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Fexotropin is a scientifically formulated weight loss supplement which aims to give consumers an edge to win the war against weight. This natural diet pill claims to reduce fat stores alongside boosting metabolism and energy levels.

Fexotropin reviewIn this article we will examine whether Fexotropin actually works, discover if the advertising claims stand up to scrutiny and look at the possible side effects.

Fexotropin Pros
  • Natural ingredients with minimal side effects
  • 90-day money back guarantee
Fexotropin Cons
  • Lack of consumer reviews
  • Only sold online from a small number of merchants
  • High levels of caffeine
  • Mainly contains caffeine and little else

Fexotropin Review

Fexotropin’s key claims are that by taking the supplement both your metabolism and energy levels will be boosted. The advertising also states that the formula reduces body fat stores through encouraging the body to mobilise fat. While these claims are very sweeping, when it comes down to it, there is actually a lot of overlap in each of these claims. In the Fexotropin review below we will examine these claims and look at whether Fexotropin really is an effective and good value weight loss supplement.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Fexotropin claims to have two main weight loss factors: Fat Burning/Binding and Metabolism Boosting. However, our experts disagree with these claims.

Fexotropin contains 12 active ingredients, 10 of which are supported by clinical weight loss research. Two ingredients are fat burners while the other 10 form a proprietary blend called the Energy Matrix.

How Fexotropin Works

caffeine in fexotropinFexotropin is recommended to be taken twice a day and one pill to be taken each time. While the official website does not give specific directions as to when and how, other sources online suggest taking the capsules with breakfast and lunch and to drink a glass of water at the same time. The Amazon seller also recommends taking the tablets 30 minutes before these meals to give the ingredients time to work before eating. It is best not to take Fexotropin within six hours of the time you would normally go to bed as the high levels of caffeine in the supplement may cause you to have problems falling asleep.

The official Fexotropin website states that the supplement works in three ways: boosting metabolism, reducing body fat stores and energising the body. The body is energised through the high levels of caffeine or stimulatory properties of each of the ingredients. Whether this is actually a benefit of Fexotropin is up for debate as the energy is likely to be a short burst, similar to a caffeine buzz.

The GreenSelect Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean Extract both boost the metabolism and so cause fat stores to be used as fuel. The Proprietary Energy Matrix Blend, in addition to providing high levels of caffeine, also raises the metabolic rate and reduces fat stores in the same way.

Advantra Z reduces fat stores in two ways: through an increased metabolism and the mobilisation of body fat. Metabolism boosting is done through thermogenesis while body fat mobilisation is caused by the activation of beta-receptors in the body. This activation stimulates lipolysis, the breakdown of fat.

Manufacturer of Fexotropin, Nutripharma recommend that the product is taken in combination with a healthy diet and exercise regime. However, some of the testimonials on the website claim that results can occur without changing eating and exercise habits. Since there are no other reviews online we are not sure whether this is a typical experience. Fexotropin is available to buy online without a prescription, however, there are certain groups of people for whom the pill is not recommended. In particular, people who are susceptible to caffeine, pregnant/nursing mothers, those younger than 18 or those who have low BMIs should not take these diet pills. Certain medications and medical conditions can also be affected by the ingredients in Fexotropin, especially mental health disorders and conditions related to the heart. Potential customers should discuss with the GP before beginning to take this supplement to ensure their health and medications will not be affected.

Fexotropin is a product new on the weight loss market for 2013. Therefore, we would expect there to be a low number of reviews to begin with. However, there is a serious lack of feedback about Fexotropin to be found online. The official website shares a small number of testimonials. These are all positive, as you would expect for official testimonials, but strangely do not all seem to fit with the expected effects of Fexotropin. Customers claim to have improved moods and appetite suppression, neither of which are results which the supplement claims to have, or should be able to have considering the ingredients. Despite the fact that Fexotropin is available to buy from Amazon and a select number of other online retailers, there are no reviews on these sites. However, since it is cheaper to buy this supplement direct from the manufacturers, which also gives the customer access to discounts, free gifts and free shipping, this may be a reason why there is a lack of feedback on the Amazon marketplace.

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Key Fexotropin Ingredients

green tea is common in diet pillsThe key ingredients in Fexotropin are GreenSelect Green Tea (150mg), Advantra Z (100mg) and Green Coffee Bean Extract. The latter forms part of the Proprietary Energy Matrix (500mg) which is also comprised of Green Tea, Guarana, Kola Nut, Yerba Mate, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Gotu Kola and DiCaffeine Malate. The capsules are made of gelatine. The amount of Green Coffee Bean Extract in the capsules has not been published. Studies have found many of these ingredients to be effective in weight loss if sufficient doses are taken. For the most part, the main effect is the raising of the metabolic rate.

Ingredient Clinical Trial Reference on

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Weight Loss Power:


Almost all of the ingredients encourage the raising of the metabolic rate which leads to the burning of fat stores for fuel, as long as calorie intake is not so as high to make that unnecessary. While the Advantra Z ingredient is believed to also stimulate the breakdown of fat, it cannot be denied that the main effect of Fexotropin is through the high levels of caffeine it contains and is to simply boost metabolism. The manufacturers recommend that the supplement is taken in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and admit that this is not a ‘miracle pill’ but simply a way to give consumers an edge in the war against weight.

Speed of results:


There is no time period specified by the manufacturers of Fexotropin as to how long before customers should see weight loss results. Most of the studies on ingredients were for 8 to 12 week periods, therefore it is likely that similar time scales, or even longer periods, will be required for Fexotropin to work. Boosting the metabolic rate is pointless if you eat lots, giving your body plenty of calories to burn. Learning healthy habits to avoid this problem, such as watching your portion size will also take time. The manufacturers sell Fexotropin in supplies of one and three months. There are discounts and offers for buying more than a single month’s supply so Nutripharma clearly expects the users to need more than 30 day’s worth of the capsules.

Appetite Suppression:


Appetite suppression is not one of the claimed effects of the Fexotropin supplements. Despite the fact that one of the testimonials claims this effect, there is no scientific reason for this to occur. It is possible that this is a fake review or that the consumer did not understand the actions of this product and the placebo effect caused her to feel full sooner than usual.

Long Term Results:


Since Fexotropin is not supported by a diet plan, there is a risk that weight lost while taking the supplement may be put back on once you stop. However, it should be noted that in a clinical trial of Green Coffee Bean Extract, which is one of the ingredients in Fexotropin, 14 out of 16 test subjects maintained their weight loss four months after the end of the study. That said, since we do not know the exact amount of this extract found in Fexotropin, we cannot say whether this would be the case for users of the supplement. Those consumers who take Fexotrophin in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime are likely to see the greatest results and have the greatest chance of keeping the weight off if they continue with these habits even without the supplement. Click here to see out top rated diet pills.



While Fexotropin is, for the most part, a safe diet supplement with natural ingredients, every single ingredient is a stimulant. The capsules are very high in caffeine to the extent that taking two capsules a day is similar to drinking between four and five cups of strong coffee. The recommended safe level of caffeine consumption for adults in a day is 200mg. One tablet contains this amount so taking two tablets as directed means you will be taking twice the recommended safe level of caffeine. It is therefore very likely that consumers will experience side effects related to over-stimulation. People who are sensitive to caffeine will be most affected along with those who do not reduce their caffeine intake while also consuming Fexotropin tablets.

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Value for money:


Fexotropin is a mid-range diet supplement in terms of price. There is very good value in terms of the amount of pills for the price, particularly if you take advantage of the free shipping, free gifts and discounts for buying more than one bottle at a time from the manufacturer. However, considering that this diet pill contains mainly caffeine products and only acts on two of the weight loss areas, the price is quite high. This is especially relevant when the product appears to be so untested as to have no external feedback online.

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Fexotropin Side Effects

While Fexotropin is a product with mainly natural ingredients and is considered to be generally very safe, the capsules are very high in caffeine. All of the ingredients bar one; Advantra Z, contain caffeine and Advantra Z is a stimulant itself. The recommended safe level for the consumption of coffee by adults is 200mg. Fexotropin contains 200mg of caffeine in one capsule. This is equivalent to slightly more than two cups of coffee. The suggested dose is two capsules a day which puts users in the position of consuming more caffeine than is considered safe.

These high levels of caffeine may cause stimulation related side effects. While side-effects have not been reported from customers of Fexotropin so far, it is a new product with no feedback online outside of testimonials on the official website. From the ingredients and caffeine levels in them, those who are sensitive to caffeine should expect to be affected.

There are no known scams specifically associated with Fexotropin, however it is a product which is new to the market and is not found in trusted stores and pharmacies. It can only be bought online currently and mainly contains caffeine. This has led to some diet pill reviewers to ask whether it is simply a caffeine diet pill masquerading as something more powerful. Nonetheless, the risk of trialling Fexotropin is reduced somewhat by the existence of a decent money back guarantee. Customers can return one empty bottle of Fexotropin along with any opened bottles if they are unsatisfied. This must be done within 90 days and unfortunately the manufacturer, Nutripharma is based in the United States so international shipping must be paid.

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Where to Buy Fexotropin

Fexotropin is a new diet pill to the market and is therefore relatively hard to find. It can only be bought online from a number of retailers but you won’t find it in any high street stores. The official website and Amazon are probably the best places to buy the product from and prices can vary from £36 to £46.

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Overall Verdict

Fexotropin does have its merits in that overall it is a mostly natural and generally safe diet pill. There have not been many reports of side effects and major adverse reactions are not expected from the ingredients. Also positive is the fact that the manufacturers have published a full list of ingredients and the amounts of the main ingredients in the supplement are detailed the website, however, there are still emissions and a number of other negatives.

Nutripharma is a bit halfhearted about its publication of details about the ingredients of the Fexotropin supplement. Green Coffee Bean Extract is listed as a key ingredient yet the amount of it in the capsules is not stated. None of the ingredients in the Proprietary Energy Matrix Blend have values attached as to the amount. This leaves a question mark over the efficacy of Fexotropin because the supplement cannot be compared to the results of trials on individual ingredients. Similarly, there is a lack of detailed information on the scientific studies that are referred to on the website as the proof behind the claims of Fexotropin’s effects. While we found details for the studies we believe they are referring to, there were some significant points which Fexotropin had overlooked, which is perhaps why the manufacturers were not more open about the exact studies.

Fexotrophin is made up of ingredients which are stimulants in some form, either in themselves or which contain caffeine. The main effect is to raise the metabolic rate in order to encourage weight loss through the burning of fat stores. It would appear that Fexotropin is lacking in any other elements; it is little more than a caffeine pill with good marketing. Simply taking large amounts of caffeine is unlikely to have effective weight loss results. It is likely, however, to cause unpleasant side effects from over-stimulation.

Furthermore, there is a complete lack of customer reviews outside of the official website testimonials. We do recognise that Fexotropin is a new product which only entered the market in 2013, however, we would expect that it would have some reviews on the internet somewhere. There is a distinct lack of feedback in any form despite the fact Fexotropin is available to buy on Amazon. This would suggest that Fexotropin is either very unpopular or untested, both these things give some cause for concern.

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