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Forza T5 Black Heat

Forza T5 Black Heat is marketed as the most potent product in the Forza T5 fat burner series. This product is fairly strange as it doesn’t appear that you can buy the product at the time of writing which makes information fairly hard to come by. This product therefore does have the potential to change (possibly significantly) from the one described in this particular article.

In this review we will look at how well Forza T5 Black Heat actually works and at both the positive and negative aspects before arriving at a conclusion of whether this is the product for you.

Forza T5 Black Heat Review

Forza T5 Black Heat Pros
  • Has a wealth of fitness related information posted on blog
  • Based in the UK
Forza T5 Black Heat Cons
  • Very difficult to get access to at time of writing
  • Contains bitter orange which could potentially be dangerous
  • No presence on manufacturer website

Forza T5 Black Heat Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Increase the metabolic rate promoting thermogenesis (the burning of stored body fat).

This is the prime action of the product and we have no arguments relating to this claim. The product contains both caffeine and capsaicin, both of which have scientific evidence to suggest that they can raise metabolic rate as they are both stimulants.

Slows the absorption of serotonin, which helps in weight management by controlling food craving and suppressing the appetite.

The claim that serotonin greatly influences food cravings is true, however the extent to which chromium can cause this effect is uncertain. There an equal number of studies that claim chromium is not an effective solution as there are studies which claim chromium does have a beneficial effect. If you do experience an increased feeling of fullness while taking the product then this would explain why, however don’t expect this change to occur.

Inhibits the absorption of dietary fats by acting as a lipase inhibitor.

This claim essentially explains that less fat is absorbed and therefore stored by the body because the heightened metabolic rate will use more fat simply because it requires more energy. Therefore the fat molecules have very little chance to be accumulated over a period of time and results in less fat being stored. This is a common feature of fat burners such as Forza.

How Forza T5 Black Heat Works

Things to consider when buying raspberry ketone productsThe processes in which the body produces energy (in the form of ATP) are collectively known as the metabolic rate, these processes are sped up when internal body temperature is increased. Similarly, these processes often slow down when you are resting. The presence of both the capsaicin and caffeine extract in Forza T5 Black Heat is a way in which you can raise the metabolic rate and increase the level of thermogenesis.

When a product claims to be able to increase basal metabolic rate such as Forza T5 Black Heat does, it will also directly increase the thermogenic response. The rate of thermogenesis can be manipulated fairly easily, for example shivering. This is why when it is cold your muscles contract and relax rapidly leading to the shiver effect, this increases the demand for energy as the muscles are constantly activating and as such require more ATP causing you to feel warm.

For more information, we recommend our How Does Forza T5 Black Heat Work article.

Forza T5 Black Heat Key Ingredients

key ingredientsThe key ingredient in this product is capsaicin which is a form of chilli pepper. There is no evidence showing that weight loss is directly correlated with ingesting capsaicin, but there is a positive correlation between ingesting capsaicin and a decrease in weight regain. The effects of capsaicin are said to cause a shift in energy usage from carbohydrate to fat oxidation. This leads to a decrease in appetite as well as a decrease in food intake. Even though ingestion of capsaicin causes thermogenesis, the increase in body temperature does not affect weight loss. However, both oral and gastrointestinal exposure to capsaicin increases feelings of fullness and reduces energy as well as fat intake. Oral exposure proves to cause stronger reduction suggesting that capsaicin has sensory effects. Short-term studies suggest that capsaicin aids in the decrease of weight regain. However, long-term studies are limited because of the potential irritant properties of capsaicin.

For more information about the scientific evidence behind these ingredients, we recommend you read our Forza T5 Black Heat Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 75/100

The product actively warns people that the product is very strong and so first time dieters should probably try something else. While this is good in terms of the manufacturer looking out for the welfare of customers it does transmit the message that the product is very effective at what it does i.e. burn fat. Taking evidence from reviews left on Amazon does suggest that this product is effective and will lead to roughly ten pounds of weight loss over the course of a month. While this amount of weight loss is not as staggering as the warning would have you suggest it is still a fairly impressive statistic. It sits right at the top of the healthy weight loss spectrum (1-3 pounds per week) which is perfectly acceptable. The message to take away from this is that the product is perhaps not as strong as it lets on but this by no means indicates that the product will be ineffective.
Speed of results: 70/100

There are some reviews on Amazon which claim they have lost ten pounds in roughly four weeks and they felt they had more energy while taking the product. This is promising news for those of you who need a product to work right out of the box. Ten pounds over four weeks is by no means extreme weight loss but it is within the healthy range of advised weight loss per week. If you are somebody who is looking for a drastic weight loss solution then this product isn’t for you; however we do not advise losing more than four pounds per week as this is considered to be very unhealthy and counter intuitive.
Appetite Suppression: 25/100

This product is not intended to be an appetite suppressant and neither does it contain any ingredients with appetite suppressing qualities. Green Tea and caffeine were found to be effective at maintaining weight following an experiment, while this doesn’t necessarily point toward appetite suppression it does provide some evidence that indirect effects may occur from consumption of green tea or caffeine.
Long Term Results: 45/100

This product works primarily by affecting your metabolic rate. The danger of this mechanism is that the body will build up a tolerance to the ingredients whereby reducing their effectiveness. This product should continue to be effective for roughly 6 weeks after which you should consider taking a break from the product and coming back to it after a couple of weeks. This will ensure that a tolerance level is not built up and therefore the product remains at its optimum effectiveness.
Safety: 40/100

The main concern surrounding this product is the inclusion of bitter orange. Aside from this there does not seem to be any serious affects that warrant being concerned about. Of course, if you do not often drink caffeine then you may be more susceptible to the side effects associated with it. These side effects include insomnia, nausea and fatigue. However, if you are a regular caffeine drinker then you shouldn’t run into too many problems. This is by no means a dangerous product although you should pay careful attention to any unusual symptoms due to the inclusion of bitter orange.
Value for money: 40/100

It is difficult to rate the value for money this product provides, when at this point in time, you cannot even buy it from any shop or website. We have been able to find the product listed for both £39 and £24 which is a massive difference so we cannot really be sure what the average price should be.

Forza T5 Black Heat Side Effects

The most concerning ingredient in this product by quite some way is bitter orange. This ingredient has been shown to cause very severe headaches which can last as long as several months, this condition is very rare and only affects roughly 1,000 per year. Additionally, Bui has shown that one single dose of bitter orange is enough to significantly increase your blood pressure and heart rate which could lead to complications in unhealthy individuals.

For more information, read our article on Forza T5 Black Heat Side Effects

Where to Buy Forza T5 Black Heat

where to buyIn short, you cannot buy this product. All of the websites we looked at claimed the product was ‘out of stock’ and the official website did not even list the product. It is therefore unknown whether this product will be coming back onto the market and indeed why it has disappeared. This may be because the manufacturer has taken it of the market to rework the formula; if this is the case then it is very likely that it will return.

For more information read our article on Where to Buy Forza T5 Black Heat. If you have bought Forza T5 Black Heat, then we recommend you read our How to use Forza T5 Black Heat article.

Overall Verdict

It is difficult to recommend a product when it seems almost impossible to get a hold of. This is a great shame as the product appears to be well liked by consumers and produces some solid results. The exact reason for the product being withdrawn is unknown and we could speculate that the manufacturer simply wanted to change the formula or something along those lines. Hopefully this is the case as the product would be a good product to consider if other weight loss supplements have failed you in the past. The only concern with the product would be the inclusion of the bitter orange ingredient and it will be interesting to see if this ingredient is still included when the product becomes available once more. This product should definitely be worth a look at the very least as it does show some potential.

If you are interested in who makes Forza T5 Black Heat, please read our The Company Behind Forza T5 Black Heat article.

Overall: 49/100

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