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Forza Acai Berry

The Forza company claims that their high strength Acai Berry supplement provides customers with key nutrition which is needed to promote healthy weight loss. However, the product website does not claim that any of the active ingredients have a direct effect upon weight loss.

Forza Acai Berry Pros
  • The Forza online shop offers customers a free Forza product worth £23 with every purchase
  • Made by a well-established company
Forza Acai Berry Cons
  • The Forza company does not disclose any information about how the product aids weight loss on its website
  • The product's ingredients have limited claimed weight loss benefits which only include the potential to increase the rate of metabolism and energy levels

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Forza Acai Berry Review

The three active ingredient in Forza Acai Berry claim to work together to provide customers with an all-round nutritional boost that energises and stimulates the body. The product website does not explicitly give details about how these ingredients work to produce effective weight loss results and only outlines their ‘high nutritional values’. However, research that has been undertaken on the ingredients individually does suggest that they could have positive effects on weight loss as well as how they work to achieve this. Some of these studies are detailed in the below ‘clinical studies’ section of this review.

Forza Acai Berry Claimed weight loss benefits

Despite Forza’s claims that Forza Acai Berry is an all-round weight loss supplement, it only claims to work as a stimulant and provider of key nutrients which could lead to weight loss. The product website does not claim that Forza Acai Berry burns fat, suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, or addresses any other aspect of weight loss. However, Acai Berry is rich in beneficial nutrients which could help an individual lose weight alongside a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

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How Forza Acai Berry Works

The Forza Acai Berry weight loss supplement only contains three active ingredients which claim to be beneficial to health. The product does contain other ingredients but these are only included as anti-caking agents and the capsule’s shell. The three active ingredients have differing properties which address various aspects of maintaining a healthy body and potentially inducing or increasing weight loss. Forza’s Acai Berry supplement is only one of their many fruit based 2:2:1 supplements which claims to act as a ‘weight management’ aid. It allegedly provides customers with additional, beneficial nutrients and adequate stimulation to strengthen endurance and physical performance.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry is the primary ingredient in this Forza weight management supplement, hence why it takes its name on the product label. Acai is extremely rich in antioxidants and is often assigned the popular buzzword ‘superfood’ within the public media sphere. Acai provides the body with beneficial antioxidants which are thought to act as protection for body cells which can be damaged during chemical processes, such as oxidation. In terms of weight loss, research is still underway to support any weight loss potential of this popular berry, although early results do seem to be positive. Further details about the clinical research of Acai Berry is outlined in the below ‘clinical studies’ section of this review.


Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant worldwide and is becoming an increasingly popular inclusion of many weight loss supplements. Caffeine is considered generally safe for use by the FDA when taken in moderation or according to specific product guidelines. The ingredient is thought to raise the rate of metabolism which may result in weight loss, although it is also thought to increase the endurance potential of an individual when undergoing physical activity. This means that an individual could lose more weight because they are able to exercise more vigorously and for longer periods of time than they would do without consuming the caffeine in a product such as Forza Acai Berry.


Resveratrol is a type of phenol which is found in many species of plant, particularly in the skins of grapes. There have been claims that this ingredient can help increase the body’s rate of metabolism, although research to support this is somewhat limited at present. The Forza website claims that Resveratrol is used in the product because it is rich in antioxidants. Howeer, they also state that the ingredient has ‘potential anti-aging properties’ which could prove useful to older customers or those who wish to maintain youthful in terms of health and appearance. Even though Resveratrol seems to have its health benefits, it is not the most popular of inclusions in weight loss supplements and may have very little actual effects on weight loss.

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Key Ingredients

The active ingredients in Forza Acai Berry claim to be optimised at a high strength to achieve the best possible results for customers. The Forza company provides its customers with information about which other Forza products the Acai Berry supplement would work well alongside. This shows that the minimal ingredients in the Brazilian Acai provide scope for customers to purchase other supplements which work with the Acai product to suit their individual weight loss needs. If the product contained more ingredients, then it would be difficult to find other products to use alongside it without the risk of ingredient interactions causing unwanted side effects.

Acai Berry

The Acai fruit is a small red berry which grows on trees that are cultivated in South America. They are eaten as a general food substance by many and are also used in traditional Brazilian medicines which claim to relieve a multitude of health issues. The berries are used in many products other than weight loss supplements. These include beauty products and cosmetics. The acai berry has been a fairly recent phenomenon within the weight management industry and companies have only been including the ingredient in their products over the past few years. However, their success rate in promoting healthy weight loss is still debated by researchers.


Caffeine is the most popular stimulant in the world and is easily available in products such as tea and coffee. It has been proven as an effective stimulant by a multitude of clinical studies, although research is still unable to provide evidence of caffeine as an effective weight loss aid. More details of clinical research is available in the below ‘clinical studies’ section of this review. However, caffeine is an addictive substance and should therefore only be consumed in moderation and according to product labels. The Forza company suggest that customers limit their daily intake of caffeine, through items such as tea and coffee, when taking the acai berry supplement.


Resveratrol is a member of chemical group called polyphenols and is thought to be rich in antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. It is commonly found in the skin of red grapes, hence the often debated theory that a glass of wine a day can be good for your overall health, although eating grapes or drinking grape juice could be equally beneficial. The ingredient is included in the Forza Acai Berry supplement as an additional source of beneficial nutrients, although its weight loss potential is ambiguous according to the product website; early research has also not yet proved any weight loss effects associated with the ingredient.

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Clinical Studies

One of the potential downsides of the Forza Acai Berry supplement is that there is only limited research on each of the individual ingredients and the product website does not disclose any information about clinical studies from any external or authoritative sources. However, there are some clinical study reports available online which have tested the effectiveness and safety of the active ingredients of Forza Acai Berry; these results are varied and often inconclusive. The below section outlines some of the clinical studies which measure the effects of each of the active ingredients.

Acai Berry

A pilot study from 2011 measured the effects that acai berry had upon the metabolic system of a ‘healthy overweight population’. Researchers took a group of 10 overweight adults and gave them a dose of 100 g of acai twice daily over a period of a month. Multiple study endpoints were measured, including cholesterol, blood glucose and blood pressure. After the 30-day period the results of the study showed a reduction in all of the above aspects associated with positive weight loss. However, as the weight of the subjects was not recorded and the group only consisted of 10 individuals, these results do not act as a supportive foundation on which to base a sound result. However, this study does go some way in suggesting that acai could have some positive effects upon health and could also lead to further research in future.

Considering that the Forza company claims that the antioxidants in Acai Berry are beneficial to health, it is important to also look at clinical trials which measure the antioxidant potential of acai berry as well as weight loss promotion. An animal study from 2009 researched how the antioxidants in acai berry affect lipoprotein cholesterol in the blood. Researchers gave a control group of rats a supplement of 2% acai pulp over a 6-week period and then looked at the effects of the diet on their blood and livers. The rats which had consumed the acai supplement showed a reduction in cholesterol lipoproteins which suggests that acai could have a positive effect upon weight reduction. However, as this study was undertaken on animals, the acai could provide researchers with varying results if tested upon human subjects.


Caffeine has been the subject of many clinical studies as it is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world. In terms of weight loss, a study from 2005 measured the weight loss and management potential of caffeine alongside green tea (containing caffeine), although for the purposes of this section the caffeine ingredient is of particular importance. A group of 76 overweight and moderately obese adults were given either a supplement of caffeine and green tea or a placebo supplement over a period of 3 months. This supplementation was only given after a 4-month low energy diet undertaken by all of the subjects. The results of this study showed that, on average, the subjects that consumed the caffeine supplement lost a considerable amount of weight compared with those who had taken the placebo dose. Waist circumference, energy expenditure and respiratory quotient were also significantly reduced. This study therefore provides some evidence that caffeine could promote rapid weight loss, although the inclusion of green tea in this study may have emphasised some of the positive outcomes.


Clinical studies that measure the weight loss potential of resveratrol are scarcely found online, although there is some research which addresses this area of the ingredient. A study from 2011 tested the effectiveness of resveratrol on fat mobilisation. Fat build up in the body can be harmful to individuals and can lead to serious illness. There have been claims that resveratrol can help reduce the risk of fat accumulation in the body and this study tested the scientific foundations of these claims. Although the study report is relatively vague, the information provided suggests that a group of mice were given the supplement over a controlled time period and weight loss and similar changes were measured. The results of this study show that resveratrol improved ‘resistance to weight gain’ and therefore could be beneficial to weight maintenance, rather than weight loss; this supports claims made on the product website.

However, a more recent study from 2014 set out to support claims that resveratrol had little or no effects on body fat reduction. This animal study took a group of male Wister rats and fed them a high fat and sugar diet for 6 weeks. After this period the animals were divided into two groups and each assigned either a resveratrol supplement or a non-supplemented plan for 2 weeks. The results of this trial showed that both groups had a reduction in weight and body fat, although there was only very little difference between the non-supplemented and resveratrol supplemented groups. This research does not support the weight loss potential of this ingredient, although considering that the study only measured the effects upon animals, results could differ if tested upon adult human subjects.

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Weight Loss Power: 30/100

Forza Acai Berry does fall under the weight management supplement section of the Forza website, although the company does not explicitly state that the ingredients of the Acai Berry product promotes weight loss at all. The ingredients are allegedly rich in key nutrients, but their power in terms of weight loss is not particularly assuring for customers. Clinical studies are also lacking and so limit the support for the product’s effectiveness as a weight loss aid, although some results do suggest successful outcomes.
Speed of results: 50/100

According to the Forza FAQ webpage, weight loss speed will be totally dependant on the individual. The site claims that ‘some people will experience slow and steady weight loss while others will experience a much faster rate of weight loss.’ The company also advise that customers use the product continuously for a minimum of 2 weeks before they can expect to see any considerable change in weight or appearance.
Appetite Suppression: 0/100

Neither the product itself or any of its active ingredients claims to have any satiating effects. Therefore, the product would not suit an individual who wanted to lose weight by undertaking a calorie-reduced diet or that wants to achieve weight loss by using an appetite suppressant.
Long Term Results: 20/100

The company do not disclose any information on their website concerning the long-term effects of their Acai Berry supplement. However, the product label does not contain any information about when to cease using the product so customers may be able to use the supplement over long periods of time to either maintain or lose weight.
Safety: 60/100

Research testing the safety of the individual ingredients is fairly limited, although the studies which have been undertaken suggest that the potential side effects of the product’s ingredients are minimal and should not be serious if a customer adheres to the product guidelines. However, the lack of research into the safety of the product may be an issue considering that there may be potential side effects which are, as of yet, unknown. The product website does state that the Acai Berry product is certified as safe for use and abides by all safety, quality and environmental standards.
Value for money: 80/100

The Forza product website offers the Forza Acai Berry supplement for £23, which includes a second free supplement from their range which would usually cost a customer another £23. However, the Acai Berry weight management supplement is also available from other online retailers such as Amazon, which offers customers a bottle of the same size for a much cheaper £10.99. Even with the extra free supplement, Amazon would be a cheaper retailer for customers to purchase the product. EBay also sells the product directly for £9.50 and from secondary retailers for a variety of prices (sometimes cheaper), which could prove better value for money than the Forza website.

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Forza Acai Berry Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
Forza Acai Berry only contains three active ingredients which does minimise the risk of adverse side effects, although each individual ingredient has the potential to be harmful to customers if used incorrectly or not according to product guidelines. The product website has a section on safety which claims that the Acai Berry supplement as a whole is ‘ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001’ certified which means that the product complies with all the necessary safety, environmental and quality guidelines. Even though the product is certified as safe for use, some of the individual ingredients can still cause some customers problems with side effects.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry is widely consumed as an everyday fruit or juice and is not considered harmful when taken in this form. However, research into the safety of acai in supplements is limited at present and so it is difficult to caution against potential adverse effects which may be caused by the ingredient. The Forza company claims that ‘side effects with this product are rare’ although it is important to consult a physician if you have any underlying medical condition or are taking any other medication before starting to use the Acai Berry product. It is also possible to have an allergic reaction to acai, therefore if any serious side effects occur it is important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.


Caffeine is a substance which can be addictive if taken in large amounts. The product website advises customers to limit their daily caffeine intake, from things such as tea or coffee, when using the Forza supplement. Consuming too much caffeine can cause many potential side effects, including restlessness, insomnia and nausea. The FDA have announced that they are investigating the effects of adding caffeine to food and supplement products and outline that products must adhere to recommended daily intakes to avoid adverse side effects from the ingredient, such as the ones listed above.


The potential side effects of Resveratrol are extremely undertested, therefore the ingredient may cause some side effects which have not yet been recorded. However, it has been noted in one study that a dose of 150 mg of Resveratrol daily did not cause any adverse effects upon subjects. This is a positive step towards upholding the reputation of the ingredient as safe for use in moderation and according to product guidelines.

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How To Use

Woman With Pills 538
The product website gives customers clear instructions on how to use the product safely. Two capsules should be taken in the morning with breakfast and a full glass of water and one further capsule should be taken with lunch in the afternoon, again with water. The company also recommend that customers who do not usually consume caffeine regularly should only take 1 capsule per day at the start of the course and eventually build up to 3. They also advise that customers who have difficulty sleeping should avoid taking the supplement after 3 pm as the caffeine in the product can have negative effects upon sleep patterns. The safety section of the product website also states that you should not take the product is you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medication for depression as interactions may occur.

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Who Makes Forza Acai Berry

The Forza company provide customers with a vast array of health products from multiple sectors, including weight management, sports nutrition and cholesterol reduction. The company is based in Ashford, Kent, which makes it easier for UK customers to contact the company and may also improve delivery services and reduce shipping costs. The company was established in 2007 but have spent time building their reputation and customer relationships. Forza have a very beneficial returns policy which offers customers a full refund if a product is delivered damaged and they also have a 7 day returns policy if a customer has ordered the wrong product (although it must be returned unopened and in original condition). Customer feedback is extremely varied but largely positive. Reviews on Amazon are particularly contrasting, some claiming to have lost significant weight and others that have experienced sickness when taking the product. It seems as though the Acai Berry supplement is particularly subject to individual conditions, but certainly has some positive aspects.

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Where To Buy

Forza Brazilian Acai Berry is available to buy directly from the Forza company at a price of £23 for 90 capsules. However, Forza offer a free supplement worth a further £23 with every purchase so customers can actually receive two products for £23. Forza Acai Berry is also available from other online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. Amazon sells the product for £10.99 and the supplement is shipped from Forza directly. This is significantly cheaper than the Forza company, even with the extra free product. EBay offers the Acai supplement for a variety of prices, although if a customer purchased it on the ‘Buy Now’ option, it would cost them £9.50, the cheapest of all three retailers. Forza Acai Berry is also available from eBay through external retailers for a multitude of prices starting from £4.99.

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Overall Verdict

One potential issue associated with this product is that the majority of its ingredients are relatively undertested. However, the research which has been undertaken is primarily positive and promotes the safety and weight loss potential of the ingredients. Also, because Forza Acai Berry only contains 3 active ingredients, it can be used alongside other Forza supplements. This means that each customer can purchase products separately and create their own supplement plans to suit their individual weight loss needs. The product website provides information and guidelines about product interactions and groups of products which may be particularly effective when used alongside each other.

Overall: 40/100

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