ingredients available, and so we are only really able to tell you about the side effects from the ingredients that we already know about. Bearing this in mind, there may well be worse effects to be experienced if you do not check the side of the bottle carefully before taking them.

headacheWhat we can tell you about are the effects of caffeine, which are doubled in this supplement as two of the ingredients contain it (green coffee beans and DiCaffeine Malate). These can include headaches, insomnia or difficulty sleeping, restlessness and anxiety, and may even cause you to be irritable and snappy with people that you know. Jitters are also commonly experienced with caffeine, as we have seen with a number of other diet pills which also included this as part of their ingredients. You may also be more concerned about the side effects of phenylethylamine, which, according to one user, can cause numbness in the extremities and face, dilated pupils, headaches, tachycardia, and hypertension. When all that you are trying to do is to lose weight, these are clearly not desirable side effects, and there may also be chances of interactions with existing medical conditions or any other type of medication that you take.

Further information can be found in our Fenphedra Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Fenphedra

diet pillsIf you would like to get your hands on some Fenphedra to try it for yourself, then unfortunately your options are very limited. Our research did not come up with any stores that you could walk into to purchase it, and many online stockists no longer keep it on sale. What you can still do, however, is to purchase it directly through the manufacturers, Fenphedra Inc, at their official site. The price bands vary depending on how many you will want to purchase: one bottle of capsules, lasting for just over one month, will cost you £41.55 with an additional £2.94 in shipping (you can also find them on an Amazon sellers page if you would like to be sure that you can get them delivered to the UK, with the shipping being slightly more expensive at £3.99). Two bottles from the official site, however, will be worth £71.25 with free shipping, and if you would like to spend £89.08 then you will get three bottles with free shipping. The two and three bottle bundles also come with one and three free bottles of Fen-72 respectively, although this is not part of the deal that you will find through their Amazon store.

For more information, read our Where To Buy Fenphedra article.

Overall Verdict

It has, needless to say, been very difficult to pin down exactly what can be expected from Fenphedra; there are conflicting sources of information as to what ingredients are in the capsules, the company which manufactures them is quite elusive with very little information available about it at all, and very few places actually stock the pill for you to buy. This is all a very bad sign from the point of view of a customer who wants to be reassured about what they are purchasing, so in this case you may want to steer clear of it and look for a different alternative instead, which might be easier to research and track down information on. It may well be that you are tempted to give it a go anyway in order to see whether it works for you or not, but if you do so then you should certainly be aware of the risks that are associated with it in terms of the side effects and the warnings that come along with them.

Finally, one source of information that we have not really mentioned yet is the customer reviews, which can be found on an Amazon page as well as in several forums discussing the supplement. This is a good source if you want to know more about what real people have experienced when taking the pills, as it will show you exactly what they think about it and what side effects they have seen. The interesting thing here is that the Amazon reviews seem to be mostly negative, with twelve out of twenty four reviews being on the lowest possible rating. Some of the comments include statements that they simply “did not lose a pound”, or give advice that you should not “waste your money on an expensive product without a money-back guarantee”, because even though there is a guarantee in place they apparently do not take returns when the bottle has been opened.

This is a key point when it comes to looking into trying the pills for yourself, as many people would be tempted to try it because of the fact that they would be able to return the pills if they did not see any results. However, this is apparently not the case, and this would therefore remove one more reason to give them a try. If we were to come to an overall verdict, then it would have to be that there is no real way to verify that these pills would be any use at all to those trying to use them for diet purposes. There is no guarantee that you would lose weight at a quicker rate than you would be able to manage through healthy diet alone, and so there may well be better options available on the market.

If you are interested in the manufacturers of Fenphedra, read our The Company Behind Fenphedra article.

Overall: 20/100

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